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"I'm going to tell you a secret, but I think you already know it. Becoming a vampire doesn't change your personality; that's just a silly lie we tell to the newcomers to help them through their first few kills. "No! What's happening to me?! munch munch." Ha... It doesn't change the personality: it liberates it. A vampire is the only truly free man. All his darkness, all his excesses, they can run amok. He wants a girl? Take twenty. He wants a boy? Go ahead, just give the place a bit of a hose-down after. The world is his. The only limit is his imagination."
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Amaranth Matriarch
The Mother
We don't see things the same as you. What if the things we find beautiful hollow you out, like clever little maggots...?
Player: @anubisgod
Super Group
The Children of Amaranth
the Mother
· Other Affiliations ·
New Shadows (Nominally)
Real Name
Violette Faust
Asylum, the Mother, Scourge
Nurmberg, Germany
San Sebastian Swamp, Vibora Bay, FL
The Manse Macabre
Vampire Matriarch
Legal Status
Supervillain,Wanted Criminal
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
None Living
Physical Traits
Homo Sapiens
Apparent Age
Physically 24
Body Type
Pale White
· Distinguishing Features ·
Eyes of Wedjat, Ivory Fangs
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Hemokinesis, Superhuman Agility, Mesmerizing Gaze, Vampiric Qualities
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Elder Vampire


Violette stands at six feet exactly, black hair descending down her shoulders, tipped with crimson. Around her eyes, the Egyptian Wedjat (Eye of Horus) is inked in deep black, offsetting her pale green glowing eyes. That very same glow paints her exceptionally pale skin a sickly green on her face, descending down to her gold pierced lips, which she constantly licks with her tongue, showing off a set of long, ivory fangs descending from her upper jaw. She is most often garbed in black and blood red leathers, emblazoned with skulls and other ornamentation. Visible is a latticework of scarring, some obviously done in combat, and others in ritual. Her features paint her as a youthful individual, but even that is belied by her speech and actions, jerky at times, fluid at others. It doesn't take long to realize that something is not quite right in her head.


The first recorded incident with Asylum on file is a rooftop conflict with the hero known as Decade and his adoptive mother, Testament. A brief but bloody fight broke out between the vampire and the young hero, which ended with the apparent death of his mother. Afterwards, the young hero forced the vampire to flee due to the arrival of Danakh, his mentor at the time. Violette has since been seen maintaining a wary distance from Decade, perhaps plotting her next move in their deadly game.

The next sighting of the vampire lord was located in the Southwestern desert, in transit to the maximum security prison, Stronghold, where she was to serve several consecutive life sentences for first degree murder. In transit, however, the convoy was attacked by an unknown villain, who freed her from the confines of her makeshift prison. Arriving on the scene were the heroes Agent Grendal, Stingshot and an unknown robotic entity. Another brief fight broke out between the five combatants, only ending when Asylum disrupted control of the robotic hero, allowing her to slay the hero Stingshot and escape. She is currently on the run from all law enforcement agencies.

The Things We Find Beautiful

Blood Diamonds

During an exhibition of rare Turakian artifacts at Millenium City's Museum of History, it fell under attack by the vampiric lord Asylum and a grouping of New Shadows gangbangers - in addition to a giant pus-filled monstrosity that lovingly referred to her as 'Mom'. Quick to arrive on the scene were the heroes Arc Thunder, Bat Country, Dana Doomsday, Ursun, Darius Phen, Azunai, Aldenard and Spectral. As the massive creature battered down the door, Asylum slipped inside, leaving the assembled heroes to combat the gangers and the disease ridden beast. With plenty of magical and physical might, the collected heroes decisively pushed the villainous minions back - even striking what seemed to be a finishing blow on the massive pet-beast...but with the return of it's mistress, the monster rose again, spiriting the vampire lord away. The hero Spectral made a valiant attempt to stop her, but was captured - taken with Asylum to her domain...

Lounge Delights

Several days later, the police chief of Vibora Bay, 'Iron Tom' Buford, contacted the heroes Azunai, Laughing Viper, Bat Country, Aldenard and Deimos, informing them of a possible recruitment drive at the Crimson Lounge - done by Asylum! His inside informant was ready to meet them at the site, but they had to navigate their way inside first. After managing to infiltrate the vampire-owned Crimson Lounge, the heroes discovered that the recruitment had already taken place - and the newbloods had been taken to a local warehouse to undergo initiation rites. The warehouse itself was a run down, decrepit hellhole, perfect for a trap - which, of course, it was! Asylum and over fifty vampires, including the freshly turned Spectral assaulted the heroes, forcing them to fight for their very lives! After a blisteringly intense battle, the vampire matriarch cleared the room with a resounding explosion of blood and gore, severely injuring Laughing Viper, Bat Country and Aldenard, who were taken to a hospital after the resulting psionic detonation casued the matriarch and the surviving newbloods to flee...

DEMON Deliverance

Sometime during the following months, DEMON and a group of black-clad, skull wearing rogues calling themselves the Children of Amaranth came into conflict with one another, their fights often spilling out into the streets of Downtown Millennium City! The largest of their clashes was located at local known DEMON hangout, the Great Beast Bookstore. A veritable swarm of Amaranthine recruits clashed with DEMON's cultists and their Morbane leader, which in turn drew the attention of the good old MCPD, who called in hero backup. The turnout astounded both sides, with many heroes on their way. Seen in the crowd of capes engaged in the three-way battle were Chivalry, Soldier Boy, the Binary Man, Blue Hour, Nightbringer, Officer Marduke, Laughing Viper, Skull Geddon and Subatomic. The battle, once joined by the capes, was as one-sided as it could get, with the Amaranthine and DEMON soldiers quickly being scattered and arrested. However, the leader of the Children refused to break under questioning at the Westside Correctional Facility, later being found dead in her cell, two bite marks prominent on her neck. With nothing but the name of the group to go by, the heroes had to sit back and wait, for perhaps another move from the mysterious Children of Amaranth...

Karnevale of Caine

After an almost four month drought of action, Vibora Bay police thought perhaps the vampiric denizens of the San Sebastian swamp had moved on to more welcoming climes, perhaps going back to their Eastern European roots. At the 12th Annual Vibora Bay Crawfish Festival, however, they soon realized they were sorely mistaken! Things kicked off with a veritable plague of crustaceans clattering to attack and consume some party-goers, followed by the arrival of a titanic crab, the legendary Cancer, enraged at the mass murder of his kinsman in claw. As the fight raged, hundreds, if not thousands, of little shelled creatures were crushed underfoot, sending the scent of spilled blood into the air, attracting the attention of none other than Asylum herself, arriving fashionably late. At her arrival, the heroes split their forces, first wounding Cancer enough to cause him to beat a hasty retreat, then allowing themselves to focus fully on the incoming vampire matriarch. With her natural aplomb, Asylum joined battle against Arc Thunder, Chivalry, Kyle Foster, Red Dawn, Grey Hawk, MEDIC and the suave Apollyon, using her potent blood magic to batter the heroes in delight. Her Voice of Madness, however, proved to be too much for the apparition of Kyle Foster, seemingly killing him again, though in the aftermath, heroes and bystanders reported seeing him 'alive, if not entirely well'. However, with Red Dawn's potent radiation control, and Grey Hawk and Arc Thunder's electrical prowess, Asylum quickly grew bored, leaving abruptly as backup began to arrive in Vibora Bay. For whatever reason, the vampire leader is back in action, and that's never a good thing...

Little Black Book

Several months after her appearance in Vibora at the annual festival, Asylum made another assault in Downtown MC, this time attacking the bookstore of known superhero and mage, Grimoire. As the fight broke out between several of her Children and Moira's guardian golem, the MCPD forces arrived on scene to cordon off the area and request hero backup. Before the heroes arrived, Asylum and her lieutenant, Sabbath, entered the establishment. On the scene were heroes Simurgh, Fletcher, the Ranger, Nightfang, Ice-Heart, Lightwave and Bat Country, along with his pet Sharkface. As the heroes inspected the scene, they approached the Emporium, causing Sabbath to erupt from the building to prevent them from hampering her matriarch's progress. The fight was fast and furious, despite the ghoul's superior strength and mystical weapon, the heroes easily bested her, knocking her back into the store and out of the fight. Just as they attempted to follow, however, Grimoire herself was violently thrown into the street, shattering the remaining window and startling everyone. As they moved to examine her wounds, Asylum herself stepped out! She engaged the heroes in a bloody fracas, slaughtering the archer Fletcher during the fight, before being 'driven off' by Lightwave's supersonic screams. However, Sabbath was seen escaping as well, clutching a black leather-bound tome under an arm. With the death of one of the last members of the Defenders of the Earth, what could Asylum be plotting with the tome she managed to steal....?


During a dark and stormy night in the Queen City, VBPD officers called upon heroic backup to help break up a street fight between the notorious Children of Amaranth and a yet unknown second group, composed of ragtag looking soldiers in bulletproof vests and adorned with teeth and crosses. Led by the ghoul Sabbath, the Children had pinned down the other group within a local warehouse! Arriving on the scene was a veritable menagerie of heroes, including The Ranger, Ice-Heart, Nightfang, Nightwave, Magnet Maiden, Knox, Ashton Edwards, Aldenard, Arc Thunder and the apprentice of Grimoire, Nimue. The heroes took in the scene before engaging the Children in battle, soon finding out that something had improved Sabbath's skills and equipped her with a deadly new weapon, letting her take on the entire group of heroes with relative ease. However, the combined might of the capes allowed the diminuative space mage the opportunity to yank the ghoul into another dimension, prematurely ending the fight. As the heroes looked on, the leader of the other group introduced them as the Candlelight Watch, a group of supernatural hunters and slayers. The heroes and the Watch shared information, agreeing that in the looming threat of Asylum, they would both benefit from working together. With a new ally, things are finally starting to take a turn for the better....hopefully.

Sinners & Saints

A quiet night in Vibora Bay at the High Apostolic Church. A procession featuring the bones of the renowned vampire hunter Abraham van Helsing had made it's stop in the Queen City, guarded by members of the Candlelight Watch and hired on mercenaries, such as Nytestrike, Grim Reaper and Aldenard. In addition, several 'heroes' were in the crowd, simply visiting the church and the procession, namely Devil Ray, Hollow Point, Nightfang, Suicide King, Priest, Artemis Crowley and The Reaper. What was a quiet night devolved into chilling paroxysms of violence as the skull-clad merc Grim Reaper shot a hostile man dead. With blood spilt, invading forces of the Children assaulted the cathedral, led by Sabbath, Bloodbath and a member of the Cabal Inconcessus. A veritable army of thralls attacked the procession and the altar, forcing the heroes and mercs to fight for their lives as the battle raged. When the fight began to turn against the Children, thanks to the apparent death of the Cabal member, a shadowy figure appeared behind the vampire hero Nightfang, whispering chilling words into her ear before sneaking the skull of van Helsing away from the clutches of the coffin it resided in. Sabbath and Bloodbath retreated, wounded and bloody, as Officer O'Connel of the MCPD and fellow VBPD officers arrived on the scene. What was once a house of the holy had turned into an abattoir - but what devious things does the Mother have in mind for the skull of one of the most famous vampire hunters?

Powers and Abilities

Hush, hush now; screams will not dull your pain. Your life has been a lie shouted by your ancestors, but Mother whispers what is truly right for the flesh. The shape of your life, of all life, is a blight. You can only pray you are Mother's last, brightest, and most terrible canvas.

  • Accelerated Healing: Violette's body repairs itself at a boosted pace from internal and external damage. It seems this is only slightly better than a human's natural regeneration until she gorges herself on blood, at which point she can repair heavy damage exceptionally quickly - over the course of hours instead of days. Wounds inflicted by fire do not repair quickly - instead, they mend at the standard rate for a human being.
  • Superhuman Durability: Due to her inherent desires to inflict pain upon herself and others, Asylum has dulled her natural responses to pain, instead being capable of taking large amounts of wounding before being forced to retreat to heal. Joined with her natural accelerated healing, Asylum will more often than not be the last one to leave the fight, and the first one in.
  • Superhuman Speed: Vampires are already fast. Asylum, for an unknown reason, is faster. Generally speaking, she can run on pace with most speedsters - a fact that shocks many people given the expectations.
  • Telepathic Disruption: Asylum has exhibited a talent for disrupting telepathic control of nearby subjects, or causing extreme pain to nearby telepathic individuals. She has deemed this trait the Voice of Madness. Quite literally, survivors of encounters with the woman describe it as a piercing scream that echoes into their mind, clawing and scraping at any barriers in place.
  • Blood Magic: Violette is a staunch practitioner of what is referred to as 'Blood Magic'. It seems to exhibit itself as a form of hemokinesis - control over blood. It seems she also may use blood as a catalyst for more standard forms of magic, oftentimes boosting the result of what would normally be a less powerful spell.
  • Nonstandard Fighting Style: Asylum's fractured personalities lend themselves to differing actions in a combat scenario. She may switch from oppressive close quarters brawling to more fluid scything combat within moments, and then back and again. As such, her movements are hard to predict with any reliability.
  • Precognition: Asylum has demonstrated a minor case of precognitive ability, oftentimes seeing events before they happen, but only in unclear omens and shattered visions. Whether or not she acts on these seems to be completely arbitrary.
  • Shapeshifting: Asylum has been seen with the capability to alter her body into that of a large, pure-white wolf, as well as a shroud of mist or a cloud of bats.


  • Fire: Asylum is weak to magical and nonmagical fire, although less so than other vampires might be. Her accelerated healing repairs wounds imparted by such a source slower than usual, and as such, she disdains the use of flames within her own abode, preferring magical sources of light. Fire is possibly the single source of pain that will give the vampiric lord pause.
  • Pain Addiction: Quite simply, Violette is addicted to causing or receiving pain. Oftentimes, this will lead to her entering a state of frenzy when in combat, refusing to depart due to her innate need to wound and be wounded. Several times before this has lead to her capture by authorities with the assistance of superpowered individuals.
  • Blood Addiction: Asylum is irrevocably addicted to fresh blood, generally from unwilling human subjects. The longer she goes without slaking her unholy thirst, the worse cognitive condition she will be in. If she is prevented long enough from feeding, she will enter a state called torpor, in which she is completely unresponsive to her environment - quite like a coma.
  • Sunlight: In direct sunlight, Asylum loses all powers granted to her by her vampiric nature.
  • Stakes: A wooden stake directly through the heart will paralyze Asylum, leaving her near helpless to constraint.
  • True Faith: Someone with the proper faith in a concept of religious or political nature can use their Faith to repel and harm Asylum.

Known Associates

  • Furious Storm - A powerful mutant sorcerer that Asylum has been seen working with on at least one occasion, although her level of assistance was minor at best, and she refrained from 'interfering' more during the events that transpired.
  • Wraith - Suspected to be the criminal that broke Asylum out of transport to Stronghold originally, Wraith and Asylum have not worked together since the initial breakout. It's possible the man had been paid or coerced into freeing her.
  • Laughing Viper - The lieutenant of her erstwhile associate, Furious Storm, Laughing Viper and Spectral worked together to fight off a horde of heroes during Furious Storm's attempts to conquer the world. The two women, however, do not get along well, and have on more than one occasion tried to kill each other.
  • Vladic Dracul - Asylum and the leader of the New Shadows share cool relations with each other. They do not often cooperate on tasks, but neither do they actively hamper each other's plots and schemes. On the few meetings that have been observed between the two, they both seemed cordial to each other, but unwilling to devote too much effort to assistance. They are rivals, but if push came to shove, chances are the two would work together begrudgingly.

The Children of Amaranth

Asylum's most loyal servants are a group of individuals known as the Children of Amaranth, and can be easily identified by their skull-like adornments, often worn on the chest or belt, much like their leader. The Children are universally blood bound to the matriarch herself, and serve as her standing army. Most of them are ghouls or thralled humans, but the higher up you go in the command line, the more and more vampires appear. The Children are equipped with standard munitions, often at or just above street gang level, and many of them favor blades over firearms. They mostly operate out of the San Sebastian Swamp in Vibora Bay, and are a major player in the underworld in the South of the United States. Outside of Vibora, they are rarely seen without their mistress at the helm, or some other lieutenant. Their exact numbers are unknown, but membership barely took a hit despite the failed assault on the Great Beast Bookstore in October 2011. Current leadership of the Children is relegated to Spectral and a female ghoul, Sabbath. Other members of the Children are:

  • Spectral - A once-hero turned villain, Spectral is one of two Prisci (lieutenants) of the Children. His expertise lies in the use of almost all sorts of weaponry, ranging from swords to rifles and beyond. He is a formidable combatant at any range, and one of Asylum's most trusted companions.
  • Malyca - Once a doctor, perhaps, the second Prisci of the Children is Malyca, someone Asylum affectionately refers to as sister. Whether or not that is actually true in terms of bloodline or if it is simply a familial affectation, Malyca is a superbly talented fleshcrafter and blood mage - second amongst the Children in skill only to Asylum herself. She is responsible for many of the twisted, mutilated minions in the Children's ranks.
  • Bloodbath - A recent reveal in the ranks of the Children, Bloodbath supports the theory that vampires of all walks of life are welcome to take shelter under the Children's open arms. He specializes in brute strength and stunning ferocity, able to easily combat several superhuman opponents, especially during one of his famous 'vampages', blood-crazed furies which he takes to the streets. Bloodbath can be seen almost as one of Asylum's trophy 'pets', she dotes upon him like a dog.
  • Nox - The mysterious Nox oft remains quiet and introspective during his appearances, giving him an air of mystery and danger - which, of course, he doesn't mind. His potent talent at weaving shadow and fear together is an asset to the Children and their mistress, not to mention it creates rumours that may indeed be far worse than the actual truth - but not by much. Nox showers disdain upon many others, convinced and content in his superiority in magic.
  • Gerritt de Graaf - Better known as the illusive 'Vampirate', this nautical ne'er-do-well proves that vampires come in many shapes and flavors beyond the normal. His rein seems to be long, as much of his appearances seem loosely, if at all, related to the other activities of the Children at large. However, while it is hard to understand Asylum's reasoning in his recruitment, those that know her well rest assured that she has a plan in mind for the good captain.
  • Sabbath - The only ghoul amongst the elite of the Children, the massive woman known as Sabbath is fanatically loyal to her Mother. She wields a massive twin-headed waraxe emblazoned with burning red runic symbols with deadly efficiency, and is rarely found without a flock of lesser ghouls and thralls surrounding her. Sabbath is a frontline fighter first and foremost, and oftentimes leads the lesser Children into battle with her resilience and powerful strikes.
  • Tenebrosa - Also known as Sibyl, Tenebrosa is another new arrival to the Asylum's Children of Amaranth. She believes in Asylum's cause and has moved to Vibora Bay to train with Sabbath and Spectral. She is an older vampire, but has very little combat experience, relying on stealth mostly.

Sons and Daughters of the Mother

The Children of Amaranth are not all equal in the eyes of their Mother. Listed below are the various types of sons and daughters that one might come into contact with while battling the legions of the Children, or indeed, what an ill-fortuned soul may find themselves arisen as should they themselves fall before the unholy might of the Mother. Not listed here are the mystical creations of the Children's necromancers or fleshcrafters, as listing the various forms of undead that capable magi are able to create would keep one here for days on end.

  • Vampires - At the top of the food chain within the Children are the full vampires - twisted mockeries of the humans they used to represent. Vampires are blessed with unnatural strength and speed, easily putting them above normal humans, and oftentimes making them equal fighters to some superhuman individuals. Vampires require the lifeblood of human prey in order to maintain their supernatural enhancements, and will leave somewhat telling bite wounds on the necks of their victims. The vampires of the Children are more often used in a command fashion rather than a soldier one - they're too valuable to waste on the chance that they could be ashed or captured. True vampires have the smallest representation within the Children, and are almost entirely in the upper echelon.
  • Ghouls - Those humans that come willingly to the Mother's embrace are oftentimes turned into ghouled servants. The process involves drinking vampiric blood, binding the subject into service of the vampire whose blood they drank. The ghouling ritual bestows enhanced strength and durability to the subject - in addition to enlarged growth in musculature. In animals, the ghouling process makes them much larger than usual, with torn skin and protruding bones. Ghouls are used as shock troops or heavy fighters, as their expenditure leaves little trace of their sires, and it is not difficult to find more willing servants...
  • Thralls - Those humans that are captured or 'found' by those loyal to the Children are more often than not mesmerized by vampiric powers to become thralls, unwilling, mind controlled or blood bound soldiers for the Mother. Thralls are no more than normal human beings, equipped with standard weaponry, either archaic or modern, and are sent in droves at targets needing to be overwhelmed by a sea of bodies. Those that know the secret of thralling are hesitant to shoot to kill, after all, they are unwilling soldiers in an army they never wanted to be in. Thralls are often either abandoned or slain at the end of their usefulness, as the mesmerization process leaves their memories of the events in tattered ruins.
  • Spawn - In a step between ghouls and vampires, the spawn are willing or unwilling subjects infused with vampire blood - not quite full vampires, but not quite ghouls either. They are stronger, faster, tougher and more vicious than their lesser cousins. Spawn are used infrequently, as the condition is not permanent, nor are they durable enough to withstand sustained punishment in the same way a true vampire could.

The Manse Macabre

Madness dwells in the swamp, where starving men feast on human blood and dance in worship of the darkness. Their song can be heard even now, calling out to their mother to bring the eternal dusk, the endless darkness of undeath.

Violette's house, known as the Manse Macabre, resides on the outskirts of Vibora Bay, Florida, laying firmly within the bounds of the San Sebastian Swamp. The land surrounding the old brownstone styled home is a sickly grey color, the vegetation gnarled and bleak. The trees bear little greenery, but the twisted branches block out most of the descending sunlight, artificially cloaking the domain in a dark mist. What little water there is is a disgusting brackish mess, murky and diseased. The sunlight never seems to get beyond what it is at dusk, the nearly visible pallor of decay in the air shrouding the domain. A long stone path winds through the bleak lands, leading from the road up to the front door of the blood-red building.

What lies inside, however, is unknown. The windows are shrouded by some...unknown drapery, blocking sight into the domain of the vampiric lord.

Asylum & the Vibora Underworld

  • Vladic Dracul & the New Shadows - As mentioned above, Asylum and the New Shadows are rivals, and thus, they tend to avoid each others company. On several occasions, the matriarch has worked with Dracul's servants, and she does sometimes actively recruit from their ranks, especially at the local vampire hangout in Vibora. Besides their slight interaction, her own servants and the New Shadows sometimes clash over territory within the city proper, especially prime feeding grounds. Despite this, both sides are vampires, and if something major threatened either side's wellbeing, it is likely that the other would come to their assistance. Better the devil you know, than the devil you don't.
  • Guy Sweetland & the Dogz - Some of Asylum's favorite feeding grounds are in Dogz turf. As such, she and her servants have made bitter enemies of the now-werewolf led gang. The Children enjoy a street-game they call 'dog-tagging', where they drive through Dogz turf trailing a tow hook on a length of steel chain behind them. When they manage to hook a Dog with it, they reel him in, tag his ear (often with an extremely girly earring) and let the bastard go for later fun and hunting. As such, the Dogz viciously hate both Asylum and the Children, and will take any chance they can to slaughter them en masse. However, a large street battle between the two has yet to pan out, so for the moment, the Children and the Dogz enjoy a healthy relationship of equal hate and loathing.
  • Baron Cimetiere & the Sovereign Sons - The Sovereign Sons and the Children interact mostly on a drug trade basis. The Children make ample use of addictive party drugs and other such things to lure in potential food or recruits, and oftentimes use them recreationally themselves. As such, the Sons enjoy a moderately positive relationship with Asylum's followers, and make a fair amount of money from them as well. Several high ranking members of the Children are speculated to have actually originated in the Sons, as they exhibit powerful voodoo magic ability. Whether or not they joined willingly is up for debate, but given that relations between the two factions have not dipped, despite this fact, lends precedence that perhaps Asylum is broadening the scope of her recruitment to the other gangs.
  • Salt & the DEMON Plantation - Thanks to the close proximity of one of DEMON's Demonhames to Asylum's Manse, the two organizations have clashed in the Swamp several times. Neither side is willing to completely devote itself to attempting to wipe out the other, especially thanks to the fact that DEMON and the Children may make erstwhile allies in the future. Asylum is not privvy to most of the secrets that the organization keeps, and therefore still considers them a minor threat to her territory, and would be willing to aid them against heroes or good-aligned magicians. Both DEMON and the Children mostly stay out of each others way, to keep unnecessary casualties to a minimum. However, given the recent assault on DEMON's holdings in Millennium City by the Children, relations between the two groups are strained heavily.
  • Monique Fontaine & the VIPER Warehouse - VIPER's presence in the Queen City has been minimal, at best, ever since Juryrig's attack and subsequent destruction of one of their hidden Nests. However, the multi-national terrorist organization and the Children have brokered deals several times, mostly for weaponry and vehicles. In these deals, the Children gain valuable weaponry with which to accomplish their matriarch's goals, and VIPER keeps the vampires satiated and away from their holdings, as well as sometimes acquiring test subjects that have 'failed out' of the Children's ranks. Asylum and the local Nest leaders have not personally met each other, and if the leaders were made aware that a violently unstable vampire was at the top of the chain of command, they may have second thoughts about gearing out her soldiers.
  • Mr. Gemini & the Gemini Gang - The Gemini Gang under the control of the elusive Mr. Gemini has crossed paths with Asylum and her Children several times. The two groups are relatively non-hostile towards each other, as the Gemini Gang has no interest in setting up shop anywhere permanent, and the Children have far easier targets to hunt for food. As such, Asylum and Mr. Gemini's respective organizations enjoy relatively calm interactions. The two groups have aided each other on only a few occasions, and it seems it may have been entirely accidental on top of that. There are rumors, however, that Asylum may be looking at the Gemini Gang for potential 'recruits' to her Children. As of yet, there have been no confirmed recruitment drives that involved Mr. Gemini and his compatriots.
  • Therakiel & the Nephilim - While not technical members of the Viboran underworld, the Children and the Nephilim share extremely hostile relations. The nephilim under Therakiel desire a controlling aspect over the entirety of Vibora Bay, and the Children are viciously against any influence from the fallen angels. As such, the two organizations clash explosively when the nephilim attempt to invade the San Sebastian Swamp. Asylum, despite sharing cool relations with the New Shadows, will brook no interference from them in her Children's fights against the nephilim. While no clashes have occurred recently, it is speculated that the soldiers of Therakiel are gearing up to try and force Asylum and her Children out of the city once and for all.


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The Murderlist

  • Stingshot
  • Rook
  • Testament
  • Blue Bruiser (John McTavior) - Zombification after death
  • Decade
  • Fletcher

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