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Player: @windowsoul
Take the photo seriously, Juggs.
Biographical Data
Real Name: Danielle Daphne Drake
Known Aliases: Juggernette, Juggs, Juggy, Juggums
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Mixed Race (Mulatto)
Place of Birth: California
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Mother, Father (Presumed)
Age: 23
Height: 5'5 (Unarmored) 5'11 (Armored)
Weight: 122lbs (Unarmored) 648lbs (Armored)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Lightish
Physical Build: Slender
Physical Features: Unknown. Subject refuses to wear anything other than Power Suit or Haptic Suit. Recently bared legs, visible burn scars from ankle to knee.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Years Active: <1
Citizenship: Legal US Resident
Occupation: Former Student
Education: B.Eng(Mech)
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Power Suit "Betsy". Contains superpowered servos to grant massively increased power. Titanium Alloy plating for maximum damage absorption and durability. Advanced HUD with technical readouts and Comm Link featuring multispectrum frequencies for AM, FM, Satellite, CB and Police Band radio. Jet Pack with separate power source. Haptic, neurofeedback slim suit to control and interface with power suit.
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Juggernette is a relatively new hero to the crime fighting scene, and shows a craving for concussing criminals. She seems young and often acts with passion instead of reason, a strength and a weakness.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Mechanical Engineering - Juggernette is capable of creating intricate suits of powered armor (Power Suit, Exo Suit) that can not only withstand massive punishment, but also dish out massive amounts of Newtons, effectively giving her superhuman strength.

Combat - Juggernette is less Bruce Lee and more Thug Life when it comes to combat. She is not classically trained in any form of martial art, but clearly understands how to throw a punch and where to apply force.

Gear and Equipment


Juggernette's jetpack is capable of flying the Betsy

Power Suit - Juggernette's first power suit--codenamed Betsy One--is actually her fifth prototype Power Suit. The previous four suits (Codenamed EXS001, EXS002, EXS003 and EXS004) each failed in their own unique, spectacular way. Juggernette seems to have a mental tic that causes her to build a flaw into every suit--perhaps everything--that she builds.

Jet Pack - The Betsy power supplies are unable to sustain both the suit's power draw and the requisite power for internal flight, so she created a separate Jet Pack to help propel the suit into flight. It currently uses a standard, dual-engine design that is enough to launch the suit into flight and sustain it for long periods of time.

HUD Helmet - The Betsy helmets are equipped with a number of technologies that allow Juggernette to keep abreast of combat situations. The Comm system has a voice modulator for external speech, used to mask her actual voice. Unfortunately, it masks sarcasm and emotion as well, so she often clarifies such. It is equipped with a multi-spectrum frequency reader that can pick up AM, FM, Citizen's Band and Police Band radio, and has recently been linked into The Adventurers proprietary frequency.

Ablative Nanoshielding - The Betsy Delta, Juggernette's sixth suit, has redundant armoring systems, adding extra protective plating over vital organs, power systems, and jointing. The armoring provides a significant increase to the weight, but is capable of sustaining much more damage. This requires an upgraded jetpack.

Reactionary Kinetic Power Storage - The Betsy Bravo, Juggernette's seventh suit, has a special armor plating on it that absorbs incoming kinetic energy, converts and stores it to roiling potential energy, which can immediately be applied again as kinetic energy to power the suit's lifting capabilities or Juggernette's hammering blows.

Aerosteel Armoring - The Betsy Foxtrot, while not being able to store incoming kinetic energy like the Betsy Bravo, is significantly more lightweight (and therefore, hardwood floor-friendly) and speedier than previous suits. This allows her to approach Mach 1 speeds with her current jetpack, giving her a much faster response time.


Daisy - Juggernette secretly has a quantum-level supercomputer that helps her assemble powersuits in her lair. She has named this supercomputer 'Daisy'. It is a voice-addressed system that communicates with Juggernette via a scrolling marquee placed atop its housing and on the various computer displays she has scattered throughout her warehouse. Daisy can interface with every single part of the warehouse, causing her to be nearly omnipresence.

Macrofabrication Unit - Also secretly located in the Juggylair is a Macrofabrication Unit that she uses to craft the parts to her various powersuits. It works on the same basic idea as a 3D printer, but on a larger scale, and primarily deals with metals and alloys. It is fed by a sophisticated smelter that Juggernette pours various salvaged metals into to create the raw ingots that the Macrofabricator requires to create the various Betsys.

Scrap Pile - Juggernette scavenges metal and scrap robot parts whenever she throws down with mechanical beings. She has a large pile of broken Destroids, Fox Bat Bots, Robot Cowboys, Mechanon Machines and a few Emperon Construct robots, not to mention broken vehicle parts. She uses these as construction materials to use in the Macrofabrication Unit for various Betsy parts.

Legend of Jugg

Early Issues

Juggernette recently broke into the scene with her wise-cracking, face-punching, brutish style. When asked why she took up the mantle of a hero, she insists it is to prove that the apple can fall very far from the tree, and pointedly leaves it at that. She is reclusive outside of her heroing, and nothing else is really known about her.

As of late, Juggernette has registered with The Adventurers, a small team of silver-age themed heroes that are out to do the work of good. She was approached by Blue Wonder late one afternoon and formed a nice friendship with the woman. Several other members--including Mark of Power, Fox, Lady Justice and finally, the leader of the group Red Spider, dropped in to talk and nearly interrogate the new hero. Ultimately, they decided she was Adventurer material and was invited into the group.

Just a day later, however, Juggernette got her first taste of combat. Mark of Power encountered an old nemesis, Bedlam, outside of Club Caprice. Blue Wonder and Red Spider both responded immediately to a call for back-up, and Juggernette was able to arrive shortly after. The fight went well, with Blue Wonder showing an uncanny amount of foresight. Bedlam was put down and the Adventurers were deemed victorious!

A few days later, Juggernette was patrolling the north part of Westside when she picked up a mental cry for help. She swooped in and found a young woman with a white hood clad in pink defending herself against a group of Red Banner villains. She was pinned against the wall in a force field while the villains wailed on it. Juggernette dropped in and beat the crap out of the gang, saving the small woman. After being thanked profusely, apologized to for being sent a mental plea, and introductions, the pair stopped by a resuraunt to get a quick bite to eat. They swapped stories and got to know each other better. The girl, Dreamweaver revealed that she is a mild telepath that desired to fight crime. Unfortunately, Juggernette dropped a clue to how to identify her out of her armor, and demanded that DreamWeaver never act upon this incredibly private information. The empath agrees and the two swap phone numbers.

Things go well for Juggernette over the course of the next few days: She picks up new parts for a new Betsy suit she is building, and has a light lunch with another junior team member, Night Spider. Again, stories are swapped and drinks are too. That night, Juggernette goes to her hide out and puts the finishing touches on the Betsy Delta. She later runs into senior Adventurer, Lady Justice in Club Caprice after putting the finishing touches on the Betsy Delta. Night Spider is there as well, and the three of them quickly discover that Juggernette's comm system is not working. Night Spider suggests that Juggernette let Lady Justice work on the suit to fix the problem while they dance. Juggernette agrees and Lady Justice gets to work on the whole suit while Juggernette dances with Night Spider. The dance finishes and Juggernette discovers that Lady Justice optimized some of the other systems in the Betsy Delta.

Juggernette teams up with DreamWeaver again and the pair clean up the mean streets of Millennium City, taking down several DEMON and Psi villains. They clear out the Black Beast Book Store and prove to be a pretty decent team. The pair go and have dinner again, talk, and get to know each other, quickly becoming friends.

Juggernette introduces her friend Night Spider to Dreamweaver shortly after the later joins the group, and very quickly discovers that her new HUD OS is entirely in Spanish, including the exterior speaker. While the trio try to figure out what is going on with Juggernette's helmet, Night Spider behaves very possessively of Juggernette. Between the three of them, Juggernette's helmet is fixed and even upgraded! But before they have time to celebrate, one of the members of Syndicate, the Adventurer's perennial nemesis, attacks the trio. Juggernette steps up to the plate to defeat the offender and her pets, but is put out of commission three times. While Juggernette is not seriously hurt, her pride is wounded, and she heads home to begin the final processes of creating her new suit, the Betsy Bravo.

She calls Dreamweaver over to her Lair, demanding that the girl wear a blindfold before leading her there, and shows her the inactive suit and introduces her to Daisy, Juggernette's quantum supercomputer that helps build the suits. Dreamweaver is impressed by the tour, and Juggernette reveals to her that Juggernette has to leave to "Visit Family" for a few days. Dreamweaver wishes her well. When Juggernette comes back, she calls Blue Wonder to the Juggylair, taking the same precautions as earlier with Dreamweaver. She convinces the woman to help her install a teleportation matrix into the Bravo, and while they work, Juggernette confesses that she does not reciprocate Night Spider's feelings. Blue Wonder scolds her lightly and advises her to let the young girl down easily. Deflated, Juggernette thanks Blue Wonder for her help and promises to let Night Spider down easy. She does, but the girl is heartbroken.

Juggernette quickly learns that the Betsy Bravo's teleportation radius is off by about three feet and promises to fix it, but meanwhile has a drink with Dreamweaver in Club Caprice, and socializes with Lady Justice, Red Spider, Watchmaster, and Blue Wonder. Determining the brawler is too drunk to make it home by herself, Blue Wonder tells Dreamweaver to escort Juggernette home. Juggernette crashes at Dreamweaver's place and learns the psychic's secret the next morning. The two bond over scrambled eggs and hang overs, and Juggy leaves the girl to her business.

Character Development

Juggernette keeps her identity secretive to a fault. When invited over to Red Spider's place for a pool party celebrating new members, she dons just a bikini and her helmet. Perhaps initially done as a joke, she stoutly refuses to remove it.

When invited up to Blue Wonder's penthouse for a 'Pamjam' party with Lady Justice, Blue Wonder, and Dreamweaver, the three of them doff their masks and superhero identities, but Juggernette stubbornly keeps her mask on. While enjoying the company of the three girls and Red Spider (who also leaves her superhero identity at the door), Lady Justice claims that she knows who Juggernette is because "You can mask yourself, but you cannot mask your scent". This sends Juggernette into a massive panic, which Dreamweaver picks up on and tries to assuage. It works--mostly--but the tough girl is obviously shaken.

A short meetup (Read: A false alarm about interteam hostilities) near Sapphire's stage in Ren Cen results in Juggernette wanting a drink in Club Caprice. Failing to find anything interesting in the club scene, Juggernette runs into Americana and claims that the club is just full of "Drunken and horny Demons and Devils". This rubs a pair of demons within earshot the wrong way and they toss intelligence-based insults Juggernette's way. She lights up and nearly gets into a brawl with them, but Americana intervenes and demands Juggernette leave the building. The former second-in-command gives Juggernette a harsh dressing down to which the girl reacts poorly to. She takes her drink and rockets up to the Millennium City blimp where she downs half the bottle in a rage. Dreamweaver confronts her and tries to calm her down, then requests that the woman take Americana up on an offer to drink at her place. Juggernette angrily turns this down, claiming she has projects that need to be finished. Juggernette drunkenly flies off, much to the chagrin of Dreamweaver and Americana.

A new team member, Blur, joins The Adventurers and Juggy is invited to join and meet up. Juggernette, having recovered from a hangover and feeling shame in the way she acted, shows up, but hangs off to the side. Americana approaches her and invites her over. Juggy is uncharacteristically quiet throughout the meeting, asking small questions and mostly listening until Daisy informs her that the proximity alarms had been tripped by a group of Black Ace gang members. Her and Dreamweaver launch off to handle the threat. They mop up easily and Juggernette tells Dreamweaver that she "Has to visit her mother" again and makes preparations. The new suit, the Betsy Magnum, has an arm and a leg finished.

A few days later, Juggernette returns to town and assists Dreamweaver with a problem in northwest Millennium City: many citizens are bursting into flames and there is no obvious answer as to why. The dynamic duo agree to shrink down to microscopic size and discover that the people are infected with a multitude of nanomachines that are causing the combustion. After curing two of the citizens and reporting their findings, Dr. Silverback sends the duo to track down the cause: Mechanon. This leads the pair on a chase of epic proportions, ending with them on an orbiting satellite bar. Juggernette loses her mind with excitement and the pair hurriedly trash Mechanon's satellite, with Juggernette collecting the fallen scrap robots that Mechanon created. She sends these and the microchips she scavanged from the earlier Mechanon robots back to the Juggylair for future use in her suits. Juggernette and Dreamweaver travel back to the space-bound bar for out-of-this-world drinks. They enjoy some close time on the UNTIL station, watching the Earth turn below, and Juggernette formally requests that Dreamweaver help keep the Juggylair clean by hiring her on as a maid.

Over the course of the next week, Juggernette begins taking on bounties to raise some scratch, and begins noticing that she is being tailed by a large, green robot or power suit--it always flees before she can get a good look at it. She shrugs it off and chalks it up to a secret admirer. But every time she is out fighting, it's there, watching. Meanwhile, work progresses on the Betsy Magnum and Juggernette meets Red Spider, Dreamweaver, Blur and Lady Justice outside of Club Caprice. Juggernette first shows off her Betsy Foxtrot armor: a lightweight, zippy version of her armor designed to help keep up with the faster fliers, but the real show is the Magnum. She calls in the massive suit and, after a less-than-optimal crash entrance, hops in and powers up. It works very well! Right up until she tries to leave the suit. The door latch has no ejection function and Juggernette is essentially trapped. Lady Justice cuts her out after a few embarrassing minutes and Juggernette sends the suit back home. After a few minutes of watching Americana--Blue Wonder's new identity--stumble about for a name, she realizes that the panel LJ cut out is still nearby and not on the robot that is about to submerge into the bay. She grabs the piece and jets off after it, using the enhanced speed of her new Betsy Foxtrot armor. She is able to plug the panel into the hole before the suit is fully submerged, but damage does occur to the interior of the suit and causes the legs to malfunction, crippling the suit.