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Infinity Universe is a new so in Champions recently created by @novarockz and @staticstriker252. The supergroup was made because of mainly intergalactic heroes, silver age heroes, golden age, classic, your average everyday heroes, cosmic type heroes and street heroes all working together. We want to make a team that is willing to stick together for a long time. We are an RP guild, starting some type of series and the scripts will be written by @Vladex. We are recruiting right now and would certainly love to have a lot more players In the team. If you don't know how to RP, we will have RP practice classes to help you expand your experience. Once you've joined you will be asked what is going to be your job in this group such as making events, Role plays, mailing, or keeping the bank straight. NEVER EVER INVITE CLONES EVER! The sg will be split into different divisions which will be your group, so I'll ask what division you want to be in. Tech division and above are in charge of keeping the group as active and alive as they can.


It was a Saturday which started off nice, until it got ruined when a bunch of Mega D's came to town. Its always up to me Impulse Agent of Until to saved the day, so yeah I used my super powered suit to take them out. It took me about 45 minutes just to take one down I realized that I'm going to need a team of heroes who can assist me. I head back to my industry and did my research on a heroes on the Until database. I tried to invite Golk the blue guy who was infected because of project green skin by donating his body to science and being a human lab rat. He is still pending. Ms. Universe has half of Golk's strength and has cosmic red like powers from the red dawn planet that she had crashed on and was experimented on. Impervious, the guy is unbreakable and seems like he is made of Reinforced Iron he accepted the invite. Killer Spider that guy is one person I want to job the roster, I gave him his own company and penthouse. Sky Blue she is totally in, who doesn't love a blue bird with holographic wings. I'm also thinking about inviting a new comer Star Saber he's got a huge saber that can smash through anything. I'll find more heroes, but in the mean time I'm going to work on a new living A.I form.

Somewhere in the Desert

I've donated by body to science, and I become this blue brute of force. I can go back to my normal form right, because I've been stuck like this for three days. Thing is I still need it to get rid of all the failed project green skin failures. I've made some sort of agent that could help them I need to talk with someone on that. Crime fighting isn't make profession, but if I must I will rage the hell out. I then see this figure up in the air heading towards me. Hello Golk you may know who I am. Um, Impulse right what do you need. I want you on my team to help the city getting rid of the bad guys. Hmmm, I ..well...I guess. Great then we'll meet tomorrow.

Some where in Canada

Infinity Universe
Base of Operations: Moon Base
Concept: Homade and Inspartional heroes
Founded: October 19, 2014
Website: [ Click Here]