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Psion The Psinister
Player: @RavenForce
"You are a fool to believe you can stand against me. I will tear you apart atom by atom with JUST my mind!"
Character Build
Class Focus: Telekinetic
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Edward Ramin'ov
Known Aliases: Psion, Psion the Psinister, Psycher, Edward.
Gender: Male
Species: Xenian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Zuuth, Xen-2
Base of Operations: Unknown
Age: 24
Height: 6'2
Weight: 182 Ibs
Eyes: Ice Blue (Fiery Cyan when using his powers or overly angry)
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Mildly Athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Evil

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known to Mentella, Psimon and Medusa otherwise Secret.
Years Active: Unknown
Citizenship: Xenian
Occupation: Mob Boss and Super Villain
Education: Various levels of Off world education
Marital Status: None of your business.
Known Powers and Abilities
Telekinesis, Minor Telepathic abilities, Astral Form, Mental Shielding, Advanced Telekinetic Construct creation. Trained in hand to hand defensive and offensive arts.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Skin tight Power suit and cape
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Psion The Psinister is an Ex Assassin and High Ranking Member for PSI turned Mob Boss and Super Villain in his own right. Formerly known as Psycher, this particular villain has a rather detailed history with the super heroine Mentella. His Telekinetic power is unmatched and can be likened to Mentella's Telepathy in terms of raw power, skill and application. His unbridled use of his unmatched telekinetic ability allows him to dispose of his adversaries with style and ease. Whilst a super villain in his own right, it is not unheard of for him to act out of character and assist a hero when something of personal interest is concerned. Like most Super Villains he can be ruthless and will kill if he has to. Psion's extensive telekinetic power makes him a dangerous target to engage or to try and contain.


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

Edward Ramin'ov at one point was an associate and very close friend of Mentella, both on Earth and on their home planet of Xen, he was formerly known as Psycher. Both Mentella and Edward were friends from childhood and attended the same institutes of education. Their close friendship soon became a romantic partnership, only strengthened by their respective mental powers. As they grew up their bond continued to grow till the point they were literally inseparable, this closeness was only enhanced by their psychic bond.

They soon, attended the Earth equivalent of University in another capital city away from their family and friends in Zuuth and were in their final year of graduating. Months before Edward was to make a commitment to his girlfriend, their entire world was thrown into confusion and panic. The Army of Sentai-La, a race of vicious bloodthirsty cannibals attacked the planet. The attack came as a complete shock to the inhabitants of Xen and many lost their lives in the ensuing invasion.

Edward was one of the many students who actually fought back against the invaders. They attempted to return to Zuuth but normal transport links were completely shut down, the distance from their current place and Zuuth was too far for Edward to carry them both. They soon caught up with the Xenian military who directed them to the evacuation pods which were set to send the inhabitants to sister planets of The Galactic Alliance where they could seek refuge until the invading force had been contained and repelled.

The Evacuation Pod was set for a course to the relatively far planet of Cendryth, however an unfortunate cosmic storm forced the pod to veer off course significantly, the pod sent both Xenians hurtling uncontrollably towards Planet Earth.

Arriving on Earth in 1995, 30 years after the failed Qularr invasion in May 1965, they sought out any signs of psychics or mentalists who they could associate themselves with and came into contact with Sebastian Poe, Psimon and Medusa in the early days of PSI, as well as meeting Menton later on. After joining the Mentalist Organization in Millennium City known as PSI, he stuck close to Mentella and the two continued dating whilst in PSI. The five of them quickly increased PSI's influence over Millennium City, in the process sharpening each others mental abilities as well as venturing on endeavors with unbridled use of their mental powers. They used their powers to expand PSI's ranks and assisted in fully taking over The Scarlatti Mob Organization. Edward as Psycher was instrumental in helping to take over the VIPER nest in Baltimore. His girlfriend donned the alias of Psireen whilst in PSI.

Edward (Psycher) had no complaints and PSI was progressing along nicely. Until Medusa became interested in him, to which he flatly rejected the much older woman's advances and thus sparked off the intense hate between Medusa and Psireen, their combat relationship became strained and they became rivals within the organization. Medusa, angered by Edward's rejection, decided to try and break up the relationship between Psycher and Psireen used her higher position in PSI to her advantage and coerced Psimon into sending Psireen to Canada alone to forward a covert operation to "liberate" VIPER's Project Awakening Mentalists, gathering them within the Mentalist Enclave, converting their minds to that suitable for PSI membership, with the view to eventually overtaking the VIPER Project Awakening Facility and returning to Millennium City with an army of psychic soldiers. Trusting Psimon, Psireen left Millennium City, leaving Psycher with PSI.

He carried out his duties as they came and kept in regular contact with Psireen. His loyalty to Psireen even though she was not around infuriated Medusa to no end, she attempted to get Psimon to sway Psycher's thinking away from Psireen, under the guise that if they were to rule PSI, members like Sebastian Poe, Psireen and a few others would have to be "dealt with" as they were slowing down progress. Psimon's insatiable desire for power and progress got the better of him and he bought it. He attempted to tamper with Psycher's mind, despite his strong mental defenses, without Psireen's psychic protection his mind was vulnerable to attack. Psimon used this but was only able to distort his thinking slightly. To make matters worse, Medusa and Psimon had dropped enough hints and clues to tip off the Justice Squadron regarding Sebastian Poe, his followers within the organization who erred on the side of caution and her rival Psireen.

Psycher heard about Psireen's battle with the Justice Squadron and The Champions and heard by word of mouth that she had defeated them but had decided to join them. Psycher insisted that this perhaps was a secondary phase of the plan, infiltration or that Psireen had been out in the Canadian Wilderness for too long and the cold temperatures had affected her brain. At the hearing of this news, Medusa saw a golden opportunity and as per usual she seized it. She cornered Psycher and her sly words permeated his distraught mind and he was convinced to forget Psireen, who had changed her alias to Mentella. Psimon's previous telepathic tampering of his mind was fueled by Medusa's words and Psycher soon grew wrathful at Psireen and vowed to kill her. He worked hard and pushed his limits of his telekinetic power, becoming more violent and powerful, putting Psimon's Psi Titan Form and Mind Slayer's psychokinetic blade usage to shame.

Psycher was approached months after his PSI training by the extra dimensional being Shadow Destroyer, who promised him that he would be able to get revenge on Mentella and he agreed to be part of a Shadow Destroyer's Strike Force. Along with a multitude of other super villains he was transported to an other worldly Gladiatorial Arena, where the support was under the control of Shadow Destroyer himself.

He was put in radio contact with the other villains and waited until the signal from Destroyer. The plan was that the heroes transportation beam had been diverted and they had each been separated and locked in a holding cell of sorts. He was sent to Mentella's holding cell where he knew she would break out eventually and spat abuse at her. Mentella was able to sense that his mind had been altered and clouded with rage and was determined to set it right. He left her in the cell and went off to check on his small number of minions he brought along with him.

Mentella forced the Gladiator guard to free her from her prison using mind control before detonating it's psyche and helped free other prisoners. Mentella's Telepathic Control messed with the control that Shadow Destroyer had over the gladiators, which had a domino effect as the chain of control was broken and the Alien Gladiator Guards went on a mindless rampage killing any they saw who were not other guards, out of the four other super villains assigned to that level Red Dawn was the only one who managed to make it to Psycher before Red Dawn was brutally struck down at the hands of a Guard who had managed to blast it's way in. Psycher attacked and killed the Guard on impulse, soon exiting the momentary stronghold, telekinetically carrying a wounded Red Dawn.

Driving two Telekinetic Lances into the guard who attacked Red Dawn

To make matters even worse Mentella had found him, she tried to talk to him but he could sense her doing something to his mind and he lashed out using his Astral Form and the two were locked in astral combat. Unbeknownst to Psycher, Mentella had corrected his thinking pattern within the short space of time.

The highly charged emotions combined with lethal displays of power raw mentalist power was a dangerous mix, both contributed to a mass of energy from their psychic bond which was rapidly destabilizing and soon erupted rendering both Psycher and Mentella unconscious, their respective remaining team mates took them away from the battle scene and teleported back to Earth.

Deciding that PSI were holding him back, Edward waited for the perfect opportunity to break free of the organization. Luck was on his side when in 2005, the PSI organization came under siege in a two pronged assault. From the outside they were attacked by Kevin Poe, son of Sebastian Poe and leader of Millennium City's infamous New Purple Gang. Poe hungered for revenge against the people who "betrayed" his father and control of the organization itself. From within, PSI member Lancer and others loyal to her attempted to take over PSI to turn it into an "army" to use against the "anti-meta human forces" she perceived were rising to power on Earth (as they had in her home dimension). Edward used this turmoil to remove himself from the organization, but not without taking a sizeable portion of the lower ranking PSI members who believed his promise of not having to face this conflict, together with his sizeable army, he left PSI without a trace and seemingly vanished from the world stage. Edward narrowly escaped incarceration at Stronghold, unlike Psimon, Medusa and Mind Slayer.

Several years later in 2009, he re-emerged under the new alias of Psion The Psinister, and claimed to have moved beyond PSI to greater things. Since then he has continually made appearances on Earth, threatening the safety of all in his vicinity. His mind seemed to have been set straight and he no longer wanted to kill Mentella, but had instead focused his efforts on gaining her attention so as to convert her back to rejoining him. His re-emergence coincided with the Stronghold Bust of 2009, in which Psimon, Medusa and Mind Slayer rallied some old friends and associates back together to reform PSI. Psion is a powerful Telekinetic Super Villain in his own right and a Mob Boss, "The Psikes" are Ex-VIPER, PSI and ARGENT members who where coerced into joining him and he has given them some of Sebastian Poe's Psychic Serum for them to gain psionic powers.

Powers and Abilities

Knocking away Destroids foolish enough to attack him


Xenians are naturally "super powered" beings and are able to reach levels of mastery which is outside the capability of other species with the same skills, such as humans. Psion The Psinister is no exception. Psion's unbridled use of his power, on the surface makes him a substantial threat, his telekinetic potential and mastery, even for a Xenian is rare. From the information provided by those who have been unfortunate to be on the wrong side of his telekinetic power and luckily survived, it has been noted that Psion is capable of a wide range of telekinetic feats including:

  • Binding
  • Telekinetic Force Manipulation
  • Psionic Strength
  • Telekinetic Compression
  • Telekinetic Hold
  • Telekinetic Combat
  • Telekinetic Destruction/Expansion
  • Telekinetic Blasts/Waves
  • Stasis Field Generation
  • Force Field Emulation
  • Psionic Regeneration
  • Subatomic Manipulation
  • Psionic Flight
  • Remote Telekinesis
  • Telekinetic Construct Generation
  • Spatial Sense
Ripping apart a robot at a subatomic level
Forcing an MCPD teleportation device to explode

Brief Summary of Psion The Psinister's Telekinesis

Psion is an experienced telekinetic to say the least, his ability to not only move objects, exceeding the weight of 50,000 metric tons, but being able to then propel it at his foes at high speeds alone makes him a very dangerous villain. Psion enjoys using his telekinetic power to inflict the maximum amount of damage to his targets as he desires, unleashing telekinetic waves of energy to toss away any who are dense enough to stand in his way. He can use his telekinesis to psionically augment his strength, granting him a degree of super strength. He is able to hold and suspend people, objects, robots and even energy blasts in the air. Psion has been known to fashion telekinetic knives for close combat, however he prefers to fight from a distance and barrage his foes with telekinetic energy waves in combination with pieces of the environment. Psion takes particular joy from telekinetically compressing or detonating victims by either increasing the force of gravity around them to extremes or generating then expanding telekinetic energy inside the targets. His telekinetic ability, strength and aggression is, like all Xenians, tied to his emotions. His power seems slightly less effective when he is saddened. However states of extreme joy, focus or anger seem to enhance his abilities further allowing him to even absorb and convert energy or manipulate one of the fundamental forces of the universe, in his case, Gravity.

Halting a blast of energy from a robot with his Telekinesis

Telekinetic Feats

Psion The Psinister is able to emulate the ability to generate force fields, by compressing the air around or in front of him to protect himself from harm. He has the ability to sheathe himself in telekinetic energy to gain increased durability. He can also extend this ability to slow down or even immobilize foes in a psionic prison. Psion's ability to immobilize foes can quickly be changed to compress and crush them.

  • Psion is also able to map his surroundings using his telekinesis. This is known as Spatial Sense, he can use it to detect foes who are otherwise invisible or robots lying in wait around a corner. This skill of his played a large role in the success defeating VIPER in the Baltimore Nest when he was with PSI. Psion is also able to levitate objects within a range of around 2000 miles from his current location and propel them through the air at speeds reaching 140 miles per hour (225km/h), any object within his telekinetic reach can be propelled this far.
  • Psion is able to fly by surrounding himself in a sheathe of telekinetic energy, he can use this ability to carry other people or objects. Psion can also utilize his telekinesis to tear apart anything he desires at a subatomic level, this level of precise telekinetic application is extremely rare, even for a Xenian. It also allows him to regenerate his own cells via telekinetic manipulation.
  • Psion can generate energy constructs which he can fire at opponents at high speeds. He has been seen fashioning spikes, swords, barriers and large lances which he can drill into his foes with. He is capable of altering their speed or direction mid flight to hit moving targets with some effort on his part.
  • He can even stop energy in the air and redirect it back to the attacker in question when under fire.
  • A skill Psion seldom uses on living targets is known as Telekinetic Destruction. He is able to force energy into his chosen target and build up the energy until the containment unit (aka the target) cannot contain the energy and they explode outwards.
  • More than anything else, Psion relishes the opportunity to blast his foes with waves of crippling telekinetic energy, both compressing and tossing them away.


His former psychic bond with Mentella granted him a very small portion of her telepathic defense abilities, leaving him shielded to mental attacks. Mentella's psychic shielding leaves him shielded so much so that psychics will actually take damage from attempting to attack him. He also has minor (in comparison to Mentella) telepathic abilities, aside from Mental Shields, he can gather enough psychic energy to attack up to 10 minds at once, mind control weaker minded foes and his sometimes unruly minions. He can also read surface thoughts of those around him with focus and with even more effort he can partially probe the minds of those with some level of mental defense. He does not usually use his telepathic ability in combat, preferring to rely on his much more powerful telekinetic ability.

Psion is also capable of summoning astral entities to assist him in combat if he is hard pressed. He is also an excellent astral combatant, capable of stalemating Mentella in combat, albeit with a reasonable amount of difficulty.

Whilst his psychic shielding is strong enough to block out prying psychic heroes and sometimes villains like Psimon or Menton who push upon his mental defenses. He is vulnerable to Mentella's telepathy, she is able to surpass his mental defenses if need be, she is also the only Telepath who speaks the same language as him and as a result can navigate around his mind if she needed to.

Simultaneously crushing and blasting a Destroid attempting to attack him.

Miscellaneous Notes

Psycher's initial costume.

Mentella's Miscellaneous Notes on Psion The Psinister


  • Whereas I accepted the PSI uniform, Psion (Psycher back then) created his first suit when joining PSI as he refused to wear the signature pink and dark grey tights which signified the presence and belonging to PSI. He used his off world connections to ship in materials which would provide him with the protection, durability and flexibility that he desired. Once he had the materials, he used his mind control abilities to take over a fashion designer's factory where they put together his first uniform as 'Psycher'.
  • The uniform has elements of Xenite in it (Xenite is an off world material from our home planet, which is known for it's particularly durable properties and is unusually light weight), however the Xenite is purely present for durability purposes, rather than protection. As a telekinetic, Psycher was extremely aware of his physical surroundings and would very rarely take damage to his person as his psychokinetic barriers and armor would take the brunt of any particular assault he waded into.
  • To appease Psimon to an extent with regard to his opposition to the PSI uniform, Psycher had the Grecian Psi letter as an emblem on his chest. His costume was always accompanied by his psychokinetic manifestations on his shoulders and forearms, whilst they were not able to induce mental pain via touch, they were capable of slicing through anything that he desired.
  • He kept this costume the same throughout his time at PSI, and was envied by Hypnos and Psimon for his simple yet impressive looking costume. His boots were steel toe capped with a slight hardened diamond layer on the outside, as Psycher was no stranger to close quarter combat. The psychokinetic constructs on his arms were particularly deadly as he would frequently use them to attack at anything in his way and was able to modify them at will to be longer, sharper, shorter or anything he desired. In combat his psychokinetic armor would emanate from his bracer constructs and quickly spread to cover him entirely before he reached Psimon's well known Psi Titan size or greater.
    Psion The Psinister costume.

Psion The Psinister

After my withdrawal from PSI, soon after Psycher also left PSI, slipping out during the two sided conflict in 2005 which cost PSI the lives of a number of it's members, he evidently escaped with Psi Serum formula and a sizeable number of PSI members who shied away from the conflict. Several years later in 2009, Psycher re-emerged onto the world scene, calling himself 'Psion The Psinister'. He burst into the public spotlight taking down both Kinetik and Defender and the local law enforcement, almost destroying a sizeable portion of Downtown before he backed off for an unknown reason and vanished.

  • His new suit is not actually much different from his first suit, aside from the more distinct contrast between the colors of blue and black with the introduction of white parts. It also featured a cape, which had a gradient effect from blue to black. The Psi emblem still remains, perhaps symbolizing some form of lingering attachment to PSI after this time.
  • The only possible reason for the addition of the cape to the new uniform would be perhaps for vanity purposes or dramatic flair when entering a room or announcing his presence, aside from this, it seems to serve no discernible purpose nor benefit his suit in any way.
  • Psion increased the durability of his new suit somewhat but still featured his psychokinetic armor pieces. Psion's new suit, whilst it has increased in durability, it still allows for a perfect range of mobility. The psychokinetic armor pieces seem to be longer in this suit than previous and seem to be a slightly different shape.

Groups and Various Affiliations

Edward has been a part of a number of organizations, namely PSI, Psykickz and his own team PsionForce. However he has either left or disbanded from his former teams. As Psion, he has teamed with other notorious villains, even working with Eurostar for a period of time.

Psion has worked with the likes of:

- Cyberlord

- Psimon

- Deuce

- Hypnos

- Soulfire

- Teleios

- The Warlord

- Gravitar

He has no qualms about taking out fellow villains who have irritated him in the past, or if he finds them aesthetically displeasing. This tendency alone makes him slightly unpredictable and a potential danger to other super villains. In the past he has turned in fellow villains who happen to have got in his way such as:

- GRAB Team

- Hi Pan

- Armadillo

- Mechassassin

- Medusa

- Dr. Tenebrous



"Yes, I am better looking than you and no that isn't an opinion." ~ Psion The Psinister

Personality Assessment - Edward Ramin'ov A.K.A. PSION THE PSINISTER

Notes - Do NOT engage this target. Avoid at ALL costs. If possible leave the immediate area.

Assessment Completed By: Dr. M. Summerstone


Edward by nature is extremely narcissistic and takes pride in his physical appearance, to the point it borders on obsession. He also has the tendency to be over appreciative of equally good looking allies or opponents. He is naturally flirtatious and can use his mental ability to sway opponents or allies, he is impartial when it comes to the gender of the person in question. Edward is naturally intelligent and is adept at giving an imposing impression through just his speech alone. As Psion The Psinister these characteristics are still apparent and he has been known to use it to get out of a bad situation, however he much prefers to mentally rip apart his foes or using their surroundings or weapons against them using his Telekinetic Powers. Whilst he is not truly a "bad to the bone" individual he will do what ever it takes to fulfill his goal whatever that may be.

Social Interactions

Psion despises the majority of those he meets (with the exception of good looking heroes or villains). He holds a particular hatred for humans and robots (Destroids more than anything else). He views humans as a lower species due to their lack of technological advancement in comparison to his home world of Xen, as for Destroids he enjoys the sound their Destrium pieces make as they hit the floor.


Psion The Psinister has a little room for patience and has an explosive temper. This temper at it's peak can allow him to unconsciously uproot buildings and parts of the earth around him as well as de-atomize things within his immediate surroundings. An interrogation of one of his captured "Psikes" provided insight into his immense rage at being told an objective had failed. It is not advisable to irritate Psion or be within a mile of him when he is particularly angry.

Further Notes to Non Summerstone Sisterhood Readers

It would be advisable to proceed with caution, if you are unfortunate enough to encounter this particular individual. He is not known to attack straight away. It is possible to convince him to work alongside you if he can see that something can be gained from it. If you see him attacking another villain it is most likely because he wants something from them, or that he finds them visually disturbing.


Psion is fairly resilient when it comes to fighting and can withstand significant mental and physical impacts with the aid of his passive healing factor (innate to all Xenians) and his telekinetic skills. However, as powerful as he is, he does have his respective limitations.

  • Psion is unable to extend his telepathic ability past the extent to which he has already been trained.
  • He cannot control stronger minded foes with his telepathic mind control
  • Healing factor can be suppressed by overwhelming damage, which may drive him into a healing coma.
  • His telekinetic ability, whilst vastly disproportionate to his physical strength, is limited by his ability to focus and concentrate. Diminished ability to concentrate can result in less reliable power.
  • He cannot force super heroes to act outside of their natural range of behaviors, as he lacks the necessary telepathic ability.
  • Good looking opponents - Psion finds it extremely stressful to attack or fight exceptionally good looking opponents (in his opinion) and has been known in the past to simply stand down when having to face the likes of myself (Mentella), ForceGirl, CharmCaster and on one occasion even Psimon.
  • Mentella - My telepathic abilities far outstrip his own and as a result I am the only telepath who can breach his mental defenses, seeing as I taught him how to build defenses. Whilst breaching his mental defenses may be possible (highly unlikely) for other telepaths, the matter of then understanding his thought patterns and the Xenian Language is another matter entirely. If need be I can suppress his powers to the point of negation, if he is beyond reasoning with.
  • Magic - Psion has absolutely no resistance to magic aside from telekinetic shielding which, dependent on the type of magic may or may not protect him. He has been captured by DEMON's higher members before when he first started his career as a Super Villain.
  • Drive to succeed - This powerful force within him can be dangerous as he can stumble into danger trying to acquire what he desires.
  • Psion whilst an excellent astral and telekinetic combatant, can be stalemated by both Mentella and Menton
  • Opposing force - If Psion does not correctly anticipate the impact something may have on his shields they are likely to either shatter or crumple under the opposing force.
  • Dislike of ugly or robotic super villains - This can be used against him in order to employ him to assist against super villains. Whilst he can be unpredictable, in this regard he is trustworthy and as long as the final result is either jail or absolute defeat for the villain in question, he will assist with his skills.

Note: Psion is in some instances, able to compensate for his limitations, however this is not always the case. The best course of action to undertake is contacting either myself or another Summerstone, if you encounter him in a hostile setting.


Hostile Meta Being File 01-XI-22 - Summerstone Academy Files

Name - Edward "Psion The Psinister" Ramin'ov

Abilities - Advanced Telekinesis, Telepathy (Minor), Astral Form. Various mentalist powered minions known as "Psikes"

Report Updated By: Mentella

Date: 1st of March 2014

Note - As of the 1st of January 2014, Psion The Psinister has been granted a temporary arrangement with The Summerstone Sisterhood, in order to work together due to a recent development in PSI. This partnership ended in late February 2014 when the contractual agreement was no longer in effect and the case had been solved.

After spending an extended amount of time and working with The Summerstone Sisterhood, Delta and myself in the course of two months; Psion's attitude towards being a super villain seems to have changed. He currently remains ambiguous as to where his loyalty lies in terms of lawful behavior.

Since the contractual agreement between Psion, his "Psikes" (his legion of Mentalist Minions) and The Summerstone Sisterhood to restrain his abilities and work alongside them, Psion seems to have lost, at least in part the desire to be a Super Villain.

On the 22nd of February, Psion willingly turned himself into the law enforcement agencies and has agreed to spend time rectifying the impacts of his crimes and spending time in confinement. This is a development which I have had a significant level of input into, as Psion is the only Xenian who has been taken into human law enforcement custody, as a result certain measures must be put into place to ensure security. His "Psikes" are also undergoing corrective behavioral classes and incarceration. Due to my unique position, it has been deemed apt that I act as Psion's therapist until the end of his sentence.

It is my personal hope that this period of time will allow him to adjust sufficiently and perhaps even utilize his abilities for more than destruction and villainous acts.

Signed: Mentella Summerstone