Blackbird (Zeta-4)

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Player: @Rachel-Covaks
"The Raven of Death descends upon your world on this evening."
Class Focus: Telepathy
Power Level: 40
Personal Data
Real Name: Zeta-4
Known Aliases: Natasha Romulus
Species: Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 17
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Glowing Pink
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Terrorist and Mob Boss
Place of Birth: VIPER Mamba Base, Monster Island
Base of Operations: Chinatown, Millennium City
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Dr. Dendroaspis (Mother/Creator), Arisu "Kira" Arashikage (sister), Other Creations of Project Diamondback (Siblings)
Known Powers
Toxic Telepath
Known Abilities


Following the success that created Kira, Dendroaspis sought out more Mutant DNA in order to create more test subjects, she managed to find one in a telepath that was associated with PSI. However it was much harder to get the DNA this time, and VIPER wound up having to kill the Mutant in order to get the DNA. The result however was Diamondback Zeta-4, the second successful product of Project Diamondback, created to be a powerful Telepath in order to steal data from VIPER's targets. Zeta-4 had been moved to another base when PRIMUS' Snake Hunter Unit attacked Mamba base.

Later when she was 12, Dendroaspis accelerated her mutation to trigger it, however early testing proved dangerous when the fact that she was a toxic telepath became evident. To keep her own soldiers from being killed, Dendroaspis created a device that Zeta-4 would keep with her at all times to keep her powers from turning deadly unless she wants them to.

She also abandoned her designation at this point, and took the name Blackbird.

The Mutant Mafia and Kira

When Blackbird was 17, Dendroaspis used her contacts to place her within the Mutant Mafia, a growing branch of La Cosa Nostra for Mutants and Superhumans. Taking the name Natasha Romulus, Blackbird became one of the top bosses, but something threw her off her game when Dr. Dendroaspis was caught and sent to Stronghold.

Blackbird knew that she had to draw Kira out, so she got herself arrested in order to attract the attention of her older sister. When Kira arrived at Millennium City Jail, Blackbird's people moved in to try and take out Kira as well as spring their boss. Before leaving, Blackbird taunted Kira for her inability to capture her, and left the Prison. And now with Dendroaspis in jail, it is possible that there is no one left that can control her.


Blackbird tends to be an ends justify the means kind of person, she will do anything for Dr. Dendroaspis short of dying, but shows very little loyalty to anyone else. Unlike Dendroaspis, she has no desire to bring Kira back into the fold, and wants to see her and her allies fall hard.

Also in contrast to her creator, Blackbird is generally regarded as a Psychopath, she knows her powers can kill and would gladly use them to kill indiscriminately if given the chance. If she lacks a controlling presence, she will more than likely go on a killing spree.

Toxic Telepath

Unlike most Telepaths, Blackbird's powers come with a dangerous side-effect, if she is in the mind of a person for more than two minutes it will kill them. She has very little qualms about using this however, the only reason her body count isn't higher is because she has up until now been on a short leash by Dr. Dendroaspis.


"The Raven is a specter of death, and I am death through the fire of the mind, all who oppose me will fall."-Blackbird.

"A psychopath who can kill by just thinking about it is one of the most dangerous enemies you could face."-Kira commenting on Blackbird.

"We wanted to create a super soldier... what we created instead is a monster."-Dr. Dendroaspis in her journal on Blackbird.

"Its one thing to have created her, Blackbird is dangerous, so dangerous that she even scares Dr. Dendroaspis. And anyone who is too intense for Doctor Dendroaspis is not to be taken lightly."-Kira.

"I am death, have you not heard of me?"-Blackbird.

"As I am locked away from my world world, I unleash her upon yours."-Dr. Dendroaspis


  • Blackbird was partially inspired by a fanfiction character with the Toxic Telepathy ability.
  • The association with the Raven as a symbol of death was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's poem The Raven, and through her powers Blackbird see's herself as an agent of death itself.
  • The Ace of Spades tattoo on her eye is also a reference to death.[[[Category: Mutant]][Category: Psionic]]