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Welcome to the show of your life
"Come one come all!"
Player: @leonaheidern
Super Group
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Agents of Strix
Real Name
Anastasia Vasilievna Volkova
Moscow, Russia
Millennium City
Millennium City
Former gymnast and circus performer
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Viktorya Vasilievna Volkova (Sister), Valeria Vasilievna Volkova (Sister)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
120 lbs.
Body Type
· Distinguishing Features ·
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Super Strength, Ability to eat anything, Affinity to Animals, Sonic voice, Flame breath, Removal of sound, Slime form, Innate Charm, Gold Control
· Equipment ·
· Other Abilities ·
Adept gymnast, escape artist and circus performer.

WHO IS Double?

Double is a former Cirque du Cartes performer and member of the Graziano Mafia in Europe, currently an agent of Strix in Millenium City where she works as a hero, doing what is right. Double's real name is Anastasia Vasilievna Volkova, she was abandoned by her birth parents and raised in the circus, while being rented out to the mafia to 'pay the bills'. Double is very athletic and is considered to be a top-notch gymnast, able to do insane feats of balance and danger with a smile on her face, due to her rigorous training as she grew up.

Double is a happy-go-lucky woman who loves to perform and make others smile, she works hard to make up for the things that she had to do in the mafia, along with being a sort of apology to the friends and family she has lost.

A brief description of her powers are; the ability to duplicate and recall abilities. Double can copy a persons powerset and consume it, gaining their powers for herself, limited to only using one at a time. More details are listed below.

Her hat is a parasite, it's name is Hedone and it feeds off of her happiness and positive energy, it has been Double's best friend for the last few years. More on him below, too!


To Know Ones Own Past

Anastasia was born in Moscow, Russia. Having been born with an unnatural green hair colour, she was discarded by her parents, for fear of what exactly she was. The baby was picked up by a member of a travelling circus, Ringmaster Leonardo of the Cirque du Cartes, who adopted the abandoned child. Growing up in the circus, Anastasia learnt many tricks and trained her body, gaining the abilities to perform and make people smile.

After a few years, the Circus ran a little dry, sales had dropped. They were owned by the Graziano Mafia, whom demanded a specific amount of the profits every month. Anastasia was loaned to the mafia as a way to pay their debts, where she learned the harsh truth of reality, being trained to kill and other things that a child should not learn. She worked under a woman named Miss Sable, who was not only her tutor but the one who worked out the specifics of her powers, enabling the girl to become more effective at whatever she did.

After every job she would go back to her home at the circus, she would continue to be around her friends and family, not realizing how terrible they felt to let her go to the mafia. She eventually gained the powers of six of her circus-mates, learning to use them to cover for them if they were sick or injured for a show, using her amazing dexterity and charisma to become the circus' star attraction.

Years went by, now a woman, Anastasia had taken the name of Double. She had grown to be a beautiful woman, curvy and ample-chested, extremely proficient at both the lives she lived. It was at this point she had been given a new mission, one she did not want to be a part of, to eradicate the Cirque du Cartes. Double ran as fast as she could to warn her family, but upon reaching the circus, saw that the job had already been done.

Sable stood over Leonardo, her arm shaped like a blade, pointed at his throat. Double ran in, placing herself between the two, pleading to her boss to not kill her father. Shaking her head, the mafia woman took a step back, Double could feel her smiling. She hated this woman, she me-... She loved this woman, she would do anything for her.

As she drove the knife into Leonardo's chest, Double could only think of Sable, how proud she would be of her.

"Take the hat." Sable said, motioning to the dead Ringmaster, her words lacking emotion. "Put it on."

The moment Double put on the top-hat was the moment that Sable's charm was nullified, looking down in shock she heard a voice, the hat was speaking to her. In her head it showed the memories of Leonardo, describing how he felt, giving her away to the mafia... everything. Hedone was it's name, it promised to be there for her, always.

Double fled.

From the circus, from the mafia, from everything.

She came to Millenium City, putting what had happened behind her, going back to her circus roots and performing for people about Westside.

Welcome To Your New Life


Hedone : Hedone is the hat that Double wears, a living article of clothing that parasitically feeds off of Doubles happiness and positive energy, which she has an abundance of. The inside of Hedone is a portal to anywhere, she uses it for magic tricks and sneaky pranks, occasionally it's useful in combat. Hedone can change color to match Double's attire, which is handy. It also talks to her, anyone who wears Hedone will be allowed to view any and all memories that the previous wearers had while wearing it, through interaction with the hat itself.

Twin Candycane Swords : Forged by an Atlantean ex-girlfriend, Double was trained to use twin orichalcum swords, which were forged in the shape of two candy canes. Double only uses these if absolutely necessary as she does not believe in ending ones life. She also uses these in magic tricks.


From her time in the Circus, she gained a plethora of powers, which she has had time and practice to use to their full potential. After they were killed, she lost her mind, thinking that they had just "moved" inside of her. She takes on the personalities of the people she duplicated.

  • From Marko the Strongman she gained Super Strength, the ability to strengthen her body to collosal size and strength.
  • From Madeline the Glass Eater she gained the Ability to eat anything, her teeth and insides becoming near-unbreakable and acidic.
  • From Arthur the Beast Master she gained Affinity to Animals, the ability to befriend animals and command them.
  • From Leonardo the Ring Master she gained a Sonic Voice, able to project sonic waves infront of her, from a low to high level of destruction.
  • From Francheska the Fire Breather she gained Flame breath, the ability to emit fire from her mouth at a scorching heat.
  • From Bartholemew the Mime she gained the ability to remove all sound from the area around her, this does have a limited range.

And the ones she has gained since the Circus was closed:-

  • From Miss Sable the Mafia Hitwoman she gained the ability to activate a passive charm that effects everyone around her, she can direct it to increase the effects in a certain location, while diminishing the effects in others.
  • From Phoebe the Slime Girl she gained the ability to take on the form of a slime, allowing her to slip through small gaps and generally be more resilient than a normal human could, the core is kept within Hedone.
  • From Goldie DiGrande the Golden Amazon she gained the ability to manipulate, create and absorb gold, allowing her to convert her entire being into gold, enhancing her survivability.

General Other Abilities:-

  • Enhanced Athleticism - Double can perform feats of amazing agility and skill with little to no effort, this is due to her growing up in a circus where she was doing it every day for her entire life.


Notable Allies

The Thorns in her Side


Miss Sable: The Mafia Hit-woman

Powers/Abilities: Passive Charm, Parasitic Transforming Glove, Assassination Techniques, Murder Experience

Threat Level:

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Miss Sable is a lethal assassin for the Graziano Mafia, she is extremely dangerous and proficient, able to use any weapon on or around her body in various ways to eliminate a target. Her glove can transform into anything she can think of, usually weapons. It's name is Peitho. She has a natural charm ability that at it's lowest level, causes someone to hesitate before they act against her, usually giving her plenty of time to escape or kill.

Her face is always obscured, it is currently unknown if this is another power, a side effect, or something else entirely.



  • Look at her, she's SO hard to miss!
  • Performs around Westside for children and civilians doing circus tricks and stunts.
  • Double donates money from her street performances to orphanages around Westside.
  • Was in a fairly large circus in Europe, travelling from country to country.
  • Has ties to the Graziano Mafia.


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