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Player: @jennymagi
Ebony (Valeria Montra).png
“Don't be silly. Shadows don't bleed!”
Character Build
Class Focus: Hybrid (Night Avenger)
Power Level: 26
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Valeria Montra
Known Aliases: Confidential
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: London
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Ferris Montra, Lenore Montra, Draven Montra (Deceased)
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 146 lbs.
Eyes: Gray
Hair: Black
Complexion: Clear and lush
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: Raven tattoo right above her rear during her street gang years
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Neutral Good

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: United States, formerly U.K.
Occupation: Student
Education: Just short of a master's degree in criminal science, military school training in Wales
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
None, relies purely on skill and equipment
Equipment and Paraphernalia
The Nevermore, her personal hawkwing vehicle, her high-rise condo in downtown Millenium City, trick shurikens (smoke, explosive, rubber, tranquilizer to name a few)
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Abilities and Equipment


Ebony doesn't have the luxury of superpowers, and thus compensates with skills and equipment. She comes prepared with hand-crafted trick shurikens, a stealth hawkwing she refers to as the Nevermore, a stealth field generator that makes her nearly invisible, as well as any other modifications she might have for a certain scenario. When not using the Nevermore, she gets around with a memory cloth cape that can be used to glide around, and an industrial-grade grappling gun with a titanium alloy 250 ft. rope.

Her base of operations is her high-rise condo apartment in Millennium City's downtown, which she calls the House of Ushers, in honor of Edgar Allen Poe's story. The House of Ushers comes equipped with a high-tech computer connected to MontraGear on a proxy ID and can utilize most functions of a general computer, as well as scan small objects and evidence and anonymously purchase equipment. The Nevermore isn't kept in the House of Ushers itself, but rather is solar-powered and remains hovering miles above Millennium City, which she can call down using a button on her wrist.


Her time abroad has made Ebony into a formidable opponent against crime. She's a black belt in tae kwon do, has training in stealth and aiming thrown weapons, is a state-level acrobat and gymnast, and has trained with famous magicians in theater and escape artistry.


Ebony houses a lot of rage and regret within her, but usually keeps it inside, unless severely provoked with correct emotional triggers. She has a crippling fear of insects, having stemmed from messing with a hornet nest at 6 years old, and will panic if she's in the same room with a wasp or other large winged insect.


Childhood and Early Life

Valeria Montra was born to a wealthy, prominent family in London in 1996. The Montras were the owners of a well-known sporting gear manufacturer, MontraGear, based out in London. Her father, Draven Montra, was brother to a wealthy business tycoon over in the United States, Ferris Montra, who owned the more successful U.S. branch of MontraGear. While living in the lap of luxury in the U.K., Valeria was an active and tomboyish young lady, loving to mess with medieval armor and weaponry her father tended to collect in their manor. Her father encouraged this behavior, having Valeria train in sporting events such as rugby and tae kwon do from a young age, while reading her the works of Edgar Allen Poe and solving riddles with her every night so her brain would not lag behind.

However, in the summer of 2008, Draven Montra died in a horrid plane crash, and the wreckage lost somewhere over the Atlantic. To add insult to injury, Ferris then married Valeria's mother, Lenore, not even a month afterwards. Understandably, Valeria began to be rebel in anger, getting caught up with street gangs in London for 4 years, learning street smarts.

In eventual response, Valeria was given a decent sum of money by her stepfather and sent to a military school in Massachusets in the fall of 2012, in hopes of "bettering her". Not taking this turn of events lightly, she bided her time with the training at the academy until the summer of 2013, when she was emailed by her mother, showing concern for her stepfather's intentions. On her mother's suggestion, she spent a weekend looking into the wreckage case that stole her father's life, increasingly disturbed at what ample evidence she found.

Noting that the plane was a private jet made by Ferris' private company, Ferris Aerospace, and that Draven and the pilot were the only registered passengers, Valeria's suspicions began to go aflame. Digging even deeper, she found that her father owned a significant share of MontraGear that would go to Ferris by right of kin. Valeria knew deep down that Ferris had murdered her beloved father.

Road to Shadow

Taking matters into her own hands, she dropped out of her military school and off her stepfather's radar for the foreseeable future.

Returning to Britain at the age of 19, she attended Oxford University under a false alias for a criminal science course, and the week before the course's graduation, she faked her death to cover her tracks. Joining a traveling circus to get back to the United States, she worked with the magicians there and learned the art of escape artistry and acrobatics, eventually taking her leave near Milennium City at the young age of 20.

Taking inspiration from the heroes around her and the poems read to her as a child by her father, she used the last of her stepfather's gift money to craft a pitch-black and blue caped suit, emblazened with the fleur-de-lis.

With some finishing touches using MontraGear grappling and rugby equipment, she dubbed her new identity the color of night - Ebony. In the meanwhile, Valeria was stepping back into the light and joined the local community college on her mother's behest to continue her education, being set up with a high-class apartment downtown. With both of these in place, Ebony was ready to take on the underworld.

Joining The Adventurers

While initially having her vendetta against Ferris Montra as her prime focus, she had got caught up with the responsibilities of being a hero. While staying out of the limelight, she started to begin doing nightly patrols, hoping to find a lead on Ferris' shady business practices or stop some crime. Usually the latter happened.

Eventually, fate got her entangled with the super-team known as The Adventurers when she took down an evil alternate version of one of their members, Dread Spider. The team impressed, she was invited to The Adventurers as a full member. She accepted, but still kept to the shadows and her own business, remaining on call if the Adventurers needed her.

And so they did, sometime after Christmas. She answered a distress call in Millennium City's Chinatown District and helped her team members bring down a mutated Red Spider, utilizing a camera on her suit's emblem to weaken it with flashing light. The battle moved to the rooftop, and it took the combined efforts of Stormherald, Meltdowner, and Lady Justice, (with a little help from the Nevermore's headlights) to bring down the beast. The danger now past, Ebony took her leave until she was needed again, though this would not be for a long time.

Ebony's Return

Two years have passed. Ebony had come to dead end upon dead end in her search for Ferris' shady dealings to expose, and soon enough, Ebony was merely an afterthought on the backburner, while Valeria decided to focus on her schoolwork. Recently, however, there's rumors of a joking girl in black and blue roaming the rooftops again. MontraGear has been the subject of corporate controversy on social media. Things are stirring again. Has Ebony returned to her heroics?

To be continued...