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Champions Online: What To Do?

There are various activities that are accessible in Champions Online. Some can be done in the game world, such as visiting in-game locations and creating a role-play around the environment, or you can create imaginary places through text alone, opening up new worlds (sometimes literally). But when thinking of what to do, sometimes its too easy to say “lets do something in the penthouse,” and the group finds themselves doing the same role-play they always do: sit around and chat.

Chatting in-character isn't a bad thing however, but sometimes the repetitive nature and unchanging scenery can lead to a sort of role-playing depression where role-playing no longer seems exciting. As the scale of larger, planned events can often intimidate role-players who are uncertain whether they can invest the time, energy and effort into such a project, this list is simply going to contain some advice in order to allow small groups of individuals to spontaneously start role-playing with a unique plot and location.

Millennium City Role Play Locations Map Viewer

RP Map1.jpgRP Map2.jpg

You can click here to access the full Role-Playing Locations Map (version 2.0)


When a superhero, do what a super hero does! Fighting Crime is a perfectly acceptable way of spending some time with other heroes you know, and can range from performing a Story Arc or Comic Series, to simply getting a Socrates mission or patrolling the streets! When doing these kinds of role-plays, its important to utilize some semi-advanced movement controls to make the most of the limited time available to you: these include Auto-Run and Auto-Walk. By using these two control types, you can chat with your team mates while moving on to the next group of enemies, or walking down the long road in the city.

  • Patrol: A team-sized group of heroes go out to patrol. This can take place in any environment, whether you're camped out in the desert, taking refuge in Fort Steelhead, or walking the streets of Millennium City at midnight. A group of heroes walking down the sidewalk make for an intimidating sight for villains, and an inspiring sight for other heroes! This offers the best opportunity for social role-playing as well as action, as walking down roads takes some time, and allows for conversations to take place. Patrols can last as long as members of the group want them too, offering both timed events for heroes with little time available, or lengthy events for heroes wanting to really live the hours of a crime fighter. Patrols can open the way to Missions as well, which enable the team to add some variation to the role-play as well as increase the stakes of their patrol.
  • Mission: A team-sized group of heroes go to complete a mission obtained from a contact, Socrates, or other sources. Conceptually, perhaps a civilian informed one of the group of a potential crime taking place, or a hero received a call from the police or even PRIMUS about a group of villains needing to be brought in. These missions are generally paced at whatever the team likes: breaks can be taken between clearing rooms, allowing heroes to converse. At the same time, action can take place and allows heroes to show off their prowess. Since missions are usually random and unique, they offer an appealing unpredictability that allows everyone in the team the opportunity to express some creativity in responding to the situations they find themselves in. These missions are also good in that their nature can be described completely by the host player: a mission telling you to destroy an ARGENT base could be explained as the hero performing an investigation themselves which eventually led to the discovery of the base. Perhaps instead of simply defeating all ARGENT and completing the mission, the role-players could add an additional objective, such as downloading information from databanks, or capturing a specific villain.
  • Arcs: A team-sized group of heroes complete a story arc or comic series. These are lengthy chain-missions, and are usually very predictable (done one once, you know what to expect next time). There are moments during these arcs where the team can take a breather and have some good social role-play take place, but considering the already lengthy nature of arcs, the team may not want to spend too much time socializing, as it will drag out the duration of the arc even more. As these arcs are usually based on the Champions Online story, many heroes have already done the mission, and thus it makes no sense canonically when heroes are performing the mission for the second or third time. Therefore it can be difficult for these arcs to take place, especially when wanting to role-play. It is recommended that these be planned in advanced, and that all role-players be prepared to spend several hours in completing these missions.


Sometimes heroes want to get together, but not necessarily to fight crime—and sometimes, just standing around chatting doesn't offer enough variation or excitement. Enter recreation, which enables heroes to get together and have a little fun, while maintaining the pace of social role-playing! What do heroes do in their off time? Nothing other than working out or hanging around bars? Why not go to the gym for a game of Racquetball ball, or visit the Millennium City High School for a game of flag football? Opportunities await, and are based mostly on environment. Make sure to think of your own ideas for sport or activity when visiting somewhere new!

Millennium City: Westside

  • Carl's Gym: A popular place for the fit crime-fighter, Carl's Gym is usually used for the purpose of sparring between heroes—but why not utilize some of the other potential recreational sports the gym has to offer? Consider the following: Jogging (running track around the ring in the center of the gym), Exercising (using emotes for pushups, stretching and jumping jacks), Boxing (with other players, or against punching bags), Basketball (In one of the open corners, or an empty locker room side), Wrestling (pro in the ring, or practice in or outside) Badminton (in one of the open stretches), and whatever else you think of! Visit the entry room for a post-workout shake or head upstairs to sort out a bet.
  • Westside High School: Often forgotten is the football field next to the Westside High School. Why not take some of your heroic buddies out for a flag football match, or a game of catch, baseball, tennis, or more?
  • Docks: For you bigger meta types, why not bring your big self and your big friends down to the Westside Docks, where shipping crates and heavy objects galore await you! Grab some heavy stuff and run a few laps to demonstrate your endurance, or show off your throwing arm by tossing crates for fun! Show off those muscles in this seldom-visited place!
  • Sherrera's: A bar for those out of luck, this place provides a thick ambiance for pub-seeking heroes, and those looking for a cheap drink. Check the pool table for some entertainment, or look into the loft above for a discreet meeting! Visit the bar for a beer, and play darts to see who pays the tab! Also check out...
  • Leo's Bar: A team-instanced, mission-based map, it is difficult to access as you have to have the mission “” to enter. Though it only supports five people per instance, it has a dark, red, hardcore metal ambiance to it. Definitely the happening place for rough and tough types, or those who simply want to listen to good music.
  • MCPD Armory: A military-themed place for heroes living in the 21st century! Creatively call this place a black market, supply center, weapons training center, heavy vehicle service and maintenance location, or whatever other munitions-based field you can imagine. Armed Forces dealings may go on here, but why not have a shooting contest down range? Practice your aim, challenge a friend, or show the ropes to an aspiring vigilante or rookie cop! And while you're at it, maybe give some of those weapons and vehicles a tune up.
  • WCOC: Broadcasters unite in this social location! But couldn't those offices represent your own work station in an office building? Use your imagination, and turn this place into a corporate headquarters or business branch for your civilian character! The meeting room is always open for planning, the offices are always open for meetings, and the recording mainframes are always there for technically-oriented heroes looking to do some database work! Or perhaps your undercover reporter hero is doing their day job and interviewing an on-duty heroic crime fighter after all?
  • Burning Building: Chaos strikes as this perpetually burning building has always offered the opportunity for heroes to do good work by saving lives. Fly in from above, or brave the fires from ground-level as you seek to move innocents out of harm's way. Do your part, and then fall back to allow emergency services to do their job.
  • Parking Garage: Hidden away, this small underground room isn't very exciting, but may hide a covert meeting, a gambling session, or even an illegal trade. Then again, some information is best kept in the dark, so why not visit and share a story or intelligence with another shady character?
  • Slums: Tucked away n the northern region of Westside is a large residential building long since abandoned by the original survivors of Detroit's destruction. Converted into a shanty town, it's now the home of refugees struggling to escape gang violence. Perhaps this is the home of your abandoned mutant character who was brought up in this dreary environment. Maybe it's the site of your philanthropic hero, arrived to save the day by delivering much needed supplies. Perhaps your medic hero is caring for others, doing their best to save lives. Maybe it is the site of a horrific occurrence, and your investigation has led you to this rarely visited place, far from the watchful eyes of the law.

Millennium City: City Center

  • Dynamic Technologies Research Group Building: A large open room provides possibilities for exploring someone's base or headquarters, social functions and casual gatherings, and more! For the creatively minded however, why not turn one of the longer platforms into a bowling lane? How about a robot fighting room, a place to test power armor, and run complex computer computations? From computer technology and mechanical maintenance, to scientifically-minded gatherings or landing a strike, this place offers a wide variety of role-playing opportunities.
  • City Hall: Court room dramas may be the first thing that comes to mind, but why not use the side rooms as your high-ranking hero's place of business during off-hours? Whether in the chain of military command, an outstanding political figure, or a private-practice physician, take advantage of the office space! Or why not visit the library? A selection of modern literature and more is easily accessible here, and will provide heroes their intellectual stimulation, and aliens their greater understanding of human culture—meaning you can use the City Hall Library as an in-game environment for Millennium City's Public Library. And that court-room isn't one-note either: why not make it a classroom for Millennium City University's higher-education students?
  • Cafes and Fast Food: From Pat's Coffee to Hero Donuts to Royal Burger, there are several locations throughout Millennium City that are clearly open for business to serve your needs whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or anything in-between! Stop by for pizza, or enjoy a lunch in the park. Take advantage of the open areas, and don't mind the suspicious looking individuals you see nearby—they may not have done anything illegal, yet.
  • Parks: If simply needing a little exercise, why not do a few quiet laps around some of the greener areas of the City Center? Even just going for a jog along the sidewalk can yield some piece of mind, and the opportunity to have a conversation while burning those extra calories! Enjoy the sights and sounds in the company of a friend, as well as a reminder that the whole city is open to you! And don't mind Mind Inc.
  • “Empty” Places: Especially in City Center, there are plenty of places where hostile NPCs don't spawn, and non-hostile NPCs are too far away to chase you down for an autograph. Never be afraid to explore the city and find some places that offer solitude and ambiance for all kinds of role-playing!

Millennium City: Renaissance Center

  • The Blimp: A classic meeting spot for heroes not afraid of heights, why not turn this into your flying fortress or air-command? A cafe in the mountains, or a fashionable get together for higher ups in society—literally. Set your view distance to very low, and leave your head in the clouds—also literally!
  • Club Caprice: Music, noise, rampant dancing and shady situations have always been a part of Caprice's doings, and not much more comes out of it. However, perhaps you could treat the different instances of Caprice as being different levels of the club, instead of simply teleporting into a dimension where there's more or less people on the one club floor? Those elevators make a handy place to change instances/floors in that case.
  • Club Caprice VIP Lounge: Much more exciting is the VIP lounge that provides expensive and luxurious attractions for high-rolling heroes throughout the city. A large pool, and an area featuring an accessible Market, there's lots to be had here for heroes who like to sit on beach benches indoors beside a large neck-deep pool. Make sure to visit the bar though, it's pretty nice. Not much else however, aside from the large fountain in front of the entrance, and due to the high entry barrier, not often used except among friends.
  • Champions HQ: A painfully large and clearly expensive hall of fame that has a neat Super-Group style briefing room complete with glowing holographic Earth and a huge computer wall.
  • UNTIL HQ: A large control center and a large diving station offer a great starting point for missions abroad. Gather your gear and get ready for take off! Or just practice diving and swimming. That water looks clean!
  • UNITY HQ: Another large facility that begins to make you wonder why the highest heroes in the land require absurd ceiling heights, the UNITY floor has a large teleporter room, a science-styled chamber, and a main room with computer stations.

Millennium City: Downtown

  • Mystic Foundry: A highly unpopulated instanced map that has some lovely magic-styled scenery, full of mystics who could possibly act as NPCs to progress a slow-moving arc with important information.
  • Great Beast Bookstore: Despite being highly populated by DEMON baddies, this team-instanced area can be used for plenty of dark, demon, or magical stories.
  • Harmon Industries: This place's exterior has a setting that stands out, and can be used for a whole myriad of purposes.
  • Battle of Detroit Memorial / Destroyer Museum: This acts as a great reminder to the game's lore and history, and can be used for a character who's possibly mourning losses from the battle, or could be used by one of Dr. Destroyer's followers for whatever reason.
  • Hanging Garden: North of the Harmon Industries building is an area that is heavily populated with DEMON baddies, but there's a small circular park suspended by bridges with some lovely scenery.
  • Construction Site Exactly what it says, feel free to use this for any purpose involving a construction site, or something similar.
  • Cryptic Studios: Furthest eastern part of the map, north of the park. This place can be played out as a convention center of sorts, complete with a hotdog stand.
  • Park: In the furthest eastern part of the map, there is a massive, mostly unpopulated park filled with cherry trees with an oriental theme. One could play this out as a trip to a far-eastern country, or just a pleasant visit to the park.