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Player: @littlegirlrai
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: N/A
Biographical Data
Real Name: Nika Michelle Mironov
Known Aliases: Judy Powers
Gender: Female
Species: Human; Mutant
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Millennium City, MI
Base of Operations: Millennium City, MI
Relatives: (father) CLASSIFIED,(Mother) CLASSIFIED, (Step-father) CLASSIFIED, (half-sister)Songbird
Age: 16
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: Green
Hair: (natural) Brunette just shy of Auburn; (currently)Red/Auburn
Complexion: Pale, Smooth
Physical Build: On the healthy side of thin
Physical Features: (piercings): Earlobe (x3), Auricle (both ears), Scaffold (left ear)

(Other): She has a small patch of blue and black shimmery serpentine scales on her lower back/tail bone. It is about the size of her hand with the fingers spread outwards.
sleek, slender, retractable snake fangs that can secrete a hybrid venom. When they come down they lay flat behind her K-9 teeth.

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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: Secret
Years Active: Unknown.
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Hero in training
Education: High School Graduate
Marital Status: It's complicated
Known Powers and Abilities
(Mutation) Teleportation(Herself and one other as long as she is touching them), Venomous Bite

(Ranged) Gun-fu, Perfect Aim/Precise Shot
(Martial Arts and Fighting Styles): Kenjutsu, Geommu Self-defence training
(Musical): plays guitar (both electric and acoustic), bass guitar, violin, and Drums
(Other) High IQ, Quick Reflexes, Acrobatics

Equipment and Paraphernalia
Guns, Missile Launcher, Katnanas
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Nika is the awkward situation of having most of her history taking place in our current future. Therefore she is always reluctant to talk about her past and very, very rarely does. If she lets anyone in on the details of her time-line then she does is in the greatest of trust and confidence. Ever word of it she trusted to be kept a secret.

She would have had a pretty normal life to some extent except for that fact her mother was tortured and experimented on by VIPER while pregnant. The womb was injected with a trial serum to create snake/human hybrids. However, her mother was rescued before the full process could be preformed. The fetus avoided being fully transformed, but didn't escape having some effects. She was born with little patch of snake skin on her lower back.

Despite this difference her mother, father, and 'step-father' were all very loving and caring of her. Things got a little more complicated when she began to grow teeth. They were joined by a slender pair of snake fangs that secreted a hybrid venom. Even though she was still loved it was clear that she would need to be watched more closely than other children. It would be tragic if she bit (as small children often do) and accidentally killed another person.

When she was two her mother became pregnant again and gave birth to her half-sister, Lenore. There was some worry about how she would behave around the newborn, but to her mothers relief Nika seemed rather protective of her new baby sister. There were a few times when she'd scare her mother by pulling the baby out of her bassinet to bring her to her mother because 'the baby was crying'.

For her own protection, as well as the protection of others, her parents kept her home to home school her. Nika proved to be very bright and caught on to most things quickly. She showed a love for learning and reading. Her two favorite parts of the day were schooling and when her mother would tuck her and her sister in and sing them to sleep each night.

Isolated from most other children Nika formed a friendship with what she had. Till she was nine her best friends where mostly books. She quickly exceeded the reading level for her age and would read (and comprehend) whatever she could get her hands on. She was also rather close to her sister. There were, of course, times when they had their fair share of sibling rivalry, but for the most part they got along.

This started to change when she was nine. Her father started to teach her how to use guns without her mother knowing. Quickly she grew to love her guns as much as her books. Part of it was that she rarely got to spend time with her father. He was busy with other devourers. Another part of it was that it was a challenge.

When she turned eleven puberty struck and her mutant gene kicked in allowing her to learned how to teleport. From this point she became a little harder to control. She still loved her studies, but was also more prone to sneaking out to see the world she felt like she was missing. Her control was intact enough that she didn't get into too much trouble with anyone except for her parents. She often found herself grounded, but didn't seem to listen.

Her mother wasn't sure what to do with her daughter, who was quickly taking after her father to be a bit of a delinquent. Feeling out of her depth her mother turned to her 'step-father' and they began training her other arts in hope of teaching her more discipline. The other hope was that it would keep her in the house instead of out of it. If she was bad they would punish her by grounding her from stuff instead of telling her not to leave. To some extent it actually worked.

For the most part things proceeded like that into her teen years. She was in and out of trouble and in and out of training. However, things in her time line grew very dark. The year 2030 in her time-line was the breaking point for her. The conditions had grown so bad that she decided she had to do something. Stealing a time travel device she hoped back in time in hopes of stopping the chain of events that lead to her future.

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