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Why be famous when you can be


The Exceptional

At Flawless, we strive to acknowledge team members who display outstanding performance or create innovative solutions.

Leigh (@scarlett81) - Inadvertently named the company during unrelated email exchanges.

Initial Investors: Veroga (@Kagewoe), Dr. Sharren Atlus (@RubyAmethyst), @Variatas, @NekoKairi


Sterga: CEO and founder of Flawless, Ms. Lawbringer strives to run the company fairly and efficiently. Always willing to help her team succeed and occasionally volunteering to help out those who are new to Millennium City. Maintains the web site and forums.


Flawless is a dictatorship, run by Sterga. While I allow suggestions and often confer with members, I will have final say in matters. I believe in public humiliation for rule breaking. I also believe in second chances.

This is a no-bullshit guild with all rules, policies, and expectations laid out for you to view at anytime. Yes, it's a lot of shit to read, but you know exactly what to expect. I take the well being of the guild seriously, running the operations in a professional manner. The difference between a professional guild and the typical one can be the difference between having fun and daily drama.


Flawless is a social, semi-casual guild featuring roleplay, costume design, PvE, concept building, and general shenanigans. Creativity is overall theme. This is not a family-friendly or kid friendly guild. I was a sailor, I will swear in guild chat. There are people who will tell terrible or dirty jokes in chat as well.

This is a medium-light roleplaying guild. It's not required that you participate. What does medium-light mean? It means there is a dedicated RP channel and you are expected to be in character for it. The guild channel is for OOC chatter and occasionally non-cannon, RP silliness. Flawless is a public relations corporation on the surface. Behind the scenes it is a web of informants from both sides of the law specializing in information acquisition and sales. You don't have to use this in your RP at all.

Guild colors: White with Black trim.

The CO community goal is to become powerful and respected. Very slowly.


Entry Requirements

  • Not for children. I'm not going to ask your age, but know that this is a guild for adults.
  • You must fill out the application. An officer will also need to look over your character and biography (if available).
  • Once filled out, a decision will be made in a few days.
  • Upon acceptance, you will have a two week trial period. If you are not very active or never log in again, you will be removed from the guild. If shit happens in real life, your trial period starts when you get back instead. If you decide this isn't the guild for you, simply leave. It will not be held against you.
  • We are an English speaking guild. It doesn't have to be your native language, but you should be able to communicate effectively.

Rules & Information

  • Harassment of guild members or members of the game community will not be tolerated. This includes trolling of contests.
  • Major incidents will be resolved in the courtroom.
  • Swearing is okay within reason. It should not be every other word.
  • Wear your guild tag with pride or you don't wear it at all. I will not tolerate anyone tarnishing the guild name.
  • People outside the guild do not get to dictate guild policies, but complaints will be investigated.
  • Only people that prove their commitment and display initiative will become senior officers.
  • Junior officer positions will be more open to allow members to display or gain leadership experience.
  • Melody is an opera singing bank robber.
  • Most officers are given specific duties to preform. Positions and officers may rotate to prevent burnout.
  • You will be expected to attend guild functions and have a guild uniform if you want to advance in rank.
  • Guild uniform is optional if you are happy staying as an Informant. You don't have to advance any higher.
  • There is no alt policy at this time. Should it become an issue, an alt guild will be made.
  • Should the need ever arise, we use a modified Suicide Kings loot distribution method. The modification being if you rarely show up for group runs, you will be bumped down on the list.


  • Burden of proof is always the responsibility of the accuser. Screen shots, chat logs, mails, witnesses.
  • Punishment Progression:
    Warning > Demotion > Apology > Reinstated > Warning > Banning
  • You get one second chance should you break the rules.
    No second chances for: Trolling, hacking, stealing, scamming, harassment.
  • You must publicly apologize before allowed your second chance.
  • There is a special rank in the guild for rule breakers.
  • If you do not apologize after one week, you forfeit your second chance and will be banned from the guild.

Rules Changes

  • Anyone can suggest a rule, simply send me an in-game mail explaining the rule and why it's needed.
  • You will be informed of changes via guild-wide mail, MotD, and this page.

The Courtroom

Private chat room used to resolve major incidents.

Each side will have the opportunity to present their case to the judge(s). Proof must be provided. Screen shots and chat logs will be asked for. Witnesses may be called to support claims. Verdict and punishment will be decided by the judge(s).


Mandatory Vacations

One week every quarter, the guild goes on vacation. No events, no roleplaying, no duties. Everyone needs a break from the game. I can't stop anyone from logging in, but this is to encourage you to do something else for a week.

Guild Bank

Each tab has a different purpose. Read the tooltip and look at the items before donating. Only Advisers and above have full bank access. Do not purchase items and then sell them on the AH for profit. You will be kicked out.

MODS: One tab for R4 and below mods (unsorted), one for vehicle mods, one tab for r5 & r6, one tab for r7-r9 mods. Rank 5 and above mods are for sale at 50% of AH prices. Rank 4 and below will be periodically ranked up and are not for sale.

One tab for costume pieces. Rare or uncommon only. Everyone already has 50 Maniacs T-Shirts, no one wants them. For sale at 25% of AH price.

One tab for level 40 purple gear. Heroic and Legion gear only. For sale at 50% of AH price.

Two Free-For-All tabs. Anyone Informant and above can add or take anything in these tabs. Mostly costume bits from Rampages and other assorted stuff.


  • Shunned: This is what happens when you break the rules.
  • Intern: Prospects and alts stay at this rank. New members will be promoted after two weeks.
  • Informant: General rank. The bulk of members will stay at here. Whether you get promoted again is up to you. There is no pressure to advance should you not want to.
  • Agent: These are the members that show up and participate in guild events are loyal and respectable, don't cause problems. You attain this rank by showing you care.
  • The Exceptional: The only way you can achieve this rank is if you go above and beyond in helping the guild or its members. Junior Officers who performed well and rotate out or members who create events are examples of those who may attain this rank.
  • Specialist: Junior Officers. Officers may rotate as needed to prevent burnout or when someone needs to step down. This rank is to allow members to gain or display their leadership skills and are guided by Advisors and the Director.
  • Advisor: Senior Officers. These are the members with the strongest leadership skills. Their role is to lead in my place and mentor junior officers.
  • Director: Sterga.

Junior Officer Duties

Various responsibilities available for junior officers. Due to the nature of how this position runs, there is limited bank access and no member kick option. Only members who attain the rank of Agent are eligible for Junior Officer duties. You can volunteer for any open duty.

  • Communications Officer: Make sure members know about events, policy changes, and promotions. Also takes requests and suggestions.
  • Recruiter: Promoting the guild, inviting new people in, screening applications.
  • Lead Craftsman: Turning crummy mods into ones worth slotting.
  • Events Manager: Making sure our events are taken care of. Includes finding hosts and judges as needed or various other positions that need to be filled. Also responsible for advertising public events.
  • Human Resources: Keeps track of and attempts to squish drama in the making. Tries to resolve conflicts between members. Should the need arise, fill a position in the courtroom as a judge.
  • Lore Master: Responsible for guild related lore, creating stories, and creating roleplaying events. The go-to person for information on Champions lore.


If you want to join, send the answers to @riviania and I'll get back to you.

  1. Why join Flawless? You can choose any guild you want, why this one?
  2. Tell me about your character. What kind of build does he/she have? Does he/she have a back story you can share? How long have you been playing this character?
  3. What is Melody's profession?
  4. What is your preferred activity in Champions Online? PvP, PvE, RP, build theory, socializing, etc? And why?
  5. Answer one of the following questions, not both:
    • Talisman walks up to your character and asks for directions to the Magic Lantern. What do you do/say?
    • OR

    • A young man walks up to you and asks the location of the nearest coffee shop. What do you do/say?
  6. What other guilds, if any, have belonged to? Why did you leave those guilds?
  7. Do you know anyone in the guild? Will any of them vouch for you?