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Player: @pharon
"I have heard the languages of the apocalypse, and now embrace the silence"
Class Focus: PvP
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms - Ordnance
Personal Data
Real Name: Lucille
Known Aliases: Grim
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: Unknown (appearance 18-20)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 135
Eye Color: Brown (dilutes to silver when under influence of adrenaline)
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown (reportedly Italian)
Occupation: Student, Courier
Place of Birth: Unknown (suspected Viper Facility, Burning Sands)
Base of Operations: Not applicable
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Not applicable
Known Powers
Regeneration. Teleportation. Limited telepathy. Peak human physical condition. Specializes in conventional firearms and explosive ordnance
Known Abilities
Military, covert ops and squad-based tactics. Free hand sketching. Canvas Painting. Recreational sculpting.
Various forms of firearms. Ranging from automatic pistols to anti-tank rockets. Plasma sword. Notebook, sketchpad, pencils. Halcyon Academy communication device. War Wagon (Renault Trafic Panel Van).

Grimtress is a student at Halcyon Academy. Ex-member of Viper's Harbinger Squad, weapons specialist and a mutant with the ability to regenerate and teleport.


Lucille is an escaped prototype from Viper. By merging the best of their psionicist gene pool from Project Awakening and fighting capability from Project Grond, they have created a batch of super soldiers.

She has little to no contact with the outside world before her escape, and as part of Viper's covert training, she was deprived of speech since birth. She identifies the intent of people's conversations through their vocal timbre, facial expressions and heartbeat. Written words shed an entirely different light on her as she derives meaning from them through shapes instead of grammar. Even though she doesn't speak, she is very much capable of expressing herself through scribbles, drawings, nods and head-shakes. The closest things to a language that she knows are tactical military hand signs.

Even though she appears like a normal female in early twenties, she possesses the mental capabilities of a 12 year old. The Supersoldier Program accelerates her physique to adulthood, whereby it starts to retard her natural aging process from there. However mentally, the patient's brain remains unchanged and therefore they stay at the state when they first participated in the program.

Outside of combat, Lucille is easily excitable, loves picture books and cartoons. Her most prized possession is a mini mega destroid action figure given to her by her assigned caretaker Dr Veylan.

This same doctor took pity on her and helped her escape on the day Viper's training facility had a power failure. Lucille was lucky to make it out alive, however the doctor was not. Moments before his death, he handed her directions to Halcyon Academy, where she could seek protection from Viper operatives (her ex-teamates from the same program are still hunting for her) and have a safe haven where like minded individuals will be able to educate her on the outside world.


Trained within the confines of a hidden Viper facility since young, Lucille possess' peak human agility and stamina and is highly proficient with all conventional firearms. During fights, she sometimes taps into her latent mental abilities to rapidly regenerate her wounds or teleport.

Since joining Halcyon Academy, she has taken precautions towards adopting a less lethal approach when dealing with criminals.


Ever since joining the academy, Lucille has matured mentally at an alarming rate due to the constant exposure of the outside world, while still retaining some of her child like preferences. Due to her speech impairment, she tends to be rather shy in the company of strangers or big crowds.

She always keeps a notepad with her for communication purposes and can be found sketching interesting pictures in them, from time to time.


Halcyon Academy (student)

Grimtress is part of The Halcyon Academy Ninja Division or HAND. A handpicked team of covert operatives tasked to watch over the academy from the shadows.

Recent Happenings

Ever since joining HAND, She has been picking up swordsmanship from her fellow teammates.