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DOWNSTAIRS aka Hannah's Realm of the Dead

Downstairs is Hannah's city-sized underworld, home to those that have died by excess. Be it alcohol poisioning, overdosing on speed, fatal accidents in extreme sports or just plain heart-attacks during sex.

The place is inspired greatly by the movies of Tim Burton, most noticeably The Corpse Bride.
That means the place is colorful. When Hannah created her underworld she wanted to make a place where the dead can just forget the problems of their lives, have fun and lots of it. What she wanted to avoid at all costs was making it anything like her mothers realm. The place is chaotic, loud and through and through enjoyable.

There is a definate day-night cycle. During the time when the sickly green sun is in the sky, that sports Hannah's face from time to time, smiling down on the city, it is buisy and calm like New York at night. Most of the inhabitants use the day to calm down after a night, but a considerable amount just keeps the party going, socializes, chills or does whatever they damn well want.

At night though the city truely explodes into color. The darkness of the black sky is regulary interrupted by fireworks in more colors than any acid-user will ever have seen in his life, the neon signs flutter to life and the music starts booming in earnest. More than one visitor has stated that this city has more life in one night than any place on Earth has in one year. And they might damn well be right!

Topography is such a restriction!

The realm on one hand seems to be a floating island of land in the middle of nothing, with a sun orbiting the shard, while on the other hand its like a tiny planet the size of a city. Needless to say when sane minds try to comprehend the topography most go mad. Some take their life and just book an apartment there. In the end there are a few constant things.

It is divided into a number of Quarters that grow in size AND number with each excess that worms its way into the realm.

Allways central to the realm, no matter how much it changes, is the "Respawn Quarter" or just Central as most inhabitants that don't share Hannah's nerdy phrasing call it. Here are the accomodations for everybody, including the imposing tower of the goddess. The towers appearance and structure changes on the whims of its goddess. One night it might be a dark, forboding, gothic tower a few hundred meters in height and on the next it looks like a giant dildo with windows, white fireworks coming out of the very top included. Indeed, everybody has the power to shape his or her abode in any way they like. It's as easy as mentally picturing it and the next morning it will be as desired. To say that this Quarter looks a bit eccentric is a bit of an understatement, but it is always fun to re-discover.

Around that Central Quarter stretch out the others:
-The Red Sea, more or less the Red Light Quarter, is always illuminated by red lightsources of varying forms. Here you will find any sexual fetish that you desire or are intrigued about that are also consentual.

-The Drunkard's Path, also known as The Party Zone, a Quarter solely consisting of bars, pubs, dance-clubs and things like a permanent Oktoberfest. The music here can often be heard in most parts of the city.

-The Parcour, an outdoor area which will fill every extreme sports fan's heart with joy by just looking at it. Scateboarding arenas shake hands here with motorcross tracks, canyons and mountains for freeclimbing, more mundane racetracks and at least one river with quite the rapids in it. The Quarter has varying difficulty levels that range from what would be called dangerous Upstairs to downright insane. Loopings with spikes and moving parts, monstrous creatures in the river, climbable volcanoes and more. This Quarter perhaps changes the most right after Central. The fans of this area always find new challenges to try to overcome. Most die trying but there is always one that defeats the Quarter and gets celebrated on The Drunkard's Path later... or The Red Sea. Next day he will try something even more insane and mangle himself or die on his first try. He wouldn't want it any other way.

-The Zoooooone, also known as Chill is a Quarter to ... well chill out with various substances not covered by other Quarters. After all, sometimes you just want to pass a jolly around and be happy without bothering about strobelights, dancing and whatnot.

-The Battleground, or also called The Arena is the Quarter dedicated to direct, fun, competative and more often than not, full body sports. Navigating the Quarter is quite easy as long as one doesn't enable PvP when entering. Once you are "Flagged Red" as the saying goes, you are game. You are given whatever weapons you want and start to try rack up a score. The buildings there are all full of powerups that enable you to do various things like double-jump, fly, walk through walls or instagib your opponent if hit. Of course this would all be terribly unfair and so there is a balancing system in place making sure that only people with insane skill are put against those with superior firepower. Those that do not prefer those kind of sports find various smaller arenas on the edges. Be it for blood-sports or simple sparring, if somebody thought of it you will find it there somewhere.
Also of note are the scoreboards and rankings. One just has to look up and see how everybody in each current matchup is ranked by kills, deaths, hits, etc. Those scoreboards are visible from all accross the city and almost every establishment has a few TV's that do live shows of ongoing matches from The Battleground.

Metamagic Reality

Downstairs is governed by some rules, that cannot be broken by its inhabitants, layed down by Hannah when she created the realm:

-Nobody, under any circumstances can do real, lasting harm to another in this Realm.
Fights in The Battleground and anywhere else are always consentual and will only then be possible. If one attacks another that doesn't want to fight the defender becomes invulnerable to the attacker.

-Nobody shall ever need for anything here.
Everything is here for everyone. Therefore nobody owns anything and everything at the same time. Some Inhabitants choose to work at the various establishments out of their free will, but they only do it for as long as they want to.

-Nobody shall ever get lost or stuck here.
No matter how convulsed or crazy the topography gets, everybody instinctively knows where all the locations are and how to get to them efficiently. Additionally there are multiple EXIT TOWERS that stretch upwards into infinity. Everybody is free to leave the realm if so desired. One simply enters the door, goes up a few steps and ends up... well Upstairs, in the land of the living. The soul in question is still a ghost, but otherwise free to do whatever ghosts do up there. If so desired, every ghost can go down ANY stairs and will himself to go Downstairs and he will enter where he left again.

-The next day is only after I've slept damnit!
Meaning that even after one has died - again - one wakes up at home around mid-day the next day, fit again to have fun. Note that The Battleground is an exception to the rule... there one can "respawn" multiple times per match and when it is over is put together again should one be "dead".

Inhabitants and "Living" Downstairs

One could assume that Downstairs is only a place for the restless dead and statistically that is the majority. Still from time to time the living... amongst other things, visit. Either because they asked Hannah directly or because one of the permanent residients invited them. Everybody can invite for a night, as a Trial-Version so to speak. Visitors entering immediately understand the laws and can fully interact with each and everyone here. They even get a temporary home. Most waste precious time customizing it... having godlike power in that regard for the first time.

As far as the mentality goes... everybody seems to get along fabulously. Either due to the laws or due to the fact that they need but want something and they get it. Arguements are hardly ever hostile and those that do arise are sorted out in drinking-contests, who-can-bang-the-most-bitches-contests or The Battleground. Even then there hardly ever survives a grudge for overly long. And so you have vikings drinking beer with bikers, goths, hippies, punks and whatnot. The realm seems to drain them of animosity. Except when its "friendly" and "fun" of course. When in doubt Hannah checks out disputes herself and settles them. After all SHE IS the law here, quite litterally.

Power-Draw and that damn Refrigerator

As previously stated most of Hannah's power is tied up with maintaining her realm. About 85% of it in fact.
Of those 85% more than two thirds keep her Refrigerator running. Now, one might ask: "WHY?!"

The reason is quite simple if one looks at that kitchen-appliance closely. Or actually dives into it.
For The Fridge contains every food, drink and drug ever concieved by a sentient species. Accross time and space. If you want the spice wine from an extinct alien race from the Andromeda Galaxy you can find it in there. If you are looking for a drug not yet invented you just get it from the Fridge.

Needless to say that thing requires an insane amount of her essence constantly to exist everywhere in time and space simuntainiously. If Hannah's essence would ever be weakened, THIS would be the first thing she looses. So much is certain.

THRESHOLD aka Hannah Hel-Dottir's Famous Drinks of Death(TM)

Hannah Hel-Dottir is know to mix some of the most smashing drinks known to man, alien, angel, demon, deity or whathaveyou. Details are as follows...

How they work

Hannah turned really creative once she decided that she would prove her mother wrong when Hel said: "The dead cannot get drunk! Stop wasting your time trying and do something useful for a change child!". Part rebellious behaviour, part 'Challenge Accepted', she set her mind to the task of how she could get the dead and that, by virtue of her being a stillborn includes Hannah, PROPERLY SMASHED.

Her first experiments by using the ashes of undead bodies that were, in life, drunkards proved... somewhat intoxicating. Also they proved to be extremely smelly. Indeed when Hannah made a shot that she spontainiously named 'Headshot' the stench cleared the whole bar. Well, one could argue about tastes all day, but in the end those people that find the smell of a mass grave, unearthed in the middle of a month of rain, enjoyable are still a minority. So poor Hannah set out to experiment more in another direction entirely.


The memories of the restless dead to be exact. Some of them had quite a treasure-trove of drunken moments and she learned to access them and put them to good use.

Her drinks nowadays are infused with varying amounts of drunken memories that, when imbied, are re-lived by the person's body in question. Mind over Body is the theme here. Even people that have been proven to be resistant or even immune to the effects of alcohol are affected. So far the only subjects that have proven to be immune to this are things without a mind to assimilate the memories. But the search goes on...

The Brand (Logo )

After realizing she had a very powerful tool at her hands to increase her followers AND populate DOWNSTAIRS she decided she needed a brand name, a patent and some advertising. By now her brand is all over the media and close to being a household name. THRESHOLD (in capital letters as an homage to Death in the Discworld novels) is the name of the game and since she already started naming her drinks after combo-kills and kill-streaks in the first person shooter Unreal Tournament, she just sticked with the concept.

The THRESHOLD logo itself is a stylized face as seen from the front, on the left side a grinning skull, on the right a beautiful, smiling maiden. A thick red line divides the face. It should be noted that the drinks itself are available in almost every big club or bar, be it Club Caprice or Leo's Bar. The owner of a bar just needs to think about wanting to have the drinks and they will be in a crate by next morning.

Good Idea - Bad Idea - REALLY STUPID IDEA

Hannah's THRESHOLD line of drinks are quite dangerous to the average mortal. Indeed Hannah killed herself quite a few times when she tried to find the proper dosage of memories. The poor girl managed to vomit out all her intestines after the first test-batch. Still, there will always be idiots that think they can handle anything, even a bottle of "THRESHOLD - GODLIKE!".

For that reason, every box she delivers has a note on top that clearly states how dangerous the contents are to "non-supers" as they are called. Unless the note is fully read AND understood by the bar's owner he or she will not be able to open and access the crate. The crate itself is very durable, even though it appears to be made of rotting wood, and should excessive force be used then the contents will be destroyed along with the crate.

Hannah's legal department - yes, she indeed has one - made sure that she cannot be held resposible for misuse of those drinks as they are only accessible to people that UNDERSTAND the risks. If somebody is stupid - or suicidal - enough to kill himself with it, it is not her fault.

Side-Effects may include...

As it was already stated, the drinks contain memories. It should come as no surprise that they ALSO contain the memories of the hangover afterwards.

What also should be noted that those drinks glow. And not like a firebug. Depending on the amount of memories in the drink, the illumination the liquid provides lies between half a meter to slightly over 320 meters. The first one might have the intensity of a glowstick seen at raves while the latter burns brighter than a magnesium torch.

The glow's color varies by category of memory. Drunken memories glow in a eerie ghost-green, while her more 'mature-oriented' Mindfuck line glows in a deep purple and has been known to make earth elementals climax, even though they were missing those vital body-parts.

In most of the stronger drinks you will occasionally see ghostly images of people. In case of the classical line, those images are seen drinking, laughing, stumbling, vomiting, laughing and drinking some more most of the time.


THRESHOLD is broadly categorized by color and strength. Combo-Kills are the lowest in strength while Kill-Streaks usually pack way too much punch for any sane AND mortal individual.

It should be noted that the memories are compressed, therefore the privacy of the donor's past is kept intact and also, nobody, not even a god wants to be drunk for half a year, followed by half a year of hangover. Most shots effects last not longer than half an hour to three hours tops, while the bottles last roughly around half a day to a day.

What an interesting color!

Following are the most common colors:


By far the most common of Hannah's drinkable abominations of joy: Memories of being drunk.

Dark Purple (And yes, it still glows bright. Don't ask how.)

One of the more seedier ones, but still quite in high demand: Memories of intercourse. Here the 'flavors' can get quite specific, but what you will not find are snuff-memories. Hannah is no fan of rape and the like.

Pulsing Red

The underdog of the lot... Memories of being in love, feeling that hug from that special somebody and connecting on a emotional level.


Memories of being stoned. Hannah still has no idea why those sell at all.

How much punch packs...?

Here is a list of the most common drinks of the Ghost-Green line. Dosage of memories varies at the other colors, but its a broad guideline. Needless to say that when orders a 'GODLIKE MindFuck' one is not getting half a year worth of sex into one evening. The other colors just scale differently.

Combo-Kills aka Shots

Inspired by the male announcer's voice in Unreal Tournament these drinks are to be swallowed quickly. Once downed the very same voice will boom the name of the shot in question quite loudly.


1cl of Absinthe that roughly contains 1-2 hours worth of a bingedrinking memory. The liquid illuminates a radius of about half a meter.
Problematic for children and infirm persons.

First Blood!

2cl of Absinthe that roughly contains 2-4 hours worth of one or two bingedrinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about a meter.
Fatal to children and infirm persons. Problematic for the average mortal.


4cl of Absinthe that roughly contains 6-8 hours worth of about four bingedrinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about two meters.
Fatal to children, infirm persons and possibly Joe Average. Problematic for the hard-core drinking mortal.

Mega-Kill! (also known as Tripple-Kill to some)

8cl of Absinthe that roughly contains 14-16 hours worth of about eight bingedrinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about four meters.
Fatal to most mortals except the ones with outstanding constitution.

Ultra-Kill! (aka Quad-Kill)

16cl of Absinthe that roughly contains 28-32 hours worth of about sixteen bingedrinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about eight meters.
Fatal to almost all mortals. One in a million or so might survive one of those and will probably regret it for at least a few days.


0,33l of Absinthe that roughly contains 58-64 hours worth of about 32 - 36 bingedrinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about eight meters.
Instantly fatal to mortals.

Kill-Streaks aka Bottles

Inspired by the male announcer's voice in Unreal Tournament these drinks are insanely strong and a bit more casual to swallow. Once opened the very same voice will boom the name of the bottle in question quite loudly.

Killing Spree!

A bottle of regular (or Classic) Mead that roughly contains five to eight DAYS worth of non-stop drinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about 20 meters.
Instantly fatal to mortals.


A bottle of sweet Mead that roughly contains ten to sixteen DAYS worth of non-stop drinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about 40 meters.
Instantly fatal to mortals.

Dominating! (aka The Dominator)

A bottle of Cherry-Mead that roughly contains one MONTH worth of non-stop drinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about 80 meters.
Instantly fatal to mortals.


A bottle of Cranberry-Mead that roughly contains three MONTHS worth of non-stop drinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about 160 meters.
Instantly fatal to mortals.


A bottle of Cannabis-Mead that roughly contains half a YEAR worth of non-stop drinking memories. The liquid illuminates a radius of about 320 meters.
Instantly fatal to mortals.

Other Drinks

Any Beer(TM)

How many times have barkeepers heard the phrase: "Just bring me any beer."? Quite alot will most answer, and since Hannah has on occasion tended to a bar she thought of something. The result is an oddity amongst Hannah's drinks, indeed it is not even part of the official Threshold brand.

It is a magic beer nontheless - a blank bottle of 0.5 liters capacity that has an opaque and simple form, a blank label is on it with just the green, glowing letters "Any Beer!" on it. If one looks closely one can make out a embossment in the form of the THRESHOLD logo, but thats it. Other than that the bottle is featureless.

The magic has three effects, the first two are triggered when one uncaps the bottlecap. First, the contents change to the uncapper's favorite brand of beer. Second, the beer changes in temperature that is again the most favored of the uncapper's.

The third effect is after one throws away the bottle: It falls apart into tiny component particles, utterly - but harmlessly - consumed by itself.