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Player: @epelesker
"This isn't like what they do on the Discovery Channel, mate."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Gregory Wilde
Known Aliases:
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Place of Birth:
Base of Operations: Barlowe Building
(Millennium City, MI, USA)
Age: 23
Eyes: green
Hair: russet
Complexion: tanned
Physical Build: athletic
Physical Features:
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Neutral Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active:  ???? - present
Citizenship: American
Education: High school graduation
Powers control training (UNTIL)
Marital Status:
Known Powers and Abilities
Animal mimicry
Equipment and Paraphernalia
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During his high school years, Gregory Wilde was the high school class clown, infamous amongst his peers for jokes, impressions and rowdy behavior. His antics would often get the better of him-- though behind his laid-back, care-less attitude was a hard-working and loyal young man that commanded his fair share of friends.

The turning point in his life came during a museum field trip, where heroic memorabilia was on exhibit. One of Greg's off-cuff remarks provoked the attention of a jock from a rival school. The retaliatory shove that followed knocked Greg into an open display of costumes worn by 1960s superteam, the Fabulous Five. The incident caught the attention of teachers and staff, who promptly threw both students out for the rest of the tour (and gave each of them one-week suspensions). Rumors soon started swirling that Greg would finally put his trouble-making ways behind him after getting the comeuppance he "deserved", however he returned to class acting much stranger than he ever had been. With each passing day, his mannerisms seemed to adopt more and more animalistic qualities...

UNTIL agents were brought in to question Greg after he was observed crawling up the school wall without aides, and through their counselling it was determined that residual energy left within the Kid Chameleon uniform may have triggered exceptional abilities in the young man. Encouraged to train how to control and use his powers effectively, he was enlisted to the organization and given the codename of Kingdom.


Physical Attributes

Gregory appears to have an athletic build for someone his age that undergoes a regularly intensive physical regimen. The nature of his abilities and the effects they may have on his body makes it difficult to clarify his actual level of activity and fitness.

  • Since gaining his abilities, his body has subtly grown and evolved to take advantage of a few of his adaptive powers. ()

Powers and Abilities

  • Animal Ability Mimicry: Kingdom's main power is the ability to selectively imitate, either consciously or unconsciously, the various physical traits of mundane animals. He is capable of manifesting these powers one at a time, or up to several at the same instance. The intensities of each trait may vary anywhere from granting peak potential, to feats defined as beyond human capability.
    • Has enhanced strength such that he can lift/hold weight greatly proportionate to his own mass. Usually displayed while under the effects of adrenaline. Capable of a grip with crushing force and a bite strength equivalent to that of a shark.
    • Seems to be able to withstand a greater degree of trauma from blunt impacts. Theories of why this is possible range from having developed a naturally tougher skin to an ability to simply absorb the impact of such attacks like a sponge.
    • Is capable of physical activity for extended periods of time without slowing down.
    • Has increased dexterity and natural flexibility in all limbs/extremities and is just as comfortable getting around from place to place on all fours as he is walking upright.
    • Is capable of frog-like leaps covering great distances, cling to and scale sheer vertical surfaces, and slither using contorted stomach muscle movements when prone/bound.
    • Is a naturally-talented swimmer, and is alternately able to breathe underwater or hold his breath for extended periods of time.
    • Is able to see sharply in full light, low light, or nigh-darkness, and may be able to perceive ultraviolet and/or infrared light.
    • Has increased hearing sensitivity, and may be able to hear sounds outside the normal range of human hearing, including infrasound and ultrasound.
    • Can produce sounds outside the normal range of human speech (infra/ultrasound)-- such as those used in methods of echolocation.
    • Has acute senses of smell and of taste.
    • Is able to consciously cause the the production of bodily chemical reactions such as perspiration and odor. (And yes, pheromones.)
    • May be resistant to toxins and disease.
    • Other observed capabilities include: reflexive intuition, burrowing, skin shedding, full-body constriction, deep-water pressure resistance, temporary liquid absorption, a form of deep hibernatory sleep.
  • Feral Mind: Considered as a secondary facet of his imitation powers, Kingdom's ability to mimic animals extends to a compulsion to take on their behaviors and mannerisms. Such things include domestic loyalty, seeking attention, playfulness, scavenging, territorialism, scratching and cleaning oneself, etc.
    • Is able to replicate animal noises flawlessly. When speaking normally, he may accentuate certain sounds with animal-like flourishes (such as growling R or buzzing/hissing S.)
    • Feels emotions more strongly than average, and may display very active mood changes.
    • Has a tendency to be distracted easily-- ironically, this belies the fact that he also is capable of having an exceptional memory at the best of times.
  • Animal Affinity: Gregory has an apparent rapport with Earth's creatures, to the extent that he is able to subliminally communicate and otherwise associate with them. While he cannot directly control their actions, animals in close proximity to Kingdom tend to act tamer and may appear to defer to him as they might an "alpha".

Equipment and Other Paraphernalia

Kingdom's costume consists solely of a body suit made of micro-polyfiber, specially modeled to fit his body comfortably while providing a measure of resistance to general wear and tear. The outfit has a notable lack of footwear, not only in keeping with Kingdom's naturalist theme, but also to prevent inhibition of certain manifestations of his powers.

Personality and Attitude

Prior to the manifestation of his powers, Gregory was already a fairly outgoing and confident individual, with a penchant for cracking jokes and inspiring friendliness in others. Now, with his mind's tendency to adopt animal-like habits, to say that Greg's behaviors are quirky would be immensely understating them.


Protectors of the World

  • Cogswell: After being mistakenly "saved" from an underwater nap inside one of Renaissance Center's waterfall fixtures, the two became fast friends.
  • Sparrowhawk: Leader of the Protectors and the one that brought Kingdom into the team.
  • Peacemaker: Has met briefly during patrol.

RP Prompts


  • Kingdom does have significant limits to his mimicry: he cannot imitate a power that might require anything beyond normal human anatomy (such as winged flight), nor can he use his powers at all under extreme duress (preventing something like regenerating body parts).