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Man X
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Gender: Flag M.png Male

Man X was born in the year 11876 on a ship travelling from the Earth to a new colony near Vega. A couple of weeks into their journey the ship was ambushed by a Gadroon fleet. With their craft heavily damaged and out-gunned, the colonists were ordered to deepsleep aboard escape pods while the crew tried to protect their retreat back towards Earth. Man X parents, Deckard and Valentine (an engineer and physicist on board the ship) knowing they needed to protect their newborn son juryrigged one of the pods for him and although it broke their heart, sent him alone into the darkness back towards Earth.

As the pod sped through the blackness of space, the baby within slept. Due to the delay in adjusting the pod for him, he fell further and further behind the other colonists and so while their pods avoided it; the pod containing Man X encountered a spacial anomaly which swallowed the tiny projectile, bathing it in strange energies while hurling it across time and space to arrive in the upper atmosphere over the Atlantic heading towards the eastern seaboard on the evening of February 22 1876.

To Be Continued...


23rd February 1876
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23rd February 1876

I must admit the events of last evening have left me both perplexed and elated.

While returning home from a ceremony in Baltimore for the inauguration of a new university, my journey was interrupted by what appeared to be a falling star blazing across the path of my carriage and landing explosively in a nearby field. While my driver endeavoured to calm the horses, my natural inquisitive nature overtook me and removing one of the lanterns from the carriage I proceeded through the dark towards the upthrown mound of earth and sod created by the careening object.

Expecting to find some smouldering shard of rock amidst the tumult, I was shocked to see a metal cylinder of approximately one yard in length and half that in diameter shimmering in the flickering lamplight. Approaching closer to the object than common sense should have allowed me, I was further surprised to find that rather than feeling any heat coming from the it I felt a wave of cold encroach upon me. Shivering I knelt by the missile (for I now presumed it was some sort of military shell fired inadvertently from one of the nearby barracks) and examined it more closely. It was then that I realised the shimmering I had seen previously was not caused by the reflection of my lantern but was indeed eminating from minute grooves and channels etched into the surface of the object. I had never seen the military use munitions of this sort and concluded it was not a spent shell.

Throwing caution to the wind, I unhooked my cloak and spread it on the ground. Using my cane I carefully maneuvered the cylinder onto my cape and proceeded to wrap it tightly before calling for my man to help me carry it back to the coach. As we continued on our homeward journey my mind wandered over the possibilities for the origin of my find. If not military in origin, was it perhaps an experiment by one of my peers? If so then whom?

On arrival at my midtown home, we carried the wrapped cylinder into my laboratory and after cautioning my driver not to mention our find I dismissed him and settled down to examine it more closely.

xxth xxxxxxxx 1876
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23rd February 1876

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No Nemesis

Details Coming Soon
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No Nemesis
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