Midknight Serpent

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Background and Origin

I used to be a zombie, but I got better ...

From the journal of MidKnight Serpent

I don't feel any more. I'm not even alive. I'm dead. I walk the Earth by the power of dark sorcery alone and it is by dark sorcery that I exact justice.

I'm more than a zombie, but so much less than a human. I do not feel pain, although I am aware of it's presence. I do not feel sadness or love or happiness. But I do feel anger, rage and hatred toward those that would hurt the innocent. Toward those who would murder and kill in the name of greed and selfishness. Toward the one who made me like this.

I used to be alive. I had a job and even a wife, but that life was not to be. Love is a bittersweet madness that leads to suffering and pain. My love betrayed and used me. I gave my wife my love and devotion and she cut my heart out with a dagger. She sacrificed my life to make hers everlasting. She cut out all my joy with that blade. All my sympathy, my humanity and most especially my forgiveness.

I am reminded of it every day in the scars on my face, by the hole in my chest were my beating heart once was and by the fury that burns in my soul. My beating heart lies in a phylactery hidden away by her. It grants us both immortality, although her existence is full of life while mine is one of undeath. She kept me enslaved for decades but eventually my will reasserted itself and I took back command of my corpse. I learned to control my thoughts and my body once again and thanks to her extensive libraries, I learned dark sorcery.

Through my will and dark sorcery I finally freed myself from her slavery and now it keeps me ever moving forward toward the goal of ending her life and ending my miserable undead existence. I will find that phylactery and I will destroy it and finally put an end to this charade of a life I live. Along the way I will be sure to put down anyone that attempt to do to others what she has done to me.

I show no mercy on the wicked, for no mercy is shown to me. I reach out the hand of justice and punish those who would spread their evil unto the world. I do not sleep. I do not eat. I do not dream or need the trappings of a modern life. I only need revenge.

Powers, Skills, and Attributes


Sorcery - Although not a master sorcery, he has gained enough knowledge to infuse his weapons with Black Magic and to summon allies to aid him.

Regeneration - Due to his the magic ritual that keeps his body animated, he can regenerate. Although the apparent wounds heal, the scars are left behind for all to see.

Immortality - Although not true immortality, as long as the phylactery that holds his still beating heart exists then he cannot truly be killed. His body will always regenerate although the more severe the wounds the longer it can take. There is no data on how long it would take his body to reconstitute if vaporized.


Investigation - During his life as a human, he was a private detective.

Sorcery - Shortly after his awakening he began to teach himself enough sorcery to break free of the bonds that kept him in servitude. He continued studying and used this knowledge to forge his magical weapons.

Weapons and Equipment


Betsy - Magically infused shotgun.

The Twins - Magically infused pistols.


Gadget - Magnetic swing line.



Charice LaSorcière - See Enemies Section



The burning man who suffers.

Commander Chronus

The man out time trying to avert the end of the world.


Charice LaSorcière - His ex-wife, aka The B#*@% from Hell. A witch and member of a coven operating out of a secret base somewhere in Millenium City. Charice has had at least 100 years to perfect her witchcraft skills and is an accomplished sorcerer. She cut out the heart of her husband on their wedding night to complete a ritual that granted her immortality and eternal youth as long as the phylactery that contains his still beating heart remains intact she cannot die and will recover fully from any wounds.

The ritual transformed her husband into a zombie whom she enslaved as her personal servant for decades. She underestimated the strength of his soul and willpower and it eventually resurfaced and he won his freedom by studying her own magic tomes while she would travel on coven business. She seeks to capture and enslave him again to ensure he can not longer meddle in her affairs.

General Perception

The MidKnight Serpent is a mysterious hero known to strike in the dead of night, aloof and withdrawn. He shuns media attention, wearing a mask across his face for "the benefit of the public" and yet does not hide his true name. Some wonder if he is beyond worldy retribution having risen from the dead in the city morgue on more than one occasion. Many public servants question his motives and methods but they cannot argue with his results. When a villain learns that MidKnight Serpent is on their trail, they wrap the shadows of the underworld around themselves a little bit tighter hoping he will move on to other prey.