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About Oracle

Oracle is my baby. Simple as that, he is my second most developed character in any RP-situation I've been in, which says alot about me. I'm a lazy person but I've actually planned this character is the one and only that I put this many hours into. Leetspeak holds alot of credit on this character as well, because if there was no HORIZON, there would be no Oracle.

Although all that, there's MANY flaws with this character that I haven't worked out yet. So bear with this halfassed profile, it's just to give a bit of clarity upon a very complicated and strange character, that is Oracle.

Agent Oracle
Player: @Gstruwe
Oracle's main-outfit.
Class Focus: Telekineticism
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science, Inventions
Personal Data
Real Name: Flynn Quentin
Known Aliases: "Pink-Eye" "Pinky" "Pink-Stuff"
Species: Genetically-enhanced Homo Sapiens Sapiens
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 20
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 158 pounds with no armor
Eye Color: Green, one pink/purple
Hair Color: Black, purple tinted bangs
Biographical Data
Nationality: 2/3 American, 1/3 French
Occupation: Psionic assassin for hire
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: None
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Extreme control of psionic/telekinetic-abilities, control of telepathic abilities, slight mind-control, mind-blanking, some types of psionic-based copycat attacks - such as Gadroon's force blasts and darkness users attacks.
Known Abilities
His pink eye being able to spot various energy-sources, such as eldrich energies, telepathic, psionic, detection of radiation pockets, clear view of UV-rays and infra-red. Teleportation, instantaneous movement, psionic-based flight.
Very light Project HORIZON-built armor with a variety of things built into the armor, such as mines, lockpicking devices, hacking-devices, EMP-tazer and one emergency cyanide-tablet.


Oracle's personality is a very tough one to determine as he seemingly adapts to any situation thrown at him. He's a narcisstic, sociopathic psychopath if one is very blunt. One of Oracle's many strength lie in his ability to fake emotions whereas his excessive need for control begins to shine as well. There is a very large part of his psyche that relies on knowing everything about his surrounding, else he will become paranoid and start obsessively try to regain control of whatever situation is at hand. Another noteworthy part of his need to correct people if they're wrong. He will, no doubt, use violence if the situation drags on for too long for Oracle to keep his interest up.

Whereas we enter yet another of Oracle's strange personality disorders. Oracle is still in the same state-of-mind as a child. Play with something for 5 minutes then grow bored of it. The only interest he keeps are with interesting individuals who prove to make him think. Or teach him further about people and their feelings - only to be able to copy them. With that last sentence we enter the last part of Oracle's psyche. Oracle is a copycat in more than one way. If he sees something he likes and cannot get, he will create the next best thing. If he sees a power he wishes he had, he will copy it using the powers he has available. And he does so successfully.

However, even though he has all those disabilities, he is still clinically a far beyond a genius. His brain works like it has used speed at all times. It thinks quickly, understands quickly and adapts quickly. However, that does of course make him jump over some very basic steps in some situations.


Oracle's own memories begin when he no more than 4 years old and is already being pumped full of psionic-enhancing drugs. However, the story begins long before that. Before Oracle was born, even.


  • Will update shortly*