Phantom (@Avenger256)

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Player: @Avenger256
Class Focus: Agility
Power Level: 36
Research & Development: Mysticism
Personal Data
Real Name: -Unknown-
Known Aliases: Phantom
Species: Quith(Kw-ith), new discovery to mankind.
Age: Estimated around mid twenties in human years.
Height: About 6"8
Weight: Around 250lb
Eye Color: Orange with black "Snake Eyes"
Hair Color: None
Biographical Data
Nationality: Laitharian (L-eye-thar-ian)
Occupation: Super(?) Hero.
Place of Birth: Laithar
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None on Earth.
Known Powers
Skin that (when tensed) is hard as steel. (Witnesses report bright lights coming from him in combat, he has discarded these)
Known Abilities
Supernatural Agility, Balance and Extreme skill with Pistols and wrist blades.
His two red pistols, (Sometimes) A shotgun, Wristblades


Born on a planet unknown to humanity called Laithar, there were beings called Quith (Kw-ith) and there were also Demonlike creatures who called themselves "Reavers", The reavers were originally from another planet entirely, but after over-populating their planet, and many others, they were again seeking a planet to live on. They arrived in small numbers but generations later there were countless Reavers on Laithar, the Quith saw the fast growing race and decided they did not want to share their resources with "Aliens", they told them to leave the planet immediately or things would not turn out well for either race. The Reavers did not heed the warning of the Quith, still they grew, and so the conflicts began.

After countless skirmishes against the Reavers Phantom decided that there was no point staying to watch his Race run headfirst into death. He recklessly deserted a battlefield, taking with him a military spacecraft and heading out into the dark Abyss. After countless days journeying with no populated planets Phantom decided his idea was perhaps.. very stupid. He had almost convinced himself to head back when he was intercepted by a Qulaar warship and they imprisoned his spacecraft in their ship, eventually the ship was called into action on planet "Earth", the Qulaar were soon defeated and the Humans, recognizing that Phantom was not a Qulaar nor an Enemy, got him out of his prison and registered him on the Primus Database before releasing him as a Citizen of the United States.