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"How can you prove whether at this moment we are sleeping, and all our thoughts are a dream; or whether we are awake, and talking to one another in the waking state?"
- Plato
Player: @Akiraskitten666
Biographical Data
Real Name: Renmei Lisbon
Known Aliases: N/A
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Japanese/Irish
Place of Birth: New York
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Andrew Lisbon and Naomi Shindou
Age: 23
Height: 5'9
Weight: 135
Eyes: Blue/green
Hair: Black (Often dyed obnoxiously loud colors)
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Fit
Physical Features: Glasses, lip piercing on the left side of her mouth, and a protection tattoo on her upper back.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Known
Years Active: 1 Year
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Unemployed
Education: NYU Drop out
Marital Status: (Unmarried) In a relationship
Known Powers and Abilities
Magical Adept, Diplomacy, Skilled Martial Artist.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
A teddy bear backpack that contains the following: A wallet, bottle of red henna paint, small sewing kit, and a small jar of colorful sand. Also, she has a small ruby charm adorning her right wrist. Recently acquired: Anthame (Ritualistic dagger that contains unknown powers)
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Prologue - Feel free to skip ahead

The phone rang several times before Andrew Lisbon rolled over and picked up. It was approximately 3 AM. His boss Simon Waters called, explaining that one of the other regulars, Toby Brown, had suddenly fallen ill with the flu and that he asked if Andrew would cover for him. The truth was, Simon didn’t think the kid could pull this job off without excreting some kind of bodily fluids in the process. Andrew, drunk with sleep, rubbed the back of his neck and thought for a moment. He was indecisive until he heard the amount he’d be paid for the job. He nodded and hung up the phone then went back to sleep.

Andrew Lisbon was perfect for the job. Not only was he easily approachable, he was also a fairly attractive man when he cared enough to keep up his appearance. He was 6’1 and lean but muscular, with olive skin. His eyes were blue and his hair was dark auburn, naturally messy, trimmed at the back.The night before Simon Waters had given him specific instruction on how he should present himself. He was required to be clean shaven and to dress sharp.

As a professional model for the Photogenics industry, 22 year old Naomi Shidou was known for several things; propriety, finesse, allure, but primarily her astounding and unique beauty. She was 5’11, with fair skin and a slender body, complimented with very voluptuous curves. Her eyes were hazel, and her hair was below shoulder length, raven black. And as she strode up and down the catwalk in an unnatural, picturesque line of confidence and grace, men and women alike would roll their heads to follow her every movement. Watching her was like watching poetry in motion. With such natural beauty and charisma, her career was sure to be a success.

A week later, Andrew Lisbon a journalist for the magazine Today, would soon fall prey to this captivating beauty as he was assigned to do a full length interview and write an article about Naomi.The piece would include certain beauty secrets, most likely for middle aged house wives and coming of age teens, and give an inside look on what it is like to be in the modelling business. The article would also include several pictures of Noami, including shots from her latest photo shoot; featuring a new line of designer winter coats made with leather, fleece, and faux fur.

Prior to the show, Andrew had been given backstage clearance to meet and talk with Naomi. He had seen several photos of her, but as she stood before him with her hand extended, all the prints paled in comparison. She gave him a bewitching smile and after their formal greeting, Noami boldly stated that she would prefer to have the interview in a more relaxed environment. Andrew was caught off guard but he showed no signs of disagreement at the idea. She led him upstairs to the bar where they would share a few drinks. Andrew insisted on paying for the drinks and then casually dipped into the interviewing process.

At first, Noami’s responses were rigid and strictly professional, but as the empty glasses piled up on the table the two strayed away from the standard questions and moved on to more personal subjects. Approximately two hours later after several drinks and some serious flirting, Noami coaxed Andrew to join her at the hotel she was temporarily staying at. As they both barely dangled on the thread of coherent sobriety, the two consented that nothing serious would come of from this night. Noami began to undress, and Andrew closed the door and turned the key.

The morning after their wild, drunken escapades they showered together then ordered room service for breakfast. Afterward, the two exchanged numbers, however, with one stipulation; Andrew was never to call first. The two shared one more fleeting kiss and Andrew left the hotel in a haze. He never expected to hear from Noami again.

A month later, beautiful Naomi found herself staring into a pool of her own vomit. She flushed the toilet. This had been the third time this week she had thrown up. Morning sickness. Noami had a secret promiscuous nature, but in times past she was always careful, and on top of that she was on the pill. Throughout the rest of the morning Noami took several pregnancy tests and each one showed the same daunting results, positive. Thankfully work had kept her busy and her legs closed for the duration of that month. This narrowed it down to only one possible candidate.

It was 1 PM when Andrew grabbed for a cup of lukewarm coffee and grimaced then returned to his notes. He was currently constructing an article on the awareness of “Police Brutality in the Big Apple”; not the most congenial subject material, but it would help pay the bills. Just then the phone rang. Andrew hesitated for a moment because he knew he had already passed his deadline, and it would only be a matter of time before Simons Waters would lose his patience. The phone rang three more times then went dead. Andrew sighed with relief and shifted in his chair and resumed working. Not a second later the phone rang again. This time he snatched it from his pocket and his eyes widened in sudden surprise. It was Noami.

At first his tone was pleasant, but as the conversation continued on, his face grew grave and his voice went flat. After a long, heated discussion Andrew hung up the phone with disgust. The nerve of that bitch to accuse me of such a thing he thought to himself. His face ran cold with sweat as he stared blankly at the computer monitor in front of him, completely lost in thought. He immediately grabbed for his pack of smokes and decimated it over a period of about 30 minutes. After rationally weighing his options he decided to called Noami back. This time the chat was civil and reeled in more positive results. Due to her inkling of a religious background, Noami was insistent on keeping the baby. Andrew respected her decision, but demanded a paternity test after the baby was born. If it really was his kid he would take full responsibility and help Naomi raise it.


Months went by, and Noami’s career quickly went to hell as the living pulp of flesh grew in her body. Nobody wanted to see a pregnant bitch on the runway.She began to regret the decision she had made and the harsh reality of getting fat and becoming a mother was maddening. Three months later, in her weakest moment as her sanity continued to slip, she threw herself down a small set of stairs in an attempt to kill the baby. A woman looking out from the hotel lobby witnessed her fall and immediately called 911.

Shortly after, Andrew received a call and he immediately rushed to the hospital. Noami was highly sedated, full of tubes, and pale. Her left foot was wrapped in a solid white cast. As she looked at Andrew’s face, guilt took over and with a flow of tears Noami told him exactly what she had done. Andrew was dumb struck and fell silent. He felt partially responsible and anxiously paced back and forth, as he struggled through a sticky web of decisions and consequences. Doctor Myers came in and pulled Andrew to the side. He explained that Naomi had suffered some minor injuries, scrapes, cuts, and that one of Naomi’s ribs were cracked. She had also broken her left foot. Andrew then moved in closer to hide his actions as he whispered something to the doctor. Myers shook his head and there was a sudden look of relief on Andrew’s face. The baby was all right. As a result of this terrible incident Andrew promised to supervise Noami carefully.

Several days later, once Noami was released, Andrew took her to his apartment and there they stayed and lived for the time being. Andrew kept a watchful eye on her at all times. By now Naomi’s career was in shambles and her mind was lost. She spent most of her time vegetating in front of the television and gorging herself on T.V dinners; seething in hatred as she continued to undergo the hormonal process from her pregnancy. By month eight she had gained over 65 pounds, her figure was ruined, and her face had visible lines from stress.

A week later Noami Lisbon gave birth to a baby girl. At 2 AM on August 29, 1988, Renmei Lisbon was born prematurely by two weeks and with a condition called Heterchromia iridis; a condition in which an individual is born with two different eye colors. Her left eye was blue and the right eye was green. She weighed in at a meager 6 pounds 1 oz. When doctor Myers asked if Naomi wanted to hold the baby Naomi made it very evident that she didn't want anything to do with the "rotten little thing." Renmei began to cry and Andrew frowned then carefully took the newborn in his arms. As Andrew stared into those wet mix matched eyes, he knew a paternity test was no longer important. He didn't care. He knew he'd love his baby girl no matter what.

A Rude Awakening

Ripples and waves of sickly yellow sheets slowly rise to life as the small, concealed intruders take tiny steps, crawling their way up the length of the bed.They came in a company of three; Polly the doll, Wuggles the bear, and Sputters the car. As they advance, little Renmei’s eyes look down and she squirms uncomfortably. Soft, familiar voices, the voices that she gave them, fill her tiny mind and she is lulled into a false sense of security. Renmei is petrified as the toys, with their wanton smiles, crawl past her nightgown, and push their way into the depths of her being. She screams but no voice is heard, only the vicious sounds of scraping claws and gnashing teeth as they begin to slowly savor and devour her organs from the inside out. Another night terror.

It was approximately 4 AM when Andrew and Noami were awakened by the blood curdling screams of their daughter once more. Renmei had had another night terror. Noami covered her ears and yelled at Andrew to “shut her up!.” Andrew, drunk with sleep, stumbled to Renmei’s bedroom. Sweat dripped down her entire small frame as Renmei thrashed about the bedsheets. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth was agape as she continued to wail even as Andrew tried to coax her awake. Andrew immediately pushed his baby girl into him and held her until finally her cries of terror ceased. Renmei gazed up at her father with a look of absence and oblivion then immediately started to cry. Renmei’s pediatrician had given Andrew a prescription to give to her, but even so, this became almost a nightly ritual until she was age six.

Time passed, and eventually Renmei was enrolled into a Catholic school. Naomi and Andrew both agreed to this decision based on her strange mannerisms as a small child. Renmei hated to wear a uniform. She liked to learn, but she appeared to be incredibly introvert. She mostly tried to keep to herself. However, she wasn’t necessarily unfriendly, but the other children found her unapproachable and she rarely smiled.This quiet, unusual behavior led to other problems, such as being pushed around and bullied. One kid put gum in her hair. Another put a spider down the back of her shirt. One girl even spat in Renmei’s lunch when she wasn’t looking. On several occasions various different boys with flip up her skirt and laugh. She eventually grew to hate every one of them, and the only peace Renmei found was when she slipped into the library. There, tucked away in the back corner, she found comfort and solitude in digging into books that were of a much higher reading level. Renmei showed particular interest in books that pertained to the behavior of human Psychology.

Years later, Renmei was introduced to and awakened by the joys of violence in high school her Sophomore year. Up until now she remained placid after any unforeseen, obnoxious bullying; but something triggered her. During lunch that day Thomas White, one of the upper class students, kept poking the back of Renmei’s shoulder, and snickering excessively as he did so. Renmei felt her body go rigid and tense, but at first she just took a step forward to avoid any further annoyances. The stupid asshole did it again. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she felt her temper rise exponentially. Renmei turned around and did the first thing that came to mind; she bit him in the arm. Hard. In a flash, as her teeth sank farther into Thomas White’s fat little arm, she felt an exhilarating rush. Renmei smiled. The stupid boy tried to pull away, but that just made her bite down harder. A moment later one of the teachers pulled the two away, but by the end of their encounter Renmei had tasted blood. The principal of the school Mr. Presko, immediately put Renmei on probation. She was sent home shortly that day and remained suspended for three days afterward.



Once Renmei returned to school she was required to visit Mr. Tape, the school’s on site therapist, once a week on Wednesday until her behavior had improved. Mr. Tape would often quote bible scriptures and ask her patronizing questions about her home life, how she felt etc. She thought this to be a complete utter waste of time and found ways to amuse herself. Every session, she would purposely try to annoy and frustrate the male counselor by asking uncomfortable, personal questions in return. “Why are we doing this?” “Do you get off on listening to others?” “Do other people’s problems make you feel less inadequate about your own life?” "Does God love you?" At first Mr. Tape explained that he was only doing his job, but in order to try to become “friends” he would try to answer her in a friendly and professional manner. Afterward he attempted to counter act and dug into her with his own pressing inquisitions, but Renmei went silent. She was slowly driving him mad. As the weekly sessions continued, Renmei twisted the proverbial knife and interrogated him further. “Do you find any of the female students attractive?” “Have you ever masturbated to them in this office?” “Do you want to fuck them?” “Do you want to fuck me?” Mr. Tape was sweating through his dress shirt. It had gone beyond the point of annoyance and uncomfortable embarrassment now. Renmei had managed to arouse, and infuriate him at the same time. Mr. Tape grabbed her by the shoulders and pressed her up against the wall. Check mate.

Renmei grinned. “If you touch me I’ll scream rape. Now that I’ve finally gotten your attention I’ll make you a proposition. I’ll continue to come to these stupid fucking sessions, and you’ll sit there at your desk, play dumb, and scribble nice things about how much “progress” we’ve made in your little notes. No more questions. You create the illusion that you’re doing your job and leave me the hell alone. Everybody wins.”

Mr. Tape’s face went pale as a feeling of sheer terror washed over him. This girl was seriously mad. Fight or flight Mr. Tape. He said nothing, and only nodded his head as he backed away slowly. He ran a hand over his face, loosened his tie, and slipped back behind his neat little desk. Wise decision. Renmei gave him a sickeningly sweet smile as she sat back down and leaned against the back of the chair; slowly crossing one of her legs over the other. Mr. Tape was in her control now. “Smart man.” Renmei's voice was cold and flat.

From then on, each weekly meeting consisted of Renmei sitting in silence as she read a book. Every so often she would look up and give Mr. Tape a menacing stare, as if to keep him in check. Mr. Tape would nervously, awkwardly shift in his chair, shuffle papers, and scribble things as he pretended not to notice this female juvenile delinquent leering at him. This arrangement lasted until the end of the final semester.

At the end of Renmei's Sophomore year, once he filed his reports, Mr. Tape declared that the girl had made so much progress that he deemed it no longer necessary to continue the weekly sessions. Principal Presko reviewed the material and gave him the O.K to cut her loose. The next day Renmei was called into Mr. Tape’s office for the last time. He dismissed the humiliation Renmei had put him through and calmly explained that their visits were no longer required. Renmei frowned. Over a period of time, she had become quite fond of watching him squirm uncomfortably in the corner of her eye. Renmei gave him a surprisingly harsh stare, turned and left his office. Mr. Tape closed the door to his office and let out a sigh of relief.

The ramifications of the Thomas White incident were in Renmei’s favor. Rumors spiralled quickly, and soon her class mates no longer thought of Renmei as the quiet and passive easy victim. By the end of the year she was considered a dangerous nut job. This quickly turned her into an outcast. With the exception of her teachers, who thought highly of her intelligence despite her questionable sanity, everyone primarily avoided as much interaction with her as possible. This diffusion allowed her to focus on her school work and continue the rest of her high school years in peace. In 2005, Renmei graduated with honors as the 3rd top of her class. Because of her academic achievements she was granted a scholarship.

(Still in progress)