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The Invisible Fist
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"I'm just a guy with a camera, who couldn't take sitting on the sidelines anymore."
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Super Group Secretprotectorslogopdb.png
Rank Agent
Current Affliations None
Former Affiliations None

Real Name Hanson Thomas-Beamont
Known Aliases
Gender Male
Species Human
Birthdate October 2nd
Place of Birth Savannah, GA, US
Current Location Millennium City, MI, US
Relatives Payton Thomas-Beamont (brother), Paul Thomas-Beamont (deceased-father), and Colleen Thomas-Beamont (deceased-mother)

Apparent Age 25
Height 5'11"
Weight 153 lbs
Eyes Grayish blue
Hair Dark brown
Complexion Fair
Build Lean and muscular
Notable Features Faded GSW scar across upper bicep on right arm; spawling from shrapnel on left thigh

Identity Confidential
Citizenship US Citizen
Marital Status Single
Occupation Photojournalist
Education College


Invisibility, Martial Arts Training, Parkour, Photography
Photoreactive Combat Suit, Thermal Reductive Coat, Assorted gadgets

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        At first blush, Hanson comes across as a man who doesn't seem to take things very seriously. Charismatic bordering on arrogant, witty, he often goes into a dangerous situation with a sly grin and a hint of bravado. In truth, much of this is an act. When you wear a smile, people tend not to ask much in the way of deep questions. Those that are observant will note that all jokes aside, the man who calls himself Specter acts on a far more serious level than his persona lets on. The truth is that much of this is his way to move on from the disappointments of his childhood and to cope with the truly horrific things he has witnessed through the lens of his camera.

    Oddly enough, Hanson is not one who seeks - nor does he want - the spotlight. In this instance, his powers suit him quite well. He is quite content to act in quiet, and disappear before thanks can be given. In fact, such behavior has helped to build an air of fear when he is on scene. Silent and unseen, he is often perceived as a vengeful ghost. That alone gives him the psychological win in most cases. As a result, few know of his existence and even fewer connect Hanson's identity to that of Specter.


Specter can render himself unseen by the naked eye. This is no trick of bending the light, and as such he can move about his environment unseen and act without being observed. Unfortunately anything else on his body will not turn invisible, unless treated by a special photoreactive chemical.

Martial Arts Training
Specter began martial arts training around the age of four, as it was expected that he would take up 'the family business'. Much of his training is based in mixed martial arts, but he also was taught how to fight using a bo staff. The emphasis on his training was on making fast, hard hitting strikes, intended to take a target down quickly before being detected.

Specter - in his civilian identity as Hanson Thomas-Beaumont - has traveled all over the world, and as such he has picked up a few languages in his time. English, of course, is his primary language, but he also is quite fluent in Spanish and French. He knows enough Arabic in several dialects to get by and understand most of what is being said to (or around) him.

In his college days at NYU, Hanson thumbed his nose at the idea his father's more business minded options when it came to campus organizations, and instead joined groups that just sounded like fun. One of those was the campus's parkour club. There he learned how to navigate his environment to get from Point A to Point B in the most direct manner possible. Of course, he had no idea that later in life, he would be using these skills in his work as Specter.

Hanson's love for photography began back in high school, but he was really given the opportunity to enhance those skills when he went to pursue his degree in journalism at NYU. While this isn't a skill that comes into use as Specter, it's how he makes ends meet...and sometimes is the catalyst for jumping into action in his hero guise.


Only Human After All
Beneath the fancy combat suit beats the heart of a totally normal man. As such, Specter is susceptible to all the weaknesses that come with being human. This also means he has little in the way of resistance to psychic intrusions.

Heightened Senses
Specter's invisibility may make him completely unseen by the naked eye, those with heightened senses can still detect him. He still gives off a scent, still has a heart beat, and those are things that someone with enhanced senses would be able to detect.


Photoreactive Combat Suit
Specter's combat suit was designed by his older brother, formerly known as Phantasm, and consists of different layers to afford protection. The inner most layer is just a simple shirt and legs, made from moisture-wicking synthetic fabric to help keep him cool and dry. Over this is body armor designed to prevent penetration. It is comprised of overlapping, ceramic discs encased in carbon nanotube fiber. Both materials have remarkably high tensile strength, providing superb protection from small and high caliber rounds, and blades. It also has been proven to protect against energy based attacks and explosions, but such attacks damage the suit and thus reduce the effectiveness of the armor. While the chest has the most complete coverage, he does have section of these lightweight armor on his arms, as well as his legs. Over this armor he wears a trench coat (see Thermal Reductive Coat for further details), and specially fitted BDUs over his legs. The BDUs don't offer much in the way of additional protection, but the additional pockets on the thighs and rear provide extra space to store gadgets. All of these components to his costume have been treated with a special photoreactive chemical developed by Phantasm, allowing all the materials to become fully invisible when he does.

In addition to the combat suit, he also wears a few accessories that serve functional purposes. The gloves he wears are similar to tactical gloves wore by military personnel. Microvented stretch panels allow for a much better fit, while other portions of the glove made from moisture-wicking material keep his hands cool and dry. The palms are made of soft, durable leather to grant better grip on items in his grasp. Carbon fiber knuckle plating helps to protect and shield...and also happen to hurt like hell when his knuckles connect with someone's face. The fingers are also made with a special material for better gripping. His mask serves not just to conceal his identity, but is itself a tool and outfitted with features to assist him. LED illuminated displays on the lenses creates an overlay, positioned in a way that his view isn't completely obstructed. They have the ability to be switched out from normal vision, to night-vision and infrared as needed. The mask also doubles as his communication device, with transducers that relay sound through bone conduction as well as well hidden, small microphones to pick up on his voice. The utility belt about his waist has it's obvious uses, with four compartments to store additional gear and gadgets, a holster for his grapple gun. It is comprised of a carbon fiber nanotube blend, and has a sturdy carabiner locked to the right hip. The clasp doubles as a homing beacon, which he can program to transmit his coordinates to a frequency of his choosing should he get in a rough spot. His boots are made similar in make to military grade combat boots. They are 100% waterproof, with soles made to work in even extreme weather conditions, and constructed to provide flexibility - a must, considering his preferred style of fighting. Over these he wears guards made of hard polycarbonate plating, which protects his knees, shin and feet from impact. Just like his combat suit, all of these accessories have been treated with Phantasm's photoreactive chemical.

Thermal Reductive Coat
While Specter's trench coat is snazzy looking, it actually serves a functional purpose. Created from a special blend of polymers, it is able to mask his heat signature, thus eliminating one way of being detected. Certainly useful, but it does have some drawbacks. It is quite heavy when wet, and the more damaged the coat becomes, the less effective it is at masking his body heat. Like the rest of his suit, it has been treated with photoreactive chemicals to disappear as he does.

Bo Staff
Specter's bo staff was made to give him a near perfect mix of strength and weight, as well as flexibility and balance. Constructed from 14-gauge steel, it is 6' long, 1" in diameter, and ways just a little over 5 lbs. It is tough damage, packs a wallop when it strikes a target. It has dual grips etched into it to grant a solid hold, stainless steel end caps, and has been treated with photoreactive compounds.

While Specter leans on his invisibility and martial arts prowess to get the job done, he has a few gadgets he carries along that help supplement his combat tactics.

    • Grapple Gun: This pneumatic powered device allows him to ascend rapidly or conversely zip line across distances that need to be crossed quickly. All he needs to do is combine a grappling hook attachment to one of the spools of cordage he carries, and load it into the gun. It has a built in ascension assist device, and a caribiner so that the gun can be quickly attached to his belt.
    • CNT Fiber Spools: Specter carries six disc shaped, retractable spools of highly flexible carbon nanotube fiber cords. These cords have extremely high tensile strength of 63 GPa, and can support an insane amount of weight. The material will not snap from too much weight being put on it. It can, however, be severed by normal means. Each spool has up to 200' of length, can be loaded into his grapple gun, and supports a grappling hook attachment.
    • Knock Knocks: These thumbdrive shaped devices are used to open locks, both electronic and the physical variety. Touch a knock knock to the surface of an electronic lock will trigger the start of a preloaded program designed to bypass these types of locks, and has a high success rate. The end of a knock knock twists off to present a normal set of lock picking tools. These...are dependent on Specter's own skills. As such the success rate varies.

    • Zappers: These discs are roughly the size of a US quarter, and can emit bursts of electricity. The intensity of the burst can be adjusted, and is designed to activate after leaving Specter's hand. On the lowest intensity setting, it produces roughly the same effect as a taser. On the highest setting, it can emit a localized EMP.


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OOC Notes

OOC Notes:
• Specter's casting choice is Tom Payne

• Payton Thomas-Beamont's casting choice is Anson Mount


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"Remember, my friend, passing by unseen is never a reason to pass on the good brand of beard oil." - Artos

"Specter keeps us grounded and focused moreso than any of the other agents I work beside. He's seen things and he's walked alongside normal men... even if they can't see him. There's a definite human element he brings that tethers us to remember why we do this" - Sparrowhawk

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