Spectre (Lilith)

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Player: @Khet_Maxwell
Class Focus: Melee DPS
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Lilith Ivory Vale
Known Aliases: Spectre, PSI-K071C
Species: Human/Tiger Hybrid
Ethnicity: Confidential
Age: 21
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 117 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black and white fur
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian
Occupation: Confidential
Place of Birth: Confidential
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Khatrina Vale aka Wraith
Known Powers
Known Abilities


Growing up, Lilith Ivory Vale was a generally a typical girl. She fought with her sister Khatrina(only on occasion) and got average grades in school. However, she seemed to be able to sense whenever her sister was near but this was always attributed to their closeness. At 16, Lilith's mother died from a fatal car accident, leaving it up to her father to take care of both girls. Lilith, however, seemed to slip into a shell, growing quiet and distant from everyone around her. Her grades in school slipped and she no had the smile that was always so quick to pull at the corners of her lips. Growing concerned, her father convinced Khatrina to take Lilith to an organization that could help her.

It was on that day, both Khatrina Lynn Vale and Lilith Ivory Vale ceased to exist.

After driving from London, Ontario to Michigan, the girls arrived at the Millenium City Mind, Inc. branch. Lilith refused to leave Khatrina (a feeling that her sister shared) and the two girls met with the Mind, Inc. consultant together. Lilith never spoke a word the entire time, instead, she simply stared into nothingness just as she had done since her mother's death. Khatrina answered the questions for her, until eventually the consultant fell silent for some time. Finally, she spoke again.

“We have a new program that I believe would help your sister,” she said, her voice containing nothing more than professional distance. “And I think it would be best if you joined Lilith, for support.”

Khatrina drew her silent sister aside and after some convincing, the girl finally nodded her head in consent. The smiling consultant pressed a button on the intercom, and shortly after a well dressed man stepped into the office.

“Don't worry, we'll have your sister right as rain in no time,” he said with a bow. His voice was like smooth honey, carrying a rich New Orleans accent. He then held the door for the two young girls, ushering them out of the office and down a corridor.

Along the way he explained the nature of this unique program, and indeed, he seemed to answer every one of Lilith's questions though she never spoke a single word. Eventually, the arrived at the end of their journey.

“Now, I'd like to speak with Lilith in private, if that's alright with you,” he asked, his Southern drawl possessing nothing more than genuine concern. “And someone will be along shortly to ask you some questions too, Miss Khatrina.”

That was the last time Lilith Ivory Vale saw her sister Khatrina.

The door was barely shut when the man's entire demeanor changed, his honeyed voice taking upon a sharp, cold tinge and the ever present smile quickly dropped from his face. Pulling out a hypodermic needle he slowly approached the now terrified girl. “Let's begin, shall we?”

Lilith woke some time later, resting upon a cold, hard table. She felt strange, different, somehow. Not happier, that was certain. When she tried to move her hand she found herself shackled down, panic instantly replacing her confusion as she struggled against her bonds. The cold, heartless, honeyed voice broke the silence.

“I see you've finally woken up, Project Spectre. Now now, please, calm down. The restraints were only necessary so you wouldn't hurt yourself,” his voice seemed to come from every direction at once. Above her, below her, from the sides, inside and outside.

Lilith tried to scream then, but at that moment a cat decided to call out with an agonized meow. Realizing the horrible, pained noise came from her own throat, the girl instantly fell limp in shock and confusion.

“Who are you?” she finally muttered, her tongue alien within her mouth, scraping upon her palate. “Where am I?”

“All in due time, Project Spectre, all in due time,” came the response. “But first, can you tell me who you are? What is the last thing you remember?”

“My name is--” but Lilith never finished the sentence. What was her name? She couldn't remember anything. “I don't know,” came the panicked reply.

“I see. I'll release these restraints now, but please, stay calm.”

Lilith felt hands upon her wrists, the shackled falling away. Sitting up she looked down upon her naked body, the thin white fur, split by black stripes, was covered in a thin layer of sweat. “What... What am I?” she gasped happened to me?”

“You're Project Spectre, and your training begins shortly.”

For the next three years, Project Spectre lashed out at her captors, defying them in every way possible. She was human! She knew she was! How could she be this disgusting monster that stared back at her in the mirror? How could that ugly tail be hers? Who was she really? Project Spectre never found answers to these questions in her four years of forced captivity. Occasionally, a woman would approach, and Project Spectre always seemed to know when she was near. She was the worst of them all. Wraith (as Project Spectre knew her by) claimed she was her sister, though she was distinctly human while Project Spectre was a monster. Wraith scorned and insulted the girl, calling her weak and pathetic, then sending her off to be shackled up for the night. For four years, Project Spectre lived in fear, hate, and longing. Never allowed to sleep a single night free, always chained and shackled. Finally, the man with the honeyed voice returned.

“Spectre, Spectre, Spectre,” he muttered. “I've done everything I can for you, but now they won't listen.”

Spectre hissed her response, straining against the cursed bindings that prevented her from throttling the man and tearing with throat out with her claws.

“You see! Even now you defy me! Me! I've kept you alive for four years, Spectre! You were like a child to me!” the man shook his head slowly. “But now, I can do nothing. Project Spectre has been declared a failure. I'm sorry, I truly am... but we'll have to terminate you. One successful killing in only four years is not enough. We'll just have to try again.”

As she watched the terrifyingly evil hypodermic needle move ever closer, something within Project Spectre's mind snapped and with a loud, bloodthirsty meow she broke her bonds, leaping for the dreadful man. What happened next, she can barely recall. Acting on instinct alone she tore through the facility, her bloodied claws leaving prints wherever she ran, klaxon alarms screeching above, their crimson lights flashing in every hallway and every room.

How she escaped is even less clear to Spectre. One moment she was trapped, men carrying those dreadful shocking sticks moving ever closer from both directions of the wallway. The next, she found herself outside, clutching to the branch of a tree for dear life.

She'd spend the next days wandering the streets of Millenium City, quickly teleporting away any time she saw someone working for Mind, Inc. (for she soon learned that it was in fact teleporation which led to her escape). She would observe people in their daily lives, stealing scraps of food from dumpsters, huddling under any kind of shelter during rain. Spectre would live like this until the day she met a young girl named Lori. This woman would show her infinite kindness and patience, teaching her what it meant to be human.


Spectre is almost abnormally short, standing at 4'11". Her entire body is covered is soft white fur with black stripes. Spectre's facial features are smooth and rounded, with a petite nose resting above soft lips. When she opens her mouth, two small fangs in place of her canine teeth can be seen. Both her hands and feet are clawed.


Spectre is easily noticed as being socially awkward around almost everyone save for her closest of friends, and even then she retains some of her shyness. However, once she considers someone as a friend she'll go to almost any lengths to protect them, to the point where she could even be considered over protective. Despite her shyness, however, she's very kindhearted and places a lot of importance on politeness.

One of Spectre's greatest weaknesses is the fact that she too easily trusts other people.

Spectre has a very deep love for Club Soda, and whether she's at home or in a bar she's rarely found without a glass or bottle of it nearby. Each time she drinks it however, it causes an involuntary shudder to run through her frame.