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<span style="float:left; margin-right:10px;">[[File:StergaAcyth.jpg|link=Acyth]]</span>
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<div style="text-align:center; font:bold 135% Sans-Serif; border:solid 1px #000; padding:2px 0; color:#fff; background:#062170;;">Acyth</div> That damn woman and her plot to destroy the Earth! I knew she would fail, but when she offered to let me work with advanced alien technology, I could hardly refuse. It's still her fault for hiring a worthless maintenance crew. Amateur! She's lucky I was able to perform system repairs and had spare armor.<br /><br />
<div style="text-align:center; font:bold 135% Sans-Serif; border:solid 1px #000; padding:2px 0; color:#fff; background:#062170;;">Acyth</div> That damn woman and her plot to destroy the Earth! I knew she would fail, but when she offered to let me work with advanced alien technology, I could hardly refuse. It's still her fault for hiring a worthless maintenance crew. Amateur! She's lucky I was able to perform system repairs and had spare armor.<br /><br />
Still, I don't actually want to kill her, but I do want to give her a proper thrashing.
Still, I don't actually want to kill her, but I do want to give her a proper thrashing.
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<span style="float:left; margin-right:10px;">[[File:StergaAsrea.jpg|link=Asrea]]</span>
<span style="float:left; margin-right:10px;">[[File:StergaAsrea.jpg|link=]]</span>
<div style="text-align:center; font:bold 135% Sans-Serif; border:solid 1px #000; padding:2px 0; color:#000; background:#eee;;">Asrea</div> I've known her for much longer than I care to admit. Despite her constant hovering and becoming involved in things that are none of her concern, she does tend to take care of me when I need it. I do get tired of her disapproving of activities I choose to engage in. Occasionally, I engage Asrea in combat. And I always lose. Her swordsmanship is far superior to my own and her damn innate healing is obscene. I admit, I'm jealous.
<div style="text-align:center; font:bold 135% Sans-Serif; border:solid 1px #000; padding:2px 0; color:#000; background:#eee;;">Asrea</div> I've known her for much longer than I care to admit. Despite her constant hovering and becoming involved in things that are none of her concern, she does tend to take care of me when I need it. I do get tired of her disapproving of activities I choose to engage in. Occasionally, I engage Asrea in combat. And I always lose. Her swordsmanship is far superior to my own and her damn innate healing is obscene. I admit, I'm jealous.

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User Page - Commission : Alex Dai

Diaries of the Past

Building The Death Ray: Part 1 Part 2

Murder And Treason: The Trial of Sterga Lawless Media Circus

One Year To Live: Surviving The Plan To Escape

Rescue and Rehabilitation of Sterga Pieces of a New Life

Current Events

The Mars Incident: Head Hunted After Death

Damaged Goods Road To Recovery

Heroic Beginnings? Accidental Hero Perks Of The Job

An Old Friend Returns Failing For Revenge

Overseas Vacation

Creation Notes

Sterga didn't even have a back story when I originally created her. It wasn't until I won the "escaped villain" category in a CC that I thought to run with that. I ended up creating a few silly news clips about her arrest and escape from prison. She stayed that way for a long time before I was asked to RP. My goal is to make her balanced, not insanely powerful, and not boring. Seeing all of the characters offset the ability to lift 50 billion tons and have Dr. D on speed dial with being anti-social and living in Mom's basement gets old.

Sterga's life is defined by her failures and bad luck. As a villain, she is always overshadowed by everyone else and did a terrible job running the family empire. As a hero, she tends to be overly aggressive and an irritation to authorities. She plays on either side depending on which one benefits her the most at the time. Especially if there's lots of money or advanced technology involved. Her story has dark parts to it, but I try to keep up the humor as well. I like to make fun of clichés, like the death ray that keeps showing up. Sometime, silly, nonsensical thing happen for no apparent reason. I also blatantly disregard the lore when doing so results in comedy.

I decided to make Sterga more of a spy than a front line fighter. She's smart and technology obsessed, meaning that gaining knowledge is more important than combat. It also gave me a good excuse to make up silly gadgets for her to use. Like there aren't plenty of blood thirsty characters that have little beyond punching someone in the face. The gaps in Sterga's story are slowly being filled in and new stories are in the works.


Theme: Ghost Assassin (Hourglass Bonusmix) - Maduke (ft Veela)

After being asked repeatedly, I spent a great deal of time trying to find the right song for Sterga. This was not my original choice, but after listening several times and looking over the lyrics, I knew this song was perfect. Sterga isn't haunted by her villain past, but she is plagued by the consequences of the programming meant to make her into an assassin. Even now, she can lapse into a suggestive state, ready to receive orders and unable to do anything to stop herself.

How Others See Sterga: Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford

Adrenalin Junkie: Search and Destroy - Skunk Anansie

When Sterga battles amped up on combat drugs. Increases the flow, waiting for it to build, rushing into battle where she pushes herself beyond limits. There is no anger, only living for the thrill of fighting, always on the lookout for more worthy opponents. Her fighting style is far more brutal with a tendency to leave a mess in her wake. She won't stop using until it kills her or someone can beat some sense into her.

Death of Sterga's Parents: Asleep - Emily Browning

Unlike the typical cliché villain, Sterga loved her parents and was distraught hearing of their death. She felt responsible for what happened and no longer had a future. She couldn't even run the family business in their honor since that was gone. Another thing she blamed on herself. At this point, Sterga was torn between giving up, accepting her death, or fighting her way out to start over.

Seeker Asrea: The Host of Seraphim - Dead Can Dance

Asrea is deeply spiritual, believing herself to be chosen for the divine gifts she uses. Despite her brutal treatment of those she deems evil, she is unnaturally calm at all times. I hadn't intended to give Asrea a theme so early in her character development, but this song coveys her basic essence.

In The News

Hero Nabs Mad Scientist At Mall

Sterga Lawless was arrested last night at a local mall attempting to buy death ray parts. Witnesses say the villain was yelling at an employee, screaming, "I just need wire to finish my death ray, I don't want a damn gift card!"

This marks the third arrest for the month with villains creating super weapons.

Crazed Villain Escapes From Deep Space Prison

One year after her conviction for treason and murder, Sterga Lawless made a daring escape from the Intergalactic Space Station for Dangerous Persons. Inside sources say the woman seduced several prison guards and stole keys to a space cruiser. Authorities say the villain successfully entered Earth's atmosphere, but lost track of the cruiser shortly after. The current location of this villain is still unknown.

Villainess Dies In Botched Escape Attempt

Authorities now believe that Sterga Lawless, arrested last year in an attempt to create a death ray, died during her recent prison escape. Wreckage from the space cruiser used in the escape was discovered burning in the Mojave Desert. Forensic examiners found blood, hair, and skin samples in the charred remains. Most of Lawless's body was destroyed in the inferno that erupted after the crash and experts insist, "there is no way in hell she could have survived that."

The Intergalactic Space Station for Dangerous Persons maintains its record of never having an inmate successfully escape.

Physical Description

Sterga is 5'10", weighs 167lbs, and muscular from high levels of exercise and training. Age is mid-thirties. White hair, brown eyes, pale skin she looks like a normal human, unless you're perceptive. She wears glasses and a scowl. Always. Normally irritated and condescending when she speaks. During her stint in prison, Sterga acquired a number of scars, mostly on her torso and back, but a few on her arms and legs as well. She has one deep scar above her right eye, hidden by her hair and a surgical scar along the right side of her scalp, above the ear.

RP Notes

  • Sterga hates you. She also hates your dog and your best friend. Why? She's bitter and angry.
  • Currently lives in City Center. May be seen patrolling in Westside or City Center in her "hero" armor which looks almost exactly like the red armor.
  • Sterga Lawbringer is registered as the hero "Lady Blades", a name she thinks is idiotic. It was given by the media due to her frequent use of her sword and hand blades while patrolling Westside.
  • While running around as Lady Blades, Sterga wears her white armor and always has the helm covering her head.
  • Sterga Lawbringer is the CEO of Flawless, a PR firm.
  • Due to her moderate alcohol problem, she'll hit up the liqueur store at least once a week.
  • Due to surgery after a horrific accident, Sterga has some metal plates in her face, so she tends to avoid places with metal detectors.
  • Sterga was never a major player in the villain world and has long since been forgotten. Her arrest and trial were overshadowed by news of villains that actually posed a threat: Destroyer, Mechanon, Gravitar, and Menton.
  • Sterga Lawless is the name Sterga went by as a criminal up until she escaped from prison.
  • Sterga Suesan Lawbringer is the name Sterga went by after escaping from prison.
  • There is no obvious way to tell that Sterga Lawless (criminal self) is the same person as Sterga Lawbringer (the ID she uses now). The names are similar because it's funny.


Current Events

I've done something I never thought would happen; I registered as a hero. I have no idea what possessed me to do such a thing. Having someone show appreciation for my work is nice as the news stories are quite flattering. I only hope I don't regret this decision as I remember what I've been doing in the years since I left Las Vegas. Wouldn't it be embarrassing to find out I've been doing all sorts of criminal activity since?

Asrea has been concerned with my increased desire for combat and the brutality that I display. I suppose it won't kill me to show some restraint if that means she doesn't hover over me like a hawk. The woman is far too protective. She still doesn't trust me to take care of myself.

My current task is to hunt down Margaret and have our final battle. She's proven difficult to track down; hiding due to my blunder in apprehending her. I've gone undercover in Spain trying to find information to her location. We will have our battle if I have to infiltrate and dismantle every branch of The Underground.

A hint of things to come...

"... We watched as Sterga used a machete to dismember a man in front of his family. As he laid bleed, whimpering, begging to spare the children, she hacked them all to bits. She tried desperately to stop herself, but failed just as she had before. Walking out, she saw a glimpse in a mirror. The woman looking back was covered in gore, devoid of emotion..."

Mojave Desert: 2008

A woman lying in the sand. She did not move for a very long time. The heat must have woken her, but she did not sweat. Blinded by the sun, she pulled a hood over her head. She rose to her knees, looking around. This was a place she did not know. Her head was fuzzy, her vision blurred, she felt weak. Trying to get to her feet, she stumbled, falling. She stayed upright on her fourth attempt. Swaying, staggering, she walked forward. Everywhere was sand; she hoped she went the right way. She walked and walked. Nothing but sand...

Mechanical Squid Plucks Plane From Sky

Flight 721 from Madrid, Spain to Millennium City was attacked over the Atlantic by a giant, robotic squid. The mechanical beast caught and ripped the 787 in half. Several were seriously injured, but no deaths were reported. Authorities are baffled by who would bring down the flight and why.


Hero Work


With my suit heavily damaged, I was forced to use an alternate version. Thankfully, I remembered the location of a claustrophobic room in the Westside sewers that contained it. It looks nearly identical to my primary suit only with a base color of white. This turned out to be useful in establishing my heroic presence during patrols in the city. The room also contained a prototype robot I had been repairing.

Asrea has been pestering me for years to register as a hero. I finally gave in after seeing praise in the news for defeating the pitiful minions in Westside. Staying for free at a local hotel helped. Not to be outdone, Primus offers occasional contracts to heroes. I had no idea I could get paid to eliminate my competition.

As for the prototype robot, I found him in an ally some time before The Incident. He looks like a miniature butler with some light weaponry. After moving to city center, I went back to fetched him. I repaired him enough to activate his butler programming and a few basic weapons. He keeps the place clean and is an amazing chef, a welcome change from the meals I normally prepare. Burn might be a more accurate term.

My brief stint as a hero quelled my fear of ever returning to prison. As a criminal, I was demonized by the media and authorities. As a hero, I am praised with all manner of perks to indulge in and no one sympathizes with the ruffians I thrash. I even have access to databases full of criminals with bounties waiting to be claimed. Even if I only bring in a few thugs a week, the extra income is enough to pay my rent. That's before any contracts I may take from Primus.

I have not publicly revealed my heroic alter ego and am unsure if it is wise. Having the CEO of a very public company also moonlighting as a hero could be beneficial. It may certainly bring in some wealthy heroic clientèle. Or it could be seen as a woman who likes to gossip and can't be trusted with secrets. Hmmm... I will have to reflect on this matter.




Sterga's parents were geneticists and envisioned a world where any normal human could have the means to protect themselves, even against super powered threats. The U.S. government deemed their experiments unethical and dangerous, stripping the couple of their funding. Instead of giving up, they turned to alternate sources of funding in the criminal world.

The Lawless couple were given a contract to create a pill giving temporary heightened abilities and a serum to allow a normal human to become super powered permanently. The goal of the project was to increase hearing, sight, strength, dexterity, regeneration, stamina, endurance, pain tolerance, and grant disease immunity. Only adult volunteers were to be used in the trials, but one of their colleagues disagreed with this approach.

This man decided to create the perfect soldier and a baby was the result. Unfortunately, this child had severe complications and considered a failure to be destroyed. The parents found out and were appalled by what the man was going to do and decided to keep the baby, raising as their own. The baby's immune system was failing and to save her life, they found a team developing an artificial system based on nanotechnology.

Not wanting the baby to die and finding no other options, they agreed to using the experimental solution. While it saved Sterga's life, the replacement immune system wasn't without its own drawbacks. She spent much of her childhood being sick due to issues with her body accepting the system. Many upgrades were made, some of which had negative consequences.

One such update, occurring when she was a young teen, caused the system to attack her own body. Sterga's natural healing ability was destroyed and she was almost killed in the process to correct the error. Additional programming was added to control regeneration. Many updates have occurred as Sterga devoted most of her life to the study of the immune system and nanoengineering. She has no problem stealing other people's technology if it means improving herself.

Despite these consequences, the experiment creating Sterga was not a total failure.

Lawless Legacy

One of the few remaining pieces left from the family empire is the combat enhancer called "Boost". Only Sterga has this formula and uses it to enhance her own abilities in combat. The side effects are steep, leaving it for emergency use; the worst of these being damage to the heart. Other effects include stamina drain, highly addictive, reduced effectiveness with heavy use.

The pill gives roughly 30 minutes of significant performance gains. All abilities are increased by a factor of 5 during this time. It works on most humanoids with or without super powers. The pill was considered too dangerous for mass production. As a result, all samples were destroyed along with the research. However, teenage Sterga managed to steal a copy of the data, thinking it could help her become less sickly.

She was addicted to the pill for a time until an upgrade to her immune system nearly killed her. As an adult, out of prison, Sterga integrated the formula into her system upgraded and currently keeps a steady trickle of Boost flowing through her body as she has become addicted again. The effects are almost non-existent due to over use, other than a constant adrenaline increase. During combat, she increases the amount of Boost in her system.

The only reason her heart hasn't given out is due to the remarkable healing properties of her artificial immune system. The high adrenaline fuels her combat lust far more since her return from the Mars base. During her time on the planet, Sterga was caught in an explosion that damaged her suit and systems, causing the drug to flood her system.

Her recent brutality is in part a result of her inability to control her need of the drug and unwillingness to reduce the dosing. Sterga knows she is addicted and has only been making the effort to the flow to keep Asrea from pestering her. Before the Mars incident, she very rarely used Boost, using only a few times when her life was at risk.

Majesty Guard & Conquer


This organization is Caliga's private army. How did I end up here? After prison, I stayed with Asrea in the Mojave area. She ended up getting the idea that she should be in Millennium City and convinced me to move with her. I was working as a bouncer at this point and easily found similar employment at a seedy bar in Westside.

On one particularly eventful night, I had several drunken buffoons to deal with and things became rather rough. Caliga, a semi-regular customer, happened to witness how easily I dispatched these idiots and offered me new employment within an academy and as part of his personal army. I would have been a fool to pass up such an outstanding opportunity. Not only was the pay considerably better, but the resources of the academy were far beyond anything I would could afford. At this point, I had not yet gathered the funds to produce the combat armor I has started designing so long ago and such an endeavor was not looking good.

I worked my way up to Captain of the Majesty Guard. An easy task, really, as so few people could lead themselves out of a paper bag. I lead beside Caliga, enduring his presence for now and providing aid on various missions. In early 2013, we formed Conquer, a much more suitable name.

After staying as captain for far too long, I have decided to leave Conquer and work on my own group. I have expended more than my fair share of effort for little recognition. For the time being, I am making plan for the team I will create. It will focus on gathering and selling information, something that has been a hobby of mine. The goal, of course, is to gain enough power and recognition to destroy The Underground and Margaret.

After my little side trip to Spain, I returned to find I no longer had a job with East Briar. I was replaced, but given a very generous severance package. Good thing I found those scandalous recordings of certain board members with local street walkers. Not having to babysit super powered children is a welcome change.

Amateur Actress


For some horrifying reason, I decided to listen to my sponsor and try my hand at acting. Damn AA meetings. Bah! I was cast for the role of sleazy manager which, looking back, is very similar to my role as a pimp for The Underground. The movie was Drumsticks, Glitter, and Death: A Rocker's Tale, so at least there was murder involved. B-Movie directed the film, but the script was written by some crazy bunny woman. The basic plot is some vapid underachiever tries to make it big and ends up murdered. Or something similar. I didn't pay attention to what the other actors were doing. Someone died and I was allowed to be verbally abusive to the peons. What more must you know?


I don't know what possessed me to try out for this next movie, but I managed to secure a part. Oh, that's right. My sponsor threatened to inform the judge of my missed meetings. Bastard. As if that wasn't insulting enough, I ended up with the role of "older" surfer woman. The only reason I stayed is to "examine" the robot that also happened to be in the film. It was so difficult not so cause any "accidents" for the other actors. At least I was paid for my humiliation.


Strengths and Weaknesses


Hearing: Sterga can easily hear things up to 80 kHz and as low as 10 Hz. Her ears also have limited movement to amplify and detect direction of sound. They have a slight point to them which is hidden by her hair.

Flexibility: She can't twist her limbs in knots, but she can easily escape from many bindings or holds. It is also useful should she need to hide or get through small, tight spaces.

Enhanced Vision: She can see roughly twice as far as a normal human and has superior night vision.

Dexterity: Sterga is fast enough to be an excellent pickpocket, never failing or alerting her mark. She can predict and dodge most movement from a regular human and any super that does not also have increased dexterity.

Extremely Intelligent: Far above normal, she is apt at reverse engineering advanced technology and adapting it for her use. Stealing technology from other villains or advanced aliens is a borderline obsession. All of Sterga's weapons and armor are custom made and she has taken over as the sole technician for her artificial systems.

High Pain Tolerance: Things that would cripple a normal human are ignored. Broken bones and internal hemorrhaging are not enough to stop this woman. This is not to say that she can walk on a compound fracture, but she would try to hobble along. She will eventually blackout if her injuries are severe, but she can normally keep herself going long enough to finish the task at hand or run to safety. Drugs have reduced effects and wear off much faster than they should.

Stamina: High enough that she can keep going long after a normal person would need to rest. The more she pushes herself, the longer she will need to recover.

Strength: Sterga's strength is comparable to that of an athlete in excellent condition for someone of her build. This is due to her workout routine and not an effect of experiments. She has normal human strength.

Taste & Smell: Despite having excellent senses for both, neither is not outside that of a normal human.

High Mental Defense... Sort Of: Very few will be able to break into Sterga's mind to control her or find information. The high barrier was to prevent anyone from "stealing" a valuable assassin. Her mind was fortified so that only someone incredibly gifted or her handler can outright send Sterga into a suggestive state.

Psionic Sense: Sterga knows when someone near her has mentalist powers, even if she can't always tell who it is. The more powerful the person, the greater the chance she will know exactly who it is.

Will To Live: Despite her flaws, Sterga is determined to live through anything and has done so. She has been close to death several times, but survives due to her deep desire to stay alive.


Pigment Loss: Not a complete loss or much of a weakness, but her skin is paler than normal and her hair is naturally white. She kept her hair dyed up until her arrest.

Light Sensitivity: Her skin is easily sunburnt and her eyes are sensitive to light. She always wears glasses designed to give her eyes extra protection.

Brittle Bones: Not extremely so, but enough that they are more easily broken and more likely be a compound fracture or break in several places.

Addiction: Sterga can become easily addicted to controlled substances and currently battles with alcoholism. When an explosion damaged her suit, it causing her system to be flooded with combat drugs. Something else she became addicted to.

Easily Mind Controlled: This is what made her a perfect candidate for the assassin programming. Her surface thoughts and feelings are easily read by anyone even mildly talented at mind reading. For those who are exceptionally gifted, Sterga becomes an open book and ready to receive orders.

Failed Program: The mind control experiments were never finish and badly botched. Sterga was the test subject new ideas were tried on. As a result, she can be forced into a suggestive state, but it doesn't mean she will accept orders. Most of the time, being in this state only causes migraines and blackouts. She acknowledges Asrea as her handler.

Fear of Powerful Psionics: Being well aware of her weakness to mind control, Sterga has a tendency to avoid people she senses are powerful mentalists. If she feels someone prying into her mind, she will panic and lash out.

Nightmares: They aren't as frequent anymore, but it can cause her to be tired and anxious for several days as she will refuse to sleep. She is also more likely to drink heavily during this time.

Self-Destructive: Only while under the effects of Boost or after heavy drinking; Sterga tends to ignore injuries and continue or seek out battles. She also has a habit of engaging in other risky behavior, often making stupid or hasty decisions.

Tech Obsessed: Even if it will most likely screw her over in the near future, Sterga will take up an offer giving her access to advanced technology. That is the reason why she finds herself with memory problems and a new addiction to deal with.

Overestimated Importance: Sterga sees herself as far more important and a much bigger player in the world than she actually is. At best, she is a mid level criminal and a novice hero. Whenever she appears in the news, it's buried behind all of the super heroes and villains. ... No keep looking. Page 12, at the bottom, next to the ad for itch cream.

No Natural Healing: Fixed with nanotech upgrades. If her system should fail, it would not be immediately life threatening unless injured.

No Immune System: Fixed with nanotech upgrades. Without the artificial system, Sterga will die.


Abilities and Equipment

Due to the lack of books or computers in prison, I spent most of my days exercising, putting me in excellent physical condition. Well, when I wasn't busy fending off attacks from the other inmates or recovering from said attacks, I would exercise. The one thing I discovered about myself is that I do love a good brawl. I would have never participated in such things in my former life.

My villainous resume has been balanced with new combat abilities. Time in prison was not kind, but I am now better able to protect myself. I no longer need fear the common street thug or worry about being disarmed. I can even battle opponents with greater power, exploiting their weaknesses and finding openings in their attacks.


Espionage: Information is powerful in the right hands. It never ceases to amaze me how much targets will share about themselves or just leave sensitive information lying about. This skill served me well in my escape from prison. How do you know if I'm on your side or simply stealing your secrets? Well, I suppose you don't.

Steganography: There are times when I need to relay information to others without being detected. Yes, I could use proper encryption, but steganography is much more useful. Hiding messages is far less likely to draw attention than having an encrypted file screaming 'Someone's stealing from you!'

Planning & Tactics: I go to great lengths to ensure the success of the things I do. Especially the less than legal things. Failure is never an option. Failure means going back to prison. I also study my opponents moves in combat, picking up on weaknesses or repetitious actions.

Self-Defense - Hand-to-Hand Combat - Pressure Points: I learned a few techniques while in prison and continued this training later. It was a requirement for my career as nightclub security. Exploiting pressure points to quickly end a battle I have no real interest in is always useful. If I should be disarmed during battle, I have this to fall back on. While I cannot claim to be an expert, I can easily hold my ground.

Wall Running: An entertaining trick I've learned to add during melee combat. Even the environment can be useful in urban battles. Sometime, I run up the wall a short way and simply anchor to it, just out of reach.

Lip Reading: You have no idea how useful it is to glean information from unsuspecting marks this way. No one ever thinks being discrete includes not looking out the window when you tell your bank access codes over the phone or when on a conference call detailing your breakthrough in advanced weaponry.

Deception & Disguise: I may not be a master, but I can work my way into most places. Slipping into another persona is quite the entertaining hobby. It also helps in establishing a foothold in certain companies dealing with experimental research.

Ambidextrous: If one hand should be crippled, I still have the other to slice or shoot my opponent open with. I can also write fairly well with my off-hand.

Two-Weapon Fighting: Why only have one weapon when I can have one in each hand? Being able to shoot or slice as needed in combat keeps my enemies on their toes.

Leadership: While I may not be especially talented at running a villainous empire, I do know how to inspire my henchmen to accomplish company goals. This trait served me well, climbing to the top of the Majesty Guard and becoming head of the science department at East Briar.

Gadgets & Things

Noise Blocking Bracelet: A small device that emits out of phase audio. All sound in a 200ft radius is muted.

Business Card: Wirelessly breaks into a target computer on contact. Opens a channel for another computer to connect to the system.

Credit Card Crack: These special devices are used to break into electronic locks. Simply stick them on the offending electronics and wait a few seconds for the door to open. Higher encryption takes longer to break.

Repelling Pen: One side writes beautifully, the other shoots out a wire that attaches then pulls me to the other end. A little trinket I managed to pilfer from one of the many henchmen I've defeated.

Sexy No. 9 "Knockout" Lipstick - Ruby: Once applied, a single kiss is all it takes to render most unconscious for 20 minutes. It's been designed not to affect me, but anyone that dares steal my cosmetics won't be so fortunate.

Distress Earrings: These fetching dangling diamond earrings can be set to send out a general distress signal and GPS coordinates. The signal can be set to delay, making for a fine distraction. Also useful if I should need aid.

White Noise Stilettos: Sometimes a woman wants her privacy and this fashionable footwear is up to the task. Upon activation, any concealed listening devices are rendered useless, leaving me free to discuss any secret plot I may have.

Mascara Camera: Specially designed with document photographing in mind, it is also useful for photographing computer, smartphone or tablet screens. The quality of the resulting images is fantastic. Also useful for touching up my makeup.

Compact Key Maker: Effortlessly duplicate keys with a photograph. Stores key in lower compartment until needed. Who needs lock picks when you can have a key? Contains mirror, powder, and applicator.

Smartphone I.D. Maker: Cameras on phone are so convenient. This device allows me to make high quality IDs for most major countries. Only holds five ID sleeves before needing to be reloaded. Will also upload information to appropriate databases to pass low level checks. Includes all normal functions of a smartphone. Water and shock resistant.

Bug Planting Cigarette Lighter: Allows me to stick tiny audio video surveillance devices on virtually any surface. Can be set to active or passive mode and connects to combat helm or glasses. Holds ten.

Q-Tip Jammers: Specifically to jam cellphone reception in a 50ft area. All I need do is simply bend them in half to activate.

OC Spray Ring: Much stronger than normal pepper spray, with roughly the same potency as bear spray. Comes in a plain, silver ring and contains one use.

Dental Floss: Minty fresh flavor. You never know when this will come in handy. Dental floss has many uses outside of clean teeth.

Band-aids: They come in three bright colors: blue, purple, and yellow. Useful for paper cuts and the like. Flexible, waterproof, with a special anti-septic, and mild pain killer. Also changes color to red if dangerous chemicals or radiation are nearby.

Black Leather Purse: Stylish, holds my tools, and blocks annoying RFID readers. I included a passive tracker if some hooligan should manage to pilfer it.

Ceramic Blade Utility Knife: Essentially, a small box cutter. Tough, plastic casing with comfort grips. Won't set off metal detectors or arouse suspicion.

Quarter Tech

With the need to be discreet coupled with a desire to protect myself, I have developed weapons that appear as harmless pocket change. They are hard to detect unless specifically analyzing them. Does anyone really pay attention to a change purse?

Normally inert, these devices can only be activated by me. Each one has a marker allowing me to know the difference upon pickup. Once armed, they are thrown and stick to most surfaces. Effects begin on contact or after a timer countdown. Not only do I carry some of these in my purse, I put the pouches on my armor to good use. A lady can never have too many accessories.

Flashbang: Emits a deafening 200db screech for 60 seconds and produces a blinding flash. I must be extra cautious not to blind myself with these.

Nano Thermite: Burns at the same temperature as regular thermite, at around 3600F, only works much faster with a shorter radius. In a mere 30 seconds, anything in a 5 inch radius is destroyed.

Tear Gas: You'd be surprised how effective this is despite being so weak. The smoke is also a fine distraction should the normal effects fail.

Concussive: Extremely lethal in close quarters and underwater. Has a radius of 5 feet. I normally only carry these in my armor's belt pouch in small quantities.

Smoke Screen: These are very handy for blinding opponents or slipping away. It last approximately one minute before starting to dissipate and fills a 5 foot radius.

Sedative: If I can't get close or if I'm in my armor, this is a suitable alternative to the lipstick. It's a high dose, not high enough to kill a normal human, but only just. I can add sedative patches as needed.

Hallucinogenic: After an unfortunate incident with an extremely rare fungus, I decided to weaponize the product. Works on any organic life form, for up to 24 hours. Causes vivid hallucinations. Side effects include: nausea, headaches, muscle spasms, sexual dysfunction, rashes, and general stupidity.

Sonic Scream: Emits a glass shattering sonic pulse that causes nausea, vomiting, and migraines. A useful distraction or handy way to break out quickly.



My time in prison left me unable to continue marksmanship training and, as a consequence, I spent a great deal of time becoming proficient once I escaped. I was an excellent shot and much preferred to keep my distance as I had nowhere near the physical fitness that I have now. Occasionally, I even personally killed my enemies with the sniper rifle I built. Damn the authorities for confiscating it and all of my other firearms!

At first, I only purchased a few firearms, but have since developed a unique weapon. It is primarily a laser weapon with adjustable power settings. Most of the time, I simply use the 'stun' setting since leaving bodies around can only end in my return to prison. Disposal is such a pain. Then there is the possibility that someone may see me, which is never good. Even if I was unrecognizable, there's always a chance... Well, let's not think about that.

Recently, I've decided to build a new sniper rifle, laser based this time. I know I shouldn't indulge in my criminal side, but the thrill of hunting down my enemies! Of course, I'll use the same variable power settings my pistol has along with the ability to integrate with my armor's HUD.

With my recent hero stint as Lady Blades, idiotic name as that is, I am much less concerned with prison time. I always knew "heroes" were let to run wild compared to their villain counterparts, but I never realize how much of a blind eye authorities took. No one has said much about the trail of bodies I've left during my patrols.



I found that stabbing some of the other women in prison was quite therapeutic and a very satisfying way to get revenge. After escaping from prison and starting my new life, I decided to train in swordsmanship. I ended up studying several styles, blending them together to create my own unique attacks. My current style is quite dazzling. I decided that if I'm going to injure someone with my sword, I might as well look amazing while doing it. Plus, with the way my blade dances, multiple opponents have difficulty predicting who I'll target with the next slice.

Despite having gathered a lovely collection of swords to match any occasion, I prefer to use the one I created. Normally, the sword appears as a small and simple metal rod. It tends to go unnoticed. However, it is actually made from programmable matter and the shape can be changed into a proper sword. It's fairly short with a thin blade, but works very well all the same. Not being an idiot, the process only works for me. I made sure of that. Also, another feature I added was the ability to oscillate which, again, only works for me while I hold the sword.

(This video shows the type of style Sterga uses. Without the back stabs and riposts, of course. No, I don't care if it's practical.)

Combat Armor


During my career as a villain, I was never able to do more than blueprint my various ideas for armor. I lacked either the time or resources to do more. In fact, it wasn't until I became employed at an academy in Westside that I was able to build my first suit. Since then, I have built several improved models including the armor I don when required to do Majesty Guard related tasks.

My main armor is actually three different layers that work together to provide increasing degrees of protection and functions. All parts use a CNT (Carbon Nanotube) blend I developed myself and can stay powered indefinitely, as long as blood is flowing through my veins.

Layer 01

A skin tight suit of 1mm thickness that only covers the most vital areas. It is meant to be worn under my everyday attire. It provided protection from handgun fire and immunity to slashing, piercing, or stabbing from conventional knives and swords. As long as those knives and swords aren't wielded by some roid beast freak show, that is.

Layer 02

Not as thin as the first layer, but still form fitting at 7mms, and covers my entire body. The head and hands can be retracted, should I wish. The material deflects bullets without deformation up to 7.62mm NATO rounds. There is also a layer of liquid armor to disperse the impact energy. It can withstand temperatures between -460F and 4000F.

Due to the self-contained nature of the suit, it is suitable for space. It has the ability to produce oxygen and recycle carbon dioxide as well as being pressurized with help from an energy field. This also means outside contaminates will stay outside.

Layer 03

The main purpose of this layer is to provide an additional 6-12mm of protection to my person. The thickest additions are to protect vital areas. This layer shares the same properties that the second layer provides, including the ability to retract the helm and hand areas. However, a few extras are included.

Boot, hand, and knee anchors can be fired through most objects, including people. Primarily to anchor myself in place.

Piezoelectric Punch: The back of my gloves have a fine lining of crystals, releasing an electric shock every time I land a blow. It is not as powerful as a stun gun, but enough to cause muscle spasms and annoyance.

Additional properties and features

These pertain to the second and third layers only.

Self-repairing - Color changing

Does not reflect light (cannot be seen in the dark by the naked eye unless moving).

RAM (radar absorbing material) - Cloaking (literally invisible to the naked eye)

Thermal Camouflage - Anti-static

EMI/RFI (electromagnetic and radio frequency interference) Shielding

ESD (electrostatic dissipation) - Five times lighter than steel

Helm and Glasses HUD

Both my helm and combat glasses use a special display and communications system. It was quite difficult for me as my specialty is in nanotechnology. I admit, I had to seek help with this project from a very trusted source. The glasses were far more difficult of the two due to their size.

Mental Commands: I can control the entire system from my own mind. No, not telepathy, but a very painful and invasive procedure to add the ability. I had it done at the same time as I replaced the plate in my head with the CNT blend. Thankfully, I never need to do that again.

Target Tracking: Most targets are tracked automatically based on some complicated parameters that I am not entirely familiar with. I can also manually add new targets, should I need to. Any target that attacks me or is a known hostile will track in red.

Facial Recognition Software: With my law enforcement connections, I can scan through databases in seconds. I also have similar access to databases in the criminal world.

Vision Modes: Includes your standard night, thermal, glare shield, and microdot reader.

Weapon Link: My custom weapons use tracking data to help improve my aim. Not to say that my shooting is sub-par, but with all of those ridiculous super heroes about, I need every advantage. I may be faster than a normal person, but it's hardly a drastic increase.

Communications: I can monitor several channels over the wireless frequencies as well as non-fiber optic land lines by touching a glove to the wires. This includes the ability to make cellphone calls. Private suit to suit communications are also possible with other Alliance members or anyone I've given access codes to.

Decryption: Helm only. Anything up to moderate level encryption is easily broken. I cannot read fiber optic lines or break any propriety encryption schemes unless I've obtained the codes for it. Heavy encryption used by civilians gives me some headaches, but I can often break though, given enough time. Military grade encryption stays that way, unless I've obtained codes.

Audio Video Surveillance: Allows me the ability to record anything that occurs around me. High resolution, full color and saved for future examination.

Storage: "Borrowing" technology, I now have a very impressive storage capacity. Storage for the glasses is far more limited, needing to be cleared weekly. I have an array of maps, combat data, music, and anything I wish to store. There are also special sections for suspect data that is not yet analyzed. The last thing I need is to risk infecting my whole system with a virus.

Intrusion Protection: Since I have wireless capabilities, I invested heavily into a sophisticated system to protect me. There are multiple layers that I can't explain since I didn't create it on my own.

Health Monitor

Not only can I monitor my own vital signs, I can read vitals from other smart suits or power armor by touching my glove to their armor. It only works if their suit is not encrypted against such things. My own suit will freely give out health information in the same manner. That is all it will give as the information is not available over wireless channels.

Energy Shield

My suit contains two types of shields; one projecting from my hands and one that surrounds me. The energy drain on the surrounding shield is very high and is not something I can use indefinably. It provides me with 60 seconds of complete protection before needing recharge. The hand projecting shields can be used more often, but provides less protection. It has a minor lingering effect that also absorbs small amounts of energy. This also allows me to engage in combat with my helm retracted as the shields protecting my head are much stronger.

In dire cases, I can run a massive surge of energy through my armor, knocking away or shocking anyone near me. This is far more taxing to my system and has the added danger of shutting down my immune system temporarily. Clearly, something I don't use lightly. There has only been one occasion where I performed this function and only due to being near death.


Since I have no natural flight abilities, I developed this. It also includes limited flight for space use; however, the maneuverability is not optimal. The pack allows me to travel at a decent speed as well as giving me a quick burst to slam into an opponent hard enough to daze him or her.

Nanomachine System

My artificial immune system has gone through many changes over the years bringing me to this point. Originally, it only provided limited protection, often leaving me ill as a child. Another upgrade allowed it to perform healing functions that my body was no longer able after a catastrophic update. Then later, I added my parent's combat drug as an emergency boost. With the recent acquisition of advanced technology from the future and an advanced alien race, my systems operate at near peak performance.

Due to the recent damage to my suit, the combat drugs flooded my system for over a month before I was capable of fixing it. Sadly, the drugs no longer perform most of their intended function, other than increasing my adrenalin. I haven't actually completely stopped the flow of the drugs in my system as the effects are quite intoxicating and I have no wish for them to subside.

Power Source

My combat suit, jet pack, custom weapons, and small electronics are powered by the nanoscopic piezoelectric motor generators. It's genius really. The generators are sensitive enough that the vibrations from my circulatory system provided the needed force on the piezoelectric crystals to create voltage. I also have batteries within my suit, jetpack, pistol, and sword. I have more than enough energy to power for as long as I wish. Contingent on me being alive, of course. I can even keep my cellphone and laptop charged as long as I carry them.

Immune System

No longer do I need to worry about disease or illness. I have finally upgraded my system so that I am immune to all such inconveniences. Anything that hasn't been categorized as friendly from the years of data collected, is attacked and destroyed. This only applies to diseases, viruses, other nanomachines, and the like. Most drugs will still affect me at present, even if it is limited, meaning I still need to be careful about my eating and drinking.

I've taken great care into preventing this from going off-line. Obviously, an EMP won't affect the immune system. Any such blast powerful enough to destroy it would likely kill me outright if I am unarmored. The system is also isolated from as many things as I could get away with. I need to be able to perform upgrades and retrieve saved data, but beyond that, the system is closed. If it should go off-line, it will automatically try to restart itself. Should that fail, backup battery power is used.


Since I no longer have any kind of natural healing, I need to keep this at optimal performance. I can heal from any injuries, given time and they will not leave a scar. This does nothing for the collection I've already acquired. At present, I heal roughly 75% faster than normal. This doesn't mean I would never seek proper medical attention as neglecting to do so increases my recovery time. Limb regeneration is not something I have not experimented with, nor am I eager to. My teeth will, but an arm is a different matter. I suppose in theory I should be able to.

The healing should be so thorough that I no longer age or age far more slowly. Again, this is in theory as the latest upgrade was recent and I haven't acquired enough data for a definite answer. I'm not entirely sure if I like this idea and I don't think I could reverse the change without some negative consequence. Admittedly, I was too excited about the breakthrough and implementing it to think about such ramifications. These upgrades are likely the only reason my heart hasn't given out from the combat drugs. One of the nasty effects, other than high addiction rates, is major damage to the heart with prolonged use.


Filthy Peons



The original clone Brutum created. To say she has issues is a gross understatement. She volunteered for a mind-wipe and personality transplant, only it didn't work out. Alpha ended up with a backseat driver instead. For some stupid reason, I agreed to help her remove the second personality and dump it into a body of its own.


A sentient machine that someone had the foresight to make sure its AI wasn't irritating. I have not yet had the urge to destroy it, unlike most of the people I have encountered. It seems he has a link to Primus, which means I may end up working with him from time to time.


The drug dealer across the street. We have a nice deal going. I create new, synthetic drug-lines, he hands over money. I'm very fond of money. We've struck a new deal and he has become an informant in my network.


I hate him so very much, BUT, he did offer me better employment than security in a filthy Westside club. One of these days, he is going to have an "accident". I do hope it is uploaded to YouTube so that I can watch such a travesty as many times as I wish. Since leaving, it is unlikely I will witness such an event.


An annoying chef at East Briar. Just when I think he may be a decent human being, he decides to prove me wrong. Now that I no longer work for the school and have left Caliga's guard, I am free of this irritant.


That damn, perky cheerleader. This is my punishment for helping Alpha with her problems. At least I no longer need to run into her at the school.

Mixed Feelings


That damn woman and her plot to destroy the Earth! I knew she would fail, but when she offered to let me work with advanced alien technology, I could hardly refuse. It's still her fault for hiring a worthless maintenance crew. Amateur! She's lucky I was able to perform system repairs and had spare armor.

Still, I don't actually want to kill her, but I do want to give her a proper thrashing.


I've known her for much longer than I care to admit. Despite her constant hovering and becoming involved in things that are none of her concern, she does tend to take care of me when I need it. I do get tired of her disapproving of activities I choose to engage in. Occasionally, I engage Asrea in combat. And I always lose. Her swordsmanship is far superior to my own and her damn innate healing is obscene. I admit, I'm jealous.


"One-Eyed" Hellen

This filth gave me so much grief while I was in prison. Hellen and her minions "greeted" me on my first day, beating me unconscious, left to heal for months in the infirmary. Her ruffians attacked me constantly for nearly a year before my escape. I eventually bested her, leaving her to be stuck recovering while I took her place as most feared inmate.

I heard she managed to win an appeal and is currently free. One of these days, when I am not otherwise engaged, I will pay her a visit. I'm sure she has continued her criminal endeavors since release.


SHE STOLE MY RESEARCH AND SET ME UP! ... I try not to yell when I think about her, but she makes me so furious! If it hadn't been for her, I never would have lost the family business, been sent to prison, ended up a cultist assassin, or any of the other horrors that have since transpired.

I almost had her when she tried to use my research to create ANOTHER death ray in Alaska, but she slipped through my fingers. Once I catch up to her, we're going to have a one-on-one fight. She must be taught the perils of stealing my inventions.



This contains a quick overview of the events in Sterga's life.

  • 1978: Sterga is created
  • 1992: Immune system upgrades almost kill her
  • 1995-1999: Vengeance killings
  • 1999-2003 Taking over and running family business
  • 2003: Arrested
  • 2003-2004: Murder and treason trial
  • 2004-2005: Serving time in prison
  • 2005: Escape from prison, declared dead
  • 2005-2007Programming to be an assassin
  • 2007: Rescued by Asrea, Lived in Needles, worked as librarian
  • 2007-2008: Moved to Las Vegas, worked as librarian and nightclub bouncer
  • 2008: Moved to Millennium City
  • 2008-2009: Lived in Westside, worked as nightclub bouncer
  • 2009: Met Caliga, Worked at Red Academy, Joined the Majesty Guard
  • 2010: DemonFlame, Moved Downtown
  • 2012: Quit Red Academy
  • 2013: Co-Founded Conquer (jan), East Briar (jan), "Killed" in Alien Terrorist Attack (may), Moved to City Center (jun), Registered as Hero (july), Pursuing Margaret, Left Conquer & East Briar (aug), Flawless (oct)


Official Records

Everything here is something a person could find out, but not always easily and sometimes requires the correct access.

Sterga Lawless


  • No Birth certificate
  • No Social Security Number
  • The "Lawless" family name is what the media called her parents.
  • Declared dead in 2005.

Police Records

  • She was arrested in 2003.
  • There was a trial.
  • Fingerprints are missing from her arrest record.
  • Was sentenced to death.
      item("Maximum security, off-world space station"); item("Extremely violent, non-super powered criminals only");

Prison Records

<ul style="list-style: square; padding:10px

  • Some of the pages are missing.
  • Medical Records
    • There are many record entries.
    • Blood Tests (A pos)
    • Injuries Sustained
    • Deep gouge above right eye
    • Various laceration on torso, arms, legs
    • Broken bones
    • Fractures
    • Knife wounds
  • Violence against other inmates
    • 4 killed
    • 1 crippled
    • 13 injured
  • </ul>

    In The News

    • Various articles on her parents
    • Articles about people she murdered
    • Finalist in the Villain of the Year contest
    • Mentioned in an article about Margaret, Villainess Quarterly
    • Arrested by the hero Seeker Asrea for attempting to build a death ray
    • Various articles about her trial
    • Article about Lawless's escape
    • Article about being declared dead
    • No obituary

    Sterga Suesan Lawbringer


    • SSN issued in 2007
    • Rescued by the hero Seeker Asrea in the Mojave
      • Was being used, with 6 others, in cult experiments
      • Most victims had various degrees of amnesia


    • Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (Immunology)
    • Bachelor of Science in Genetics (Immunology)
    • Bachelor of Science in Immunology and Pharmacology
    • Working on a Ph.D in NanoEnineering

    Work History

    • Librarian in Needles, CA
    • Moved to Las Vegas with Asrea (2007)
      • Started work as a school librarian
      • Became a bouncer
    • Moved to Millennium City
      • Lived in Westside
      • Worked as a bouncer
      • Joined the Majesty Guard
      • Hired as a science teacher for Red Academy
      • Moved to Downtown
      • Quit Red Academy
      • Head of Science at East Briar (Jan 2013)
      • Registered As The Hero "Lady Blades" (Aug 2013)
      • Fired from East Briar (Sept 2013)
      • Founded Flawless (Oct 2013)


    • Currently owns a Red Sports Car
      • Correction: HAD a car
      • Was fished out of the river.

    Medical Records

    • Treated at Mercy Hospital for a broken jaw (MC)
    • Treatment at Valley View Medical Center (Needles)
      • Amnesia
      • Mental Trauma
      • Cosmetic Surgery
      • Minor cuts and bruises

    Police Records

    • Arrested once for being Drunk and Disorderly in MC
    • Arrested twice in Las Vegas for Public Intoxication
      • Was ordered by a judge to complete an AA course


    Artwork Gallery


    What Others Say About Sterga