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Bronx the Beast Character Discussion

"Feel free to leave whatever comments, questions or whatever you'd to like here!" ~Bernard, 5/6/12

Mind telling me how you made that video? It was great and i'm considering making my own. ~Supercrock, 6/15/12

"I used demorecord in-game to film the sequences, then used the demo viewing command line to play back the demo and used Fraps/Bandicam to record; press F2 to activate the free-cam, press tilde [~] to open the console and type /fov <#> to adjust the field of view for a more cinematic perspective, where <#> is the degree you want the camera to focus (default is around 65). You can manipulate the playback speed by pressing the left and right arrow keys, so I adjusted the slow-motion while recording. This meant the frames per second remained constant during slow motion sequences. You can also press F5 (or F4, or F6...can't remember which) in the demo viewing tool to bring up the debug controls--I went to the FX tab and disabled effects (such as superpower fx) during portions where I wanted a realistic look. I also removed individual effects and changed up animations by editing the demo file directly. I recorded the same sequences multiple times from different camera angles, and then used Sony Vegas Pro 11 to compile the footage and establish an accurate timeline for the multiple camera positions, and once the footage was complete I added music, sound effects, etcetera. I used WavePad as my sound editor/dialog recording program." ~Bernard, 6/20/12

So the game as a built in recorder? or you need a program to access it ~Supercrock, 6/15/12

It's already in the game. Use /demorecord <name>.demo where <name>.demo is the file name you want to save the recording as (for example, "/demorecord test.demo"). Then stop recording with /stoprecord. I think. Might be /demostop. Can't remember. Anyway, while you're recording, a lot of game functions will be disabled, you won't be able to charge active offense/defense, won't be able to interact with certain objects, etcetera--and you might need to restart the game to fix such issues. After you're done recording, the game will generate a .demo file (a glorified text file) that you can open with notepad and edit and/or play back by going to your Champions Online/Live directory, making a shortcut to GameClient.exe, right click, go to Properties, and in the Target field, add -demoplay <name> (for example, "C:\...\Champions Online\Live\GameClient.exe" -demoplay test ). Oh, and demo files are saved in the 'demos' folder under the Champions Online\Live directory. ~Bernard, 7/14/12

Wow thanks alot man and sorry for taking a while to respond. :) ~Supercrock, 7/16/12

S'all groovy--Wiki Discussion pages aren't the best way of maintaining a conversation, heh! ~Bernard, 7/17/12