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Hey nova,

Thought I fix your Killer Spider page here just fill in the desired planes in the price box and then I"ll teach you how to insert colors and pictures - @somerandomkid500

Ok, thanks bro @novarockz

Ok, i was here too bro, sorry randomkid500 i come back even i've got banned from the CORP. But i'm here to help my friend too. - Wizzyboy

Wizzy thanks for helping but let me do this. @novarockz

Dude, so long i be here, i will. Help you. - Wizzyboy

Well, here's the deal I gotta upload a picture of killer in action @novarockz

Well, come - Wizzyboy

I can't, I'm at work friday maybe and I also need a web back ground.@novarockz

I will be on late at 4:00 something.

Ok guys I'll be on today we've got a lot of photos to take and post. @novarockz

Hey Nova, just as a heads up if you want an artist to draw Killer Spider your gonna need to make a reference sheet providing pictures of Killer and most artists don't draw for free they need some kind of money - @somerandomkid500

O that's true. @novarockz

What do you guys think of the new stick suit?@novarockz

Looks pretty nice. P.S, I probably won't be in game for awhile I can't seem to get past the "CRYPTIC" loading screen without it timing out and saying the connection was idle for too long. I'm currently trying to resolve the problem if nothing else works then I'll wait it out and see what happens - @somerandomkid500

Run Cleaner restart the PC and try to delete what you don't need, or it could be the internet, plus I made my own sketch.

Very impressive sketch, Nova. Its pretty dope all you need is a little color then you got Killer Spider - @somerandomkid500

Yeah thanks, I'll do that and I could draw red.

Sorry kinda got bored and help at the captions to pictures with thumbnails and yeah sure if you want your real talented bro. Keep at it :)

Thanks man, oh @huntingrose also wants me to draw a picture of her character Catherine White, it's a work in progress, but we've gotten a lot closer together. :)

Hehe well then good luck! :D

You too, and I'm thinking of making a batman/night wing/ironman homage.

Ok, now you guys hear me and why you and somerandomkid smiling when you NOT smile back to me! Nova i made a art fan of you!

You didn't respond to us, and art fan of me?


Thx, I guess.


You drew something.


Maybe this is the end -.- :(

didn't see anything, show me where it is

Wow I feel like joining Nexus Force, but I'm not active alot.

HERES THE ART! BE HAPPY, thats why you guys wont give a happy to me :( Killer-SpiderARTWizzy.jpg

Hello sir novarockz, heres the mark bagley's version, mike peterson A.K.A KILLER SPIDER! I have an good day, PM me for more arts! Killer Spider's Mark Bagley.jpg