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What is CommentBox?

CommentBox is an idea I came up with in order to make it easier for people to post comments on your character pages, and also make it so they don't have to directly edit your page to leave them. There is an example below. Feel free to leave a comment.


Post a Comment
CommentBox created by @Maekada

How to use CommentBox?

While setting it up can be a bit complex, these directions should help.

Below, you will find a box titled "CommentBox". Copy and paste everything within this box to the place where you wish the comments to be. Remember this box, as we will be editing the values later. Next, make a new page on PRIMUS Database, named Template:NameComments. Replace 'Name' with your character's name or a nickname. Something simple, and one-worded, is best. Create the page by putting noinclude and /noinclude inside tags <>. Between these two tags, place any directions for formatting that you want people to follow when posting.

Anything within those tags will NOT appear in your comment box. This allows you to create the page without adding a comment, and also serves as a good way for people to figure out what you want it to look like.

Once the page is saved, fill in the parameters from the CommentBox list you added at the beginning. Use the below Values list for help. For "name", list the name you used for the Template:NameComments

Multiple comment boxes can be used on one page, just be sure to make a new comment template page for each one.


Value Usage
headerbackground This changes the header's background color with a #000000 format. Default is white, #FFFFFF.
headertext This changes the text of the header using #000000. Default is black, #000000.
cellbg1 This changes the first table cell background color using #000000. Default is white, #FFFFFF.
cellbg2 This changes the second table cell background color using #000000. Default is white, #FFFFFF.
border This is the color of the border, using #000000. Default is black, #000000.
text This changes the comments text color with the #000000 format. Default is black, #000000.
link This changes the link colors of the box itself, but will not affect links within the comments section. The default is #0033AA.
header This allows you to name the 'header', the default being 'Comments'.
name This value is used to identify your comments page names. This should be set to whatever you named your comments page. Check the "how to use" section for more information.
width This allows you to set the width. This is measured in percentage, but you should not put down a % symbol. Just a number. I recommend 40-70. Will scale based on browser or resolution size.


 | headerbackground = #FFFFFF
 | headertext = #000000
 | cellbg1 = #FFFFFF
 | cellbg2 = #FFFFFF
 | border = #000000
 | text = #000000
 | link = #0033aa
 | header = Comments
 | name = 
 | width = 70