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The Firewatch Initiative is a task force that outsources it's services to different Governments and Organisations, to deal with issues they aren't equipped or capable of handling themselves. By any means necessary. Charity-based mercenaries, in a nutshell. Honorable ronin, willing to do pro-bono if the threat is big enough. We're very active, and very social-based. We are CC focused, and do some light rp. We also run content, do weekly events for SG members.

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  Costume Contest: Archetypes 29th October 2013

Firewatch hosted their first Costume Contest at 8PM ST in the Millennium City Powerhouse Theater. The theme was redoing archetypes! Categories were Behemoth, Grimoire, Inferno, Blade, and Soldier. There was a great turnout of heroes showing innovative looks for these archetypes. Hosting duties were performed by Chernobyl while the judging panel were Ballistic, Quiver, Hotspur, Stellar Storm, Warhawk. Also in attendance were Mosaic and Nisroc. Judging was difficult but ultimately the panel were very happy with the results!

Winners (L to R): Bastion (Behemoth), Vampress Vallurianna (Grimoire), Sunslinger (Inferno), Chevalier (Blade), Stryker (Soldier)
Honorable Mentions (L to R): Veroga (Soldier), Sergeant States (Soldier)
Firewatch Team: Host - Chernobyl, Judges - Ballistic, Quiver, Hotspur, Stellar Storm, Warhawk

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