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The Unstoppable
You feelin' lucky punk? Are Ya'?
Player: @Dangerclose50
Super Group
Eternal's Inc.
Senior Member
· Other Affiliations ·
Real Name
Vaana Ketlyn (Veronica Howler)
Fortune, Wildcat, Lady Luck, Vex.
May 21st, 1891
Jakovo, Serbia
Millennium City
Millennium City
Legal Status
Ex Felon
Marital Status
In a relationship
· Known Relatives ·
Melinka Ketlyn (Howler)- Sister, Alexander Howler - Father
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
122 Years old
Body Type
Athletic and very well toned
Naturally Blonde (Dyed often)
Bright Yellow/Green
Light, Caucasian
· Distinguishing Features ·
Full Body Tattoo's
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Accelerated Healing Factor, Retractable claws (Finger Nails), Enhanced hearing, tasting smelling and sight. Near Metallic Bones (Due to Constant Calcium Build up).
· Equipment ·
Dual (Custom) Skorpion's. Smoke Pellets, Combat Knife, Tech Gauntlet.
· Other Abilities ·


Vaana was born in Jakovo Serbia to Marianne Ketlyn and one Alexander Howler. Her mother was an Italian practitioner of magic while her father was a Feral man with many mental deficiencies such as Schizophrenia and Bi-Polar Disorder. Both of her parents before and even after Vaana's birth were part of an abusive relationship. Due to Marianne's love for Alexander she could never bring herself to leave him up until he had begun Physically and sexually assaulting her. Such attacks were traumatic and over time even she couldn't stop herself from retaliating against him in her own self defense. Being she was skilled in the dark arts she cast a curse on Alexander that would forever make him immortal, forever force him to live with the madness that had already taken hold of his mind. The hex was successful but it seemed to also make the mans madness far worse then it was before. Despite her attempts at warding the man off; she was assaulted once again which resulted in Vaana later on

Vaana also had a sister by the name of Melinka who was seven years old at the time. Melinka was there to witness her mothers death just weeks after giving birth to Vaana. Marianne had taken her own life, hanging herself from the second floor balcony of their home. This caused Melinka much grief but her father would have showed no sympathy. Taking his two children, he brought them to the wilderness where he would teach them both to 'live' and 'survive' his way. Melinka would learn to take care of Vaana and eventually learn to protect and take care of herself. Looking after her sister until she was of age to begin learning herself.

Living in the Serbian Wilderness for years, Vaana learned many things from her father and her sister. Along side her 'Pack' she would often hunt and kill creatures and even humans to satisfy her growing blood-lust. Unfortunately for them Alexander was never completely satisfied and would often beat them both for little mistakes, trying to push them to be more and more like him. Ruthless and uncaring, Melinka eventually snapped and challenged her father only to keep him down long enough so that she and her sister could eventually escape. Leaving they're father behind the two would develop a partnership and swear to always protect each-other no matter what. Melinka called herself the 'Alpha' of their two girl pack and promised to always look over Vaana so long as she did what she was told and for years the two worked side by side. Using the training of their father and their teachers to eventually become Mercenaries and Assassin's.

The two were present during histories many phases most notably World War II where Melinka and Vaana served as Partisan Snipers during the Battle of Stalingard in defense of the Russian Volga. They would soon after act as Soviet Spies, tasked with relaying information back to the Soviet Union from the country they had infiltrated, America. Though despite their contributions the cold war was lost and eventually the Union collapsed leaving them both without any real purpose. They then became hired guns who would kill, destroy and even protect for the right price. For a few years they served under their own banner before Vaana began getting cold feet; and when finally given the opportunity she simply begin a new more peaceful life in her new home in the US.


Vaana took residence in Millennium City's west-side where she lived in poverty despite having so much money from her years of work as a mercenary. Though things were different and times were tough she wanted to truly know what it felt like to live among normal people. She wanted what every other person wanted and that was the American Dream. Drive nice cars, meet beautiful women and party until the sun came up but her experiences with Poverty did nothing more then fill her with hate. She watched the Gangs and Mafia Families rob the innocent, watched as Police stood by and did nothing as the hard working people of the city were treated unfairly despite how much effort they put into correcting their lives. Vaana eventually grew fed up and decided that if the police weren't going to do anything about it then she was going to take matters into her own hands. Digging up all her mercenary equipment she went out to begin hunting down these Mobsters, these gang members. Killing, murdering and eventually torturing them until she got what she wanted, the higher ups. Using her skills, her years of experience she had began hunting her way up the ladder, starting from pawn and eventually slaying the kings. Taking the money they had, she began distributing it among the people in need. People who needed food, water, clothes and shelter.

She donated to these people but despite her good intention was apprehended and incarcerated; receiving the death sentence. Though spending two years in the can and surviving twelve attempts in the electric chair eventually it became clear that Vaana wasn't going to die, at least not easily. UNTIL made a deal with her, that saw her released and her services at their disposal for a time. Despite the mistakes she had made, the crimes she had committed UNTIL and PRIMUS found use for her both on and off the field. Where she would partake in numerous missions all over the globe as well as help train solders and new recruits. It was during this time that she met Stacy Surhoff the niece to the MCPD's Cheif Surhoff. At first Stacy saw Vaana as a rival before actually training alongside her, learning many of Vaana's techniques and even some of her personal experiences.

The two became best friends despite having parted ways they speak frequently and at times reunite to work together on certain missions. It was even thanks to her that Vaana had seen an early release from her obligations to UNTIL, being absolved of her crimes, a clean slate.

Rise of a Hero

After leaving UNTIL, Vaana used what money she had left over to buy herself a new home, this time in the heart of Millennium city in the downtown district. Despite having a nice home and all the money she had ever wanted, this was the point in Vaana's life where she had literally shut down and spiraled into a depression. Alone, confused and lost in a world completely different from the one she knew; there was but little purpose she could find. She often tried keeping herself busy by preforming odd jobs, even ones that didn't pay much like construction work before eventually becoming a personal trainer in Carl's Gym where she'd train clients and help get them into shape by working them out. At first it started with the basics, then weights and then finally she became a full fledged trainer; even helping teach clients boxing which would usher in her obsession with fitness Despite having found what she considered to be a purpose, she still felt empty inside, alone. It was during her time in the gym that she once again reunited with Stacy Surhoff whom had then again become a client of Vaana's, doing her best to learn from the woman who had helped her make it into UNTIL.

The two rekindled their friendship and ultimately became best friends once again, though as feelings had begun to develop between the two; Vaana decided it was time to break off and quit her job at Carl's gym to instead pursue another career path. It was also during this in between where Vaana had met a kind woman named Angela Light whom she had gotten involved with. When Vaana found out she was a hero, she herself became a little frightened, knowing she herself had quite the negative background she waited until the ideal time to explain herself to Angela whom although disappointed was more than understanding and accepted Vaana anyway. Vaana had long since left her criminal life behind and vowed to never return to those ways again; deciding for a time to not get involved in anything really. She stood home, frequented clubs and bars while Angela was away, finding their relationship under a lot of strain due to the nature of Angela's work she decided to make even more of an effort.

She dug up all her old gear, put it together, donned her old nickname bogatstvo (Fortune) before once again registering with UNTIL, only this time to become a hero herself and help fight the war Angela had already gotten herself involved in.

It was soon after, she joined the Eternals whom despite her background gave her a chance, one she won't ever forget.

She truly is, Fortunate.


Fortune's powers are very unique. Her brain seems to function at an accelerated rate, making her body do things differently then the normal human body. When harmed, wounds seem to heal just mere seconds later due to her enhanced healing factor that can be traced to impulses sent down from her brain into the rest of her body, triggering an almost immediate response in the blood cells that causes her body to heal at an extraordinary rate. Tests have been performed, proving that Fortune is one of the fastest Feral healers to date and that's because of the hex cast upon her father. The Hex carried on through Vaana when she was conceived and because of this her healing is enhanced even further, making her virtually immortal so long as her head is attached to her body.

Without the brain to function properly Fortune cannot receive those impulses through her body; meaning she will 'die' much like any other human being. Though the curse prevents her from -truly- dying because the moment her head is reattached it is able to once again, like any other missing appendage mend itself back onto the body without so much as a scar. Another benefit from this 'curse' is that due to it increasing the status impulses sent through her body Vaana's body is almost in a way able to calculatedly adapt, better protecting itself from damage for the next time. This has been proven to be true on numerous occasions as her bones have hardened to the point where they resemble steel. Further Analysis shows this is due to a massive calcium build up that even effects her retractable nails/claws allowing her to hack and slash through Steels and even scale metal framed buildings with ease.

Being a Feral, Fortune herself has retractable claws that root out from her fingers measuring at about 5 inches. She also has keen feral senses, smell, sight, taste and even hearing. Her unique Green/Golden eyes even allow her to see in the dark much like that of a Cat. Though her features more closely resemble that of a big cat, like a tiger. She also has slightly above average strength and speed; making her able to lunge in fashions that could even send her soaring across entire rooms.

Powers / Damage
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Fortune might be able to heal fast and even adapt considerably in most situations but that doesn't mean she is entirely immune to pain. Her body doesn't register it well and in fact it might hurt her a lot more than it hurts other people due to her mind being so attentive, informative. Even her body has its limits, if it begins healing too fast, it rapidly takes a strain on her body making it hard to muster any more energy to preform physical attacks and movements. If her body sustains far -too- much damage it is prone to a complete shut down; causing her to pass out and in extreme situations even make her heart -explode- leaving her 'dead' for hours at a time.

As she fights, Fortune might become slower and slower due to her body's constant need to pump more and more calcium into her bones, making her heavier than most. This makes it harder for her to move and makes it so she has to draw even more energy that she might not have.


Vaana doesn't make her own equipment but she gets a lot of her gadgets from her fellow Eternals. Her custom modeled Skorpion Sub Machine Guns were built by hand from an Arms-dealer back in Serbia. These Sub Machine guns are highly durable, and take both standard, and thermal clips; allowing her to quickly swap through various shots she might need in order to take some down, either it be lethal or non lethal.

She also has other weapons such as a retractable claw bracers and smoke pellets, throwing blades, sonic charges and a few handy grenades ranging from Stun to Flash.

Her own suit is made entirely out of Nano weave, and is a light but hardened material that almost resembles hardened leather. This suit serves to protect her from both the elements and attack, lessening the impact of blows throughout her body. Along with the suit, Fortune wears a sharp pointed Domino mask that often matches her selected attire. This Domino mask gives her eyes a glowing white appearance to hide their true color making it harder for one to break her identity down.



* RippedHer name is Vaana, and she believes in fitness. Really, Vaana is literally obsessed with fitness, spending most of her day in the Gym if she's not out frequenting a bar or just flat out kicking ass.

* Savage EyesBright green almost gold eyes are the norm for Vaana when she's not wearing her mask. They house within them, a vicious savagery.

* Boyish HairVaana isn't what you'd consider a girly girl, she's a tomboy to the core and prefers even a mans style of dress versus most woman's clothing.


* The AceVaana would just like to sit you down and remind you that, she's the best there is at what she does and what she does isn't very nice. She can be cocky and at times overconfident.

* The BerserkerVaana can get angry real fast and that's putting it lightly. In the middle of a fight she is prone to losing control and lashing out against her target though she tries to control this as best as possible.

* Snarker While Vaana may seem like a cool laid back individual, its when she puts on the mask that she transforms completely. Its all business then, everything is serious and she can even become rather bitter at times to both friend and foe should she not agree with them particularly.

* The Nose KnowsVaana has a tendency to judge or almost read someone mainly due to her animal instinct. Though she often denies it and tries not to, once she picks up that first scent, she's already begun formulating a feeling about you.

Morality & Philosophy

* Code of HonorVaana has been on both sides of the fence, now however she finds herself on the right side. She has developed her own code of honor based on following the laws set out by the government and other official's.

* Good is not NiceFortune believes you have to have a more hands on approach with everything. Sometimes you have to beat the living crap out of the bad guy in order to protect the innocent, she isn't very nice.

* Good Feels GoodFortune loves doing good, loves being a hero because even if she's a little rough around the edges, she does have a heart.

Combat and Powers

* Healing FactorFortune heals real fast. Recovers from wounds that might appear to even be fatal for a normal human being in mere seconds. She's even survived a nuclear explosion, though with major complications later on. For a time her healing factor had seemingly 'shut off'.

* Krav MagaFortune has been around for a very long time and so it comes to no surprise that she's became a 9th Dan in Krav Maga, a brutal, heavy hitting fighting style that breaks bones, tears muscle and even fatally kills in the right hands. Abandon all but what is useful.

* Good ol' fistcuffsGrowing up, Fortune learned how to fight; the savage way from both her father and her sister. So when that savage mentality takes over, she'll be ready.

* Retractable Wristblade' Almost never without one of her bracers, Vaana can draw three blades out from it. With a rough flick of her wrist, she applies pressure to the bracer and that causes the blades to extract. In order to properly secure them she curls her fingers into a fist, keeping the pressure on in order to stop them from retracting. Though while drawn they make it extremely difficult to rotate ones fists and preform other hand actions and these claws are prone to breaking, though are made from an extremely durable metal: Titanium Steel.

* Natural ClawsVaana is a Feral and because of this she has a natural set of claws that stem/root out from where her fingernails are. These claws closely resemble those of big game cats and extend, up to 5 inches, before curling to fully form the claw. These are entirely natural, and work hand in hand with the rest of her Skeleton. They can be both extracted and retracted, able to carve their way through most metals at full length.

* The GunslingerGuns, Guns, Guns. With such natural weapons why would one have to use guns? Because Vaana is a good shot, that's why. For years she has worked alongside her sister using guns, she loves guns and has put many years into honing her skills. An expert sharpshooter whom had served during the battle of Stalingrad, it comes to no surprise that she's good with these weapons. She herself wields two custom retro-fitted Russian Skorpions.

RP Hooks

- Vaana is obsessed with Fitness and visits Carl's Gym or any other Gym she can get herself into regularly. Its possible you have seen her there.

- Vaana has been around for many, many years; over a hundred so its possibly that if your character puts everything together they might know that.

- Vaana was for a time known as the West Side butcher thanks to her past actions against the Mafia, other Mafia's may have heard of her as well as other heroes who might look into her file.

- Vaana is a registered hero, her identity is -still- secret to the public but it really isn't hard to put together, look at the hair.

- Fortune was once a mercenary, it is quite possible you worked with or against her at some point or at least heard of her that way.

- Vaana used to be a personal trainer in Carls Gym, it is quite possible she's worked you out.

- Vaana is a freelancing tattoo artist and former artist for Chronic Ink situated in west-side. She could have inked you up.

- Eternals Inc Official merchandise sells a set of three retractable wrist-bladed Tiger Claws made in plastic, as well as Action figures that are discontinued a mere week after production had begun. Few were made, making them an absolute rarity among collectors. Only the -biggest- of fans could possibly get their hands on one of these.

- V, tried to become a DJ but that was short lived. She played at Caprice a few times but is better known for her work in the minefield.

Eternals, Inc.

"He's the boss, as far as I can tell he's a good one at that."

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- The direct inspiration behind Fortune was that of the Wolverine whom is my personal favorite super hero of all time. There are some traits of Wolverine's nemesis as well, Sabretooth and even a few twists of my own tossed in. I knew I couldn't go about giving her an adamantium skeleton and retractable claws rooting from between her fingers so instead I found other ways to incorporate my favorite aspects of such an amazing hero, an amazing character. Just a disclaimer to all she in no way acts like Logan. In fact, in many ways she can be different from him. Its only when she puts on the mask does she have a similar style. She herself is entirely her own character but I will not deny that direct inspiration had come from Wolverine and because of such I consider this almost a tribute to him.

- Secondary inspiration would be Batman whom is really more or less the detective side of her, the one who uses all the gadgets on that utility belt of hers.

Feel Free to Leave any IC Comments.