The Vigil

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The Vigil
Player: @Rotundo
Revenant Vigilante
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jack McCormick
Known Aliases: The Vigil
Gender: Male
Species: Human (Undead)
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Place of Birth: Chicago, IL
Base of Operations: Chicago
Relatives: Nathanial and Susan McCormick, parents (deceased); Marianne McCormick (wife, deceased); Cary McCormick (son, deceased)
Age: 30 at time of death
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120 lb
Eyes: Clouded
Hair: Falling Out
Complexion: Corpse Grey
Physical Build: Lean
Physical Features: Rotting
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 1929-1935; 2012-present
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Private Investigator
Education: Law Enforcement School
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Limited spellcasting, innate magical ability/resistance, undead
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Twin pistols, family photos
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Jack always wanted to be a police officer, like his father before him. He completed his schooling and became a full fledged member of the Chicago PD as a beat cop, patrolling the streets in the time of Al Capone and other bootleggers. He quickly made a name for himself as someone who got the job done, didn't go on the take, and stuck to his guns. But he also had ambitions, one that would compel him to become a detective. His superiors thought he had the skills and aptitude for it; his analytical talents was wasted busting up fights or solving domestic disputes.

Now he was a detective in the vice department, a cushy position if there ever was one. Around that time he met the love of his life, Marianne, at a jazz club and after a few years they decided to tie the knot. Things seemed to be going well - he had a family started, he worked hard...but it wasn't enough. The fiery young hotshot was growing frustrated by corruption and the continued criminal escapades in the city. Something needed to be done, and he began to get an idea.

Enter The Vigil. With a simple disguise and his trusty pistols, Jack began to moonlight as a vigilante, using his police knowledge to ruthlessly hunt down criminals. Many fell to his guns, and he showed no mercy. However, it began to take a toll on his family life - his wife did not appreciate his sudden disappearances over the weekend. Combined with his job, stress and fatigue mounted and he seemed to become more violent by the month. But he couldn't stop; he refused. The nights became a blur of gunpowder, blood and the stench of the city.

Matters finally came to a violent head when he received a tip from one of his informants about a deal going down between rival mob families at a warehouse. Jack made his move, but the joke was on him: it was an ambush. He was violently gunned down by the enemies he had made, and his bullet riddled corpse was dumped in the wilderness. He died without ever reconciling with his family and friends. Normally, this would have been the end...

...until the present day when Jack came back to life. Disoriented and lost, he was horrified to discover he was a walking corpse in a world that had moved on. Suicide was impossible; desperate he took refuge in an old mansion and attempted to piece everything back together. His old detective skills kicked in and he began to understand his situation. Someone, or something, had revived him, but he had no idea who. But he knew he was alive again for a purpose; making the mansion his new HQ, he took up his identity once more and began a private eye service. Now he fights the supernatural as well as ordinary crime, all the while hoping to unravel the mysterious of his resurrection. The Vigil prowls the shadows once more.


Death has largely mellowed out Jack from the ruthless, hot tempered young man he was before. He is calmer, more controlled and more world weary than he was before. He rarely loses his cool and always has a critical eye towards any problem he tackles. If undeath has taught him one thing, it's patience; one doesn't have to worry about the passage of time as much. He sometimes drifts off in thought or reacts slowly to things happening around him, as a byproduct of his physiology. Sometimes it takes a more warm blooded person to snap him back to reality.

Living in the modern age has been a tough adjustment, one he is still dealing with. He still has outdated views on things and even forgets what age he's in, but for the most part he has acclimated to the social climate. He has a bad habit of making elaborate, depressing analogies in his speech, sometimes without even realizing it. His jadedness has not diminished his passion for doing the right thing, and he is willing to help out anyone, no matter what they look like. He likes to give advice to other folk based on his own experiences.

Combat and Powers

As a revenant, The Vigil boasts impressive durability and stamina compared to normal humans. While he still takes damage, he cannot feel pain, and he never feels tired, hungry or thirsty. He must still rest to center himself and allow time for his body to regenerate wounds; notably, he reverts to the state of decay he was in at the time of his resurrection, rather than heal fully. When faced with gun toting villains, his usual MO is to simply wade through the gunfire and make no effort to dodge.

He has also discovered some magical talent, with the ability to fire bolts of pure arcane energy which he uses alongside his favorite weapons, a pair of semiautomatic pistols. He also dabbles in basic sorcery, such as hexes and charms. His knowledge of the arcane is most used for solving problems in his investigations.