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Welcome to @Bernard_The_Beast's User Page! Currently under construction.


Bronx - A bestial paramilitary street-level crime fighter.

Bergrox - A Manimal Bear.

Bjorn - A half-bigfoot/half-human crime-fighting archer.

Kodiak - A human, crime-fighting soldier with a bestial mutant gene.

Brogan - A mystical being obsessed with sports and athletics.

Bohdan - A squat, strong, intellectual alien--Superman, without the good looks.

Grom - A Manimal Gorilla.

Baird - A humanoid Gryphon of fantasy whose religion is Heavy Metal.

Brandur - A nordic fire mage from the realm of fantasy.

Benson - An aging Valet who uses Power Armor to fight crime.

Benson Jr. - Stepson to Benson Sr, who also fights crime.

Balthazaros - An amoral, anti-heroic anti-villain, monster and sorcerer, once a powerful Fae.

Bernhardt - A brawny German engineer who uses Power Armor to fight crime and life an alter-ego.

Zhi'Qiang - A humanoid dragon from a Wuxia-style realm of legendary Chinese mysticism.

Zoku - A genetically modified Roin'esh gladiator, redeemed after arriving on Earth.

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