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Mod's Note: This is more of a placeholder than anything. I wanted to get on board with the idea of creating an "NPC" character to throw concept and costume ideas into without wasting slots on characters I might not ever fully develop. This page may feature characters used in NPC@epelesker as well as short summaries of full-fledged characters that might not be deserving of their own pages (yet)-- there's also the possibility that profiles here might graduate to their own articles!

Some details on this page regarding certain characters are not finalized.

Non-Playable Characters (NPC@epelesker)


Speculated to be hired by ARGENT to reclaim the suit Rodney now permanently wears as the Wheelman, the mutant publicly known as Blowout is able to cause miniature explosions with concussive impacts. He must wear excessive amounts of equipment to keep his powers in check lest they backfire.


A young heroine, ally to Spriggan and Roc. Along with a suite of psionic abilities, Codex's body is a "living library" from which she may be able to retrieve information.


The main nemesis of Millionaire.


Mutant private investigator with a friendly, yet incorrigibly bumbling attitude. The upper layers of his skin and flesh becomes gum-like and adhesive when exposed to moisture.


Lawful Force

Lucky Leaf

Probability manipulation. Irish.



Full name Ezekiel Morse. A meta-psychiatrist assigned to Sullivan Cleaner to help deal with his emerging empathic powers, Morse secretly attempted to use his position to mentally control the boy's entire family and induct them into PSI. It was the climax of this plot that led to Sullivan's mind becoming separated from his true body and resulted in the "birth" of the creature known as Sludd. The whereabouts of Morse are unknown, though it is speculated that he may be inhabiting Sullivan's true body.


A friend of Spriggan and ally of Codex. Roc boasts incredible strength and endurance, and his impressive wing-arms allow him to fly.

Silhouette Sam