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Hello All!

Hello! Welcome to my character index! From here you will see my characters and links to their pages along with my personal notes on them. I have completed several of my character's pages and I still have more on the way. I am also doing pages for my friends who don't quite grasp the PDB's functions, they too will be listed here once completed.

These characters are quite active and if you want to Roleplay with them and your characters just send me a message ingame.



Just A Little Bit About Me

My Roleplaying Experience: I've been a bonafied Roleplayer since 2010, starting out in DC Universe Online. Quite honestly I never knew Role-Playing existed before then, but I was addicted once I started. I primarily learned RP by watching others and tips from friends. I moved to CO in 2011 after a majority of my DCUO buddies vanished for no reason and created Night Spider as my first character and eventually got immersed in CO Roleplay after joining the "X-Pelled Mutant Academy" SG, where I have met many friends who remain to this day. I've been leading many SGs since then such as Titan Institute, Nexus Academy and now The Nexus Force. I have so far planned and ran four very successful story arcs of my own while also co-planning many more. Roleplaying has very much become an outlet for me to expand my creativity while leading an SG has given me important lessons on leading in real life.

My Personality: I've always been quite passive and soft-spoken. However I can also be very determined if I put my mind to it. In new RPing zones (like with new people and such) I tend to get very shy, however this only lasts a short time. When around my fellow SG members and friends I am more normal and can even act as a leader. To all I am mature, wise, lighthearted and thoughtful. I have rarely taken issues with anyone (as it takes a lot of effort to upset me). I also find it much easier to communicate via texts, as past incidents IRL have left my voice weak. It is only recently that I've started to talk on Skype with friends.

My Preferences: I can handle many forms of RP, however like many I draw the line at ERPing. None of my characters ERP. I can handle "fade away" Romance Scenes for character development but not much else. I am not Homophobic but I don't RP as lesbian, bi, or gay due to how awkward I'd feel. I'm also slightly, and I mean slightly put off by bad grammar, I am tolerant of those who at least put effort into it but not those who type like they don't know any conceivable language. I am against Godmoding and OP ness and I prefer my characters to have reasons and purposes to be in an RP scenario. By no means am I elitist, but I have a few standards.

Were You Can Find Me: I don't normally hang around Caprice but I do RP in Sharerras if I have reason to. Some of my characters such as Ebon Widow, Lady Recluse, Mr. Lantern and Detective Shade can be hired to do certain jobs that fit their professions. Ebony Tarantula and The Arachni are my main Villain group and can be used as origins for other characters, however I do seek to make The Arachni an SG one day.

First Generation Character Index


Night Spider

Ebon Widow

Detective Shade


Ebony Tarantula

Mr. Lantern

Lady Recluse

Second Generation Character Index



Duncan O'Grady



William Thorne




The Arachni

The Nexus Force

Commissioned Pages

The Infinity Prophets

Pages in planning..

  • Parker Materdore Dynamics (A corporation owned by both James Parker and The Materdore Family. This company openly creates almost futuristic tech for government groups and heroes, but now is starting to work on social gadgets to be used by the public)
  • The Spider Family (Night Spider along with his past apprentices and close allies)