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Characters & Pages

Sterga: My Main. Working to start her own business and build an empire to crush Margaret once and for all. Hints or stories of Sterga's present appear under current events. More stories and additional info are on my site.

Flawless: My guild. It's a PvE and RP guild with an emphasis on creativity. Builds, costumes, stories.

Updates for my sites and hints on what Sterga is doing now on Twitter.


Cool Text: This site lets you make pretty headings and such. Pretty sure this is the site most people use.

The Gimp: What I use for image editing. I prefer this over Photoshop since the interface doesn't look like shit or a mac. Also, Photoshop isn't free.

W3Schools: HTML and CSS reference. For those of you who don't just steal code from other pages. Without having the decency to give credit. Assholes.

Color Scheme Designer: Lets you play with colors themes. Enter a color, find other colors that work well with it. See those colors in a sample page. You can also see how the colors look for anyone with colorblindness.

Visual Studio 2010: Wait, what? Yeah, I added a PHP server plug-in so I can generate all this code. Screw editing every damn header when I want to change somethings when I can just make functions and use variables. When you look at the source code for most of my pages, it probably looks like crap. And I don't care. Because you're just going to steal my code anyway. And not bother to give credit.

Those Filthy Alts

Not all of them, but the ones that are high enough level that I most likely won't delete them. Maybe.


Apathy Girl

My first character and main for awhile. The theory behind AG is she kills people with the power of her mind. She didn't become a hero because she wanted to, she did it because she lives in a crappy neighborhood and people kept trying to mug her. One of the videos ended up on YouTube and she became a local celebrity overnight.


Battle Lass

From an icy planet that was destroyed, she ended up here. Her powers bounce between ice, lightning, and wind.


Willamina Waylay

She shoots people in the face with arrows and heals using sentinel mastery.



Abusing the Kickback and Automated assault, Briccio is a PA using robotic pet master. He rolls up and starts unloading while his cute little sidekicks swarm opponents.



Some sort of mercenary or assassin. Yeah, that's as far as I got with her story. Shoots people in the face with a laser rifle.


Officer Galvic

A cop patrolling Westside. She grew up as part of a gang and was arrested several times for minor offenses. Just before her 18th birthday, a judge gave her an ultimatum, go to jail for five years or get her shit together and join the police academy. She chose wisly, but pissed off her gang leader. Her old gang tried to kill her and as a result Officer Galvic lost an eye.


Punchy McPunches

He punches things in the face and is tough as hell. Can easily tank Gravitar while the rest of the team takes a nap and can survive an unblocked death bubble most of the time. Terrible damage so far. Was granted the power of earth by spirits in the forest. This ended his boxing career, much to his wife's delight. Has minor shape-shifting abilities and his kids love it when he shifts into a wolfman.


Totally Not A Bank Robber

She would never ever rob a bank. Honest.


Skull Collector

This is what happens when necromancy goes bad. He was a bounty hunter that made many enemies. One was a Necromancer who had him killed and used his body for research. Skully doesn't remember his name or most of his previous life, but he still fights on the side of justice despite his horrific appearance.