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Welcome to the Primus Database User Page for the man known simply as Bush throughout the game Champions Online! A twenty two year old male located in Meridian, Mississippi of the United States. Currently he is going through his residential police academy in hopes of becoming a law enforcement officer to protect his fair small city. Presented below are his in-game characters and supergroups. Hope you enjoy!

  • Anarchy01Banner.png

A 'high class punk' Vril-Ya Nephilim that came from rags to riches to claim the American Dream and establish a pocket of independence for herself and loved ones.

  • VagabondTitle01.png

An ex-smuggling occult investigator who embodies the expression 'oxymoron' while holding the self-entitlement of the 'Candy-Goth Magi'.

  • LibertyInitiative Logo.png

Based in Grosse Ile, Michigan, the Liberty Initiative is a team dedicated to national defense funded by Roy Enterprises and led by Anarchy.

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