Superior Lad (Jor'Qor-Il)

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Character is based on Jon Lane Kent and Kon-El from DC's New 52 Universe

Superior Lad
Player: @somerandomkid500
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS
Power Level: pending
Research & Development:
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jor'Qor-Il
Known Aliases: Jack Rothschild Suffolk, Superior Lad, Gravity Boy, Quantum Kid, Ultimate Human
Gender: Male
Species: Kelvarian
Ethnicity: Half-Kelvarian Colonist, Half-Human
Place of Birth: Dynamic Technologies Genetics Lab
Base of Operations: Mobile
Relatives: Rebecca Rothschild (Mother), Kel'll (Father), Kar'Il (Energy Girl, Cousin)
Age: 15
Height: 5'6
Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Blue (Sky Blue, when using gravity powers)
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair
Physical Build: Slim, Athletic
Physical Features: Kelvarian "Barcode" Tattoo on Right Arm
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


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Identity: Public
Years Active: 0
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Unoccupied
Education: Implanted memories of Superior
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Gravity Manipulation, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Durability, Flight, Limited Telekinesis, Gravitonic Force Blasts, Energy Absorption, Telekinetic X-Ray Vision, Seismic Sense, Accelerated Healing Factor, Force Field Creation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Gravity Containment Suit
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The Son of Superior

On an alternate Earth, John Suffolk a.k.a Superior is a publicly known hero and is looked at as hero of the New Millennium. The New Millennium features a handful of new heroes wither they are descendants of original heroes or have taken up mantles of old ones. Even though Superior can live forever he will age tremendously and he will need an "heir" to his superhero career, thats where the minds at Dynamic Labs come in and they decide they will create a clone of Superior.
Superior Lad facing off with his "trainer" Brickhouse and using his newly acquired power of heat vision
In the beginning the scientists begin to work on a genetically-engineered human body which they infuse with Kelvarian colonist DNA, the body template melts before their eyes leaving them to discover a simple human template can't handle Kelvarian DNA by itself and so they create a clone using Superior's archived DNA and no-nonsense former warden of Stronghold, Rebecca Rothschild. The Clone was almost complete until it showed signs of degeneration and had to be stabilized quick. That was when Gravity Researcher, Johnathon Dawson used his special G-Force Serum to stabilize the clone's degenerating body, the G-Force Serum was designed as a way to create a new breed of super soldiers which was quickly scraped due to unknown circumstances. After finally being saved from degeneration Dynamic Labs created, Jor'Qor-ll, The Superior Lad.
Superior Lad in testing his Energy Absorption by being hit with lasers that mimic the properties of Electrical (blue), Heat (red), Radiation (green), and Solar Energy (yellow)
Superior Lad lifting up to 10-20 tons with a Neutronium-cored weight block.

Superior Lad: Released

Finally Jor'Qor-Il was free and could use his new powers which he used to kill all the scientists and seek shelter in a penthouse he took over. Jor thought he was invisible and could do anything and committed a series of crimes and attacks and was listed as an Omega-Level Metahuman thanks to his gravity manipulation making him completely untouchable, Jor was truly a Superior Lad. Jor's recent acts caught the eye of Kel'll also known as Superior and he tried to bring the young boy in only to be beaten by his fellow clone and Jor flew miles away from Neo-Millennium City.

The Ultimate Human

Reports of Jor'Qor-Il's brutal and deadly acts have caught the eye of many superteams and cities across the globe and listed as the "Ultimate Human" but when Jor'Qor-Il revealed himself the "son" of Superior he soon had the citizens of Neo-Millennium City turn against him and eventually chase the hero away from earth and to never be seen again. As for the "Ultimate Human" Jor was targeted by the military to be brought in for DNA testing so they can use his blood to create a new super soldier serum, but this improved impossible after there are no traces of any archived Kelvarite anywhere left on the world so Jor was unobtainable and too powerful.

Out with the Old in with the New

Jor soon became Public Enemy #1 and was came close to possibly ruling Neo-Millennium City with an iron fist. Finally the PRIMUS and UNTIL decided to act on a plan on which they can send Jor to an alternate dimension or Earth so he can no longer be a menace to the city. While Jor was on his murder spree throughout Downtown, Millennium City, PRIMUS sent out jets and planes to corner Jor with some newly created guns that had synthesized the chemical properties of Kelvarite so that they can weaken Jor and keep him stunned long enough til they can open the dimensional portal to the alternate earth.

Jor spiraling through a dimensional portal eventually sending him to Champions Earth

Jor was weakened and showed signs of fatigue once this was done the planes then used Cross-Dimensional Transporters mounted on the planes "nose" which they fired directly at Jor and within minutes he was gone and was now on a nauseating trip between space and time he soon passed out as hes body was sent into the nearest destination the time-belt could send him. Jor soon awoke on "Champions Earth", Champions Earth was the "past" to Jor being that he was from the future and in this timeline people like James Harmon is still Defender and The Champions roster still composes of Defender, Ironclad, Sapphire, Kinetik, and Witchcraft.

Jor soon met with Nor'Qor-ll, aka Superior Lad. Nor decided to kill Jor being that he thought Jor was a clone of him, but Jor proved too powerful and defeated Nor but decided to locked him away in a undisclosed location where people wouldn't get any suspicious ideas on what happened to Nor'Qor-ll. After defeating Nor and locking him away Jor decided to label himself the new Superior Lad while still being thought to public as the original.

A Change of Heart


Nice to Meet You, Jack (Rothschild) Suffolk


Rise of the Teen Champions


Powers and Abilities

  • Gravity Manipulation: Thanks to the G-Force serum, Jor'Qor-Il can manipulate gravitational fields and use them to manipulate flight, make things heavier or lighter, or bend it into "Force" bolts. Jor'Qor-Il's gravity manipulation is far too unstable and he requires to wear a special Gravity Containment Suit to keep his powers aligned, He can use his personal gravity field to make himself lighter allowing him to fly and he can also use it to make things like helicopters lighter for him to lift being that his super strength alone allows him to lift only to 10-50 tons.

  • Personal Gravity Field: Jor'Qor-Il's personal gravity field allows him to make himself lighter allowing flight, make objects lighter or heavier, and create special "Force" bolts to use a projectile weapons.

  • Superhuman Strength: Jor'Qor-Il can lift up to 10-50 tons. By manipulating his personal gravity field he can make some objects lighter if he can do it with his super strength alone.

  • Superhuman Durability: By having the DNA of Kelvarian Colonist, Jor'Qor-Il possesses superhuman durability rarely flinching from any beating he's given and never gaining any scars. Bullets appear to ricochet against him rather than damage him and he has never received so much as a bruise in the public's eye.

  • Gravitonic Force Blasts: Not a common power in Kelvarians, but Jor-Qor'll can fire darts of solid energy known as "force bolts" at his enemies.
Superior Lad's gravity blasts are strong enough and capable of throwing the Death Dragon off balance in their duel shortly after being summoned by Hi-Pan
  • Simulated Heat Vision: Jor'Qor-Il can vibrate molecules so fast they catch fire thus creating his own form of "heat vision" but When absorbing Heat Energy, Jor'Qor-Il can perform the actual form of heat vision with radioactive properties.

  • Force Field Creation: With the help of his gravity manipulation, Jor-Qor-ll can create solid energy barriers which he can use to protect himself, allies, or stop bullets and overpowering foes.

  • Flight: With the DNA of Superior in his blood, Jor'Qor-Il can fly at supersonic speeds and is known to make himself lighter by manipulating his personal gravity field to fly to Point A to Point B when rendered unable to fly regularly.

  • Seismic Sense: Jor'Qor-Il is able to pick up even the slightest vibrations through physical contact with the ground, enabling him to perceive his surroundings as precisely as normal sight. Jor can also sense the structure and materials of solid substances, including the presence of caves, material changes, structural weaknesses, etc.

  • Telekinetic X-Ray Vision: Probably a side-effect of his Seismic Sense, Jor'Qor-Il can use his limited range of telekinesis and Seismic Sense to mimic X-Ray Vision which he can use to see through all solid objects.

  • Limited Telekinesis: Jor'Qor-Il possesses a unknown range of telekinesis probably a side-effect of the G-Force Serum. It is unknown if his telekinesis can allow him to create telepathic constructs.

  • Energy Absorption: Jor'Qor-Il is known to absorb Heat Energy, Radiation Energy, Electrical Energy, and Solar Energy and use it to physically enhance his powers for a limited amount of time before they burn out.

  • Accelerated Healing Factor: Jor'Qor-Il can heal rather quick then normal humans being able to recover from bruises and broken bones in under 24 hours.


  • Gravity Containment Suit: The Gravity Containment suit was specially designed to suppress the large amounts of gravitational energy Jor'Qor-Il's body can give off while still leaving him able to use his powers effectively.


  • Kelvarite: Like all Kelvarian colonists they are ironically made vulnerable by an isoptope of mineral known to give humans superpowers: Kelvarite. The radiation emitted from the rocks induces a reversible chemical reaction within the cells of the Kelvarian colonists. It removes their powers while causing them immense pain as it happens. It is one of very few things truly capable of killing a member of the species. Currently, there are no known isotopes of the specific Kelvarite variant required to injure a Kelvarian on Earth.

((Jor'Qor-Il does not know of this weakness and Kelvarite is extremely rare to find on Earth so do not try to exploit this weakness))

  • Psionics: Powerful psionis like Menton can break through Jor'Qor-Il's personal gravity field making him vulnerable to psionic attacks. He can resist them for a short time before suffering from an extreme headache.

  • Short-Tempered: Jor'Qor-Il can be short-tempered when it comes to being stressed out or on the brink of defeat. This usually sends him into a blinding rage and can sometimes emit so much gravitational energy that objects and sometimes people to slowly lift into the air.

  • Power Instability To keep Earth and all its residents safe, Jor'Qor-Il's gravity field can emit so much gravitional energy that it can send everyone plummeting into outer space. To avoid this Jor'Qor-Il is required to wear a Gravity Containment Suit to contain his unstable gravity powers while still leaving him able to manipulate his gravity field enough to create force bolts, etc.

  • Gravitational Wave Detectors: Some superhero, villain, and regular scientists have discovered that Jor'Qor-Il's body can be detected on Gravitational Wave Detectors and thus can be tracked with ease.

Superior Lad bound in a glue-like substance and weakened with synthetic Kelvarite gas (left) and Superior Lad being hit with a Kelvarite laser (right)


  • The name "Jor" means Anomaly in Kelvarian. The "anomaly" in Superior Lad is yet to be discovered but many believe that the anomaly is that hes a clone that lacks true Kelvarian abilities.
  • Its said then when he gets older he could possibly develop the natural abilities of an actual Kelvarian colonist, but being that hes still in his teens its possible these powers won't manifest til hes in his twenties.
  • Many believe hes the son of Gravitar or at least in cahoots with her being that his gravity powers match hers and could possibly be as strong as her when hes at older.

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