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Player: @Ouroboros1988
"You have been deemed hazardous."
Biographical Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Adra
Gender: Female (Technically)
Species: Cyborg, Human
Ethnicity: Formerly Caucasian
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: None
Age: 3
Height: 6'4
Weight: 550lb
Eyes: Orange, electronic
Hair: Short, dark
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Mechanical
Physical Features: Mechanical skeleton, armoured
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 2
Citizenship: None
Occupation: Hero
Education: Extensive Programming
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

Olympus Technologies

“Welcome to Olympus!

Here at Olympus Technologies; we pride ourselves on developing the latest in state-of-the-art personal security and defense systems for the discerning citizen. From the simplest official Personal Alert systems indorsed by UNTIL and police organisations nationwide, to PRIMUS military contracts on systems development and logistics.

We here at Olympus hope you enjoy your stay here at our Millennium City Headquarters. Remember; think better, think Olympus.”

- Quotation from Olympus TechnologiesTM lobby message.

Olympus Technologies is a mid-range tech firm based in Millennium City Centre. With business acumen of Science for Science’s sake, they believe anything is achievable through the proper application of logic and persistence; as well as no little money.

The company of a few hundred is owned in turn by a conglomerate bank and financial arm of a privately owned organization known as BSR Incorporated. Having been bought out at the onset of their new line of research & development, shares in the company have soared since the weight of backing increased the results from their research ten-fold.

With several successes under their belt so far, they are currently working on a number of projects for military and policing applications.

The Nemesis Project

Requested by UNTIL, UNITY and PRIMUS as a joint research venture; several technology companies vied for first place for the contract with prototypes to fit the projects requirements.

“Create a ‘hero’. Using whatever means you have at your disposal, a ‘hero’ that can be relied upon to fight for us, take direction from us and remain active for at least twenty years.”

- Quotation from joint research task force, headed by UNTIL.

Racing for the contract Olympus Technologies began development in earnest; using previously tested and proven technologies along with new research on biological systems they attempted to create a ‘hero’.

Over the course of the first few years of development, Olympus systems suffered major set-backs in its implementation of its proposals, relying upon biological systems proved ineffective in lab-grown samples and artificially designed organic circuitry, UNTIL were skeptical Olympus’ attempts to fulfill the technical requirements would ever come together.

It was pointed out by team leader Arthur White for Olympus that they required a more complete organic circuitry model and more complex support systems for said organic material. He postulated that what they in fact needed was a willing ‘donor’.

“He’s a genius; and he feels no remorse for the fact.”

- Quotation from Jase Carter regarding project leader, Arthur White.

Within days of a red-letter from the joint research commission regarding their lack of progress, Olympus got what they so needed. A perfect volunteer passed away, leaving her body to medical science.

While her name is protected by international security conventions, the aforementioned donor left the entirety of her remains to medical science, which Olympus vied for and won due to their PRIMUS connections.

Using the donated organic material, they quickly worked up a prototype for The Nemesis Project involving advanced surgical techniques, state of the art robotics and metallurgical research as well as classified biological preservation and restoration technologies to create a prototype cybernetic-organism.

The unit was dubbed Adrasteia by Arthur White and quickly presented to the research commission in Millennium City.

The Adrasteia unit blew-away all of its competition by sheer dint of superiority. The biological systems used proved to gel perfectly with the mechanics and quantum connection technology Olympus used in linking a human brain to an artificial neurological system and robotic skeleton. Adrasteia was faster, stronger and smarter than all of her competitors; as well as utilizing a certain degree of creativity, adaptation and even instinct.

Early results were very promising for Olympus; earning them recognition in the financial community and extra backing from an international company, now they had the funding to really pour into this project.

Having won the contract to develop Adrasteia for ‘heroic’ work and duties, Olympus quickly entered into Alpha testing and product review. The Adrasteia unit was also presented to the WHO; registered as a new ‘life-form’ and specifications offered she was cleared to exist for the moment, while her status is a moot issue, she is currently counted as ‘non-human’, questions of her free will and whether she even registers ‘feelings’ have meant she is not afforded ‘rights’ at this time.

Three years later; the Adrasteia unit is currently in Beta testing and out of the lab, working in Millennium City as part of her systems testing.

Adrasteia; The Inescapable

Adrasteia is a cybernetic organism manufactured by Olympus Technologies. Encompassing everything the tech-based firm believed a ‘hero’ needed in both physical abilities and programming guidance.

With robotic digitigrade legs and a machinised segmented tail; the Adrasteia unit is designed for perfect balance and unbelievable strength while maintaining a sleek form.

Adrasteia stands just over six feet tall and weighing just over five hundred and fifty pounds; over ninety percent of her body is artificial, utilizing state-of-the-art robotics, newly developed alloys and power systems, as well as controversial quantum technologies and neurological interfaces.

The only part of her that ‘looks’ organic, or alive, is a portion of her face that was salvaged upon recovery for the project. It was a controversial move by the engineers and psychologists involved in order to maintain a degree of ‘humanity’ in the design. Her skin is very pale, almost white due to the chemicals used in her preservation and oxygenation; she has no blood. Her eyes are artificial, electronic in nature, using advanced sensor grids and scanning elements the Adrasteia unit can scan and see on almost all frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum, excluding extremely long wavelengths such as Radio-waves and Microwaves.

“Those eyes man; they remind me of a shark or, somethin’. Just soulless… Like a doll’s eyes.”

- Quotation from a conversation amongst Olympus personnel assigned to development of Adrasteia.

Her entire body is an armoured robotic skeleton, which houses all of her power systems and vital organic components, including a human brain, heart, right lung, kidney and a portion of liver—all from the same donor. These tissues and organs were harvested from the donor at the time of their death; making a perfect balance of ‘natural’ organic support systems and just enough life to ensure the brains survival under optimum conditions.

The donated brain has proved to be the projects biggest asset. Able to function consciously; to think pro-actively and constructively about problems and even have ideas to solve tasks, it is capable of all of this at a speed greater than the latest processors available else-where.

Before instigation of the program, the donated brain was wiped of all memories and information relating to the donor and the life they led before death. This was achieved through electronic manipulation of brain cells within the brain’s tissues, scrambling key memory segments akin to scrambling a hard drive. A crude comparison, but it has been made before now. Information relating to ‘living’ and skills were left intact.

“So you’re sure she won’t remember? I can’t tell you how bad it would be if she--… Well, can you imagine realizing you’re you, and seeing ‘that’ face looking back at you in a mirror?”

- Quotation from Olympus employed psychologist regarding the memory wipe.

Along with a neurological computer interface, the organic brain was subject to programming and instituted command protocols. Using the basis of the ‘Three Laws of Robotics’, Adrasteia has a list of command prompts she is forced to follow above all other things, these directives designed to ensure her continued service in the name of good as a ‘hero’.

She was designed to be the perfect, artificial hero. While the genetics of the donated organics were certainly fortuitous, allowing for perfect merging of organics and electronics, the rest of the components used are cutting edge giving the unit a real edge in combat and emergency situations.

At this time Adrasteia is still under-going testing; in the Beta round of testing she has come to utilize holo-net technologies employed by UNTIL and other police organisations for provide herself with a ‘disguise’, fulfilling one of the last points of the research task. This complex light-projection device makes her look human, giving her the image of a young lithe woman, who looks rather fragile on account of her thin figure.

To the end of perfecting a workable alias and disguise, Olympus have also instituted personality simulation programs and directives in order for Adrasteia to socialize, learn and adapt to the people she meets. This gives Adrasteia a rather undiscerning image most of the time; making her appear to be a young unthreatening woman dressed casually.

Design Strengths and Specifications

Super-Strength. With an armoured metallic skeleton Adrasteia has advanced artificial muscles and mechanisms capable of immense physical force without sustaining damage. The limits of her physical strength are yet untested, it is known however that the unit is capable of lifting a semi-truck from the ground and throwing it with great force to neutralize a threat.

Indestructible, almost. The alloys making up her construction are extremely tough; resistant to bending, breaking and cutting they are Iridium hardened Titanium, along with other elemental ingredients. Research done on these metals is based upon alloys discovered in Mechanon constructions as well as Destrium, Doctor Destroyer’s most famous invention.

A plan for every eventuality. Adrasteia’s design encompasses features to combat every eventuality her creators could visualize. From water-proofing, space-readiness and very high temperature resistance to next-to-perfect electrical insulation, chemical resistance and redundant systems where space permitted.

Sight, in all the pretty colours. Adrasteia’s ability to ‘see’ a great swath of the electromagnetic spectrum is one of her greatest assets. Able to scan, target and recognize almost any threat quickly, in a war of information Adrasteia is hard to beat.

Electronic dexterity. With enhanced, computer driven reflexes Adrasteia is fast enough to keep up with a great deal. Capable of great leaps using her mechanized strength, Adrasteia is also very flexible and articulated. Her metallic skeleton designed to move in every way that we do, not to mention a few more we cannot manage.

No wires required. Arasteia is capable of wireless connectivity. Meaning she can access, hack and interact with almost any device that has a wireless connection of any kind. This makes Adrasteia indispensable when technological threats are involved.

Design tips from the Energizer Bunny. Adrasteia contains a completely self -regulating and energetic power system; by no means self-perpetuating it does however last for days without recharging, even at full-output.

Snap her like a twig!.. Not. Adrasteia is rather diminutive in design especially for the amount of strength and durability she displays. This can and has made people under-estimate her greatly, especially when she is utilizing her holo-net disguise.

Just another pale rocker chick. Using her holo-net disguise gives Adrasteia a simple, unthreatening appearance of a young woman wearing a leather jacket, jeans and a t-shirt. To the undiscerning citizen, she is just another of the crowed. This holo-net does however not change her size, or the sensation of contact with her. If you touch her, you know she’s hardcore. Metal, that is.