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Player: @McBadger7
Biographical Data
Real Name: Kendra Prime
Known Aliases: Silence, AlleyCat, Alyssa Steele
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: American
Place of Birth: Bay City, Earth-3
Base of Operations: Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: Victor Prime (grandfather)
Age: 26
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 117 lbs
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Purple, red tips
Complexion: Light
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: None
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 2 years
Citizenship: United States Citizenship
Occupation: Still a burglar (occasionally), but now much more of a hero
Education: K-12
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
No metahuman abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Stealth suit, foldable compound bow with laser targeting, kendrium tipped broadheads, nonlethal impact arrows and various types of trick arrows (taser, gas loaded, etc)
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBoxSlim created by @Maekada

"With every choice we make we literally create a world. History branches in two, creating one Earth where we made the choice and a second where we didn't. That's the secret of the Universe you know. Billions of people, making billions of choices, creating infinite Earths. Some so similar to each other you could spend a lifetime searching for any distinction; others so radically different, they defy comprehension." -Owlman


Kendra Prime is from one such alternate reality, known simply as Earth-3. A world where many of the heroes and villains of Millennium City are mirror-like opposites. However many of the most famous and infamous supers do not even exist. The differences don't stop there however. Technology is far more advanced on Earth-3 but culture has largely gone stagnant; slightly dystopian and reminiscent of the cyberpunk genre of science fiction. Also, while mutants and metahumans are nearly as common as one Earth-1, magic and the supernatural is virtually nonexistent.


"Despite the scars and the "tattered" appearance, you're not all that dissimilar"
-Samantha "Bad Luck" Livingston, after being asked by Prime about her other self

Since she's from a mirrorlike world it would be a logical assumption that Alleycat and her counterpart from this Earth, Kendra "Echo" Everett are nothing alike. Ask anyone who knows both however and it would become clear that they are more alike than they are different, They're both smart, independent and resourceful women with the tendency to be a little more sarcastic than is wise. The big difference lies not in the physical and mental traits they posses but in how they use them.


"Not from around here"
-Alleycat, on her place of origin

The Early Years

Kendra is the only daughter of Brian Everett and Amelia Prime; the result of a summer fling that didn't end on the friendliest of terms. The two parted several months before Kendra was born and rarely spoke to each other since. As the daughter of a single, working mother in a less that reputable part of the city Kendra learned early on to rely mainly on herself; and while she was cared and provided for she ended up associating with some less than savory people; most notably the street gangs that inhabited the neighborhoods where she lived. During this time Kendra earned a reputation for being smart, cold and most importantly, quiet.

The Silence Falls

Of course, Prime was destined to become much more than a simple street thug. In a mysterious twist of fate she came into contact with one of the most respected and feared individuals of the criminal community; the deadly assassin Musashi Miyamoto. How the two came into contact is unknown; it may have been a chance meeting or part of some larger plan. It is generally thought however that Musashi took the young girl in more on a whim than anything else. Under her new sensei's tutelage Kendra learned how to sense and use her natural ki as well as a modified version of budokai taijutsu, however while Musashi was renowned for his swordsmanship Kendra chose a much different weapon, the bow.
Reemerging after her training Kendra, now operating under the moniker 'Silence' began to hire herself out as a contract killer, a job which she had a particular talent for. while she never gained quite the notoriety as Miyamoto she did work for some very important people. Among her most notable employers are Takeshi Kawahara, CEO of ParaDim Industries an international tech company and Tsar McGraph, ruthless dictator of the Eurasian Collective.

The Cat's Eyes

The details of how Silence ended up in Millennium City are sketchy at best, though it was most likely caused by a failed test of ParaDim's Project Portal, an attempt to create a stable gate for inter-dimensional travel. While the prospect of being alone in strange new territory would be daunting for most it suited Kendra just fine. Of course in order to have any chance of surviving this new reality she would have to make the right connections.
Oddly enough Prime was not the only citizen of Earth-3 to have ended up in the City of the Future, she soon crossed paths with "Gentleman" Valaunt, who had called upon her services in the past. This time the target he requested eliminated was none other than his own counterpart, Nicho. The result, was rather disastrous, costing Kendra her left eye and possibly more had Nicho's fellow MIDAS operative Johnathan "Novak" Soto not intervened. It was not long after this that the heretofore solitary Silence joined Novak as one of a quartet of cat-themed, cat-burglars led by infamous thief Bad Luck. Donning the fake cat ears that were standard attire for the gang of "acquisition agents" known as The Cat's Eyes Kendra took the name AlleyCat.
Being in Bad Luck's employ was not without its fair share of bumps. The most serious, and frequent, of which resulted from Alley's habit of using lethal force; despite her boss's warnings. In fact Kendra's tendency for ruthless behavior often caused her to butt heads with many of the people she encountered, including her own Earth-1 counterpart. Personal differences aside the quad of cat-thieves embarked upon many a successful moneymaking scheme.
It's a long standing cliche that nothing lasts forever. This was no less true of the motley band of cat-loving crooks. Eventually the other two "kittens" went their separate ways. Alley however, remained behind, unwilling to let go of one of the few true friendships she'd ever made. Unfortunately she soon fell back on the profession which she was most accustomed to, a move which most of her Earth-1 acquaintances disapproved of.

Out of the Bag

After the Cat's Eyes broke apart Kendra debated going back to Earth-3 permanently, though she decided against it mainly due to the fact that she had made more friends an acquaintances in a few months then she had in the rest of her life.

Powers and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Alley's maternal grandfather, Victor Prime was a famous WWII era hero graced with genetic modification that granted enhanced strength, endurance and agility. As his ancestor Kendra posses a much diluted form of those abilities; meaning that she is about as physicaly capable as a human can get under normal circumstances, on par with Olympic athletes. Add to this natural talent years of intense combat training and you get a very deadly combination.


Even though she comes from a world that is much more technologically advanced Alley has never been a fan of cybernetic augmentation. Ironicaly her only noteworthy enhancement, her left eye, was added after being transported to Millennium City. While she could probably have had one made that looked more like a normal eye Kendra, with her usually repressed flair for the dramartic, decided on a jet black orb with red targeting reticle. Though she's never been particularly happy with having to replace a body part with cybernetics the Kendra will admit that it has come in handy; with its magnification and infrared sensing capabilities.

Ki Control

"Ki is made up of things such as vigor, courage and being in one's true mind"

Ki is a form of life-force energy, circulating through and connecting all living things. With training it is possible to sense this energy and even manipulate it to some extent. Kendra, unfortunately was never very good at the more spiritual aspect of her training, though she does have a rudimentary knowledge of ki control. Most of her ability in this area is through the use of meditation and focus techniques with which she can temporarily lower her vital signs to near flatline. Her ability to sense her own ki has also given Kendra some small control over her own metabolism though it takes time and concentration.