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“A black cat crossed my path, and I stopped to dance around it widdershins and to sing the rhyme,
Ou vas-tu mistigri? Passe sans faire de mal ici.”

The Astonishing
Allie Khazam
Player: @thlittleblackbat
Super Group
Senior Officer
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Real Name
Allison Hart
Allie Khazam
October 13
Bristol, TN
U.S. Citizen
Las Vegas, NV while performing, Millenium City and beyond while working with The All Stars
Her extra-dimensional "Sanctum Obscura"
Professional Stage Magician
Legal Status
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
John & Mary Hart (Father & Mother)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Body Type
Grey, though they tend to reflect the colors she's wearing and glow slightly when she powers up
Fair complexion
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Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Allie employs various stage magician style illusions, combined with the real magic she knows, and the mystical cosmic powers of the gemstone that she has access to
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In the time before time, in the vast darkness before creation, there was balance. The forces of Chaos & Order operated in tandem without restriction or intervention... then something happened. The universe changed.

Realities split from the whole, Abstracts were formed, life breathed itself into existence, and the still oneness that had been before now began to lurch itself forward in the ever changing passage of what is observed to be time.

With the introduction of life the balance began to tip to and fro by the imposition of strife, desire, envy, and all other concepts introduced by the new inhabitants of existence. Chaos and Order before this point had just been. As Forces of the Constant they had never been personalized, but now they had encompassed the new additions to existence and in doing so became aware of themselves as individuals, separate from one another, and yet... the same

It was at this time Order and Chaos separated themselves into individual entities, each perpetuating their own particular influence to insure the balance of existence.

While some mistake Order and Chaos as being Good and Evil, they would be incorrect. Good and Evil are Abstracts created with the introduction of life into existence. Order and Chaos are Forces of the Constant, and their agents tirelessly work to insure that equilibrium is maintained despite the mechanisms set against it by those who would interfere.

Each has their own part to play, and the morality imposed by Abstracts and other beings are of little consideration in the grand scheme of All That Is.


Little Allison Hart had heard the voices for as long as she could remember, and no one had believed her when she was a little girl growing up in a small town in Tennessee. She still has her doubts that people believe her even now that she has weekly shows in Vegas and is known worldwide as the Astonishing Allie Khazam.

When she was small, everyone just assumed she had imaginary friends. Her parents were sure that "That's normal for a little girl... right?"

At her 10th birthday party is when Lewis showed up. He was in a package sitting at the top of her stack of presents. The box was wrapped in brightly colored foil and adorned with a large red bow and a hand-scrawled note that simply read "To Allie". Her parents didn't remember buying Lewis, and aren't really sure where the little stuffed black kitty came from, as all of the other party guests gave Allie other presents, but Allie didn't care where he was from. She loved him immediately and dearly.

Of course the attachment she had to her new toy seemed overwhelming to them at first, but they certainly felt that it was a little less creepy when she was talking to her stuffed cat than when she was talking to thin air. Allie seemed to talk to Lewis a lot in fact, and even though no one but her seemed to hear it, and everyone else smiled and laughed when she told them... Lewis talked back!

Allie was adamant about keeping Lewis with her, and even when her parents were sure they'd left him at home during trips out, somehow he always managed to show up in her arms before they even pulled out of the driveway. Even as Allie started to grow up nothing changed; she kept Lewis with her at all times. Her parents thought that a teenage girl with an unnatural affection for a stuffed animal was odd, but since Allie seemed unnaturally bright, happy, well adjusted, and had no interest into getting into any sort of trouble that teenage girls sometimes get into, they decided to let the issue slide. Little did her parents know that the reason Allie seemed to be so happy and upbeat was that she had a secret best friend that seemed to know everything important, and he was always happy to share every detail with her.

Lewis had told Allie many things that most people didn't know, and some things that people shouldn't know, but he said he had a plan for her. It seemed a little scary to her at first, but Lewis had never steered her wrong, and every time he told her a secret, it came true.

At the urging of Lewis, Allie became interested in stage magic and he taught her how those people she watched on television did their tricks. As the years passed Lewis also told Allie about more than just stage magic, he taught her about real magic and the nature of the balance in the universe.

When Allie turned 18 Lewis told her she was ready, and with a twinkle in her eye she found it surprisingly easy to convince her parents that she was going to audition as a magician's assistant and start her career in showbiz. Opportunities seemed to open to her easier than ever, and before she knew it, at the age of 19 years old, Allie was the assistant to one of the most well know magicians in Las Vegas.

One night, a couple hours before she was to go on stage, Lewis told Allie that she needed to do something for him. Lewis directed Allie to sneak into the dressing room of the Marvelous Maleficus and take a gem from the clasp on his magician's cape. Though Lewis had never asked her to do anything remotely dishonest before, Allie trusted him and when she placed her hand on the gemstone it glowed brightly and the room filled with a blinding flash of supernatural light, surrounding Allie and granting her access to all of the mystic might that came with it. This was the first night that Allison adopted the name Allie Khazam and wowed the audience herself (with the help of Lewis) in place of a missing Maleficus who never showed up for his act. Allie became an instant phenomenon.

Although she didn’t know it at the time, Lewis explained after the show that the gem she had taken was the source of the powers that the magician exhibited, and that Maleficus had stolen the gem many years ago and been using it for his personal gain ever since. Lewis also told Allie that when she took the gem into her possession it stripped Maleficus of his powers, and ended the spell he cast centuries ago to make him immortal, thus reducing him to dust.

It was then that Lewis told Allie about Order and Chaos, and how they kept balance in the universe by beings known as emissaries, and that he was such a being (despite appearing as a stuffed toy cat). He continued that the gemstone had been his conduit to utilize the powers of Order, and now that it was back in his possession, and she had been trained, she was to be his agent in the continuing task of keeping the cosmic scales from being overturned.


Allie is known worldwide as a renowned stage magician that made her break several years back as a magician's assistant that filled in when the main act did not show. Her shows can be seen weekly in Las Vegas, where she continually commands sold out performances. Allie has also performed at various events around the globe, and sometimes schedules mini-tours with her act.

People were aware of her association with the All-Star Sentinels of American, The All Stars, and are currently aware of her association with the Challengers. Allie is primarily seen as a stage performer who uses her skills to assist her superhero associates on a casual level as a means of publicity. Most people believe that Allie is an very talented illusionist, and are completely unaware that she knows or employs any real magic.

Due to the unnatural death of friend and teammate Mist Maiden, Allie and a small number of her trusted accomplices attempted to travel to the Realms Beyond to rescue Mist Maiden from eternity, only to have the spell go askew due to cosmic interference. The small group was mystically folded into the existing reality of an alternate universe, as if they had always been there. Due to the existence of a native group of heroes by the same name, the group of All Stars that traveled to the alternate universe now refer to themselves as the Challengers.


Allie had been a long standing member of the All-Star Sentinels of America until the group disbanded. With the remaining members of the former group she became a charter member in the formation of the The All Stars.

The splinter group that traveled with Allie to the alternate universe have reformed into the mighty Challengers.


Allie is fairly normal in appearance. Apart from having a stuffed cat on her person at nearly all times, and frequently wearing some form of stage magician outfit (or work clothes as she calls them), she is just an average attractive young woman.


Allie is upbeat and outgoing, and due to her profession she can sometimes be a bit over-the-top. She likes to joke and is quick witted, and she does have a sarcastic side which she usually only employs playfully.

Allie lets very little get her down, and even when things are bothering her, she attempts to put on a good "stage face", after all... the show must go on!


The full extent of Allie's powers are unknown, as it is difficult to determine exactly what magic she knows personally and what magic she is channeling from a higher source through the gemstone or other artifacts. Allie has been heard to say many times that the real power she commands isn't hers, though that statement is a bit vague and may be nothing more than Allie being modest.

Some frequently noted abilities at Allie's disposal are as follows: Teleportation, temporarily boosting her own durability, casting illusions, summoning spirit forms for assistance, summoning and controlling wind, summoning of lightning and thunder, hurling bolts of solidified darkness, summoning and commanding fire, hurling bolts of mystic energies, sapping strength from her foes to heal herself, the use of mystical wards.

It should also be noted that Allie receives information from Lewis about events that some may consider psychic or precognitive, but due to the ever shifting nature of the natural balance this information is not always clear, and as Allie is not possessed of cosmic knowledge, she is not always able to decipher what Lewis has told her. Sometimes this information can lead her to clues about upcoming events, her surroundings, or the nature of a being or an item, sometimes it's nothing more than an unintelligible distraction for her.


While talented at slight of hand and stage magic, and able to think on her feet, Allie is not a particularly well-trained physical fighter. Apart from privileged information given to her by Lewis, her quick wit and her ability to blend her illusions seamlessly with real magic are her strongest assets in a fight. Her skills with technology and sciences are only slightly above what a normal person would exhibit, and only because of her constant exposure to, and experience with advanced items and concepts during her adventures.

Allie has been known to employ the use of various mystic artifacts, charms, talismans, etc. during her adventures. She also has been known to use devices that are not mystic in nature at all, such as jetpacks, ray-guns, pyrotechnics, holographic projectors, etc. All of these items appear to be case specific, and not something she pulls out of her "bag of tricks" often.

Allie often utilizes a flying carpet for travel purposes.

The most powerful item that Allie uses is the ancient, unnamed mystic gemstone that allows her draw upon the arcane powers of Order. It appears that the gemstone is not the actual source of the powers, but is linked to a vast mystical, cosmic supply of energy and affords access to some of those powers to those who bear the artifact and are trained in its usage. Recently Allie has sewn the gemstone into the body of the stuffed Lewis, so that her connection to the powers of Order cannot become separated.


  • Allie has an agent, Saul Wright ("It can't be wrong if it's Saul Wright") and is a national personality. It is often that she is recognized as a talented performer, but not often that she is taken seriously as a crime-fighter.
  • Allie is from the southeast and is very casual in her manner. She speaks with a slight southern accent.
  • When Allie arrived in the new universe she was shocked to see that Lewis was no longer a small stuffed cat that she could pin to the shoulder of her top, but was now a large stuffed cat that could not easily be carried. Allie has since sewn two straps to Lewis and wears him like a backpack. Apparently the change in form has not affected Lewis in any other way.