Anubian Sorceress

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Anubian Sorceress
Player: BlackWolfe042
Anubian Sorceress.png
The Anubian Sorceress
Combat Focus: Mixed DPS
Power Level: 8
Meta Focus: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Jackal, Jackie
Species: Anthropomorphic Jackal
Ethnicity: N/A
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'1" (8' including ears)
Weight: 380 lbs.
Eye Color: Gold
Hair Color: N/A - Skin is rubbery black material without fur
Biographical Data
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Meta Abilities
Dimensional Rift Magic, Super Strength
Known Skills and Training
Known Assets
This heroine's background turns up a number of inconsistencies that indicate possible falsification of ASPRA registration.

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SUBJECT: Anubian Sorceress

Anubian Sorceress

The Anubian Sorceress claims to be a dimensionally displaced being from an alternate Earth whose people evolved from different animal species with distinctive animalistic traits (i.e. "furries"). While, for the most part, her story checks out, and she is registered under ASPRA, some inconsistencies in her story and behavior have caused her registration to be flagged by PRIMUS for monitoring.


The Anubian Sorceress is a tall, muscular female of her species with jet-black rubbery skin instead of fur, gold-colored eyes, and a rat-like tail. She wears clothing indicative of an Egyptian heritage which shows signs of having been made by hand using modern machinery.

Powers and Abilities

Superior Physique

Super Strength

The Anubian Sorceress is superhumanly powerful, and states that this strength is well above the norm for her kind. As no other members of her species are available for comparison, this must be taken at face value for the time being. She has been verified at upper-tier super-strength levels, capable of lifting weights in excess of 100 tons overhead.


The Anubian Sorceress shows endurance typical of a metahuman, capable of exerting herself to her fullest for over an hour without exhaustion, and when controlling her level of activity, has shown no signs of fatigue after several hours of exertion.

Rapid Healing

When injured, instead of blood, an unknown black fluid fills the wounds the Sorceress receives, rapidly solidifying into the same dense muscle and rubbery skin that had been damaged. There is a minimal delay of roughly 1/2 sec. per kg of mass replaced when this occurs.


Despite her physical prowess, the Sorceress' lack of melee combat training is apparent, and she often relies on what she refers to as "Shadow Magic" to fight her battles. This manifests in a number of ways.


The Sorceress' shadowbolts (her own nomenclature) are blasts of extradimensional energy. The damage they can do is comparable to a shotgun at close range, and have an effective range of 20m.

Shadow Beam

More powerful than the shadowbolts, the Sorceress' shadow beam is a concentrated stream of the same sort of energy. While it exerts force similar to an industrial cutting torch or laser, areas damaged by the beam show signs of having been supercooled rather than heated.

Shadow Walking

The Sorceress has displayed the ability to open a dimensional rift around herself, appearing to melt into shadow even if there are no shadows in the area. She has used this ability as a form of teleportation while being examined by PRIMUS officials.


IMPORTANT NOTE: The information in this section is tremendously out of character knowledge. Some of it may be available to those with the appropriate abilities (send a /tell in game for confirmation), but this information is otherwise completely secret.

The True Dossier

Name: Jaqueline Carver
Race: African-American
Age: 24

Jaqueline Carver is not a superhero. She has one power: she is a natural medium. She has the ability to manifest ectoplasm, which exudes from every orifice upon initial manifestation. In order to do so, she must fully identify with whoever she is attempting to manifest, and the manifestation forms around her.

The Anubian Sorceress is her own creation, at least so far as she knows, and is, so far, the only being she has ever manifested in this manner. Sorceress's body is comprised of ectoplasm, but to most means of testing, appears to be solid flesh with appropriate material composition.

The Sorceress herself may be one of the following, although that is not yet known even by Jaqueline:

  • An alternate-reality version of Jaqueline herself
  • A subconscious construct based on Jaqueline's online roleplaying
  • An extradimensional entity taking on the form of Jaqueline's roleplaying character
  • A lifeless puppet animated solely by Jaqueline's power as a medium

Nevertheless, it is true that Jaqueline's behavior is altered when channeling the Sorceress, albeit to a very slight degree. The personality of the Sorceress is close enough to Jaqueline's own that distinctions between the two come down to physical and magical ability and speech patterns.

Falsification of ASPRA Registration

Jaqueline believes that in order for her powers to manifest, she must fully subsume herself in the role she is playing, as that is how her powers first came to her. Because of this, when presented with ASPRA registration, she filled out the forms in charcter as the Sorceress. She is terrified of what will happen if the truth comes out, and has so far only told one person about her true identity.

Subconsciously, she is struggling with the knowledge that this falsification of her records will come out eventually, and often trips herself up in the hopes of "getting it over with".

In actual fact, while complete identification with the character of the Sorceress is required to initially manifest her, once that is achieved, the Sorceress will remain manifest until consciously willed away by Jaqueline. The personalities of Jaqueline and the Sorceress are so compatible that a lapse in role-playing will not dismiss the manifestation, or even weaken it.