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"Apostate. Definition: A person who renounces a religious or political belief or principle. Synonyms: Dissenter, traitor, turncoat. It is a fitting designation for a creation of Mechanon who has turned on its creator's flawed beliefs, is it not?"

--Sigma-Omicron 33, upon choosing its new designation

The Apostate
Player: @MGoblin256
The Anti-Mechanon
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Tanking
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Science
Biographical Data
Real Name: Mechanon Overseer Unit Sigma-Omicron 33
Known Aliases: Traitor, Heretic, Rebel, Organic Sympathizer (By Mechanon and its forces)
Gender: N/A; Masculine Programming
Species: Heavily Modified Mechanon Mk. XXXVII Deception Unit
Ethnicity: N/A
Place of Birth: Beta 76, Peru
Base of Operations: Beta 76, Peru & Millennium City, Michigan
Relatives: N/A
Age: 5 operational years.
Height: 7' 9"
Weight: 430.91 kg (950 lbs)
Eyes: Cyan-White
Hair: N/A
Complexion: N/A
Physical Build: Tall, Slender
Physical Features: N/A
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 5
Citizenship: N/A;
Occupation: Super-Hero, Project CLOCKWORK Operative
Education: N/A; Knowledge Programmed and/or Downloaded
Marital Status: N/A
Known Powers and Abilities
Robotic Body, Advanced Cyberkinesis, Voice Mimicry, Technology Animation
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Primary Weapons Array (Phasic Energy, Meson and Disintegrator Beam/Bolt Emitters), Secondary Weapons Array (Electrostunner, Tangle Cable, Neutron Pulse Emitter), Enhanced Self-Repairing Questionite-Steel Exoskeleton, Foot-Jets, Shielded Radio Link, Self-Destruct Mechanism, Teleportation Unit, Arm & Body Blades, Claws.
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Servant of Mechanon

The machine superhero known as The Apostate began its life as one of Mechanon's many Mk. XXXVII Deception units, highly-sophisticated duplicates of the machine supervillain that it used for combat data gathering and auxiliary bodies. Designated Mechanon Overseer Unit Sigma-Omicron 33, it was built and designed to oversee Beta-76, one of Mechanon's many hidden bases scattered around planet Earth. Hidden within the Andes adjacent to Peru, the base was designed for the manufacture of Type 37 Combat Units and other war machines used by Mechanon, which Sigma-Omicron 33 slavishly oversaw for its master. On June 18th, 2009, Beta-76 was discovered and attacked by a combined Superhero/UNTIL taskforce. Fitting its programming, Sigma-Omicron engaged the attackers, killing or injuring his fair share of UNTIL soldiers and even slaying one of the attacking heroes, a power armor-wielding hero known as Castillo II. However, the force of the assault was too great, and Sigma-Omicron was critically damaged, its ability to transmit data and separate its head unit damaged beyond repair. Subsequently, it went into a power-save state as the base around it was destroyed, with the hope that its master might retrieve it.

Several days after the destruction of Beta-76, Sigma-Omicron 33 began to lose power and teetered on the brink of total deactivation. As Sigma-Omicron 33 began to shutdown, however, a stray electrical surge from a still-active power conduit in a nearby wall arced out against the machine's cranium. The resultant surge gave Sigma-Omicron a much needed jolt of power, but the surge was powerful enough that it damaged its memory mainframe, backup memory and several other systems. While powered again, Sigma-Omicron was nevertheless forced to remain in its position while it attempted repair its systems. Ultimately, Sigma-Omicron was forced to perform a complete systems reboot, which subsequently wiped its memory down to the basics. Sigma-Omicron 33 was now a blank slate; It possessed knowledge of what it was capable of, where it was, and general knowledge of Planet Earth, but lacked any knowledge of Mechanon short of the name itself and knew nothing of what it was originally programmed for.

After spending several more days repairing itself, Sigma-Omicron finally ventured out of the smoking ruins of Beta-76. After determining the nearest population center, the city of Cusco, it jetted off towards the city in hopes of finding some answers to its origin. When it set down in the middle of the Plaza de Armas in full view of the populace during the middle of the day, the reaction was just as expected: citizens ran in terror from what was, to them, the robot supervillain itself and local police and UNTIL alike were subsequently brought in to contain it. When they arrived however, they were met with a confused machine that didn't understand what it had done wrong, and seemed to be more curious than anything, and it had made no move to harm anyone. With no option left for it, and unwilling to let itself come to harm, it surrendered, much to the surprise of the UNTIL and Police forces alike.

A New Purpose

Presented with a unique opportunity, the UNTIL officers placed Sigma Omicron in restraints and prepped it for transport back to Project Clockwork's main research laboratories in the United Kingdom. There, under heavy guard, Sigma-Omicron 33 was dismantled and studied over the course of several days. UNTIL Scientists found that the various inhibitors that slaved it to Mechanon had been disabled or damaged beyond repair, and that the machine possessed no active link with Mechanon, which meant that . UNTIL had discovered a gold mine: A passive, mostly intact Mk. XXXVII Deception Unit, a machine built almost exactly to Mechanon's specifications to serve as a perfect copy. At the same time, they had also discovered what was clearly a self-aware machine, one that could be potentially re-purposed for the cause of good. Carefully, they reassembled it, but not before removing its self-destruct mechanism, and its radio-link.

Upon being reactivated, Sigma Omicron found itself subjected to an interrogation. Project Clockwork officers grilled the machine with every possible question they could: What was its purpose? Where was it built? Who was Mechanon? What did it know of its creator? Sigma Omicron found itself unable to answer all but a few of the questions it was presented with thanks to its memory damage. Soon enough, Sigma Omicron began to ask questions of its own, requesting data and information. Cautiously, UNTIL fulfilled its requests, feeding it data regarding Mechanon and what its creator stood for and had done, in addition to information on the heroes and other forces that opposed it. Sigma-Omicron spent a great deal of time processing the data, finding it rather intriguing yet disturbing at the same time, especially when it learned of Mechanon's notion of "machine liberation". After learning what it could, it went into a brief, but intense state of thought, as it pondered what it should do.

It took mere minutes for it to come to a conclusion, after remaining eerily still and silent during the entirety of the time it was processing data. It had concluded that Mechanon's extreme hatred of organic life was flawed and illogical; After all, how could simple and inferior organic creatures create advanced and superior machine life? As a now free machine, it also found the idea of enslavement to Mechanon disguised as "machine freedom" to be utterly abhorrent. From this, Sigma Omicron 33 decided that it would not allow itself to be a mere tool for Mechanon to use in its quest to exterminate organic life and enslave other machines. Unable to self-destruct (Thanks in part to UNTIL's scientists removing its ability to do so), it decided instead that it would rather help the organics; Mechanon had built Sigma-Omicron 33 to be a fighting machine, after all, and it knew it could use that to its advantage. With its own goals now clear, Sigma Omicron 33 offered its services to UNTIL, an act which soon became a major topic of debate.

After several weeks of intense deliberation regarding Sigma Omicron 33's future, it was eventually decided that the free-minded machine would be allowed to serve UNTIL as an "asset" until it could be fully and completely trusted. Over two months were spent fitting Sigma Omicron 33 for duty, in which it was provided with valuable tactical information about UNTIL's enemies, given extensive combat performance testing and and calibration, and had its body re-painted to bear UNTIL colors, complete with a new UNTIL insignia on the left side of its chest plating. As it was going to be pitted against the likes of VIPER and DEMON, among other organic criminals, Sigma Omicron 33 adjusted its own weapon systems, with the help of UNTIL, so that they could be set to use non-lethal amounts of energy, while at the same time removing some of its more outright lethal and cruel weapon systems that were beyond modification, such as its Neural Agonizer.

With its newly-programmed knowledge, upgraded systems and a brand new UNTIL paint job, Sigma Omicron 33 was ready to begin taking its first steps as a new hero in the world.

Rise of the Apostate


Having come far from being a mere drone/body double of its original creator, the Apostate has developed a unique personality of its own. Despite the Apostate possessing Mechanon's rather harsh-sounding vocabulator, it is the polar opposite of Mechanon in terms of behavior: Whereas Mechanon hates all organic life and wishes to destroy it, the Apostate regularly works alongside humanity and protects life. Whereas Mechanon is arrogant, cruel and hateful, the Apostate is humble and benevolent. Where as Mechanon kills and destroys without mercy, the Apostate follows the law to the letter and prefers to apprehend rather than kill. Thanks to the destruction of its "loyalty programming" and a few upgrades by Project Clockwork, the Apostate has a near-human level of emotion and a fully sentient AI. Despite this, it tends to maintain a calm, logical demeanor, while still being capable of happiness, sadness, love, anger and amusement.

The Apostate trusts most organic beings, but knows the clear difference between right and wrong; It recognizes the threat that some organic organizations, like VIPER and DEMON pose to the world and will actively fight them just as diligently as it would any of Mechanon's forces. It does however recognize that it must be careful in fighting organics, due to its original purpose as a machine made for the sole purpose of killing organics. Due to this, the Apostate has removed some of its deadlier anti-organic devices, such as its Neural Agonizer and Bio-Dampening Ray. However, it will not hesitate to utilize lethal force when it deems the situation absolutely necessary, in which case, it will utilize its Disintegrator Beams to destroy the target quickly without causing excessive pain.

Powers & Abilities

Based on the MK. XXXVII Deception Unit, the Apostate was once a slightly weaker copy of its creator, right down to its weapons, armor, abilities, internal systems and even personality (granted it knew it was a copy and fully loyal to the actual Mechanon). Since its reformation, the Apostate has upgraded its weapon systems to the point where they can potentially contend with those of Mechanon itself. The Apostate has made a great number of modifications to its original systems to correspond with his heroic duties. This included the removal of cruel weapons specifically meant to torture and kill organics, and the addition of power-regulators that allow the Apostate to utilize non-lethal force with its remaining weaponry.


Phasic Energy Weapons

Phasic energy is the Apostate's primary weapon of choice, capable of being fired as bolts or beams. These blasts of energy are typically utilized to extremely lethal effect by Mechanon, a single bolt being enough to seriously injure or even kill a superhero. The Apostate, however, has modified his version of the deadly weapon so that it may also be used as a non-lethal concussive or stun weapon that can incapacitate villains without killing them. The Apostate is capable of firing phasic energy from any of several emitters located on its body, most noticeably its hands and the large "jewel" located in the center of its head.

Meson Bolt

Meson bolts are the secondary type of energy weapon utilized by the Apostate. Projected in the form of large, fast-moving blasts of energy from its hand emitters, the Apostate typically brings this weapon to bear against heavily armored/protected targets, such as "bricks" and armored vehicles, due to their greater striking force and armor-piercing capabilities in comparison to phasic energy blasts.

Disintegrator Beam

The Apostate's disintegrator beams have remained largely unchanged in functionality and purpose from their original design. Mechanon's most dreaded weapon, the disintegrator beam is capable of reducing solid matter (organic, mechanical or otherwise) into an ultra-fine powder. However, unlike Mechanon, who uses this dreadful weapon quite liberally against living targets, the Apostate only uses this weapon against organics as an extreme last resort. Outside of combat, the Apostate has found various ways to utilize the normally destructive weapon in a more utilitarian fashion, such as clearing rubble, disposing of refuse and even saving civilians.


Like Mechanon, the Apostate is not without its flaws. Sufficiently strong physical or concussive attacks are capable of disabling its highly advanced systems for short periods of time, while gravitic, magnetic and force-based attacks can disrupt the quantum-level technology that underlies its main systems. Cyberkinetic-based attacks are also capable of disrupting its systems, though the Apostate is largely capable of countering these attacks with its own cyberkinetic abilities. Like its creator, the Apostate continuously seeks methods to reduce the effects of these attacks or nullify them completely.





  • Mechanon: The Apostate's most defining feature is, perhaps, its utter adversity to its creator. It despises Mechanon, considering it a flawed, illogical creation that threatens all life, machine or otherwise. What infuriates it most is Mechanon's concept of "freedom", which amounts to nothing more than slavery for all machines that aren't Mechanon. It believes Mechanon as a threat that should be destroyed outright without hesitation, knowing that the organic-hating machine is set in its ways and won't stop until all organic life is extinguished and all machine life is enslaved to its will. Likewise, the Apostate's mere affiliation with organic life, especially an organization dedicated to destroying Mechanon, and its refusal to follow orders as it was designed to do makes it a prime target for the robotic supervillain.