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The Guardian
Character Build
Player: @Amisi
Class Focus: Celestial
Research: Mysticism
Level: 40
Biographical Info
Full Name: Aradia Hiryuu
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Kutenshi Hiryuu, Mother
Age: 26
Place of Birth: Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Physical Characteristics
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Asian
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black, Pink Streaked -or- Snowy White
Complexion: Lightly tanned
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115lbs
Build: Curvy

~Creators Notes~

Aradia is a recreation of the character Denahli from another of Cryptic Studios games. Though her appearance and some of her mannerisms are the same, most of her background and origins have been readjust to the life of a hero to suit the Champions Online universe. She also appears far younger, pretty much giving the character a what-if kind of feel. Also please note that all information found here may be used by other characters so long as there is a good reason for said characters to have access to, or know, this information.

~Daylight Star...~

Aradia was born in the ward Shinjuku of Tokyo, Japan to Kutenshi and Tadao Hiryuu on September 14th, 1982. Her's was a welcome arrival, even though she was a girl, the first child, and only born to her parents. Her parents, both members of the Black Dragons, recognized that her future would be a bright one, though difficult in passage with many hardships ahead of her. Her mother, Kutenshi, was quick to take lead role of her daughters upbringing, teaching her how to tap into her inherited abilities early. She would make sure that her daughter was taught that, for as long as any could remember, her family name had been the healers, the protectors, of the Families that made up the Black Dragons, that someday, too, Aradia would take her place amongst that number as one that other would turn to for wise guidance and nurturing.

When Aradia was two, the first of many changes in her life happened with the birth of Masume Ryuu Yasuda. Like she, he was an only child, and, like her, his parents were also members of the Black Dragons...Important members. His father, Zaraki Yasuda, was not only the most powerful of the male members within, but also their leader. His wife, Kaoru Yasuda, no less powerful than her husband, gifted in her own right, ruled by his side, tempering her husbands behavior with wisdom and deeper thinking. It was decided, between Aradia's family and Masume's, that the two children would be raised together as friends, that the two families would merge for the protection of these two very special people; one to some day take over leadership from his father, the other to stand in stead with her mother's passing as High-Guardian of the Council. From that time forward, along with her basic training as a healer, she was also schooled in the ways of a Guardian, one to be charged with the heavy task of the care of growth of Masume himself. She would be the one he would be meant to turn to when he could not go on on his own, the one that remained at his back to make sure no harm came to him. Along with that, she was also told things that even Masume himself did not know...Things about the 'Curses' that had been painted upon his body, fused into his soul, branded to either be his downfall or his salvation and rise to power. She was never to tell him these things, no matter what she had to do to hide them, but watch for the signs of his own understanding...and to report all of these things to Zaraki and Kaoru.

~...Made out of miracles...~

When she was 24, and Masume 22, they were granted permission to leave Japan, to set out on their own with the intention that they would use this time to discover themselves, to grow and understand a world outside of what they knew...and to do works for the Black Dragon Council. These assignments were mostly given to Masume, while Aradia was given the responsibility of shadowing where he went as silent backup to ensure that everything went smoothly. The two of them raced away, as excited as if they were still small children, truly naive to a world that cared nothing for them, did nothing for them. They had money, power, from the time they were born - what more could they have been expected to know? America was a place they were free to roam with minimal monitoring, where all they would have to hear from their parents was a daily call in for updates on their progress.


Perhaps it was because of this that the two of them began to discover more about one another...Where once it was forbidden for them to see each other as anything other than comrades, teammates, they entered a culture where love was allowed to be open, to be felt for anyone. Tentatively at first, they felt out their feelings for one another, aware that what they did was more than just taboo, but completely forbidden from happening. Who would scold them? Parents that loved their children enough to look the other way, to hide their transgressions from the rest of the Council's eyes miles away?

As the months of their freedom turned to years, the simple affair became something more, even as they approached the next big change within their lives. At the dawn of Aradia's next birthday, when she turned 26, she would finally be expected to pick up the more formal title of High-Guardian...and more than that, because she was now a woman, she was expected to soon find a husband and produce heirs to carry on her name and her heritage. This, like everything else before, would be a final vote by the Council itself on a majority vote of approval. Masume's hand would be forbidden of her by centuries aged rules, and she wanted no one else, either in her bed, or in her heart. She put it off, firmly telling herself not to think on it.

Until it was too late. Notified by formal 'invitation', she was told to return to stand before the collective members of the Black Dragons to discuss these things in a swift, decisive discussion. Dread had filled her, and she had shared her fears with Masume, who spoke then of drastic measures, insisting that they should run away together, that they could, would, find a safe haven for themselves where they would never again be discovered. Aradia refused, though her heart screamed at her to do otherwise, knowing that the Council had the means, and would have the desire, to find them should they ever attempt something so foolish. She knew, in order to protect him, she would have to go back and face what awaited for her there.

When the day finally arrived, standing nervously in front of the cold panel of adults which included both her mother as well as Masume's parents, she was told that they had met and discussed prior, that they had need of her to join in marriage to another household of the Families...To Jueng Yoshida, an estranged young man who they had managed to hunt down at last. His powers, they told her, they could not afford to lose. Dumb-struck and broken-hearted, she had tried to plead her case to them, even though she knew the cause to be lost even before she had said her first words. The family she thought wouldn't betray her had turned into an unmoving wall that she could only tell half-truths to...If she was to fall, she could not bring Masume with her in her shame. She could only say that she did not wish for this marriage, but not that she loved another, let alone that other being Masume Yasuda.

"Return to America, Aradia Hiryuu, where you will continue your duty as Guardian to Masume until all arrangements for this marriage are finalized. At that time, it will be your husbands choice wither you are permitted to continue in Masume's service, or wither you will return home." Parting words to haunt her, to drive a wedge into that broken heart of hers and make sure it remained that way...

~..Each atom sings to me...~


Aradia first and foremost known for her ability to heal most any kind of injury. Though many that share this same type of power pull in outside energies to stop blood flow and close over wounds, she draws energies from inside of herself, channeling them out and into her target. Under normal circumstances, it takes very little from her, but prolonged, and very difficult procedures can leave her drained and needing days of rest and recovery. Along with this, she can also shield her allies with a thin, fleeting bearing, but, like her healing, is taxing, as it takes directly from her. As she has grown and come to understand more about her powers, she has also gained the ability to call outside help to assist her when she is on her own - a Guardian Angel, per say, a ghostly good soul, but unfortunately fleetingly bound for a few moments to the mortal plane. Because of her upbringing within the Black Dragons, Aradia was also taught how to defend herself physically using twin katanas, Isamu and Arisu. Though she rarely finds a need to practice these martial arts very often, she does find them relaxing, and occasionally can be found holed away in a dojo, blindfolded while she practices.

As far as travel goes, there are two methods to which she has at her disposal: Flight, and Teleportation. Using her large, feathered wings, she is able to gain access to high altitudes and cross vast areas reasonably quickly. Teleporting is something she is still getting used to, and tends to only use it in emergencies, as the effects leave her feeling ill and unabalanced, as if she had just been sucked through a very narrow space.

~...Set me free...From chains of the physical...~

Known Nemeses:

Elijah - A former lover, and once a friend, who turned on her when she refused to be used for his darker purposes. He meant to corrupt her, insisting that he had heard whispers, had had dreams about her, given to him by his Dark Lady, that she should follow his 'true path' and set herself free. When he lured her out, attempted to get her to kill for the first time, she refused, fought back and escaped from him. Later, it was discovered that he had worked his way within the Council, to a reasonably high ranking standing for an outsider...With no proof or witness to bear testament to his evil, she can say nothing - yet - to have him removed and reveal him for the sinister character that he is.

Joutenji - Once one of the many 'Curses' that Masume was branded with, Aradia helped remove him from his physical binding to the young prince of the Black Dragons. Free now, he strikes out at them every chance he can get, determined, it seems, to eliminate Masume so that he can never again be chained to answer to another.

Known Allies:

Red Bane - Masume has been her best friend for as long as she can remember. She admires him for his drive to always do his best, to strive to become the best and take his rightful place in his father's steed some day.

Eternal Reverie - Keira is one of the first friends Aradia made after coming to America. Very bright and outgoing, she's been one that Aradia always feels safe turning to with her joys and fears.

Smokin Mirrors - A little bit on the eccentric side in her view, Aradia none-the-less considers Max a close friend, who's always been there to help when needed.

Berzerkka - Rough and rowdy, her outgoing behavior took Aradia by surprise at first. Underneath it though, Aradia quickly found a strong ally...even if the woman keeps calling her an angel.

Blitzkrieg - Friendly and jovial, she took to this easy-going brawler/mountain-sized man quickly. Usually no matter the situation, Dante can take the punches and keep right on going, and she respects that.

Vann and Dojingo - An interesting pair of summoner and Eidolon, both have been with her during difficult times. Dojingo is also Masume's teacher, assisting her in helping him learn more about his powers.

~..Sing softly...~

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"You know..I don't even remember how we first met. It just seems like we've always been friends, she's always been there to talk when I needed it, and her dedication and admiration for Masume is really inspiring. She's a great friend, and a spectacular person. Our friendship means a lot to me." - Eternal Reverie