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Arona New Profile.jpg
/ / PLAYER @notyuu

/ / Real Name Unknown
/ / Known Aliases Arona
/ / Gender Female
/ / Species Chim
/ / Ethnicity Variable By form
/ / Place of Birth Z-3F Energy Dynamics Research Facility
/ / Current Location N/A
/ / Relatives Golthar; Eldest Brother

Tulrk; Older Brother

Kosth; Older Brother

Kinlmh; Older Brother
[Deceased, Core Detained]

Quipets; Younger Brother

Lithilath; Younger Sister
[Insufficient Data]

Haplatm; Younger Brother

Telitig; Younger Brother

Dailtnus; Younger Brother

mitikeia; Youngest Brother
[Deceased, Core Destroyed]

/ / Age Old [Exact Age unknown]
/ / Height Variable Between forms, typically 9'5
/ / Weight 400KG
/ / Eyes Black with blue pupils
/ / Hair Azure
/ / Complexion Appropriate for the current form, slightly oily
/ / Build Toned
/ / Notable Features Hair, Eye and Lips retain their Azure colour regardless of form

/ / Identity Unknown
/ / Citizenship U.S
/ / Married Widow, several times over
/ / Occupation C.E.O. of Tinkershop
/ / Education None of this world
/ / Years of Activity Unknown - Present
/ / Married Widow, several times over
/ / Notoriety Unknown outside of business sector

Super Strength
Energy Absorption
Energy Conversion
Energy Matter Conversion
Shape Shifting
Self Resurrection
Twin Dekonitte Hammers.
"White Hawk support jet.
Pulsma Repeater Rifle.
King Forger Gauntlet.



Arona's History is for the most part a large unknown, this is due to the fact that we have been unable to attain any information, despite the appliation of various extraction techniques, there have only been a few sessions where any infomration was divulged, admitally during these interviews Arona was in a heavily intoxicated state, so the Vlaidity of the information is questionable at best, none the less we have done the best we can to consolidate the infomration contained within her heavily slured, drunken ramblings, all of which is presented below - Dr.H.Germin

What is known is that Arona orginated from the Hoag's Object Galaxy, which was host to a Type 3 Civilation on the Kardashev Scale, refering to themselves as the "Arkaim Empire".
Arona and her entire Species was created in an attempt to follow the order, given by the Emperor to create a living god to suceed them on the throne, this however ulitmaly failed, resuling in the species known as "Chim", each member has a certain degree of "godlyness" in them, Arona proclaiming to have the adaptability aspect.
Each of the Eleven members of her species was studied and tested, before being assigned a duty within the empire, Arona was assigned to work in a augmentation facility, creating, installing and repairing augmentations, cybernetic and nanite in origin, after some point there was a incident invloving missing funds, a faked permit and a city getting raised, all of which resulted in Arona being thrown in jail.

After an indertiminate amount of time the guards of the prision were called off, which gave Arona the chance to break out, apprently bent on getting revenge, however she soon learned that there was an outbreak of a sentience virus, capable of rapidly mutating itself and it's host, with the singular purpose of spreading.
This Virus, dubbed "scurge" had managed to infect 40% of the population while remainign dorment within them, resulting in mass confusion when it became active, as well as a "all hands on deck" type scrable to fight off the rapidly evloving monsters it was spewing out, this included having Arona as well as the other Chim getting drafted into the war before long.
The war itself went on for at least "600 dulsars" during which the population was reduced from 175.8 Trillion to only 250,938 uninfected indivuals.
Eventually things go so bad that some kind of ritual was done inorder to summon "the old ones" Arona won't go into details about what happened afterwards, just refering to things as "Improving for the better...for once"

Exsactly "40 hankur" after the end of the war, the orgional uninfected ended up rupturing and reforming into twsited shadows of their former selves, or as Arona put it "Possessed by Old Demons", among these Arona was included. [ Detials on the effects of the possession are mostly unknown, Arona gets rather violent when pressed on the subject, often esulting in the loss of equiment and personel]
"A lifetime of slaugter and consumption" later the race of being refered to as "Celestials" Apprahced the corrupted, war-torn mass of infected and possessed that was the empire, and set about purging it from exsistance.
During this time Arona set learning of, and then hunting down these "Celestials" often consuming their souls, which eventually resulted in Arona being broken free from her possession, this lead to conflict with still possessed Older Brother, Kinlmh, the result of which was her aquiring his core, stealing a freighter ship and feeling from the empire.

Crashing into earth some time during the second ice age, Arona was stranded in where is known as modern day England, nearby were scattered human tribes and after a bit of remote study, she adopted a form that would allow her to intergrate into the tribe.. adbit with some inital diffcuility.
The exsact date is not known, but some time after Arona managed to intergrate into the tribe she taught them how to smith copper and bronze.
[ Information past this point is spratic and widly inconstaint as Arona usually passes out from the excessive consumtpion of pure ethonal by the time she reaches this point]
She Claims to have been on a First name basis with Alexander III of Macedon, more commonly known as Alexander the Great, she also claims that she was a sword for hire from the 7th century to the 16th century.
Arona aquired the rights to a plot of land in 1872, located in what is currently Mellinium city downtown, on this land she built a small facility and proceeded to create weapons, armour and ammo, selling them to the highest bidder, amassing funds.
On October 4th 1982 a large unidentifed structure was located 40 miles off the coast of the United Kingdom, after a breif invesgiation it was identifed as a large nuclear armed fort, UNTIL moblised agsaint it, a 3 month long siege insued, the ceasion of which only came about after a peace and business agrement between Arona and UNTIL was reached.
February 27th 1993, Internal conflict within the company lead to the cheif genetic researcher within her compnay "Torg" stealing a prototype suit of armour and running off to join VIPER
Over time Arona has had to keep "shaving off" parts of herself inorder to maintain a constant size, with her surrent size being taken up on Augest 6th, 1992 and maintained since.

May 15th 2018 some sort of sub space distortion was detected at Arona's off-shore research facility resulting it it imploding, the only thing recovered was her core - every single test we've run on the damn thing has concluded that it is little more than an inactive lump of crystal other words, she's dead - ED


Arona's Biology is surprizingly simple, with her being consisting of four parts

  • Core: An Azure coloured gemstone, roughly the size of a baseball, deciptly cold to the touch and chemically innert, it absorbs any energy directed towards it and in the enviroment, resulting in it spewing out a viscous black slime.
  • Mass: The Viscou black slime created by the core, Arona is capable of exebiting atomic level control over the mateiral, allowing her to change it into whatever material is desired.
  • Tri-Bind: A complex msucular structure created from the Mass and sustained within Arona, granting her consderinble strength as well as allowing her to maintain a humanoid sturcutre, despite the lack of a skeleton.
  • Shell: This refers to the outer most layer of mass, often sculped and altered to resemble clothing, skin and hair, retaining all of the respective tensiel propties, peices seprated break down into goo after roughly 45 seconds.


    This Section is refering to capabiltites which are not normally found within Arona's species.

  • Resurrection: Though an unknown process Arona has displayed the ability to resurrect the reciently deceased complete with all life threating wounds being repaired, however they complain that the process is exhausting.
  • Slef Resurrection: Upon being killed Arona's body will rebuild itself and she will reanimate, this is followed by a large drop in localised temptures and all eleterical equiment within a 25 meter radius ceasing fuction, this Power seems to only be able to trigger once per 3 hours, if Killed twice within a 3 hour timespan, she will remain dead until 3 hours have passed, at which point the process will contiue as normal.
  • Matter Assimilation: In a somewhat nausating display Arona can consume vurtally any matter which she claims is "burned down to generate energy" the end result is her mass increases, this seems to be most commonly used to repair heavy damage


    The natrual capabiltites of the Chim Species.

  • Energy to matter conversion: The core of a chim allows them to take in any form of energy, from radiological to kinetic, sonic, thermal and even eleterical and use it to generate mass, this process seems to be passive causing a Chim to constnatly grow large and heavier over time, Arona has also demostrated the ability to reverse this process to power computer, chill a beer and burn all the skin off a person by touching them.
  • Super Strength: Due to the muscle weave Arona has she is capable of exerting 5 tons of force, Apperently this muscle weave is universal across all chim, but the specific strength capasity varies from Chim to Chim
  • Immortaility: A lack of biological processes, cellure structure or anything to techinally class Arona as alive, Means that she is unable to age, and thus Immortal.
  • Self Matter State Alteration: Arona has shown on multipul occasions the ability to change the atomic structure of her own matter to create a different material, this usually manafests as her "skin" turning into high carbon steel when under duress as a type of natrual armour.


    Mehtods of attack which are less than effective against Arona.

  • Bleeding: 99% resistance - Lack blood vessel structures
  • Poisions: 99% resistance - Lacks biological structures
  • Corrosive Chemicals: 96% resistance - Self repair renders them moot
  • Fire: 85% resistance - Absorbs a majorty of the thermal energy
  • Blunt Force: 85% resistance - Absorbs a majorty of the force
  • Laser Weapons: 72% resistance - Dissaptes the thermal energy
  • Plasma Weapons: 67% resistance - Deflects the thermal energy, absorbs the kinetic energy
  • Bladed Weapons: 51% resistance - Natrual Armour makes cutting skin difficult


    Methods of attack which have proven to be exceptional effective against Arona.

  • Boron: Causes total matter control failure, in other words, it makes her melt into a puddle of goop
  • Temptures below -10C: Temptures this low casue her energy to matter reaction to reverse, making her waste away over time, also drastically slows her movement.
  • Magic: Whether it is becasue Arona's claim at not having a soul is true or if it is some other reason we have yet to figure out, magic cuts right though Arona.
  • Eleterical shock: When under attack her skin turns into carbon steel which is exceptional eleterical conductor, causing an overload like effect - Can we not test this one again, the crew is still scraping goo off the walls, and the smell of burnt raspberries is rather...sickening - Ed
  • Inability to swim: Her high desinty causes her to sink in any body of lquid, even maga and moltern iron
  • Impacting her core: hitting her core results in a large scale mass destabilization, causing her to, for lack of a better discreptor "pop"
  • Reaction speed: Her mass and weight limits her reactional capability, making it exceptional hard if not outright impossible for her to dodge an incomming attack


    Pieces of equiment Arona seemingly alwasy has on hand

  • Dekonittie Hammers: A twin pair of mallet style hammers, weighing in at 2 tons each, measuring 6ft long and created out of the jealously guarded alloy known as Dekonittie, Arona utlises these blunt weapons as easily as swords
  • Thanix Repeater Rifle: Appernetly Arona's standard issue rifle from fighting the war back home, weighing in at 50KG, 1 meter long and fires bolts of lquid metal alloy of iron, uranium and tungsten at 120 shots per minute, the weapon appears to be in poor condition and barely functional
  • Kimimh's core: Locked in a cage of lead, teathered to Arona by an iron chain, it is the core of her older brother which she tore out herself - the long rage readings we've taken suggest that it could be utlised to create extremely powerful weapons, if only we could get our hands on it - Ed


    Her skills listed in order from most to least capable

  • Cyberentics: Arona's training and experiance at working on cybernetics has left her with the capability to design, create and install cybertics that outstrip anything we can create by at least 2000 years.
  • Robotics: By altering the application of her cybernetics she can create extremely advanced roboic bodies, hwoever her ability to program a basic intelligence let alone an AI to make use of them is vurtally non exsistant.
  • Power Armour: Another variation on her cybernetics trianing has allowed her to create high end power armour, the most recient contract was to create the UNTIL Defender units.
  • Blacksmithing: Self taught blacksmith, she has shown great capability in the art, usually forging highly detailed componets by hand - She forged me a broadsword for my 40th birthday and holy crap it is awesome - Prof.S.Kulz
  • Genetic modifaction: Mostly based on the noets Torg left behind, she has managed to piece together enough information to create basic genetic modifcations and structures, her most recient attmept on record created a flower that was edible and tasted like choclate.