Athena Rose Fairmore

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Athena Rose Fairmore
Player: @battlerockx
Celebrated Author of the "Sentinels of Love" series
Personal Data
Real Name: Athena Rose Fairmore
Known Aliases: (wouldn't YOU like to know?)
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Occupation: Hero-Romance Writer
Place of Birth: Rhode Island
Current Residence: Millennium City
Marital Status: single
Known Relatives: Parents (deceased), brother (deceased), Caitlin Fairmore - adopted mother (deceased)
First Appearance: "Future's Guardian" #1 (2013)

Athena Rose Fairmore is the author of the highly-successful "Sentinels of Love" book series. It became an overnight success in the spring of 2012.

Personal History

Born in Rhode Island, Athena was barely a child when a family visit to Detroit in 1992 turned deadly. Her parents and brother were killed in the Battle of Detroit, and she was presumed killed as well until she was rescued by an old hero. As one of many "Detroit Orphans" with no family members left to care for her, the old and now-retired hero took it upon herself to raise Athena as her own daughter and changed her last name to Fairmore as part of her "retirement package".

As she grew up, her adopted mother would tell her stories of the old days. Of the Golden and Silver Ages of heroism, where heroes were noble and courageous. When the day was saved and the bad guys went to prison. But she also told Athena about her many lost loves; of the dashing marine that was killed in Vietnam, of the detective too mentally damaged for romance, the iconic hero that barely acknowledged her presence, the hybrid aquatic prince from Lemuria who married another woman to save his throne, and especially of the idealistic billionaire archer.

These stories ended up serving as the inspiration for Athena's future stories.

Athena attended a rather obscure women's college in Rhode Island, getting her Bachelor's of Arts in Literature. During her fourth year, her adopted mother died due to natural causes. She was left with a sizable inheritance, which Athena used to travel the world after graduation.

Finally, after spending several years traveling, she started a new endeavor as a fiction writer.

Literary Success

Athena first made a name for herself with the book "Sentinels of Love: Moment of Hope", based supposedly on the adventures her adopted mother told her. The first edition of the book was published in March of 2012 and became an overnight success. Some reviewers called it "Twilight for adults". Others referred to the more mature nature as being "Fifty Shades of Grey With Capes". Either way, her first book brought over $3 million, mostly by heroes and hero-fans.

Her second book, "Sentinels of Love: Dark Legacy", which was first published in September of 2012, was equally a success, bringing in $7 million and talk of a movie deal. Further stirring controversy was Athena's reclusive nature, agreeing to interviews either online or through telephone, supposedly because of her globe-trotting ways.

Her third book, "Sentinels of Love: Depths of Despair" was released in January of 2013, bringing in advanced sales of over $1 million and first printing sales at over $8 million. It is currently in its third printing with talks of a fourth.

The success of the book series, along with some nasty rumors, brought Athena back to Millennium City; this time to stay as a resident.

Literary History

"Sentinels of Love" Series

  • Moment of Hope - Published March 2012
  • Dark Legacy - Published September 2012
  • Depths of Despair - Published January 2013
  • Shattered Lives - Published September 2013
  • (Untitled Book Five) - Work in progress


Athena's best friend is Candace Sinclair, another victim of the Battle of Detroit, who was instrumental in locating her family records when they originally considered her to be deceased. Candace is also her attorney and has represented Athena in the publishing of her book series as well as making arrangements for her return to Millennium City.

Athena considers herself to be a "hero-fan", which is understandable given her history. During a brief trip to the Canadian Wilderness, she spent most of her time talking with the Canadian heroes at Force Station Steelhead than with any of the other personnel. The same was said at the Project Greenskin base in the American Southwest, and the boardwalk on Vibora Bay. It's not unusual, then, for her to be knowledgeable of both hero and villain activities.

Athena is otherwise very reclusive, which only aided in the mystery surrounding what she looked like when her first book became an overnight success. She refused to have any on-camera interviews, preferring to communicate either online or through telephone. This led many to question if she really existed, or, if so, if she really was who she claimed to be. It was only recently that she made her first video interview for WCOC to dispel the rumors of her being a chronically-obese agoraphobic male hoarder.

Personal Likes: all things hero-related.

Favorite Music: Nemesea

Favorite Song: "In Control" by Nemesea

Favorite Books: Fifty Shades of Grey, The Cape and the Cowl, Heroes of Paragon

Favorite Color: Burgundy

Favorite Drink: white mocha latte (winter), berry-banana smoothies (summer)

The Truth

In reality, "Athena Rose Fairmore" is the greatest piece of fiction created. Although there was a child by that name in Detroit of 1992, she really was killed along with her family by the mechanizations of Doctor Destroyer. Much of "Athena's" life is a fabrication, based on coincidental events strung together, including the retirement of the hero that took the name "Caitlin Fairmore".

"Athena" is really Galatea Future, a hero that was forced to walk away from the world due to legal complications. Working with Candace Sinclair, she was able to create the personna of "Athena" so she could publish the stories based on her adventures in an alternate universe. This also allowed her to travel and venture back into civilization without revealing to the world who she really was.