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Atomic Maid
Player: @SeijiTataki
Atomic Maid - To Action!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sarah Elizabeth Reid
Known Aliases: Liz, Lizzie, Beth
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Taylor, Michigan
Base of Operations: Millennium City
Relatives: Alsander Reid (Father), Eireanne Donnough Reid (Mother)
Age: 19
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Auburn
Complexion: Fair/Light
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: No Discernible
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: 4
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Student
Education: Some College
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Enhanced Super Strength and heightened reflexes. Atomic Maid power suit includes a variety of weapons and support systems.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Atomic Maid Power Suit, Nerve Amplification Suit
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
MaekadaBox created by @Maekada

Atomic Maid, according to her critics, represents a startling trend in a rapid decrease in the age of Super Heroes in the modern era. Nothing more than a teenager, she is seen as a worrisome indicator that in time, young metahumans and super geniuses will soon be patrolling the streets, putting themselves and others in mortal peril, playing with forces that they are possibly still too young to understand.

To others, she represents a sign that perhaps America's youth are growing up more than ever, ready to shoulder the responsibility of the world and take the risk of personal harm in order to do right by their peers, working to make the world a better place. Regardless of what people think of her, her cheerful and upbeat personality, combined with her dedication toward righting the wrongs of criminals and super villains creates an infectious mood of cheerfulness and hope for a brighter tomorrow.


"Come on - we can freak out about how close we just came to dying after we've kicked their butts!"

- Atomic Maid

Even her greatest critics can't help but admit that Atomic Maid is cheerfully optimistic - perhaps even to a fault. Always one with a smile on her face, Atomic Maid approaches crime fighting with a cheerful demeanor that has been known to aggravate the criminal elements in Millennium City, who take her smiling and aloof demeanor to mean she is not taking them seriously. Her cheerful and upbeat chatter and tendencies are often infectious, encouraging even the most sullen to crack even a tiny little smile as she charges forward through the toughest of times.

Once questioned in an interview about whether or not her aloof nature was due to her having no fear Atomic Maid responded, "It's not that I'm fearless. Every time a thug pulls a gun on me, I get scared. But if I let that stop me, then the criminals win." This philosophy, of pushing forward despite being afraid, resonated with students world wide, inspiring a fan-driven campaign known as "The Atomic Drive" which encourages bullied and discriminated children to stand up for themselves, rather than allowing them to simply become bullied. 'Atomic Drive' community groups sprouted up in schools world wide, encouraging those who are downtrodden to accept their individual interests and beliefs with pride.

Skills and Capabilities

Although lacking any true formal training in martial arts, her time on the streets of Millennium City have taught Atomic Maid the ability to practically channel her strength in hand-to-hand combat, while minimizing the amount of damage to those she fights. While she has only been actively fighting crime for only two years, she has quickly learned just how much force she needs to exert to deal with day to day thugs and more malevolent super villain forces of varying strengths to avoid permanently crippling or killing them. While she generally is capable of controlling her strength, she lacks any real way to determine the strength of an opponent by simply looking at them. In more than one instance she has accidentally broken a few ribs and cracked some skulls accidentally when fighting overly flamboyant villains who have made the mistake of talking up their resistances or fighting prowess.

Although on the surface, it appears that Atomic Maid is a hero driven by power armor (in some cases, many people believe that she may actually be fully robotic or some sort of cyborg), that is not one of its functions. That is to say, while she is using a technological device to amplify her strength, it is not her power armor that is doing so. The power armor that Atomic Maid uses is simply to protect her body, which is in reality rather fragile, from the rigors of her day-to-day activities; from fighting thugs and taking weapons fire, to the rigors of the high speed flight via jet propulsion.

Out of Character Information/Secret Identity: Atomic Maid's true source of strength comes from a nerve amplifier device that she wears beneath her power armor. This device, which is designed to compensate for nerve damage she suffered as a child, boosts the signals to her nerves and muscles, allowing her to regain mobility and full function of her body. In addition, this has granted Atomic Maid with improved reflexes, senses, and strength above that of a normal human. For short bursts, the nerve amplifier can also overwrite her body's natural safety measures and grant surges of superhuman strength. This allows her to fight all manner of super powered villains for short durations, but has the side effect of leaving her body very weak and susceptible to injury for a period of time after each use. The primary purpose of the power suit worn by Atomic Maid is to protect her body after each use of her nerve amplifier to boost her physical strength.


Any data pertaining to Atomic Maid's life prior to becoming a super hero, and anything referring to her as Sarah Elizabeth Reid should be considered confidential information that is only available to those closest to her. While it is provided for reference purposes, none of it appears on any official records in connection to Sarah's "Atomic Maid" persona.

Early Life


Born in Taylor, Michigan, Sarah Reid was an relatively healthy child. Just as cheerful and high spirited as she is today, the young Sarah was always curious and ready to explore, at times much to the dismay of her sometimes overly cautious parents. Alsander Reid, her father, was a geneticist who specialized in abnormal or rare diseases and disorders, and tended to view the smallest dangers in life as any number of fatal catalysts that challenged his little girl's life and well being. Her mother, Eireanne Reid, was a roboticist who approached life with systematic precision and care, knowing that even the slightest miscalculation could result in catastrophic failure. To both her parents, Sarah's constant inquisitive nature and reckless desire to explore lead to a near endless series of panic which slowly taught the otherwise introverted couple to open up to the world. Where the two had once approached every day with increasing caution and concern, they eventually learned to appreciate life for what it was, and grew to genuinely appreciate and experience the world beyond their meager lives.

Very early in her childhood, the Reid family decided they were going to home school their little girl. Her naturally inquisitive and quick thinking mind made her ill-adjusted to the pace given by standardize schooling, especially in the aftermath of the destruction of Detroit, and she was already reading and speaking on a first grade level by the time she was two years old. It wasn't that Sarah was unnaturally gifted, however, despite the impressiveness of her learning feats at such a young age. Rather, her constant time spent around doting parents who loved to speak and teach, and who, in their own rights, possessed genius level intellects, naturally rubbed off on the young impressionable mind. The Reids, who worked in separate divisions in the Fujiwara-Hatoyama research facility, took turns teaching their daughter while working from home, and were steadily making progress in her school teachings until she was eight years of age.

A few months after Sarah's eighth birthday, she contracted an unknown disease that is now suspected to have been of extraterrestrial origin, known simply as N-013-15D. The sickness struck hard and quickly, afflicting Sarah with a severe fever that crippled her body and immune system, putting her into a coma that overall lasted for two weeks. During the initial onset of her disease, Sarah's parents scrambled to find any cure for their child's mysterious ailment. No form of medicine or super science had ever experienced a disease of this nature, which seemed to be literally devouring Sarah's nervous system alive. She was quickly put into quarantine, and was not expected to last for more than a week or two before the damage would become irreversible, and she would effectively be dead. In a panic, the hysterical parents turned to Masahiro Fujiwara, the then CEO of Fujiwara-Hatoyama, for a chance to try and save their daughter's life. Always a kind man, Masahiro secured a bid for the Fujiwara-Hatoyama group's medical division to attempt to find a cure for the disease.

Combine their fields of expertise along with that of the best and brightest minds available to them, the Reids were able to engineer a nanovirus that rendered N-013-15D by changing its genetic structure. The 'deactivated' disease ceased devouring nerve cells, and instead attached itself to them, rendering them effectively harmless. They could no longer effect Sarah's body, and their state prevented them from spreading. Although it was not a definitive cure to the disease, it provided a way to prevent it from killing patients. The unfortunate side effect, however, was that by rendering N-013-15D inert in this process, any affected nerves were retarded, and in severe cases, such as with Sarah and her whole body, due to two weeks of being effected, could render the nerves effectively worthless. Although Sarah had survived her illness, she was now effectively fully paralyzed.

Post Illness

When Sarah awoke from what had to her been only one fever-induced nightmare, she was startled to find that she had no control over her body. Try as hard as she may, she could not get her body to respond - she was effectively trapped. After the initial panic subsided, and the true understanding of what had transpired finally sunk in, she grew quiet. Her mother, who was crying as she saw her daughter awoke, could only manage a single sob filled statement, "I'm sorry that we couldn't do better... we failed."

Battered, broken, and almost entirely paralyzed, Sarah saw how much her condition hurt her mother. She knew that no amount of anger or unhappiness would ever make the situation better. Instead, the little eight year old girl did her best to smile, and weakly responded to her mother, "No, mommy. We're still together." Eireanne Reid could only cry as she held her daughter tight. Little Sarah vowed that from that day, she would keep herself in the best of spirits - if not for herself, then to keep her Mother happy.