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Player: @Bluhman
"What do you mean 'changing fate'? Do you even realize how many times I have tried to defy it?" HONK.png
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged DPS/Control (EGO/Guardian/Avenger)
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Mysticism
Biographical Data
Real Name: Welles Knight
Known Aliases: Avalon, Son of Merlin, The Prophet
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: British Caucasian
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: Roosevelt City, New Jersey
Relatives: Mother: Lonnie Knight

Father: Connor Knight

Age: 58
Height: 6'4
Weight: 192 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Dark-White
Physical Build: Slim, Broad-shouldered, Imposing
Physical Features: Partially balding, wears a hairpiece.
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Unknown
Years Active: 28
Citizenship: English Citizen
Occupation: Playboy
Education: University education
Marital Status: Unmarried couple with the Old Scout
Known Powers and Abilities
Precognition and prophetic visions, mastery of magic, modest swordsmanship skill
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Outfit, focusing staff, longsword
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Avalon is a long-standing member of the E-Team. Treated as one of England's national heroes, his ability to see occurrences in the future make him a magnificent ally to those who place trust in him. He currently is working with Dr. Voltsz to bring the E-Team back together and prevent a bombing within Roosevelt City.


Growing up

Welles Knight was born to a very fortunate family. Multimillionaire entrepreneur Connor Knight and his trophy wife, Lonnie, encouraged the boy to grow up to inherit his father's plane company. As a child, he was pushed to put all manner of effort into learning a wide variety of professions and subjects; well more than what Welles was comfortable with. When he brought the issue to his parents, they decided to change tactics.

Instead, Welles was encouraged to find what interested him and focus on profession in that area; a search that continued well into Welles' 30's and managed to subsist under his parents' funds. Welles, in his mean time, was able to net some income by investing loans to other entrepreneurs. It seems he had a knack for choosing the correct products and companies to place trust in. Under these conditions, Welles had managed to buy his own fancy house and car. He had ample free-time to explore all manner of hobbies and venues of the world.

But then Connor got a letter from an anonymous sender, telling him to send his son to an unnamed tomb at the northern end of England, and to also deliver him the bizarre key that came with the letter. Welles, not one to turn down a new experience, headed right out on his trip north by plane.


Arriving at the tomb, Welles was greeted by a stone staircase into the ground, seemingly leading underneath the base of a tree upon a cliff facing the ocean. The staircase lead to a solid stone door, with a large slit for Welles' key to fit within. Reluctantly sliding the key in, the door effortlessly toppled over, seemingly becoming unrooted from its frame. What then stood before Welles was a glowing apple upon a pedestal. The pedestal was surrounded by three coffins, containing engraved figures of knights from the medieval ages. Reading further into the letter, Welles knew that the apple was indeed intended for him, but was this a trap? Who would lead him out to the middle of nowhere to a tomb to give him an unusually shiny apple? Nonetheless, Welles could no longer resist the fruit's glistening allure, and carefully took a bite into it.

Just like that, hundreds of memories of the past flooded into Welles' mind. His knowledge had increased tenfold, now clearly capable of recalling not only his entire life, but even ages far before his birth, pertaining to the legacy of King Arthur and his round table. His memory also began to extend forward; at any given moment, Welles found himself capable of calling to mind what might occur in the future. Not only was Welles' mind transformed, but he physically felt more invigorated than he had in a long time, his arms pulsing with magnificent energy. Welles now had the capacity to wield magic.

As the pedistal sank into the ground with the consumption of the apple, two of the sarcophagi in the tomb opened to reveal two artifacts: A wood-carved staff, seemingly used by the wizard Merlin himself, and a longsword, engraved with words identifying it as the legendary Excalibur. Not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Welles took the artifacts and walked back out of the tomb. As he left, the tree's leaves above began to go brown and fall as the entire cliff slowly began to detach and slide down into the ocean. Welles had irrevocably taken the sword, staff, and knowledge of Camelot, but to what end? Power and heroics were of little interest to the young Welles!

Premonitions, Heroism, and The E-Team

Left: Nemesis of the E-Team, The Cobalt Cavalier. Right: Avalon's recurring enemy, Viviane.
Troubling premonitions began to bubble within Welles' mind as he flew back to London. He foresaw nuclear war between the East and West, with terror and sabotage being spread by an armored man he would later come to know as The Cobalt Cavalier. More immediately, he also saw a vision of his parents being threatened by a hooded female magician, but then being saved by another wizard by means of sword and staff. The outfit, style, and means to overcome his obstacles were clear in this vision, and Welles was immediately driven to action. Having craftsmen temper his legendary sword and his servants prepare him a proper outfit, Welles donned his mask for the first time as Avalon. His visions into the future had not failed him, either, as he was able to save his parents from the mysterious enchantress, Viviane. This would not be the last time that Avalon would see Vivane, either; she seemed predisposed to Avalon in that she is perhaps the only way he can properly change the fate of his visions.

Avalon kept getting visions of crimes both to be deliberated and crime in progress. Using and honing his magical abilities, Avalon grew to proficiency and soon became well-capable of saving the day time and time again. He grew to such heights of fame that he became one of England's national heroes, and even became knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. For once, it seemed Welles' purpose was clear in the bigger picture.

When the leader of the E-Team, Deadbolt, began his search for heroes to help him on his movement against crime in Europe, Avalon was one of the first to respond to the call. Teaming up with The Gourmand and Scout, Avalon's abilities enabled him to play a key role in coordinating and directing the teams' battle against their foes, effectively fighting off most villains' attempts to cause mayhem. In addition, Avalon grew very close to his colleagues; Gourmand held a joint-operation with his parents' company, while Deadbolt grew to become a close traveling partner and political ally to Avalon's endeavors. The attraction between Avalon and Scout, however, went a full-step beyond friendship. (Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the relation between Scout's Daughter and Avalon.)

This arguably served to make the break-up of the team even more disheartening to Avalon. Following Deadbolt's death at the hands of The Cobalt Cavalier, Avalon tried his hardest to encourage the remaining members to pick up the pieces and continue their work. It just wasn't the same; Deadbolt was a magnificent leader and an inspiring orator for the team, and even with each member's determination to try and keep working, the feasibility of the group had been greatly diminished now that one of its foundational members had been exterminated. For 10 years, Avalon and the others shrank into obscurity. Avalon soon returned home to his parents to reconcile, putting the cowl away as he helped manage their corporation.

Revival in Roosevelt City

Meanwhile, Dr. Voltsz, the unknown member of the E-Team, was making her moves to get the group back up and running to work on defusing a singularity bomb underneath Roosevelt City. Avalon was the first to be called up by the scientist, who meekly asked the intimidating magus to help. Indeed, the two had never met or even spoken to one another before the phone call.

Regardless, the bombing of the US City was a premonition Avalon had seen far before even the deformation of the E-Team. Roused to action by the possibility of getting enough help to stop the premonition, Avalon enthusiastically made his comeback, heading to Roosevelt City to help. There, he used his immense financial power to help Voltsz out, buying her a system of tunnels beneath the city surface and a large plot of land where she could set up a lab and base for their operations.

Now, Avalon works underground with the new E-Team to help fight crime in the city. Compared to the other members of Voltsz's team, he is much more lawfully inclined, and outright refuses to take direct action against the city's law enforcement or the Alpha Force. Upon more than one occasion, however, he has been assailed by these parties, who often seek information pertaining to the enigmatic E-Team.

Detailed Information


O - ■■□□□
C - ■■■□□
E - ■■■□□
A - ■■■■■
N - ■■■■□
Growing up in conditions of extreme wealth have made Avalon seemingly predisposed towards nonaction. It's truly uncertain if it's because of these circumstances or if it is because he feels there is little hope in fighting fate, but many have reported it is very hard to get Avalon on the job, especially when big chances and uncertain odds are involved.

Avalon is otherwise friendly and always willing to talk to his friends. He is generally described as wise and reliable, especially when giving others information or advice. However, Avalon rarely takes the reverse well, often seeking to try and solve some problems on his own. For all his power, he is very insecure about appearing weak or in need of assistance. Premonitions can sometimes deeply disturb Avalon as well, causing him to get unusually quiet and irritable at times.

Though he considers himself to be in a pair with the older Scout, this does not stop him from being rather blatantly promiscuous. Indeed, he attempts to make many moves on people he casually meets. This sort of behavior is usually only when Avalon is out of uniform, however. That is, unless he's inside a superhero bar.

Combat Specifications

He's not only a prophet; he's also a really deadly magician!
Avalon's Magical Abilities are paramount to his techniques in combat. Drawing from seemingly endless reserves of energy, he can keep very steady streams of magical energy flowing to harm his enemies and keep them at bay. His proficiency also allows him to use magic to manipulate objects in a variety of ways, including allowing his sword to fly on its own, summon magical rings to ward off and stun enemies, and even summon magical sanctuaries to protect himself from harm.

Avalon's Staff is rarely, if ever, seen on the battlefield. Largely due to its superficial and ritualistic nature, as well as its fragile construction, Avalon most often uses the staff to focus his premonitions. When used properly, Avalon has been known to be able to foresee events as far as 15 years into the future, as well as a seemingly infinite time back into the past. However, Avalon's abilities can be hindered if strong radio signals are used. If the signal is strong enough, such as the one Cobalt Cavalier used against Avalon during the Deadbolt incident, Avalon will suffer from severe headaches and be unable to use any of his abilities.

His sword, Excalibur, is also not a huge aspect to his combat style, probably because of the immense historical value the blade carries. In the earlier times when he has used it, however, he has only shown fairly rudimentary skill with his swordsmanship. Compared to the impossibly fast swings and spins he can do with the sword when manipulating it with magic, Avalon's melee capabilities are quite lacking.

Avalon can use his magic to temporarily boost his might to great levels, enabling him to send enemies flying away with a single swing, but under most circumstances, he is no stronger than an average human. Avalon is capable of summoning flying clouds that enable him to levitate at a speed of 21 miles per hour, and can also Teleport long distances with extreme concentration.


Avalon's oldest appearance! Wow, look at those dumb robes.
  • The 11th 40. Avalon's always had some elements of Sorcery in his build, but previous placed more emphasis on pets and blades. Neither of those worked out so well. Now, he's almost exclusively geared for ranged solo combat.
  • Avalon's facial appearance is very loosely based off of Vincent Price. Some people have also said that he kind of looks like Walt Disney.
  • Avalon is in fact balding, which can be seen on his civilian/initial outfit. He wears a small, widow's peak hairpiece to cover this up when he's in uniform.