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Bionic Bullet
Player: @RavenForce
Bionic Bullet.png
"It's rarely ever too late to turn your life around. Put in the work and you'll get results."
Character Build
Class Focus: Ranged
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Ms Jane Rozanova
Known Aliases: Bionic Bullet, BB, Bionic, Sharpshot, Captain Rozanova
Gender: Female
Species: Human (Enhanced Mutant)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Jacksonville, Florida
Base of Operations: UNTIL HQ, Summerstone Mansion, Private Base
Relatives: Erik Rozanov (deceased), Marlinda Rozanova (deceased), Samantha Rozanova (deceased)
Age: 31
Height: 5'11
Weight: 169 Ibs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Lightly Tanned
Physical Build: Athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Lawful Neutral

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Protected
Years Active: [Classified]
Citizenship: Dual Nationality (U.S. & Russian)
Occupation: UNTIL Agent (Rank - Captain)
Education: D.Eng., M.S. Information Technology.
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Perfect Proprioception, Enhanced Physical Condition & Chi Manipulation.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Gold "G" Pistols. Cheytac .408 Sniper Rifle. Explosive Gel Bio Bombs. Throwing knives. Cyose-Omega Mesh Body Armor with a Holo-tech interface. N Point Energy Hook. Cryogenic Grenades.
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Bionic Bullet is an exceptional hitwoman and markswoman. Her past as an agent of the CIA, has left her a very wise, tactically adept and lethal woman. She spent a few years as an assassin, working for whoever paid for her services. She soon missed the "feel" of being in a team and working toward a purpose instead of the continual body count she was racking up. She was apprehended by a super powered being who she was sent to kill and was mercifully given the option of incarceration or servitude to UNTIL. She chose wisely and now serves as a high ranking UNTIL Agent, who still utilizes her skills as an assassin to aid law enforcement. She joined the Summerstone Sisterhood a year after her induction into UNTIL and became a fellow Summerstone.


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Born into a middle class family in Jacksonville, Florida. Jane Rozanova was a smart and resourceful girl who quickly progressed onto higher education at least one year before those born around her date of birth. She seemed to assimilate information quicker than the average person and was almost inhumanly flexible and had a very high healing factor. She excelled at martial arts and was able to utilize and harness her chi in ways not even her teacher was aware. She kept her newfound "chi-powers" to herself and did not share her "mutant" powers with anyone.

Jane Rozanova was exceptional as a high school student with a particular interest in martial arts, ranged and close forms of weaponry as well as a very high level understanding of computer processes, as well as being able to speak several different languages. Jane excelled at history, both modern and ancient, problem solving skills, computer interface manipulation and understanding. She seemed like the perfect candidate for a position in the government and was mantaining a high grade point average.

However her gifts and hard work did have a downside..there were those who harboured a deep hatred for Jane, simply because she was gifted in a large variety of areas. One particular person who was part of the small group of people who hated her, was a certain Tabitha Waters. Tabitha's father owned a large business corporation and had links to the criminal underworld. Using this to her advantage, Tabitha met with one of the various criminal organisations her father was linked to and paid hard cash to have Jane...removed.

After seeing the cash they struck a deal with Tabitha and arranged for Jane to be a certain place at a certain time in order to carry out the hit. The following day Tabitha was able to manipulate events (thanks to her father's influence) so that Jane would be walking through an alley way instead of the normal route to her college as it was suddenly blocked off. Sure enough the gangsters were waiting for her in a car and proceeded to drive towards her at full speed, knocking her down and then driving over her limp frame. Hours later, when she didnt show up for her lectures, a small search party found her body in the alley way. Jane had lost alot of blood and had suffered serious brain damage as well as numerous shattered bones and left her comatose.

Unfortunately for Jane, during the period of time she was in a coma approximately seven weeks, her mother, father and sister were killed in a super powered altercation between a super villain called The Muscle and the super hero known as Starlight. In a tragic turn of events Starlight was said to have fired a blast of plasma energy into The Muscle sending him into a stabilizing pillar which under the sheer weight of the villain buckled crushing and killing 10 civilians and Starlight himself beneath almost a ton of rubble, that of which Jane's parents and her sister were part of. The Muscle was severely injured but apprehended, he too soon died from his head injuries. Upon making her way to consciousness, escaping her coma thanks to her healing factor, Jane was informed of her severe loss by Dr. Greenwood, one of the many doctors working on saving her.

With no living relatives, Jane was left in the care of the doctors in a nearby hostpital. However her chance to regain a semblance of a normal life was getting progressively worse as conventional treatments were not paying off or having significant effect. This was when the CIA stepped in and ran a highly experimental procedure on Jane to "restore" her. The Bionic Enhancement Program was the first of its kind and the risks involved were enormous, Jane was fully aware of the risks involved but pleaded for them to try, she was desperate to become herself again, despite knowing what procedural success would entail.

The procedure was given the go ahead on May 18th 2001. Ninety seven hours later and the procedure was complete. Jane had been "restored" with cybernetic and bionic implants which replaced her shattered bones and a small processing unit which mimics the function of her damaged brain areas. Combined with months of psychological therapy, physiotherapy and adjustment, Jane Rozanova was a new woman. Literally. Her bionic implants and restructured bones granted her enhanced strength, her natural talent and grace was also enhanced by the implants. The implants were extremely discrete and it was nearly impossible to tell that she was not fully human anymore as they were not visible nor did they protrude outwardly under the surface of her skin.

Much to her dismay she was unable to resume college life and was instead taken to finish her courses and hone her skills in a training facility at an undisclosed location, courtesy of the CIA. She also discovered that her control over her "chi" had been impacted substantially, as she was no longer able to focus her chi to impart the supernatural strength she once possessed. Fully aware of the fact that she now belonged to the CIA, she followed suit and trained to become a highly effective agent. As she progressed she learnt various forms of martial arts, ranged weapon usage as well as precise application of lethal force, espionage skills and information siphoning. After five years of service, Agent Rozanova was falsely accused of selling secrets to a rival organisation and was classed as a rogue asset, she was on the run and soon faked her own death. The attempt was successful as she was no longer hunted.

Using this as an opportunity to reinvent herself she renamed herself Bionic Bullet and became a freelance assassin. She hated the way she was treated by the CIA and associated partners and wanted revenge. She was operating within the right circles as she soon became of specific interest to crime lords around the globe, she worked for them in exchange for handsome amounts of money, never failing to take the hardest and most thrilling jobs. Her expertise and reliability came to the attention of larger organisations in the criminal world, such as VIPER, ARGENT, PSI and even DEMON.

Bionic Bullet worked as an assassin for numerous organisations, and on occassion was asked to continue working on hits for the organisations, she assisted them in taking out high profile targets at strategic locations in order to aid them. She was then handed an assignment which would change her life forever. The Supreme Serpent head of VIPER, had requested that she remove a certain scientist named Doctor Su Summerstone (aka ForceGirl) as she had become a nuisance to VIPER. The Supreme Serpent however failed to give sufficient information to Bionic Bullet about her target..

Bionic Bullet did two months worth of observation of the Dr.Summerstone, noting her routine, movements and visitors, using a high powered VIPER satellite. On the afternoon of Feburary 3rd, 2012 at 3:50pm Jane set her plan into motion. Reaching the ForceTech Industries Building at 3:55pm and breaching the building at two points different points around 3:57pm. The first entry point was merely a diversion, which grabbed the attention of the buildings security systems. She then made her way through the various defense systems, armed with the Pulson Technology passed onto her by VIPER. Her inhuman reflexes, Pulson Technology and bionic implants gave her a sigificant advantage allowing her to bypass several artifical security force fields, allowing her to make her way into the top floor labs, which for some reason were unguarded. She spied the scientist hard at work and slowly climbed out of the passage way and aimed her sniper rifle at the scientist and fired. What occured next, was such a suprise to Jane she had to take a moment to pinch herself. The bullet bounced from the scientist, seemingly in mid air...she noticed the slight ripple in the air around where she fired. She scanned for the scientist again, but she had seemingly vanished, not even her bionic vision could see locate the scientist. The lights in the room had dimmed slightly, which made locating her target harder.

Jane bent down and picked up the bullet which had been squashed, the body of the bullet looked as if it had been fired into an impenetrable wall of some kind. Reaching out to where the scientist head was and hence her point of interest, she felt nothing, no wall or security field. As she did she stepped into a shaft of bright light from an open window, her VIPER insignia reflecting brilliantly. A sudden rushing sound roared to her left, she looked up, unable to pin point the source she looked around frantically unsure of where to move. An immense blast of white hot pain slammed into her body as something connected with her sending her up into the air and hurtling towards a nearby wall. She made an attempt to reach for her rifle but it moved away from her. Overcome with mindblowing pain she stopped moving, she had never felt a harder impact. Jane felt the darkness creeping into her sight, clouding her vision as she slipped out of consciousness, the last thing she saw was the scientist in an oddly heroic pose saying the words "VIPER..." before she passed out.

Jane awoke in a holding cell, stripped of all her weapons, but to her suprise she was not bound in anyway. Whoever had captured her obviously knew who she was, so why she was given such relative freedom was beyond her. She sat still running through her options as a man came into the room and introduced himself as Gideon H. Jones, Director of UNTIL Technical Corps. Jane attempted to jump up and break his neck and then escape through the still open door, but instead she calmly rose and shook his hand and sat down. She found herself unable to control her body and was freely answering all the questions that he asked to the best of her ability even though she would be thinking up harsh retorts or refusing to comment.

PRIMUS Database Information Note: The last few minutes of the interview were released from UNTIL and scripted for future usage, and continue as follows:

Director G.H Jones: "I'd like to thank you for your remarkable co-operation and uh,..*chuckles* answer."

Bionic Bullet: "You can sh-You are most welcome."

Director G.H Jones:*chuckles again* "Jane, was it? You, uh, may have noticed your current inability to control your actions over these past few hours as well as your willingness to co-operate.."

Bionic Bullet: "What. Did. You. Give. Me."

Director G.H Jones: "Oh? We didn't give you anything, you are experiencing nothing other than the amazing feat of mind control. Conscious mind control too..which as I can only imagine is quite frustrating."

Bionic Bullet: "Don't. Believe. You."

A chair being pulled out scrapes across the floor and the door opens, the sounds of two pairs of shoes comes closer

Director G.H Jones: "I'd like you to meet..these two fine ladies..Mentella and her sister, who you tried to assassinate, ForceGirl"

Bionic Bullet: "So. What. How does it. Explain. This. controlling crap."

Mentella: "That.."controlling crap" is my doing...I am only going to allow you to do and say what I feel is necessary. You have zero say in the matter."

Bionic Bullet: "Lies. Load of Bul-"*stops talking*

Mentella: " explitives.."

ForceGirl: "We have a proposition for you...its a bit farfetched but...we know about you...every thought or action that you have ever done has been relayed to us. However your skill, information and various talents are of great value to us."

Director G.H Jones: "The ladies are speaking truth..we want you to join us. As an enemy you are lethal, as an ally you could be so much better. So your options are as follows..incarceration..or servitude."

Bionic Bullet: "Ease. Up. On. Control....Please."

A breath is heard and Bionic Bullet remains silent.

Twenty minutes of silence pass as no audible communication occurs between anyone in the room

Bionic Bullet: "I-I accept your offer. To be honest...I wanted to rejoin the task force's been a while."

Director G.H Jones: "I'm glad you took the better option, funny that...Mentella said you would. That's settled then, welcome to UNTIL...Agent Rozanova. Of course you'll be under the constant supervision until we feel we can trust you."

Bionic Bullet: "I understand, although I have a few questions.."

-End of recording-

After her re-education by UNTIL and The Summerstone Sisterhood, Bionic Bullet has quickly become a valuable addition to UNTIL's Super Human Division as well as The Summerstone Sisterhood.

Special Report - January to April 2013

Jane had been working for months, tirelessly trying to locate and put a stop to The Cybernetic Assassin. It seemed that all her leads were dead ends and she was burning herself out with the amount of stress she was under, however with the assistance of Techna Ology she was able to locate a hidden base in Monster Island where fortunately her tireless searching was about to pay off.

On the 12th of April 2013 at approximately 23:07hrs, Agent Rozanova aka Bionic Bullet, put a permanent stop to a mechanical menace known as The Cybernetic Assassin. Her report is summarized here.

19:45hrs - Bionic Bullet infiltrates a secret base belonging to The Cybernetic Assassin in Monster Island. She locates her two allies Rocket Hawk and Lady Rocket Hawk who are under the guard of Double Dealer an assassin whom Bionic knew from her old days. After dispatching Double Dealer, she freed them and they accompanied her with taking down The Cybernetic Assassin.

20:17hrs - Bionic Bullet and the Rocket Hawks make their way to the main control center, complete with android minions, scared scientists and a large death ray calibrated to wipe out all and any organic life signatures. Mechanon was reported to be present however he fled the scene leaving The Cybernetic Assassin to fight Bionic Bullet and the Rocket Hawks.

21:35hrs - Bionic Bullet and the Rocket Hawks free the scientists and put the reactors into a meltdown sequence causing the death ray to implode on itself.

22:09hrs - The Cybernetic Assassin utilizes Arcane Mind Control to summon a primal beast which is quickly defeated by the Rocket Hawks whilst Bionic Bullet and The Cybernetic Assassin go head to head in cybernetic combat.

22:55hrs - The Cybernetic Assassin summons over 100 android minions and two extra copies of himself for the Rocket Hawks and Bionic Bullet to fight.

23:07hrs - Bionic Bullet puts a bullet in the head of The Cybernetic Assassin shutting down his conscious control of his android minions and terminating his "life".

23:45hrs - A clean up crew from UNTIL arrive on the scene securing the facility and looking after the scientists.

00:32hrs - Bionic Bullet and the Rocket Hawks arrive at UNTIL HQ and file detailed reports of the transpired events.

After filing her report Agent Jane went back to The Summerstone Mansion and was not seen again until the end of the month.

Special Report- May 2013

Nighthawk, it's good to see you again...let's end this.

Throughout the month of May, Agent Rozanova has been assisting UNTIL in various endeavors as well as fulfilling her role as a teacher at the Academy.

At the scene of some evidence pointing towards foul play.
Assault on Stone Labs with Echo and a team of heroes.
Franklin Stone, you have the right to shut the hell up...

However throughout the latter part of the month, Bionic Bullet was investigating the apparent turn to crime the once hero Nighthawk was seemingly perpetrating. Bionic Bullet having worked with the elusive Nighthawk before was determined to exonerate her ally. Working alongside the MCPD and The Champions, Bionic Bullet was able to deduce that Nighthawk had been set up by a group of imposters.

Bionic Bullet was called to the sight of three sightings of "Nighthawk" where she was met with a hostile reception in each location.

A lot of things about these "Nighthawk's" did not add up, first there was the use of minions, which did not make sense, the Nighthawk the Champions and Bionic Bullet knew, did not have a sidekick much less minions, the next was the suit that these imposters were in possession of were outdated, bulky and lacking in the usual finesse and style that Nighthawk displayed.

Next and perhaps most incriminating was the varying techniques used by the three Nighthawks, the first was observed fighting with single blade, the other used pyro kinesis and the final "Nighthawk" had some sort of mastery over the atmosphere. Nighthawk is not known to be a meta-human so the display of pyro kinesis and atmosphere control was evidence enough that they were imposters.

After obtaining a warrant for the arrest of Franklin Stone, a surprisingly nimble older man, Bionic Bullet called in her friend Echo and together with a small team of heroes they led an assault on Stone Labs.

Bionic Bullet met up with Nighthawk after he joined the fight to even out the odds and they both confronted Franklin Stone as Echo and the other heroes worked on damage control and containment.

After a drawn out aerial battle using the her Grav Bike and Echo in a Hawk Jet, Defender showed up after fighting through waves of minions and together with Bionic Bullet, they arrested Franklin Stone.

Bionic Bullet returned with Defender to UNTIL HQ and she filed her report of the events as they transpired.

On the 31st of May 2013, Agent Rozanova (aka Bionic Bullet) was assigned indefinitely to Project [---REDACTED---]

This report has been edited to protect sensitive information. Thank you for your understanding. ~ UNTIL

Notice from UNTIL - 2014 - Present

UNTIL LOGO Transparent.png
Speaking to Major Rashida Kwame

To whom it may concern,

Agent Jane Rozanova AKA Bionic Bullet is an Agent of UNTIL and works for its respective governmental organizations. Due to recent changes in the capacity in which Agent Rozanova, now Captain Rozanova serves The United Nations Tribunal on International Law, information regarding her activities are currently classified and Captain Rozanova's publishing rights have been revoked and information regarding her activity will no longer be published.

Thank you for your understanding.

Major Jason Larke, Project Stargazer Commander, UNTIL.

Groups and Affiliations

Bionic Bullet has been associated for various amounts of time with different organizations on both sides of the law.


The early part of her career saw Bionic Bullet as an 'enhanced' spy for the CIA. Information regarding her capacity within the CIA are classified but have been passed onto, in part, UNTIL.

Bionic Bullet the Assassin - Post CIA

As Bionic Bullet the Assassin, Jane has been affiliated with VIPER, ARGENT, DEMON, PSI, Red Banner, New Shadows, New Purple Gang and Teleios. Working with them on multiple occasions. The large percentage if not all of the time she has worked for them, she was directed to take out key targets of another criminal organization, government organization or take down other enhanced threats to the organization she worked for at the time.

Working with the Rocket Hawks to bring down The Cybernetic Assassin and his droves of minions.

UNTIL's Super Human Agents - Post Bionic Bullet the Assassin Days

Jane was captured by UNTIL and ForceGirl, after she was sent to kill the scientist (ForceGirl) by VIPER. After several months of re-education she was offered a position in UNTIL and soon fully integrated into UNTIL as an 'Enhanced Agent', soon finding her place on UNTIL's Super Human Agents team, where she made a few friends. This Super Human division was made up of limit tested agents, mutants, metahumans, sentient androids as well as enhanced humans via mystical, scientific, technological or extraterrestrial means. On a number of occasions she worked with her two closest friends Rocket Hawk and Lady Rocket Hawk. They have worked together on a number of endeavors including the fairly recent and hard fought fire fight which eventually led to the defeat of her rival and one of UNTIL's Most Wanted Criminals; The Cybernetic Assassin.

UNTIL Spec Ops - Post UNTIL's Super Human Agents

After sometime on UNTIL's Super Human Agents, funding for the division was cut after several groups wished to strike out on their own without UNTIL supervision. As a result of this Bionic Bullet was transferred to a new unit and team which were taken from UNTIL's Super Human Agents division. This new team, UNTIL Spec Ops is comprised of several agents who are classed as enhanced, limit tested & highly experienced or highly specific skill set agents. As an technologically enhanced mutant with a highly specific skill set, Bionic Bullet was an ideal match.

Powers and Abilities

At a basic level, Jane Rozanova is a human mutant with cybernetic enhancements.

Her mutant abilities can be roughly split into three categories: Perfect Proprioception, Enhanced Physical Condition, Chi Manipulation.

Perfect Proprioception

Jane's unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation of her own body exists on a superhuman level and likely explains and/or is related to her other superhuman abilities. This level of proprioception allows Jane to have an extraordinary natural ability for balance, hand to eye co-ordination as well as high speed movement and reflexes. Allowing her to have the ability to move using her inhumanly fast reaction times. As Jane is constantly aware of her own positioning, she rarely misses her target and can attempt and complete highly dangerous and physically complex feats with relative ease.

Her mutation also extends to her ability to never miss a target, even if her target is extremely fast moving or they move and the bullet hits something else, the bullet will hit its intended target. She is also adept with "Chi-channeling" which can be defined as an extra dimensional force which is present in living beings and to an extent elements. Her bionic implants and tactical gear coupled with her highly specific skill set make her a formidable combatant. Whilst it can be argued she does not have any "real" meta-human powers her inhuman reaction times, reflexes, speed and precision are out of the reach of many humans and some meta-humans alike

Chi Manipulation

From an early age, Jane has been able to channel a minor extra dimensional force present in all lifeforms known to Eastern cultures as "chi" or "Ki". Before her fateful accident Jane was able to control her chi to the point where she could direct the energy to parts of her body to achieve superhuman feats such as mild super strength, resistance to incoming forces and even to the point of mimicking some form of low level telekinesis. However these specific abilities seemed to disappear after the accident much to her dismay.

Jane still has the ability to manipulate chi but is no longer able to use it in the same fashion as she once was. Her main application for this energy is to translate it into an accelerated form of regeneration which allows her to quickly recover from wounds around her body. This healing is a mixture of her own enhanced state and chi energy. However sustaining the chi energy healing does have a negative impact on her offensive combat ability as it causes her to suffer from a strange form of fatigue, whilst not making her physically tired, it can drain her psychologically and she feels exhausted and to an extent impacts her primary mutation.

Enhanced Physical Condition

This basically means that Jane's physical and mental abilities are above natural levels found within humans and exists beyond what can be emulated via natural training and remains so with little to no maintaining. This means that she is faster, stronger, more intelligent and overall superior to other humans, without being classed as supernaturally augmented. In addition to this, Jane's mutation permanently altered her physiology resulting in much higher than average body tissue density. As a result of this, her body is more resistant to impacts than a peak human's and even some meta humans as it actually places her durability, strength, endurance and other physical traits within the super / meta human spectrum. This can allow her to withstand hits from super human opponents if necessary and also allows her physical strikes to injure or in some cases (if she chooses to) incapacitate even super humanly durable opponents. It also gives rise to several other 'sub' abilities:.
A display of her reflexes whilst working with the Rocket Hawks

Enhanced Reflexes

Jane possesses the ability to react to situations significantly faster than most. This to an extent, can allow her to successfully avoid incoming projectiles of various kinds when she engages with this ability. This ability is limited to her being aware of her surroundings, for example, if Jane stood passively in the hail of bullet fire she would be killed, but if she attempted to dodge the bullets she would have a better chance than most at successfully evading the bullet fire. When in a constant state of motion, Jane becomes more difficult to lock on and hit accurately. Her ability to avoid incoming objects according to CharmCaster is determined by a field of energy surrounding her body and immediate area, however whilst it is relatively weak when Jane is passive, its strength rapidly increases in short bursts when Jane is in a high stress environment and/or moving.

Enhanced Speed

In addition to her reflexes, Jane is also a lot faster than a peak human of her build. Whilst she cannot rival the speed of some super humans, she is significantly faster than an Olympic gold medalist. She has on numerous occasions broken equipment in the on site training facility in UNTIL due to her speed. Her speed is a great asset but sometimes causes her to rush into situations, something which she is quite mindful of.
Utilizing "Gun Fu" in her Infiltrator Suit

Enhanced Combat & Marksmanship

Probably the most notable and powerful result of her primary mutation is her ability to hit targets at varying ranges with incredible accuracy. Jane is an expert markswoman with various weapons, progressing significantly faster than other agents when presented with new weaponry. Off-world and human technology seem to make no difference to her accuracy. Jane is also proficient with the application of lethal force, thrown bladed weaponry and various martial art forms. Jane seems to be able to judge extremely long distances with amazing accuracy, gauging the strength needed to launch a projectile, in order to hit a target accurately. If a target of hers is moving she has demonstrated the ability to calculate the best method to hit them. Visual obstructions like smoke and vegetation do not appear to hinder Jane's ability to get an accurate bead on her target. Her intense focus on whatever she is shooting at allows her to shut out outside distractions. She has shown the ability to achieve marksmanship feats in various environments by compensating for different environmental factors that would normally throw off aim like wind, air resistance, gravity, and radiant heat. This ability of hers is greatly amplified by her cybernetic enhancements which also enhance her sight among other things.

Gun Fu

Whilst this is not necessarily a power, Jane is particularly fond of mixing her martial art skills with her gun skills which has been dubbed "Gun Fu", an art which she excels and readily uses if her opponents get too close. By utilizing her knowledge of pressure points on the human body (and alien in some instances) she is able to quickly dispatch a foe with relative ease.

Enhanced Lifespan

Jane's enhanced physical condition and in turn, her physiology, means that she appears to age slower than normal humans. Whether this is due to an extended lifespan or due to enhanced cellular regeneration or cellular rejuvenation is unclear. Whilst this does not mean she is immune to disease, she is highly resistant to disease and recovers quicker than normal peak humans would from wounds, fractures and breaks.


As Bionic Bullet, Jane is highly equipped and perhaps even literally "armed to the teeth" with weapons and various other gadgets which help her to fight crime.

Bionic Bullet using her "G" guns against a Mega Destroid.

Gold "G" Pistols

Self designed and biometrically tagged G guns are Jane's preferred weapons of choice. Similar in size to a modern day G17, Jane's specialized "G" guns have the capacity to hold up to 40 cartridges each. Her most used rounds were designed by Techna Ology and consist of hollow bullets which are filled with low concentrations of dendrotoxin, which break up under the subcutaneous tissue, which allows her to attack with heavy stopping power whilst also being non lethal. She uses her golden 'G guns' in everyday law enforcement and on assignments. She does not leave without them, ever. Her weapons are biometrically tagged so if she is not holding them, they aren't going to fire. With the help of Techna Ology,ForceGirl and CharmCaster Jane has access to a large variety of rounds and can swap these rounds in, in order to take care of special targets, examples of different rounds are; piercing, explosive, incendiary, armor piercing as well as less conventional rounds such as energy 'bullets' and even enchanted bullets. Jane always carries back ups and even then she has a few more hidden away so she is never caught short. Jane also uses these pistols as part of her "gun fu" techniques, from medium ranged accuracy to mixing martial arts with point blank shots for devastating close quarters combat.

After taking out Hummingbird of GRAB, Jane turns her attention to the remaining member...

Cheytac .408 Sniper Rifle

Given to her as a present from a fellow agent from her days as a CIA agent, Jane still retains this master sniper rifle. Whilst this rifle has limited practical application in the field, Jane is always happy to use it when the opportunity arises. Her deadly accuracy combined with it's highly penetrative rounds allows for the majority of her shots to have heavy stopping power but which are also non-lethal courtesy of Techna Ology & ForceTech Industries. This weapon too has been modified and stylized to suit the combat suit Jane wears as Bionic Bullet.

Explosive Gel Bio Bombs
Tick, Tick BOOM! Remote detonation of her explosive gel strapped to a robotic target.

Jane is adept with the use of explosives and explosive devices. She has the skill level to be able to disarm a variety of bombs as well as set them. She carries around a special gel paste which can help her to escape tight situations. The resultant force from the eventual explosion is sufficient to buckle steel to a significant degree, but has a small radius.

Throwing knives

Another learnt talent of hers was thrown weaponry. Jane has always excelled with the usage of thrown weaponry and is more than capable of throwing objects with extreme precision. In combat as Bionic Bullet she carries five weighted throwing knives, they are accompanied with a toxic mix of the three most powerful spider venoms known from the natural world, namely the Brazillian, Funnel Web and Black Widow spiders. She prepares each knive by dipping them in the substance first then throwing..normally causing a short period of paralysis before the venom takes hold. She is convinced that CharmCaster has affected her with some sort of second hand magic from the enchanted rounds as she never seems to run out of knives..

Cyose-Omega Mesh Body Armor

Bionic Bullet wears an alien body armor mesh derived from a peculiar and secret mix of Xenite and a synthetic off world material. This Cyose-Omega Mesh, appears from a distance to resemble a sleek and somewhat stylish Kevlar vest. However upon closer inspection it has been revealed that the mesh is a living material of some sort, definitely alien in origin which appears to feed off incoming energy and objects. The mesh is entirely flexible and readily shapes itself to fit the wearers contours. Bionic Bullet's mesh is biometrically keyed into her body systems meaning it will not form itself on others but will instead retain her body shape or turn into its raw state which for all intents and purposes is a large black and yellow goop. The mesh seems to be able to absorb bullet fire, laser blasts, magical spells, crushing impacts and even can absorb psionic energy from telekinetic attacks. The Mesh centers itself mainly around her torso, but is present throughout her uniform. Crafted and weaved into her normal uniform by Techna Ology, this mesh provides her with higher amounts of protection in combat and is surprisingly light weight.

Holo-tech interface
Mid swing using her N Point Energy Hook

Perhaps her most technologically advanced piece of gadgetry on her exterior is this; The Holo-Tech Arm Interface. Jane with the aid of ForceGirl built this gadget which allows her to perform a variety of tasks with ease. Using the wonders of matter reduction and transportation, Jane is able to carry her sniper rifle, various explosive devices and other gadgets using this relatively small device. It scans items and then shrinks them and stores them inside the holographic matrix, by pressing a few buttons and selecting an item a holographic projection of the item is shown before it starts to return to its normal size. This effect is however limited, she cannot shrink people or buildings and store them in the matrix. The interface can be seen as a golden holographic overlay on her left forearm.

N Point Energy Hook

The N Point Energy Hook is a one of a kind "intelligent" device designed by Jane and Techna Ology and is part of her arsenal. She uses this hook in combination with her acrobatic skills to reach otherwise impossible places. The N Point Energy produces a vertical field of lowered gravity around Bionic Bullet when it is activated, allowing her to jump higher than normal, this effect is compounded by her bionic limbs allowing her to reach incredible heights in a single jump. The N Point Energy hook is capable of seeking out the nearest point of solid stability and embedding itself into the mass allowing Bionic Bullet to propel herself onto a nearby ledge and/or point. The wrist device fires the hook at speeds exceeding 60mph.

Cryogenic Grenades

The past seven months has seen Bionic Bullet developing a new piece of technology with the help of Techna Ology. After months of preparation and prototypes, on the 3rd of December 2013, Bionic Bullet perfected her Cryogenic Grenades. This special type of grenade contains a super reactive liquid which freezes on contact with objects or living beings, the resultant ice which forms is highly compacted and is difficult to break out of. The casing was designed to explode outwards with a 0.083 second delay upon hitting a target and utilizes Dewar-like insulating material. The reactive solution named "Cryosis Solution" uses a mixture of liquid nitrogen and Reactin, a substance developed to stabilize the cryogenic liquid and increase how quickly the liquid froze on contact with the targets so it would be almost instantaneous. Upon impact it can immobilize foes, however some foes are either hot enough to evaporate the solution or strong enough to break out fast.

Bionics / Cybernetics

After Jane's attempted assassination paid for by a college rival, Jane was left hanging onto the few threads of life she was able to retain. The CIA stepped in and decided to offer Jane one chance, using a highly experimental procedure which could not only save her life but restore her to a semblance of her former self. However this offer was not without its price tag, if Jane was to go through with the procedure and it was a success she would come under the ownership of the CIA. Desperate to get out of her ordeal, Jane gave the permission to sign away her life to the CIA, hoping she would survive the operation.

The Human Augmentation Team Leader gave the go ahead for the Bionics Enhancement Program to be run. It was the first of it's kind to be used, the enhancements were made from an off world metal, which was unnaturally light weight and could be crafted to be a structurally sound as human bones whilst remaining hollow and relatively flexible. The metal's name was never actually made public or private knowledge to Jane nor anyone who was not a high ranking official at the time.

Jane had sections of her skeleton which were too damaged, were removed and replaced with the stronger metal. Both her fibula and tibia of both legs were shattered entirely so they were replaced with the metallic alloy, along with a section of her left femur and her right humerus. Parts of her brain was also badly damaged, her Occipital Lobe, the upper part of her Cerebellum and part of the Parietal lobe, were the worst affected, as a result her visual information processing ability was almost non existent and her motor movements and coordination were severely lacking and she had trouble recalling pieces of information from her past. This damage was remedied by the use of neuro-cybernetic enhancement devices which reconstructed these parts of the brain and stored the data and supplied her brain with the information.

Ninety seven hours later and the procedure was complete. Jane had been "restored" with cybernetic and bionic implants which replaced her shattered bones and reformed her salvaged limbs. Combined with months of psychological therapy, physiotherapy and general adjustment, Jane Rozanova was a new woman. Literally. Her cybernetic implants within her brain and bionic enhanced and restructured bones complimented her mutant abilities and were thankfully, discrete.

The implants did have a negative side affect on her natural "chi" manipulation powers, she seemed less adept at manipulating the chi for the same purposes she had once used it for.

After the operation was deemed a success, Jane went about trying out her new body after the recuperation period, she found that the processing unit had a positive effect on her reflexes and ability to evade things, she was faster, stronger and all round improved thanks to her bionic additions. She was soon carted off to a remote and undisclosed location where she was trained extensively to become the best agent she possibly could for the CIA.

After her training period finished, in honor of her bionic implants and her adeptness with guns, Jane took on the code name: Bionic Bullet.

Fast forward several years from then saw Bionic Bullet starting her service to UNTIL. During the first year of her service to UNTIL, Bionic Bullet was starting to gain the trust of her new allies, as she was truly put through her paces so to speak. However a problem arose with her implants, they seemed to be acting up, at times she would not be able to move some of her bionic limbs at all, her cybernetic units in her head was causing mind splitting headaches and causing her heart to beat irregularly. Jane suspected remote liquidation protocols from the CIA however no incoming signal to her cybernetics could be traced. In order to save herself, Jane opted to undergo surgery to have the implants looked at.

It was discovered by Doctor J'asira Summerstone that the metallic alloy contained faint traces of impure Xenite, an off world metal, which could have been salvaged from her eldest sister's transport vehicle when she arrived on Earth several years ago. It was a difficult metal to manipulate due to its near impossible strength, but her previous employers had somehow managed to manipulate it to a minor degree, likely employing the services of a metahuman. Using pure Xenite bionic enhancements and implants, Doctor J'asira Summerstone aided by several surgical staff at a remote UNTIL medical facility were able to perform the operation to upgrade Jane and thankfully it was a success. It was revealed by Doctor J'asira Summerstone that Xenite does not stay bonded with other metals like Kendrium well and in fact tries to actively separate itself from the 'offending' metal alloy, which was the cause for the strange behavior exhibited by her implants.


Whilst Jane may be highly skilled and trained with a variety of weapons and possess super powers of her own, she is still human and is vulnerable to the same things as the next person.

  • Jane is still a human and can die.
  • If she is not aware of her surroundings, her mutant abilities are of little use for her survival.
  • Despite having a partly cybernetic mind and an impressive amount of will power, in her travels and against the different mentalists she has encountered, only a few have been able to fully bend her will as if it were nothing; Menton whilst she was on an assignment in Spain, Mentalla during a direct confrontation with Eurostar and Mentella, after she attempted to assassinate Doctor Sus'anna Summerstone the head of ForceTech Industries, whilst she was operating as an assassin, before joining UNITL's ranks.
  • She can make mistakes just like everyone else.
  • Her bionic and cybernetic implants are well protected but she could be vulnerable to villainous and highly skilled technopaths.
  • Most people find it difficult to trust her as her reputation as an assassin precedes her.
  • Jane needs her sleep, rest and food! She possesses enhanced stamina and endurance but can only sustain heightened activity levels for approximately 12 hours more than the thanks to her enhanced physical condition. However trying to out do this or run without sustenance will have a negative impact on her.

The Cybernetic Assassin

Originally a pet project of an UNTIL scientist named Osiris Hert, the cybernetic AI known as Cyber-Man 2.0, was created to be a simple lab assistant with access to a few low level weapons in the event of a combat situation.

He built the robot and was ready to activate and unveil it the next day to the rest of the cybernetics department as his own pet project. However the unveiling ceremony was interrupted by a group of Destroids claiming to "free all mechanized brothers and sisters from the scourge of the organic species". A small microchip was implanted into Cyber-Man 2.0 and is seemed to gain a consciousness of sorts, an awareness. This upgrade seemed to enhance it's weapons load out as well, before the alarm could be sounded the Destroids and Cyber-Man 2.0 opened fire on the scientists, killing most and severely wounding others, Hert managed to crawl to the wall and slam his palm on the emergency button before passing out from the severity of his wounds.

In pursuit of the cybernetic menace known as The Cybernetic Assassin.
UNTIL Agents burst into the sound proof labs and staged a short lived offensive strike against the Destroids, the Destroids stopped moving and started to beep periodically and repeated the mantra "HAIL MECHANON!" before violently exploding. Osiris Hert, one of the few friends Jane had at the time sadly died from his injuries as he was shot in the chest by Cyber-Man 2.0 (later to become the Cybernetic Assassin).

The explosive force rocketed through the HQ and caused many casualties. The cybernetics department was shut down until further notice and Cyber-Man 2.0 was presumed to have been either deactivated or blown apart in the confusion.

Months later however, Cyber-Man 2.0 resurfaced on the world stage with an upgraded "body", calling itself The Cybernetic Assassin. It claimed Mechanon had given him a true purpose, which was to cleanse this planet of the evil which is so rampant, namely the human race and all organic beings.

Distraught at the news of the death of Dr. Hert, Jane donned her Bionic Bullet suit and made it her personal mission to avenge Dr. Hert. After a months of continuous research, on the 12th of April 2013 Agent Jane Rozanova aka Bionic Bullet, fought and defeated The Cybernetic Assassin, causing it irreparable damage which lead to it failing and shutting down permanently.

The mechanical body was taken away by UNTIL Scientists for further testing and an attempt to salvage information based on Mechanon's various weaponry and CPU enhancements on the Cybernetic Assassin.

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade


  • Jane used to operate on the principal of "An Eye for an Eye" meaning if someone attempted to kill her she will do the same. Nowadays she respects the law and curbs her natural desire to personally met out her own brand of justice.
  • She does follow rules given to her by her superiors directly, her superiors are mostly contained within the UNTIL organization. Anyone else who attempts to order her around, with a few exceptions, will be flatly ignored.
  • Jane has high levels of respect for DE:LTA, in particular Sarge.
  • Jane speaks English, Russian, Spanish and knows one or two phrases from the Xenian Language.
  • All sisters in the Summerstone Sisterhood are connected via a psychic bond, which allows for cross continental telepathic communication and psychic shielding, courtesy of Mentella. As a result of this psychic shielding, all Summerstones have high psychic resistance and varying levels of immunity to telepathic domination, depending on how close they are to Mentella, this immunity is weakened to high resistance if Mentella is in the Astral Plane or on another planet.
  • Jane is one of the two human members of the Summerstone Sisterhood. The other being PsychBlade.


  • "Tick Tick BOOM! Suckers!" - Jane when remotely detonating an explosive gel bomb.
  • "I don't know why you're still in that game, it's not worth it. Trust me."- When running into an assassin she has known previously.
  • "In about 4 seconds, you are all going to taste raw pavement." - When surrounded by enemies.
  • "You did WHAT to my bullets?!" - To CharmCaster after being told she enchanted a couple rounds.
  • "Target has been neutralized..." - To an ally after successfully subduing a target from either close or long range.
  • "It is truly an honor to meet you sir." - To Sarge after meeting him for the first time.

Personal Interests/Likes

  • Jane likes to relax in front of the television after a hard day at work with some hot chocolate
  • She enjoys speaking to other agents and making connections and friendships where she can
  • Jane likes being Bionic Bullet and fighting crime
  • Weaponry, especially her trademark G Guns.


  • Death of a close friend or a known ally.
  • Running into rivals or ghosts from her past like Double Dealer or Hard Target.
  • Having to talk about her past actions as an international assassin.
  • Getting upset
  • Not being able to relax once in a while.

Personality Profile -PRIMUS REPORT

Jane has a very down to earth style personality in the rare moments you catch her at her most "normal". Most of the time she hides behind her multiple guises as an Agent of the Law or a vigilante. She does her best to please people but does not over do it, if someone doesn't like her then she'll point them to where the door is so to speak. Jane enjoys the adrenaline rush she gets from being in combat and doesn't hesitate to put all her skills to use in the field where they can be applied.

She is very much a "what you see is what you get" type of person. Unless she is being instructed otherwise, Jane is relatively open and has respect for authority. It will take time to train out the assassin mentality she still has, however it may be for the best that she keeps it.

However when she is in the field as Bionic Bullet, she is very different. She is focused, unnervingly driven to take out the opposition and does not accept defeat or failure as an option. It is entirely possible to mistake her for another person with the contrast in attitudes which are shown by her as Jane and as Bionic Bullet. She feels as if she must make up for the bad past she has had as Bionic Bullet by being determined to eliminate all enemy threats.

In social situations Jane is very sociable, relatively loud and can be described in some instances as the center of attention, as Bionic Bullet she simply observes social situations, approaching her to initiate conversation is almost as perilous as trying to initiate conversation with Mentella.

Being in the company of fellow agents or friends is where Jane feels most comfortable, either in uniform or without it.

Her two non Sisterhood friends Rocket Hawk and Lady Rocket Hawk, both keep in constant contact with Bionic Bullet aiding her or asking for her assistance with missions and sometimes events of a more supernatural nature.

Bionic Bullet/Jane's personality is both complex and simple at the same time, she has the capacity to act as a multi layered individual AND an open book at different times or appear that way to different people. This trait or skill she has to deceive and trick people is perhaps why she is such an effective spy and was such a well known and unnervingly efficient assassin.

Public Opinions

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Personal Experiences Files

Agent Jane "Bionic Bullet" Rozanova was requested to report her activity and encounters in the field with meta humans, The Summerstones and other agents.

Mentella - "Not going to beat around the bush here, when I first met her, we didn't exactly hit it off, I mean she was exerting full control over all of my mind and hurt like hell. I don't think I've ever experienced anything as painful as her mind control, it only got worse if I tried to resist her. The past aside, I think I am growing to like her in an odd way...maybe tolerate is the word? I know she doesn't trust me entirely but then again I don't think I would have given someone who tried to assassinate my sister the time of day, much less do what she has done for me thus far.."

ForceGirl - "Yeeeeeeeahh...ForceGirl...again, we weren't exactly the best of buddies seeing as I tried to kill her and all...but she is surprisingly forgiving...maybe it was because I told her about a few VIPER secrets I'd retained? Honestly she has this way of making you feel bad without doing anything, it's like her kindness outshines everything and points out your bad points. However in more recent times, me and FG are actually pretty good friends. I'm glad she stopped me from taking her out or I would have deprived the world of an amazing person and I would have an insanely powerful alien telepath after me, that would probably burn every mind on the planet in search of me.."

CharmCaster - "CharmCaster? Well let's see...she's mildly entertaining when she tries to use common language phrases and gets them wrong or uses them in the wrong context. She's quite nosy as well, and when I first met her she didn't understand the concept of personal space or privacy, so you can imagine how fun that was. Overall though she isn't half bad, I mean she did give me a few enchanted rounds which have a chance to return a bullet or two into my gun without me reloading so it's all good. She's also quite good at explaining how things work with regards to magic and her home world. She's knowledgeable, endearing and open minded, in short a good friend."

Black Diamond - "BD and I are sort of rivals, but in a friendly way, she's also my sparring partner. ForceGirl, Charm and Techna are all too super powered to go head to head with and Mentella? Well, she'll know every move before you make it and dodge accordingly, I've fought her before, it ended badly for me, she's a surprisingly good hand to hand combatant. Anyway BD is the only one who can keep up with me physically and even when she's not using her super strength or diamond form or both, she uses this weird alien martial art which makes me hurt myself for hitting her, I can't even describe it, it's just plain weird. She's always up for a good laugh and is willing to help where she can, but when in combat she's as tough and unyielding as anything I've ever seen.."

Techna Ology - "Tech-head here is the kid sister of ForceGirl and Mentella and seems to have boundless enthusiasm. I think she might take something for that effect you know...because I don't think its possible for someone to be THAT happy all the time. Anyway, she's got that good looking gene which seems to be present in all Xenian Women. She's always surrounded by her little robots, flying around and getting into all sorts of trouble, that said, she's incredibly intelligent she helped build a lot of my gadgets that I use everyday as Bionic Bullet. She like an engineer, fighter, tech-head, genius and annoying but fun little sister all rolled into one."

Kontrol - "She seems like a bossy...person. I've only observed her from afar though, I haven't actually talked to her. I don't intend to, at least not anytime soon. I've asked Mentella about her and been given a run of the mill briefing on who DE:LTA were and who their members are etc. I mean, hello, I work for UNTIL, you'd have to be BLIND not to know about this super team. Anyway, I know that Kontrol lives up to her name. But honestly...she freaks me out a lot, not as much as Mentella does but almost as least she's human."

Sarge - "This guy. Wow. Where do I begin? I've got a lot of respect for this guy, even when I was an assassin. I've heard about his time in the army right back when I was with the CIA and up until now. I'm now able to say I'm actually working in sort of the same division as him! And on top of it I was able to meet in person, now that was an experience I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I've managed to fight alongside him too, I think I might have an edge with my powers but without them I'm pretty sure he'd beat me in a marksmanship contest hands down and probably blindfolded too. This guy is wait scrap that...he IS a living legend."

TNK-597 Striker - "I spoke to Techna Ology about this little guy. She had met him a while back, she said he was very cute... I'm not sure how a machine can be cute but what the heck, anyway he seems to have some high defense abilities and decent attack systems, apparently he's off world, some lunar base or something. Anyway he reminds me a little of Techna's more sentient robots NRGMuffin.exe, he doesn't say much and his controller Kontrol, haha, that's funny, anyway his controller gives him absolute commands, he doesn't listen to anyone or anything else. This is going to sound pretty bad, but I don't fully trust this little guy...something seems off with him."

Cavalier - "I've seen this guy around and read a bit of his file. I hope I can work with him in the future, he and I tend to have very specific skill sets and he's not exactly deprived in the looks department either from what I can see.."

D.A.W.N. - "I've only heard OF Dawn, never actually worked with her or anything. I'm fairly new to meeting the DE:LTA squad, but since Mentella has deemed a student to be a gift to DE:LTA from the Academy she figured it would be best if we all meet them. Dawn is said to have high powered weapons systems.. that sounds very fun, I can't wait to work with someone like her."

Cliff-Side - "Dawn's brother apparently. Mentella said he uses some form of technology to control earth and it makes him super resilient to well...everything. I've seen him around UNTIL before, he looks cool, I hope I get the chance to work with him and the rest of his team one day."

The Cybernetic Assassin - "I personally got to press the button when this tin can was disintegrated by Techna's Death Ray. I am so relieved this menace is dead. It took the lives of many innocent people and ruined the lives of countless more. The amount of relief I experienced when I sunk that final bullet into his head was overwhelming. I don't regret it."

Dr. Osiris Hert - "A very good man, he helped me with my cybernetics and he was a close friend of Techna Ology's and my own. He was an activist for robotics rights and since I am practically classed as a cyborg mutant, I supported it too. I don't usually shed a tear when someone dies, but for a very very long time, he was the first person I could honestly feel a connection too, like a real father figure. Everyday I live with what happened to him, and I miss him a lot. Despite that I know he would want me to continue fighting, so that's what I'll do."

Rocket Hawk and Lady Rocket Hawk - "The Rocket Hawks are some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of working with ever since joining UNTIL. I met them in my first year whilst fighting VIPER in the Burning Sands, they swooped in and aided me in the fire fight. Ever since then...we've just kinda connected I guess, I will say this though..Rocket Hawk is a bit full of himself, Lady Rocket Hawk and I both understand that and sort of need to ground him back to reality sometimes. Apart from that the Rocket Hawks and I are good friends."


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