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Black Diamond
Player: @RavenForce
Black Diamond Solo.png
"Alright...hard way it is."
Character Build
Class Focus: Brick
Power Level: 40
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Sarai Crystallos
Known Aliases: Sarai, Sarah Payne, Black Diamond, BD, Crystallos, Crystalline, Fractaline, B
Gender: Female
Species: Xenian
Ethnicity: n/a
Place of Birth: Wora'dlin, Xen-2
Base of Operations: The Summerstone Mansion
Relatives: GEOFORCE(Brother), Solaris (Sister)
Age: 26 (Based on appearance)
Height: 6'7 (~7,4 when in Super Diamond Form)
Weight: 185 Ibs
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Complexion: Dark
Physical Build: Mildly Athletic
Physical Features: No prominent ones
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██

Chaotic Good

██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Secret
Years Active: Not known
Citizenship: Xenian
Occupation: Fitness Instructor
Education: Degree in Sport Sciences, Various Non-human levels of education
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Organic Diamond Generation and Manipulation, Diamond Shifting, Super Strength, Super Leaping, Super Endurance and Durability.
Equipment and Paraphernalia
ReldinBox Template

Black Diamond is an extra-terrestrial from the planet Xen. Arriving on Earth, Black Diamond had a few run ins with malevolent Earth organizations such as VIPER and ARGENT during her first few years on the planet. She was fortunate enough to meet up with other members of her species (Xenians) who had also come to Earth, namely Mentella and ForceGirl, she now serves as a member of The Summerstone Sisterhood, working as the Academy's Sports and Physical Education head, Black Diamond or "BD" as she has been called in the past, teaches students the basics of exercise and super powered combat in addition to more advanced fighting techniques for self defense and combat/field application in situations where their individual abilities may not be enough to survive. She relishes the opportunity to fight evil along with other heroes of Millennium City. Her human alias is not common knowledge. Her unique abilities make her a valuable asset to any strikeforce or fighting force and she excells in the field of close quarters combat. She came to Earth early 2000 and was soon joined by her younger sister Solaris.


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Black Diamond is an alien from the Planet Xen and a member of The Crystallos Family. Along with her sister Solaris they both are a part of The Summerstone Sisterhood. Black Diamond's family was one of the major families on Xen who fought back against The Army of Sentai-La, a race of vicious bloodthirsty cannibals who had unexpectedly invaded and attacked the planet. With the military forces quickly assembling, and the civilians themselves using their powers to fend off the invaders, although there was a great deal of destruction, very few were fatally wounded.

The invasion forces continued to stream onto the planet, in a seemingly unending number of waves. Black Diamond, unable to get to her family in the next country to check on their wellbeing, took a chance and snuck aboard a nearby military craft and donned the uniform, pretending to be a soldier and assist on the front lines, her diamond abilities afforded her a great deal of protection against the invaders who seemed to be slightly stunned at her appearance and combat ability. She managed to serve for a total of five years before being discovered by her Supervising Officer and being sent to her home, where she had heard word that her sister had already been sent to another planet within The Galactic Alliance System for her own protection.

Distraught, she was taken to an evacuation pod and sent off the planet for her own good. She managed to find her father and mother as well as a few of her extended family. She attempted to fly out and find her sister who was said to be on Endridia with a relative, Endridia was a planet relatively far away from Gry'thian where she was currently.

Despite her family asking her to stay and contact her younger sister Solaris, Black Diamond went out of her way and set a course for where she was certain Endridia was, unfortunately she had plotted a course which was not at all direct and instead passed numerous planets and systems. The craft she was in was particularly old and utilized solar flares to recharge its energy cells; Much to her displeasure, Black Diamond was forced to navigate towards the nearest star system which happened to be one of the Level 5 Systems, who's local star was Sol, namely the Solar System. The pod drifted closer to the main star, just out of reach of the solar flare energy curves when an engine malfunction caused her craft to cut out and left her drifting slowly past Sol-4 and rapidly towards Sol-3 and it's gravitational pull.

With all the remaining power diverted to shields, which were quickly depleting, Black Diamond had no choice but to brace for planetary impact, she shifted into her diamond form as the craft descended towards the planet at an alarming rate, shields quickly burning up in Sol-3's atmosphere. The craft had seen much better decades and the shields quickly dropped from 100% to 45% as the energy reserves depleted until 1% on planetary impact.

Black Diamond arrived on Sol-3 (Earth) in 2000, and kept a relatively low profile whilst on Earth, believing for the most part she was the only escapee from her planet to arrive on Earth, a place similar to her home planet in several ways. She used her aptitude for languages and learnt several widely spoken languages of this planet and made a sufficient amount of money to allow her to live a relatively "normal" life.

She had contacted her family utilizing some salvageable technology from the craft, who had relayed to her that whilst she had been gone, Solaris had been sent to them. Armed with the knowledge, she began to relax slightly and decided until she could be retrieved or her sister came for her, she'd live amongst the aliens on this planet, known as humans.

She made her living as a fitness instructor named Sarah Payne for several years. She developed a new and effective method of self defense known as "Ref'la Dio", which was a means of literally reflecting the opponents force against them, causing in most cases harm to the attacker, without ever using much energy as the victim. Despite the high levels of fitness and body satisfaction that many students were able to gain as well as the money being made, Black Diamond wanted to move into a more active field of fitness and began to plan out closing down her fitness instructor days with the hope of moving to something more interesting.

After deciding to drop her fitness instructing ways, she wandered into the area of competitive sport. She was very aware of the fighting arenas in Malva and was suprised that humans too enjoyed seeing members of their species fight for a prize. She quickly entered into a ring of women boxers, however she was teased for her slim figure and apparent lack of muscle. Despite the teasing she always came out on top and took almost no injury from her fights, in most instances her opponents hurt themselves from simply hitting her.

This unusual ability of hers did not go unnoticed and Sarah began to attract attention from not just the local media but from other more nefarious sources, who suspected she might have had something to do with the UFO crash in the Desert to which the small number of onlookers claimed to see an almost crystalline looking humaniod figure walk from the wreakage. The more discerning individuals amongst the organisations put the pieces together and slowly traced the mounting evidence back to this individual who had apparently appeared out of no where, Sarah Payne.

During an evening out celebrating her victory in the semi-finals, her coach was persuaded to drug her champagne with a heavy cocktail of narcotics...causing her to pass out, the last thing she remembered seeing was the sad look given to her by her coach before he too was "dealt with".

Sarah woke up, delirious and confused inside a large metal room with strange symbols and holes in them. As soon as she began to move she heard the muffled shouts outside the room of panic and urgency. The room quickly began to leak some sort of gas from the holes. Breaking free of her restraints, Sarah took a breath in and transformed her body into a fully mobile, glistening, crystalline version of its previous form. She quicky started to pound on the walls of the metal structure causing it to buckle under the sheer force of her fists before she shaped a weapon from her diamonds and punctured the wall tearing it apart and rushing out into a building corridor.

Looking around for any signs of life she saw the sudden movement of a small figure in the corner of her eye. The man was dressed in green and yellow uniform and has a snake head on his chest armor, he made a break for the door. He was fast but Sarah was faster, as he ran he suddenly heard a crystal-like hiss beneath his feet and he ground to a halt watching as the door slowly sealed shut and the pneumatic hiss of the door’s locking mechanism activating.

Walking over to the man, who was shaking profoundly, she looked into the dark panel that was his helmet visor and carved a perfect circle with her diamond form finger, causing a large enough hole exposing his real face. His bloodshot eyes darted up to look her in the eye, he seemed to be under the effects of some performance enhancing drug if the veins on his forehead bulging out was anything to go by.

“Who are you? And what is this place!? TELL ME!” – Sarah

“It-I-I’m a soldier of VIPER, y-you’re in a VIPER Base…pl-ple-please don’t kill me!” - Soldier

Before she could ask him another question his face froze and twisted before his body slumped, completely limp half in the crystal structure and half on top. A soothing voice in an almost forgotten language called to her, calming her down and leading her out of the complex. She walked past each soldier who seemed to be frozen in time, unable to move but still alive.

Sarah made her way out of the complex to see a woman with light blonde hair and faintly glowing pink eyes, with her hands outstretched towards the complex. A faint pressure began to build on Sarah’s sinuses, even though her diamond form, her vision seemed to be altered slightly and she somehow able to make out the waves of psionic energy which were being projected outwards and enveloping the base, emanating from the blonde woman, who introduced herself as Mentella.

(// = Translated from Xenian)

/“Hello, are you okay? My name is Mentella, the other woman in the sky is my sister. ”/ – Mentella.

/“I am well, thank you for assisting my exit. I am Black Diamond, it is indeed a curiosity to meet another Xenian on this world.”/ - Sarah.

After the brief exchange of words, Mentella guided her back and pointed to the sky to direct her attention to her sister, who seemed to generate some form of highly compressed energy construct before dropping it on the entire complex, utterly annihilating it. She later came to know the woman as ForceGirl.

Sarah accepted Mentella's offer to join the Summerstone Sisterhood and took on the alias: Black Diamond. Despite later on in her career as a super hero running into the GRAB villain, Maxine Walters (aka Black Diamond), Sarah has opted to keep her name as Black Diamond, although she has gone by a few different aliases in her time.

Some months after joining the Summerstone Sisterhood and years after she last had contact with her family, Solaris was sent to Earth by their family as Mentella had extended the offer to teach her and allow her to hone her skills in safety on Earth, as Xen was still, in some respects recovering from the invasion and war which had taken place and it's after effects.

Highlight - January to April 2013

After a rather unfriendly winter period in 2012 with the attack of Clarence the Mecha Teddy and Black Harlequin and his legions of mechanised toys, the start of 2013 did not hold much promise. With the threat of the Dr.Destroyer ever more real after the narrow successes with the Mega Destroid Invasion and the UNTIL Sky Command Air Fortress under siege by the forces of Dr. Destroyer. The resources of both the heroes and the government were at it's limit. Black Diamond as well as the rest of the Summerstones, actively assisted with the unusual activity surrounding some recent findings by a Professor of Ancient History and the UNTIL building, it was soon discovered much to everyone's dismay the Lemurians had prepared an assault on a large scale on Millennium City.

Before the threat could be contained, the Lemurians struck, causing incalculable amounts of damage to Millennium City as the entire city was flooded, civilian casualties as well as heroic causalites were at an all time high. The summoning of an ancient creature known as the Bleak Ones Harbinger caused large amounts of devastation in a thankfully fairly contained area of what was left of the city.

Thanks to the fast action and effort of the Heroes and Heroines of Millennium, the threat was neutralised and the Lemurians fled, leaving large scale ammounts of damage for the remaining effort to remove.

Black Diamond was part of the ground strike force keeping the Lemurian Threat from reaching Canada,Desert and other key places of interest.

Highlight - May 2013

In the aftermath of the Lemurian Invasion, the clean up work was finally finished late April/ early May, Black Diamond went back to her regular teaching position at The New Summerstone Academy for Enhanced Individuals for a couple of weeks until she received word from her home planet of Xen-2, notifying her of "a new arrival", namely her younger sister Solaris. Happy to see her sister again she set to work and wasted no time in having Solaris enrolled at the Academy.

Black Diamond has also been busy in the recent off world phenomenon known as The Lunar Games, held by the Malvans. Not unfamiliar with the gladiatorial combat style and the Malvans insatiable desire for carnage, Black Diamond along with a team of four other heroes went up to the Arena on the Moon and were pitted against all manner of foes, ranging from Oxygen raged Kzash hounds from the moons of Mrentmor to Veterans of the Lunar Games. She also, much to her surprise found herself up against Drogen Lar (IronClad), Duratok and Ariax Throne (Firewing). After a lot of effort, Black Diamond and her team managed to power through and were allowed to leave the Arena.

Highlight - June & July 2013

The Summerstone Sisterhood Comment: Both Black Diamond and Solaris were off world, they had returned to Xen to sort out a family crisis. As a result they were not on Earth during these two months.

Highlight - August - December 2013

Despite the apparent victory, the battle was not without losses, in a cruel turn of events during the battle a Mega Destroyer released a "Destroyer Wave", a blast of particle energy, holding the capacity to disintegrate any unable to withstand the blast. Some heroes were severely injured, others were unfortunately killed.

During the clash on the southern stronghold where both Techna Ology and CharmCaster were stationed, a Destroyer Wave was released, whilst Techna was appropriately defended, CharmCaster was sadly caught in the blast.

It appeared that CharmCaster had been disintegrated by the blast wave. Unable to accept this, The Summerstones exhausted their resources trying to understand what had happened. ForceGirl was close to coming to terms with the loss of a close friend when Mentella, whilst leaving ForceTech Industries, received a weak telepathic message from CharmCaster, in her native tongue which when translated was simply: "Help".

Mentella and Techna Ology had been working on upgrading CortexusTM, the machine which allows the communication between light years worth of distance, enabling Mentella to communicate telepathically with Xen, to alter it to be able to pierce the veil of this dimension in order to attempt to track CharmCaster's unique psychic signal.

Techna Ology and ForceGirl both put their technical knowledge to use and built on modifications and after weeks of searching, Mentella located CharmCaster's psychic signal in another dimension, the Summerstones, with the assistance of Witchcraft and the Trismegistus Council, they breached the barrier which was keeping the invaders from the Qliphothic Rift contained and made short work of them.

Once they reached the portal, it was determined that Witchcraft would be unable to seal it from the outside as the energy had leaked through to such a state that it would be dangerous to attempt to close it without finding out exactly what had caused it to open in the first place. Due to the nature of the portal it was impossible to seal it permanently, so a team was needed to stay near it incase it allowed through anymore horrors into this dimension. ForceGirl and Techna Ology stayed behind, whilst the others journeyed into the portal with Witchcraft, Mentella kept everyone in telepathic contact for safety purposes.

Once inside the Qliphothic Realm, something went wrong, the travel had affected Witchcraft's protective spell, splitting Mentella, Black Diamond, PsychBlade and herself into different parts of the realm, unable to physically see or interact with each other, except for Mentella's psychic link.

In a burst of blindingly powerful white light, which was visible to them all, the elusive Alara The Light Guardian appeared, explaining that she had split them up as they stood a better chance of helping CharmCaster, if they were spread out. She offered her assistance to their cause, using her abilities to defend each sisterhood member at their various points, once all three sisterhood members were reunited they began their assault on the Tower of Sharna-Gorak, where Alara said CharmCaster was being held. Alara informed them all a concealment spell had been placed upon them to ensure that the operation runs as smooth as possible.

After engaging the Despair Incarnates and Qliphothic Imps which guarded the Winds of Despair, the team made their way towards the cell where CharmCaster was being restrained, magically captured in a form of suspended animation. Alara explained that it would be impossible for them to break the spell without her using her true form and harnessing "The Eternal Light".

Alara warned that her activation of that level of pure energy would break the concealment spell she had crafted and may in fact summon remnants of The Kings of Edom as they are drawn to powerful energy, however, she explained it was a risk she was willing to take in order to assist CharmCaster. Mentella and PsychBlade created a psychokinetic barrier to block out the blinding light shining forth from Alara's Eternal Light Form.

At long last CharmCaster was freed from the mystical prison, but she was badly wounded and had been all but drained of her defensive magic. Alara transported the team back to where Witchcraft was facing off against a few Qliphothic Horrors. With CharmCaster in a particularly bad state, Witchcraft poured significant magical energy into creating a portal between realms and Alara The Light Guardian forced Light Energy through it in order to keep it open whilst they made the transition to their world.

After sealing the portal behind them, the team met up with ForceGirl and Techna Ology who had been fighting off Horrors which had found a way through into their dimension. As a group they brought CharmCaster back to The Summerstone Mansion where she was able to rest and recover.

NOTE: The information given has been edited to a summarized version as specifics cannot be revealed without consent of CharmCaster herself, which she has not given. As a result, The Summerstone Sisterhood has not published the full report. We have instead provided brief summaries of parts of the report for possible future reference. ~ The Summerstone Sisterhood.

PRIMUS UPDATE - January 2014 to July 2016

Note: At the request to obtain more information about Xenians in general, PRIMUS has assigned a team of analyst agents to observe the Xenians we are aware of on Earth and add reports. Agent Julie Fretwell and her team have been assigned to observe the movements and behavior of Black Diamond, so far as they are able.

PRIMUS Agent Fretwell's Note: "There is particularly little to report during this period. Black Diamond has joined a slew of other heroes in continuing to prevent severe misfortune from befalling Millennium City, including the seemingly annual attack on Millennium City by Doctor Destroyer and Mechanon, the sudden and unnerving invasion of horrific and nightmarish creatures as well as more exotic threats in different lands across the globe where conflict arises and heroes are legally allowed to operate. Although we have noted a slight shift in behavior as if she and her close friends are expecting something dangerous to come from above, although, it is important to note, this is from the perspective of a human agent observing sentient alien creatures on our home world."

PRIMUS UPDATE - August 2016 to Present Day

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Groups and Various Affiliations

Black Diamond was never part of any formally recognised groups in regard to her heroic endeavours, on Earth.

She is currently a member of The Summerstone Sisterhood.

However, she works regularly with other heroes when she can. Black Diamond has also recently run into another "Black Diamond" namely the GRAB Villain, Maxine Walters.

When both women encountered one another the initial shock was overcome soon enough and their rivalry was born.

They both regard each other as worthy opponents, Black Diamond strongly believes that Maxine could do herself a world of good by ditching GRAB and becoming a super powered hero instead of a thief.

Powers and Abilities

All Xenians are born with what some would perceive as "special abilities" or "powers", however for a Xenian they are completely natural, to be born without such abilities would be a classed as a severe mutation and would have highly negative impacts on a Xenians natural growth and development. Black Diamond has the ability to generate an organic and highly structured mineral which can be likened to a naturally occurring mineral on Earth, known as diamond. As structurally strong diamonds on Earth are, Black Diamond's diamond that she is capable of generating appears to be considerably stronger than diamond found on Earth and is actually closer in structure and strength to carbyne. Whilst on Earth, Black Diamond utilizes Earth's minerals to create longer range constructs and these tend to have a relatively noticeable bluish tint to them. Her personal diamond generation when stress tested has been likened to a super strong version of carbyne. For ease of explanation she often refers to her mineral production and output as 'Diamonds' as they share similar features. She is capable of a variety of different feats with her abilities such as:

  • Organic "Diamond" Generation and Manipulation
  • "Diamond" Form
  • "Second Skin Diamond" Form
  • "Super Diamond" Form
  • "Diamond" Weaponry
  • "Diamond" Constructs
  • Crystallization
  • Kinetic Energy Absorption
  • Geophysical matter manipulation
  • Re-Crystallization
  • "Super Leaping"

Organic Diamond Generation and Manipulation
Utilizing her Diamond Sheathe

Black Diamond has the ability to generate an organic substance which has a molecular structure which can be likened to the mineral diamond, as the lattice it possesses, under closer observation, is similar to that of a diamond albeit with stronger cohesive structures and thereby a more rigid lattice. However despite it's undeniable rigidity and strength, it seems to be able to exist in an almost malleable state at the will of Black Diamond so she can bend and move freely as if in her normal form. Black Diamond has been known, rarely, to show her ability to project her diamond influence and ability over geophysical matters, allowing her to gain enough momentum to "lunge" towards her enemies via diamond object creation or fully crystallize a person or an object, coating them in an inflexible diamond-like sheathe or a full crystallization effectively turning them into a statue of living diamond, incapable of moving. Her diamonds are at the very least ten times stronger than the naturally occurring substance found on earth and hold a slightly higher aesthetic appeal. They are capable of withstanding much higher temperatures and pressures than normal diamond. The CEO of ForceTech Industries, Techna Ology has likened Black Diamonds powers and the strength of her diamonds to a once theoretical substance known as carbyne.

Diamond Form
In her full diamond form

Black Diamond has shown on numerous occasions the ability to transform her living tissue and organs into a completely different substance, similar if not the same as her diamonds in terms of durability, endurance and strength. In this seemingly enhanced form, Black Diamond is able to withstand temperatures very close, if not identical to that of her organic diamonds whilst maintaining the same degree of flexibility and movement she has outside of her diamond shifted form. In this shape shifted form, Black Diamond gains access to a new variety of abilities and skills which were not previously accessible in her humanoid form and/or are greatly enhanced in her diamond form, such an example is her further enhanced strength and durability. She has essentially three versions of this main ability, each have slightly different benefits.

  • Second Skin Diamond Form - A weaker version of her diamond form which she is able to subtly hide within her actual epidermis, giving her skin a diamond-like strength and durability. Whilst she is still able to feel and is vulnerable to damage, these effects are somewhat suppressed. She can utilize this form to blend in when facing dangerous situations which don't require her full diamond form. It also grants some resistance to incoming attacks and grants resistance to telepathic control and mind reading.
  • Diamond Sheathe - A slightly stronger version of her second skin diamond form, this covers her body in a strange version of her diamond form but makes her entire form take on a very noticeable bluish hue. Up until recently (2018), it appears this is the version of her diamond form that she has used in most combat instances. The reason for this is unclear.
  • Full Diamond Form - Recently revealed, her true diamond form, in this form her entire body and internal organs are transformed into a diamond-like mineral. In this form her eyes subtly 'glow' black and her strength, durability, endurance and resistance greatly increase from their normal values. She gains immunity to telepathic communication or assault*, high resistance to all forms of attack and has the ability to refract the kinetic energy from an attack back to the assailant in small amounts, this can be focused briefly for a more meaningful redirection. She is also able to travel great distances as in this form she can control her altered form mentally, allowing her to "leap" large distances, akin to an almost telekinetic form of control over her diamonds. She can also store any incoming kinetic energy "within" her diamond form allowing it to adapt and transform as more energy is stored until it must be released. This form is more noticeably alien looking in nature, it is characterized by incredibly sharp diamond spikes and minimal additional growths which appear like some form of additional armoring.
  • "Super" Diamond Form - A more extreme or ultimate version of her diamond form. This enhanced form is the end result of the collected and stored kinetic energy. In this state her diamond form seems to be incredibly bulky and her ability to manipulate geophysical matter is increased to the point where she can unconsciously cause pieces of rock and earth to stick to her in a compact form granting higher resistance to her diamond form and to accommodate excess kinetic energy which may be incoming, in such situations her diamond formations occur on the rock masses as a way to hold the excess kinetic energy her diamond form can no longer store. In this form she is capable of releasing the stored energy in a large shock wave of sonic and physical energy. Her shock waves are strong enough to cause severe structural damage or in some cases structural collapse not to mention destruction of organic matter. It is unclear whether she can shift into this form at will, or if it is only a result of storing kinetic energy from incoming assaults.

When in Diamond Form, Black Diamond has access to Invulnerability, Enhanced Durability, Re-Crystallization and Reformation. In her normal form however, whilst she is fairly tough and has high levels of durability it is not as high as in her diamond form;

Invulnerability & Enhanced Durability

When fully shape shifted into her diamond form, Black Diamond gains access to Invulnerability, this ability allows her to almost fully suppress pain from incoming damage and she is immune to limb separation or fatal damage from a weapon used against her. She cannot bleed whilst in her diamond form but can suffer from surface cracks under the attack of a particularly strong enemy, weapon or force. When in her diamond form, Black Diamond has access to higher levels of durability and is able to access her own "healing" or reconstruction of her diamond form if necessary, allowing her to reform and repair her diamond form if necessary. In her diamond form she has the ability to withstand a wide variety of ballistics, including bullets, rockets, grenades, missiles etc with relative ease. Energy weaponry can be fully refracted if she focuses on the incoming energy, but usually refraction occurs at random points, but she is unconsciously able to make sure she does not accidentally refract incoming energy onto allies nearby.


Black Diamond over time is able to slowly reconstruct her diamond form's "outer shell" which focuses on and treats cracks within the diamond form. She keeps this as passive ability allowing her to perform a quick fix to any damaged outer coating of diamonds, however this ability does take some concentration and will power to pull off and does very slightly weaken her ability to fight. This is her natural Xenian healing factor translated into her diamond form.


For more serious damage dealt to her diamond form, Black Diamond is capable of focusing intensely on a deeper fix, this "Reformation" is a deeper ability which reforms the diamonds as a core process which allows her to fight longer and harder, whilst also producing a full body crystal shield, which acts as a temporary coating allowing her diamond form to quickly fix before the coating shatters revealing freshly formed and stronger diamonds.

Super Strength
Utilizing her form enhanced super strength

It is not exactly clear how Black Diamond is able to possess such strength, even in her diamond form. Some of the people whom she has worked with theorized it has something to do with her unique crystalline structure which allows the weight of objects to be dispersed in her form, making the object seem close to weightless. It has been proven she is not unconsciously in possession of some sort of power granting her the ability to move these large objects, than the strength she gains in her shape shifted form. Her upper limit has not yet been tested.

Black Diamond is able to increase the amount she is able to sustain with the aid of her form switching ability, in her normal Xenian form she is capable of lifting up to 300 tons, in her second skin form this weight is increased to 600 tons, with an increase in her diamond form to 10,000 tons. However she has shown the capability of handling pressures of up to and over 30,000 tons in her "Super" Diamond Form. Her strength to a degree is regulated by her ability to focus, the more focus she has the easier the burden to bear becomes.

Having Super Strength does allow Black Diamond to accomplish a number of feats, related to having such an enormous level of strength;

  • Seismic Wave Generation
  • Enhanced Jump/Leaping
  • Enhanced Combat

Seismic Wave Generation
Generating a localized shockwave.

Black Diamond is strong enough to generate destructive shock-waves via using her strength and exerting enough force to produce a seismic wave. She is able to do this through clapping her hands together in one motion; Such a forceful impact, especially in her diamond form is strong enough to shatter nearby objects and cause severe structural damage buildings within it's range. She is also able to strike the ground in repeated succession to generate seismic waves which she can accurately focus to bend the earth in it's range knocking enemies towards her. Black Diamond can also use this ability to somehow super strengthen her diamond form beyond normal levels, making her diamond form grant temporary immunity to any form of damage, although this is a rarity and it is not exactly clear how this is accomplished, however when she does carry out such a feat it does cause some level of geophysical instability around the targets of her attention.

Enhanced Jump/Leaping

Through a combination of her diamond form's enhanced strength levels and minor mental control over her diamond form, Black Diamond is able to physically launch herself at objects, buildings or even people for offensive purposes by throwing her strength and center of gravity in a certain direction, so she is literally pulled towards them in a sense. She can also use this ability in a much greater capacity allowing her to travel large distances, in a short space of time. She can accomplish this by using her strength to launch herself high into the sky against the force of gravity itself.

Enhanced Combat

Black Diamond's diamond form allows her to fight harder and utilize her combat techniques more effectively, in particular her own brand of useful martial art based off Xenian Combat Arts, namely Ref'la Dio or Reflect. Black Diamond is adept at close quarters combat and has had history in boxing and wrestling, although she does not often use these skills in the field, she is more than capable of doing so.

Kinetic Energy Absorption and Redirection
Releasing stored Kinetic Energy

As previously mentioned Black Diamond is able to absorb and store a large amounts of kinetic energy within her diamond form, causing it to mutate rapidly to accommodate the stores of energy. Once the upper limit for this energy has been reached, the effect is not only deafening but in most cases quite devastating. She is capable of releasing a sphere of highly concentrated physical and sonic energy along with diamond shards travelling at a high velocity in the air.

She is only capable of achieving such a feat when she has reached the peak of "Super" Diamond Form. This energy release can be somewhat draining for her and may cause her experience very minor fatigue if a particularly strong shockwave is released. She must store up sufficient energy before releasing another shockwave. This ability of hers operates on a super scale of her Seismic Wave Generation ability, although it uses a different source of energy based on in coming damage rather than utilizing her strength to pull of wave generation.

Non Diamond Form

When shape shifted out of her diamond form, Black Diamond has a naturally high level of resistance to incoming damage due to her tough skin, which is almost crystalline in resistance terms. However, she does not possess any of her diamond form level of resistances nor is she able to heal (apart from her passive Xenian regenerative factor). She is not capable of standing up to the same levels of physical stress and is unable to use her super leaping ability. In comparison to her Diamond Form, she is relatively vulnerable. Her levels of strength are lower, capping her physical strength limit at roughly 300 tons. However, she is able to move slightly faster when not in her diamond form, this is due perhaps to her enhanced mass after switching to her shape shifted form. The difference however only becomes significantly noticeable when she enters her "Super" Diamond Form, she looses a significant amount of mobility in this form in comparison to her diamond form and natural form.


Like most superheroes she is vulnerable to running out of energy and getting tired. This normally isn't a problem if in diamond form, as she does not suffer from mental or physical tiredness in that form. However she may feel the effects partially once shifted back into her original form and may require excess sleep or nutrition to make up for the deficit. This although a possible outcome is not at all a frequent occurrence and may only occur if she were to maintain working/fighting in her diamond form for abnormally long periods of time.

  • Highly focused sonic vibrations can interfere her diamond objects meaning they become weaker. Her diamond form is also slightly vulnerable to sonic vibrations. Punk'd Le Musique has used this to her advantage and tries to bring Black Diamond down using high frequency focused sonic blasts.
  • She is drastically weaker when in her natural form in comparison to her Diamond form.
  • If she is fighting a particularly powerful foe like a Mega Destroid, prolonged fighting periods alongside particularly heavy fire can cause her concentration to be waver and she could fall.
  • Temper - Black Diamond has an explosive temper. However she can sometimes be easily provoked in a situation where her friends and family are involved. If in her diamond form this seems to be exacerbated somewhat, making her a dangerous and unstoppable force.
  • Self -Esteem - If Black Diamond is unable to maintain a positive outlook, her negative emotional state can weaken her fighting ability and the strength of her diamond form.
  • Psychic Abilities - In her normal form she has psychic barriers in place courtesy of Mentella, so does not worry about psychic invasion, attack or mind reading. Her Diamond Form unfortunately muffles or suppresses her psychic "voice" which may mean she may need to risk dropping her diamond form in order to communicate better.
  • Diamond Form - This form does make her mass increase somewhat, as a trade off for high defense she looses a fair amount of mobility and speed. She is able to dodge most things but her movement speed is reduced somewhat, this effect is better observed when comparing her normal movement speed to that of her "Super" Diamond Form.
  • Pain - Even in her diamond form she can still feel some level of pain, even though it is greatly reduced by the diamond transformation, a particularly colossal hit can cause her to take significant damage, through her diamond form. An example would be a direct hit from a Mega Destroid Terminator.
  • Re-crystallization - Whilst this is an ability which can help her recover from particularly painful impacts or repair cracks in her form, it can be stretched thin and overwhelming damage may temporarily weaken it's effectiveness. Focusing on core re-crystallization can reduce the amount of focus she is able to dedicate to her strength of attacks and may weaken it somewhat.

Punk'd La Musique

Punk'd La Musique getting ready to attack.

Real Name: Eliza Winchester AKA "Punk'd La Musique"

Occupation: Super Villainess, Self proclaimed 'Punk Rock Goddess', Ex-lead rock guitarist for her band "The Fury of Mayhem".

Powers/Abilities: Hypersonic Voice, Sonic Energy Manipulation, Supernatural Speed, Supernatural Strength, Mystically Enhanced Physical Condition, Magical Resistance & Imbued Weapon Use.

Equipment: 'Zemjel - Demonic Guitar, Enchanted necklace.

Information: Eliza had been an over enthusiastic and rather obnoxious lead rock guitarist for her band The Fury of Mayhem, until she was mistaken for the daughter of a powerful, but at present unknown, demon god whilst on tour in Canada. This unknown demon god had seen his 'daughter' wandering about the forest in her decidedly dark and demonic looking attire. He appeared to her, much to her surprise and gave chase as she tried to escape from him. Confused by her lack of understanding of who she was, he captured her and imbued her and her guitar mastery with over sonic waves, making her music a serious force to be reckoned with. This mystical encounter also awoke her dormant mutant ability to use her voice to create hyper sonic screams.

The encounter with the supernatural being left Eliza unconscious and comatose in the woods and was later discovered by her shocked band mates. The Fury of Mayhem cancelled their tour, whilst Eliza recovered and seemed to vanish from the music scene for several years. Whilst unconscious to the outside world for several years, Eliza had been meeting with the demon that had granted her sonic abilities and it encouraged her to cultivate a darker personality that only really manifested itself when she was on stage. She gave into it and allowed it to completely consume her, eradicating all vestiges of her normal personality. Whilst under the guidance of the demon god, she learned that she could use her new found 'demonic-rock-mutant' powers to destroy things or to entice people to like her music and follow her every command. Enthralled by the prospect of having so much power, she agreed to serve this mysterious being and spread chaos and destruction wherever she went.

Her training completed, Eliza was ready to rise from her dormant state and cause havoc. Just as the decision to take her off life support was scheduled to be made, Eliza 'miraculously' recovered from her coma with no obvious side effects, expect a much darker personality. After going through the vigorous exercises that she was subjected to in order to test her competence, she was released and she re-formed the band. The Fury of Mayhem was once again back together but this time, to serve the darker intentions that Eliza had in mind.

Armed with her new knowledge and new and more destructive purpose, she used her band status to her advantage and compelled her fans to go on riots, rampages wherever she went. A run in with local authorities in Chicago at a concert caused Eliza to use her abilities to fight police officers which resulted in the deaths of several officers, two super heroes as well as some seriously injured fans, The Fury of Mayhem was made known to UNTIL and the super hero community at large.

Unable to act out of fear at what they had become the other band mates had made a deal with UNTIL and Steelhead to sabotage one of their performances (rampages)in Canada and enable UNTIL troops, aided by Black Diamond and Justiciar to bypass her armies of mind controlled fans and confronted her. During the fight Black Diamond managed to destroy the imbued guitar releasing the power within it, effectively depowering Eliza, who had taken to calling herself "Punk'd La Musique". The operation was declared a success and Punk'd was taken to a secure hold facility for metahuman threats.

De-powered, dampened and vengeful, Eliza sat helpless, fuming at where she had ended up. She had attempted to reach out to the demon god but there was no answer, serving only to make her even more aggressive.


Part way through serving her sentence she was approached by a mysterious black cloaked figure who offered her a portion of her power back. Although the mysterious woman was unable to restore her to full power, Eliza re-gained the ability to generate concussive sonic waves with her voice and generate much stronger sonic waves with her guitar. Swearing that she would destroy Black Diamond, she joined the mysterious figure who transported her to the Armory where she picked up her demonic guitar and her costume. After donning both, the mysterious figure imbued Eliza's costume, allowing it to enhance her strength and durability to superhuman levels.

The mysterious woman similarly cast forms of enchantment over the demonic guitar granting it terrible strength and durability. The mysterious woman vanished in a vortex of black smoke and Eliza quickly broke out of the facility causing a large amount of disruption in the surrounding cell blocks and freeing other inmates until the prison was completely overrun.

Punk'd La Musique, now armed with a stronger version of her demonic guitar and re-powered, has arrived in Millennium City and is ready to cause a whole lot of trouble for everyone. Her desire for revenge against Black Diamond and possibly her old band mates has seemingly increased her ruthlessness. Punk'd normally works alone but managed to rally some inmates to her cause who have loyally stuck by her all this time.

Punk'd La Musique has been sighted recently in and around New Mexico.


Punk'd La Musique's demonic guitar Zemjel, to some extent channels and amplifies her sonic abilities, allowing her to send out a variety of different sonic waves in varying intensities, from complete destruction to hypnotic sonic waves to compel weak minded individuals to do her bidding. It can also transform itself into different modes of transportation if Punk'd finds her self needing to escape a situation. So far, it has turned itself into a hover board and a large 'punk style' glider.

It has a warded guitar case which only Punk'd La Musique can open. She carries it on her back at all times and can summon and de-summon Zemjel at will but experiences enhanced states whilst it is in her hand. She mainly uses Zemjel for all out offense to attack a large number of heroes or for defence when she is trying to protect herself from harm.

Although the case is much smaller than Zemjel, it is suspected that the case is dimensionally transcendental. This basically means it is bigger on the inside.

When the older version of Zemjel was broken, this appeared to de-power Punk'd. However, this version of Zemjel seems to be highly resistant to damage and appears to be able to return itself via some form of teleportation, if she is separated from it.

Unlike the previous version of Zemjel, Punk'd La Musique actively uses it in a much more aggressive way, using her newfound superhuman strength and its mystical durability to fight opponents in very close range, usually smashing Zemjel into her victims with incredibly deadly force in combination with devastating sonic energy bursts.

The Summerstones and The Summerstone Academy

The Summerstones are a group of female heroines from different backgrounds, the majority however seem to be of alien origin, particularly Xenian origin. Mentella founded the Summerstone Sisterhood a couple of years after her reform and was swiftly joined by her sister who resumed super heroic work.

This Sisterhood is extremely secure and very little information has been divulged about it. However both UNITY and UNTIL as well as PRIMUS are aware of the several schools dedicated to teaching the champions of tomorrow, which have been set up under then uniform name of The Summerstone Academy. Graduates of this school are routinely mind wiped of the location of the academy, several attempts to foil this security have failed. Some exceptional Graduates however are accepted into the Sisterhood and gain sisterhood status.

All else that is known about this group and the subsequent academies is that they are all under Mentella's guidance.

The Academy was shut down after The Destroid Invasion injured and in some cases killed a large number of the students, who were reported to be sleeping at the time, during the return and short lived invasion of Millennium City by Dr. Destroyer's robotic forces. However students who were seemingly -killed- by the Destroids were seen recently, when asked about this mind blowing revelation a statement was issued:

"These students did in fact lose their lives at the hands of the Destroid invaders, however they were restored to life by the ever elusive Alara The Light Guardian. Where ever she is I extend my immense gratitude and relief at this turn of events." ~ Mentella

The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals, was re-opened in March 2013 at an undisclosed location, screening for pupils has already begun. There are academies throughout America all of which are moderated by Mentella. Some of the senior members of the Summerstone Sisterhood have teaching positions at the Academy in their chosen field or fields of expertise.

Mentella is the Leader of the Summerstone Sisterhood. This sisterhood is fairly recent and mainly consists of those from her planet and some human heroines.

The Summerstone Sisterhood
Sisterhood Members: Mentella | ForceGirl | Techna Ology | CharmCaster | Black Diamond | Solaris | Joule | Bionic Bullet | PsychBlade

VIPER, Ripper and Black Diamond

The criminal organisation VIPER, have been after Black Diamond's genetic material for a long time, in hopes of applying it to Ripper and their super soldiers in order to boost their strength and to boost Ripper’s Omicron technology strength as well as his general sturdiness. Her unusually high levels of strength are of particular interest to VIPER and Ripper alike as through previous battle Ripper has always fallen to the higher strength of Black Diamond.

Even though she would not admit it, Black Diamond finds Ripper a worthy opponent, there are not many like him. VIPER's obsession with Black Diamond stemmed from when they first captured her before she joined the Summerstone sisterhood, as part of an unconscious reflex, she had shifted to her diamond state, preventing VIPER from acquiring her genetic material, even with a diamond tipped drill point. The surveillance footage showed how easily she tore through the restraints and then the room. This revelation intrigued Dr. Dino Demogaard as well as Ripper when he accidentally saw the footage after walking into one of their onsite offices.

Despite her past with VIPER she doesn't seem to harbour any particular hatred towards them, with the exception of Ripper. His persistent nature and drive to beat Black Diamond makes him a metaphorical "thorn in her side". Few opponents she has faced on Xen, The Malvan Lunar Games, Universal Champions Arena or Earth have tested her limits like Ripper does, something which she oddly appreciates.

Grudge matches between the two are long and gruelling and are definitely something to be witnessed, provided you are not too close. The fighting style both Ripper and Black Diamond use consists mainly of powerful blows mixed in with swift strikes and rather brutish attacks such as throwing chunks of ground at each other. Their blows usually produce shockwaves from the powerful impacts.

Ripper and Black Diamond have clashed on occasion. On each occasion Ripper has vowed to come back bigger and stronger with the hopes of finally ripping Black Diamond apart and proving his "superior" strength escaping via a VIPER transport such as an Osprey or a Heavy Transport Vehicle.

Highlight - January 2014

On the 15th of January, Bionic Bullet had drafted in the assistance of Black Diamond after Dr. Guy Blau and a number of UNTIL Soldiers were kidnapped by VIPER troops and transported to the Monster Island VIPER Base. Dr. Blau was the head of research into the work that Dr. Demogaard had been conducting and was due to pass on a valuable amount of information to UNTIL regarding his experiments which were being carried out in Monster Island on the Qularr, Teleiosaurs and even superhuman test subjects.

They planned a dual pronged assault on the VIPER Nest on Monster Island, with Bionic Bullet taking a stealthy approach from an underground entrance with Black Diamond drawing most of the attention and reinforcements towards her to deal with, to detract from any resistance Bionic Bullet may encounter. Black Diamond had hidden herself partially outside the base, and had quietly taken down any soldiers who strayed too close to spotting her, as she waited for Bionic Bullet's signal to attack.

"Here, take this. It's a S-wave transmitter, it's undetectable to VIPER Radar. Once I get inside I'll set off the signal and you can do your thing. Operation commencing at 14:57PM." - Bionic Bullet

"Alright, good luck, I'll do my best to bring them my way, after all, VIPER do like shiny things.." - Black Diamond

Waiting for Bionic Bullet's signal.

Bionic Bullet had given her a small device which would go off once she had sent the signal that she had successfully infiltrated the base. Five minutes later the device flashed once, signaling for Black Diamond, who had already transformed into her diamond form, to initiate her assault on the base. Black Diamond rushed into the complex, the alarm system went haywire; VIPER Troopers swarmed the area, scrambling around for their various weapons as the intruder was identified as clearly super human.

"Protect the Nest! For the glory and might that is VIPER!" - VIPER

"El' about sad lines..." - Black Diamond

She lunged towards the soldiers, taking out a number of soldiers who had rushed to check the source of the disruption before advancing through the base.

Lunging towards VIPER Scarlet Troopers.
Meeting Ripper again.

After making her way through a small army of VIPER troops, she encountered the "Draysha Chamber", where she had unintentionally interrupted a motivational speech by a VIPER Commander. The Commander, spotting her instantly, ordered for an immediate assault. Black Diamond fought against the waves of VIPER Troopers pouring in until she saw red gas flowing into the chamber, through the vents. She looked around trying to ascertain exactly what was going on, before she noticed that the attacks had stopped and the VIPER soldiers were cracking their necks and joints and laughing as they seemed to grow almost to her own height and bulking out significantly.

"Looks like the tables have turned, we've got lovely Draysha, you'll fall to us now!" - Commander

Black Diamond frowned and engaged under a hail of energy blasts, bullets and fists, breaking and deflecting off her diamond form as she took them down. During the fight one managed to press some sort of silent alarm, which soon summoned Ripper, much to his delight when he laid eyes on Black Diamond in her diamond form, gleaming in the light in the chamber. Ripper stepped into the room and pocketed the key card;

"Black Diamond," he sneered "looks like this day just got interesting. Time to rip something ELSE to shreds!" - Ripper

"I'm giving you one chance, Rippy, hand over the UNTIL Soldiers and the scientist and I'll let you stay conscious. That's the deal. Take it or leave it." - Black Diamond

"Cute deal, but no, I'm ending this here and now! I'LL RIP YOUR SPLEEN OUT THROUGH YOUR NOSE!!!" - Ripper

Ripper roared into action and leaped from the higher platform towards Black Diamond on the floor below, his sheer weight an indicator of improved Omicron Technology running through his body as well as Draysha Gas empowering him. Black Diamond stepped back and decided now was the time to unleash her surprise for Ripper, she had been storing the residual energy from the multiple ballistic weaponry used against her as well as explosives, energy blasts from VIPER when tearing a path into the base and she transformed into her "Super" Diamond Form and the two began to exchange blows, which due to their colossal force caused significant damage to the room and more importantly each other, neither willing to back down to the other.

Getting a critical shot on Ripper
Exchanging blows with Ripper.

Black Diamond, could feel how much the Draysha was increasing Ripper's power and strength as well as his durability, in addition to his improved fighting from the Omicron Technology. Thinking fast she realized that she had to end this quickly before Ripper did any real damage or even worse, his rage got the better of him and he went on a rampage. She managed to quickly generate a diamond form "claw", she focused her strength and in an unusual display of strength, Black Diamond punched straight through Ripper's upper thigh armor fatally weakening his armor and Ripper himself. The strength of the impact itself caused structural damage and the contact shockwave caused the ground to crack around them, destabilizing it slightly.


Enraged, Ripper roared, knocking Black Diamond into a nearby support beam, he pressed a button on his armor and set his Omicron Technology to maximum and increased the level of Draysha gas flowing into the room. As Black Diamond recovered from the hit, she noticed Ripper laughing in a low tone as his veins seemed to pulse, his eyes seemed to almost glow and his entire structure grew substantially. His voice deepened a considerable amount:

"Every diamond has a breaking point, and for you, THAT'S ME!" - Ripper

"Bring it Rippy. You humans have a saying, The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And I'm about to put that to the test." - Black Diamond

She lunged towards his towering form and re-engaged the fight, determined to end this fight before it got out of hand, the two powerhouses, fought it out again for 20 minutes before Black Diamond took advantage of a weak area Ripper failed to guard. Knowing she could easily do more than knock him out if she managed to hit him hard enough, she controlled her strength and feigned a missed blow, allowing her hand to be easily grab-able. Ripper took the bait. As he reached out to grab her she dodged and dealt a powerful blow to Ripper's head; the stunning impact of her hit left him stunned and heavily disoriented.

Lunging towards Ripper in his Super Draysha enhanced form.
Knocking Ripper with a critical strike.

Black Diamond's diamond sheathe had mutated throughout the course of the fight as it absorbed more energy and was more than ready to release the stored energy. Although disorientated and in a great deal of pain, Ripper fought on, determined to beat her. His slowing attack pattern showing that even with all his enhancements he still wasn't up to the task and was loosing energy fast. Black Diamond released the titanic burst of kinetic energy accompanied, dealing a powerful, yet not fatal blow to Ripper. The energy wave caused even more structural instability and the floor was in danger of totally falling apart under the impacts it was bearing, the final blow was too much for Ripper to bear as he finally stopped, kneeling before Black Diamond;

"Huuuh, Lucky...Diamond..." - Ripper

After a long and drawn out battle, Ripper kneels to Black Diamond.

"Better luck next time Rippy." - Black Diamond

Ripper's super enhanced, unconscious and wounded mass fell to ground, with a loud enough thump that it caused the room to echo. Black Diamond observed his hulking figure and transformed back into her normal diamond form and used a few stray metal pillars to tie his hands together, she retrieved a security key from his pocket and turned off the Draysha flow in the gas chamber.

Black Diamond punched her way through the wall, making a makeshift side exit for her to leave the complex. She switched her communicator on, which had not been broken despite the heavy impacts she had weathered, she smiled, silently thanking Techna Ology and her ability to create tech almost as durable, perhaps even more so than her diamond form.

"Bionic? Are you there? Are you done yet?" - Black Diamond

"Yeah, I'm here. Mission complete, you can exit the complex, I'll meet you by the UNTIL and 17's in 5. Dr. Blau and the UNTIL troopers are largely unharmed, nothing a few stiches or stimulant packs can't fix, I've patched them up as best as I could with what I've got." - Bionic Bullet

By 17:45PM Dr. Blau and the UNTIL Soldiers were returned to the UNTIL Base in MI. Both Bionic Bullet and Black Diamond were thanked by the former prisoners and Major Fulani Okonkwo.

"I'm glad that mess has been sorted out, at least he can say he tried.."

Off-world Family

Black Diamond's family is mostly off world except for her younger sister Solaris, who is a pyro kinetic. She keeps in regular contact with her family as Xenians seem to believe family is the most important aspect of life. She also has an older brother whom she spoke about known as "GeoForce", who apparently can generate force fields and possesses control over geophysical matter.

Even though the majority of her family is not on Earth, Black Diamond enjoys the company of her fellow Xenians just as well.

Solaris is currently a student at The Summerstone Academy and is learning to hone her powers.

Black Diamond's Note: "Yeah, my family are mostly back on Xen, since the war and civil unrest has relented, I've been able to visit them, I take Solaris along with me, she loves her big brother and so do I. I've even introduced the Summerstones to my family The Crystallos. See on Xen we have "Family Groups", that basically means although we are all the same race we break off into smaller sub groups which own parts of the planet, land wise that is, as far as I know...The Summerstones and The Crystallos are two of the largest families on Xen. A close contender to The Summerstones in terms of size is The Eli'dahon Family. Both families share a historic rivalry."


  • Black Diamond is naturally gifted when it comes to languages and has so far learnt French, Spanish, English and is in the process of learning Russian.
  • Although she is not directly related to anyone in the sisterhood apart from her sister Solaris, she views them as her sisters.
  • Diamond Form Note: With regard to her diamond form, Black Diamond has only ever had one telepath out of the -many- who had tried, who could both communicate and affect her significantly whilst in her diamond form, mainly due to the telepath in question, namely Mentella. Her normal diamond form grants her high resistance to psychic attacks but also nullifies her psychic "voice", making communication slightly harder when she is in diamond form, if she has a psychic link with the telepath. Black Diamond, as a member of The Summerstone Sisterhood also has psychic shielding from Mentella.
  • Long periods of time in her diamond form takes a toll on her emotional and mental states. In her diamond form, her normally compassionate nature undergoes a total nullification and she becomes entirely focused on the situation, leaving no room for emotions or "feelings" executing her tasks as efficiently as possible, this can cause her to act this way for a while when in her normal form, as it seems to carry over, like an emotional inhibition effect. Black Diamond does not seem to be -that- aware of the change but has acknowledged a less ability to empathize with a person when in her diamond form.


  • "I'm giving you one chance, stand down or be beaten into submission."
  • "I'm glad you were able to make it, let's finish these guys."
  • "The bigger they are...the harder they fall, cliché, I know's true."
  • "Urgh, don't mind my sister, she's crazy."
  • "Heh, you see this? This is diamond, your can't even scratch me!"

Personal Interests/Likes

  • The occassional spar with another hero
  • Sports
  • Black Diamond is very fond of natural minerals found on earth, such as Obsidian, Diamond, Quartz etc
  • Working with fresh faces and using her powers alongside others
  • Getting to know fellow heroes
  • Teaching her special brand of martial arts to her students within The Summerstone Sisterhood.


  • Punk'd Le Musique
  • VIPER as an organisation
  • People who have an overdeveloped sense of thier own importance

Personality Profile -PRIMUS REPORT

Black Diamond's personality is generally quite accepting and emotional, she is quite open minded, however this open mindedness is not to be confused with simple-mindedness. She is quite intelligent and is very adept in social gatherings and other social settings, even those she is not familiar with.

She has a close network of friends within the Summerstone Sisterhood and readily offers her assistance where she can. Although she does not say much as she is a firm believer that "actions speak louder than words", she usually picks up on some of the smaller things, minor details which could affect the course of a mission.

Black Diamond is very proactive as a Superhero, often one of the first to respond to an international incursion or threat. Team friendly and good at handling tough situations, Black Diamond is a great asset to any team or strike force. She enjoys working with others especially when working in a team of heroes with similar or close range combat skills.

Black Diamond refers to herself as "Sarah Payne" outside of heroics and prefers to leave the pressures of being a hero out of her more civilian lifestyle. She lives at The Summerstone Mansion and works and teaches at The Summerstone Academy for Advanced Individuals as a Physical Education teacher. Her somewhat emotional nature allows her to assist and motivate the students, she also works as a motivation coach for fitness and general well being for students who are not feeling particularly comfortable with a new challenge or want to achieve certain goals, either physically or when using their superhuman abilities.

In her Diamond form she seems somewhat limited in her emotional response, loosing much of her caring attitude and sympathetic nature, becoming impulsive, borderline reckless and always the first to start a fight. It is currently unclear whether this is due to the shape shifted state having an adverse affect on her personality or she simply exhibits a "tougher" personality in combat. This effect disappears as quickly as she can switch between forms, however the longer she stays in diamond form the more likely that attitude may linger.

In social situations, Black Diamond is very social and enjoys loud parties and places. She mainly attends social gatherings as Sarah Payne rather than Black Diamond, as the media attention is not always a good thing, especially with a certain number of reporters who are determined to smear her reputation...

Black Diamond is especially protective when it comes to her younger sister Solaris. Even though the sisters fight each other and argue more than Mentella does with Black Diamond, if anything were to happen to her sister she'd fight to the ends of the universe to find the one responsible. Family is a very important aspect of Xenian Culture and a lack of family can have a negative effect on not only the emotional state of a Xenian but also a negative physiological effects such as, severe illness and memory loss.

Public Opinions

Ever met Black Diamond in your heroic adventures(or villainous exploits)? If so leave your opinion here!

Personal Experiences File

Black Diamond was spotted and stopped after saving a civilian from the deadly eye beams from a rampaging MEGA-Destroid and then tearing apart said MEGA-Destroid, assisted of course by other super heroes.

Mentella - "Mentella is annoyingly intelligent... and she always is right. It's hard not to get annoyed at her especially when she makes sarcastic comments or points out things she knows you didn't think of. I think our strong personalities just collide very often, she likes things to be planned out and well thought out, on the other hand I like things done quickly. Despite our rough relationship with each other, I find it odd.. but I like her, she's reliable, insanely powerful and in a crisis she doesn't hesitate to let everyone know who is the top dog and in control of a situation. Sometimes it'll come across as if she is not even listening to you but she'll always give you a solution which works, but requires thought on your part. Even though we don't always get on, I respect her and I get the feeling she respects me. Working alongside her makes you feel sorry for the other team, her exacting control over situations which could escalate is a very unique and useful skill to have on your side. Her mental shields have allowed me to take on an entire enclave of VIPER Mentalists, Psimon and Medusa and at one stage Menton, and they didn't even waver, now that's true power. Socially, Mentella gives off a larger than life sort of presence, and is quite adept at declining men who take a very solid interest in her, it's painful to watch sometimes. Oh yeah and a tip for any agent, hero or whatever reading this...DON'T irritate so and you'll probably end up in a coma at the very least, trust me, I've seen it happen."

ForceGirl - "ForceGirl is really work orientated and seriously needs to get out of the lab more. She has a lot of history with running up against VIPER and she really enjoys fighting them when she gets the chance, that's probably the only time you'll get her out of her shell or the lab. She likes to keep herself busy most of the time and enjoys teaching at The Academy. I think she likes to enjoy herself but doesn't know how, she seems to be at ease around other scientists, making periodic table jokes and working on new technology. She's intelligent, perceptive and likes to placate heated situations but works like it's the air she breathes, sort of like a split between her younger sister and her older one. I don't know if she is aware but she isn't exactly deprived when it comes to looks, in a similar sense to both Mentella and Techna Ology, ForceGirl has attracted her fair share of men, but I don't think she fully takes it on board or wants to, I'm not too sure there. But I've got to hand it to her...those force fields of hers are probably tougher than anything I've come across before, she's a great asset to any team, and is always looking out for others. She's a lot more powerful than she realizes, I just feel sorry for the poor soul who gets on her bad side, or hurts her, if Mentella doesn't get to them first be sure they are in for a world of pain at her hands."

CharmCaster - "CharmCaster is an interesting individual, she's always seemed a bit distant to me, not much of an initiator of conversations. She tends to observes a great deal and to tell you the truth it's kind of unnerving. Her eyes glow weirdly; I remember the first week when she joined The Sisterhood, she had a really weird effect on Techna's robots, they seemed to stop functioning or avoid her, but she's changed a bit, become a bit less scary and the robots don't even mind her anymore. She likes to keep her additional magical duties on the low down, she carries a heavy weight upon her shoulders, but I think she knows that we are ready to help her if she needs it. Nevertheless, she is awesome, she's got my trust and my friendship, she looks out for others and helps where she can. She likes to have lengthy discussions about magic and it's weird and wonderful ways. I remember when she zapped me so my diamond form was altered to an "enchanted rock" form, it was pretty weird, but I was able to shoot out bolts of lightning in that form, so that was awesome! Last I heard she had joined a team known as The Liberators, I think Techna joined her actually. It'll do them both good to get out a little more and become closer as friends."

Techna Ology - "Techna's a true tech-head, I don't think I've ever seen her around without her walking down the hall tinkering with some sort of device. She's brilliantly intelligent as well, whenever something breaks, once she fixes it, not only does it work more efficiently but it won't break unless you break it on purpose. She's got a lot of things going for her and she's got a lovely personality, she's very social normally, but like her older sister ForceGirl, she becomes a workaholic around technology and looses even her track of time and becomes totally enveloped in her work. Her dedication is undeniable, she really enjoys it. I think she joined The Liberators, I haven't spoken to her in a while, but from what Mentella says she seems to be really enjoying her time with them. She's always building robots, I've even had the pleasure of taking them on from time to time...most of the time they loose, but sometimes, I'm the one struggling with them. All in all she's a great person, with brain power like that, you should have no doubt she's both a Summerstone and a Xenian."

Bionic Bullet - "A damn good fighter, not to mention an excellent shot. BB's my sparring buddy and we usually work together, I knock them her way she takes her shot. She helped me to better understand people, she gave me a view point of another human which was enlightening in ways and she explained a few things to me, apart from the late Osirus Hert, BB was my first human friend. She is very much "military" in the sense that when she is asked to do something by someone she respects or is her superior she does not even think twice before executing the task, as long as it isn't obviously going to be an action which will get her on the other side of the law. I've spoken to her in quite some detail about human life and her mutation and background; she was pretty open about it but you could tell she was ashamed of the places her history had taken her too. Sometimes I think she just needs to be reminded where she is -now-, all in all she's a highly trained individual, although her training doesn't stop her from being a person, she knows how to, I think the human expression is "Let her hair down", equally she knows when to focus on an objective, she's an excellent markswoman."

Solaris - "My little sister, apparently they are annoying no matter what world they come from if Bionic Bullet's experience is anything to go by, anyway, Sol is a bit of a hot head, but it surprisingly tough for her age. She's learning to perfect her power control at The Summerstone Academy. She's doing herself proud and I'm glad to have her around, even if she's a pain sometimes. She looks to see the best in people and is good friends with her fellow student PsychBlade, they both made it onto the Alternative Placement Program the Academy offers so they'll be looking to join fighting forces sooner or later. Although that said...I cannot see my sister working for UNTIL. My sister's ability to control heat and fire manifested at an early age whilst on Xen, she enjoyed basking in the sun which used to super charge her abilities. She was and still is to some extent a prankster, but we both like a good laugh. She's adept with her abilities and is honing them under Mentella's tutelage, she's not much of a hand to hand combatant, she likes to keep her distance, which is probably best considering that's her advantage point. I hope she is able to find a willing group soon, she enjoys being around new people."

PsychBlade - "PsychBlade's had an eventful history leading up to her training and has been shaped by it, but is grateful for having Mentella pick her up and show her the way out of that life with PSI. I was pleasantly surprised at her combat ability, psychic weapons sting a lot less in my diamond form, but she was still pretty good at taking hits and recovering during her combat improvement sessions. She's not as tough as Bionic Bullet, but her exotic attack patterns and set ups are something to look out for. After her training with Mentella, she had me on my toes and she hit considerably harder, I admire her dedication to training and she quickly picked up combat techniques such as dodging and avoidance and knowing when to anticipate an attack. As a person, she's pretty quiet normally but can really come out of her shell if you talk to her long enough, I think it's a comfort thing but I'm not too sure. She's always happy to help where she can and is dedicated to a cause, and she's good at following direction."

Joule - "Joule, she's a complicated person, even though she tries to hide it. She feels a lot of guilt based on her family history and how much trouble they have caused in the past amongst the families on Xen. I think she worries that people will judge her based on that. She's normally extremely emotional and enjoys mixing with people. She worked really hard and excelled in the classes I taught at the Academy, she has progressed nicely and I think she's made a valuable addition to her new team, DE:LTA. She's quite likeable and is really good friends with Techna Ology, I think they have been friends for a long while now. She has a strong protective streak when it comes to her allies and friends, it can be quite difficult to get her to allow you to help her, especially if it involves an element of risk."

Psion The Psinister - "This guy is "a pain in the ass". I think the worst thing about him is that he's rather selfish, he'll only do something good if it benefits him. He's also got a horribly narcissistic personality, I've caught him looking for reflective surfaces once. He is a Super Villain but he's a really strange one. In some respects, the way he speaks, reminds me a little of Mentella; and like her he is undeniably powerful, but unlike Mentella he is totally unrestrained with his power use. He paints a really negative image of Xenians here on Earth, but to his credit, he has before helped super heroes against a situation or a force which is significantly strong in order to turn the tables. His minions, the "Psikes" are pretty strong for mentalist minions and if your not careful their sheer numbers can overwhelm you. I'm not too pleased with having to work with a Super Villain, but he's a man of his word, if he says he's not going to attack, it would take a lot for him to go back on that. This doesn't change the fact that given the chance I'd knock his ass half way round this planet, he's really annoying sometimes. His odd personality can easily fool people into not taking him seriously but when he starts to use his powers, you can see why he puts the "Super" in Super Villain, his unrestrained power usage and ruthlessness at times can scare even the most confident of heroes. But that was the old 'him' or so he says. He seems to be working really hard to gain the approval of a certain someone...el'sai, he's even saved Joule's life once, and he's been seen working alongside Delta and other heroes. Here's hoping it doesn't fail, he'd rage. Hard."


I'm working on getting some art done for all of my characters, so more artwork to come soon!

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