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Player: @shanemagi13
"Any fool can have bad luck; the art consists in knowing how to exploit it." - Frank Wedekind
Character Build
Class Focus: DPS (The Soldier)
Power Level: Confidential
Research & Development: Arms
Biographical Data
Real Name: Jack DeVito
Known Aliases: The Booty Hunter, The Gabbing Gunner, Prisoner #0420
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Base of Operations: Millenium City
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 27
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 198 lbs.
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Tough-skinned
Physical Build: Leaned but toned with muscle
Physical Features: Nose cut off, right cheek is ripped, scar running across eyebrow to his ear
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Chaotic Neutral

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Identity: Only known by select friends and drunken barmates
Years Active: 6
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Mercenary
Education: High School Drop-out
Marital Status: Single
Known Powers and Abilities
Superdurable skin; can block bullets and combat knives, but not lasers or other non-conventional weaponry
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Infrared Goggles, Hand-pistol nicknamed "Yoko", tulpa/imaginary friend named 'Black', a crap ton of shooty things
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Abilities, Powers, Weaknesses, and Equipment


Blackjack is very proficient in boxing and karate, the former more so. He's an expert marksman and assassin, and under the terms of a drunken bet, once shot the gold tooth off a smiling man from a rooftop 3 blocks away. He's one of the best mercenaries in the business with a 96% success rate, only tarnished with contracts he walked off of due to personal morals.


Superdurable skin is arguably his greatest asset. It will block most bullet-wounds and knife-stabs, as his skin is now tougher than a bolt of 4 inch thick cowhide leather. However, this also has the disability of making him unable to recognize minor pain, and his wounds can accumulate without him realizing it. Another thing to note is that his skin, while incredibly tough, is not invincible. It will not hold up against lasers or other non-conventional weaponry. If it's made with regular steel, it'll probably bounce off. Questionite or lasers? Not so much.


As skilled of a fighter as Blackjack may be, he does have many weaknesses. The first and foremost would be his weak mind. Described by telepaths as somewhere between insanity and sanity, he's sometimes rational and strategic, but can verge onto unpredictability and insanity on the stop of a dime.


Due to his skin acting as armor in its own right, Blackjack tends to dress light. He's armed to the teeth with grenades, guns, pistols, and seems to have a small mastery over hammerspace, though it may just be him pulling an AK-47 out of his trousers. His preferred style mostly involves guns and the occasional throwing knife, but will avoid melee if possible due to claustrophobia.


Black is a tulpa of Jack's accidental creation. Essentially a big brother figure for Jack - considering Jack was an only child with an abusive father, he always fantasized about having an older brother who could stand up to him. In childhood, Black was nothing more than an imaginary friend that faded when he was 11. While stranded on the island, he had a lot of introspection time and felt a similar feeling of helplessness as he did as a child. Remembering his imaginary friend, he started pretending he was there again, until the heat caused him to fully delude himself into believing he's there, which gave way to a tulpa.

In terms of how Black functions, Black is usually visualized as Blackjack with the tan and black on his outfit swapped. Jack doesn't like to talk about Black too much, but he shares a brotherly bond with the tulpa, hanging out with him like brothers would. Unfortunately, he also has periods where he argues with Black, sometimes even in the heat of battle, which can come off as him yelling at himself.

The secret to Blackjack's excellent aim is with Black - Black can notice things that Jack initially won't, and can act as a 'guiding reticle' of sorts that almost ensures a direct hit.

Usually, nobody can see Black and Blackjack is assumed to be schizophrenic. However, skilled magic users and psychics can see Black. If needed, the tulpa can defend himself against hostile psychics due to ESP connecting Blackjack and the assailant's mind. However, Black will fall prey to the same fate as Jack if the psychic is powerful enough to figure out the tulpa's nature and focus on dominating two parts of the same mind at once. Remember that Black is technically an extension of Jack's mind, not a fully separate being, therefore it can confuse a psychic with Black not having an actual mind to control. If the psychic user can put two and two together and figure out that Black is coming from Jack, then it's far easier to control them both.

Personality, Feats, and Affiliations


Jack is borderline unpredictable. One moment, he could be shaking your hand and inviting you for a drink at Sherrera's Bar. The next, he could be trying to angrily shove a shotglass in your eye because you said you didn't like the Tonight Show. That being said, he does have a heart. He refuses to take hits on people who are completely innocent, are fighting for what he considers a more 'righteous' cause, and children. In fact, if you threaten a child in front of him, he'll seriously flip out. He does NOT like children in peril, considering he had a rough upbringing that he does not wish upon any growing boy or girl. Jack has an unhealthy obsession of three things - gambling, which he takes his motif from, outdated pop songs, which he will sometimes play in the middle of battle to 'feel the awesome', and Danny DeVito, whom he has a restraining order with after 72 creepy fan-letters, some of which claiming that him and the celebrity were separated at birth, or that him and Danny should 'flee the border as Nuns, and start a new life together in Ireland'. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure - Jack is always an interesting person to be around.


Jack has survived quite a lot in his day. Before he even became a mercenary, he had to deal with his alcoholic father who abused him and his mother on a daily basis. He solved that by having him sign a permission slip that, in truth, was a death threat to the President of the United States. His father was then sent to a federal prison for alleged terrorism, and Jack got to spend a happy childhood from 11 onward with his mother. At the age of 21, Jack had just started the mercenary business and proved himself to a crime lord by killing all of his rivals' lieutenants under a 40 minute period and presenting the crime boss with their severed ears. At the age of 23, Jack's father came back to bite him, and Jack was incarcerated in the same prison cell block as his father. However, that didn't last for long, as Jack instigated a mass prisoner break by the end of the week, his father being among the unlucky prisoners to be recaptured. By the age of 25, Jack had been doing contracts at a 100% success rate for larger and larger clients, some of which even came from United States Senators and CEOs of mega-corporations. At the age of 26, he had successfully escaped from being marooned on a desert island, and proceeded to get revenge on the third world dictator who put him there. Inadvertently, the dictator's death caused more civil unrest in the country, but Jack was satisfied with his victory and moved on with his life.


Jack, while originally a solo mercenary, helped found a mercenary group known as The Brigadiers. However, it didn't pan out and Jack mostly works for whatever client needs an enemy's severed head on his table in 30 minutes or less. Due to his occupation, he sometimes comes into conflict with the Champions and other heroes who dislike killing.


(Straight from his in-game bio, will be spruced up later)

Jack DeVito was an ex-mercenary who worked multiple hit jobs for various clients. Skilled, quick to the point, and efficient, he was one day approached by a third world dictator to assassinate the leader of a fair and just protest for reform. When it came down to pointing the gun, he couldn't bring himself to do it and refused. In reponse, he was left for dead on an uncharted South Pacific island.

The heat and initial lack of food drove him half-insane, which still lingers today, and he was on the verge of starvation. However, fate was fortunate when he discovered mutagenic fruits on the island that mutated and thickened his skin and made him more survivable.

Food now squared away, he bid his time playing card games and talking to an imaginary friend named 'Black' for several months until he was discovered by a traveling cargo ship that rescued him. Adopting the codename Blackjack, he continued the merc business under his new hidden alias, and he only has one thing on his mind - bounties and payment, hooyah![[Category:Mercenary]