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Please note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real life events or people is purely coincidence. Some of the names and organizations are real, and some of their backgrounds were used to generate content to add a real life element to this fictional character's fictional history.

Blood Pact
Player: @UVee
Blood Pact caught overlooking a portion of West Side Millennium City
Class Focus: Hybrid Tank/Melee DPS/Minor Healer
Power Level: 13
Research & Development: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Terra ?
Known Aliases: Blood, BP
Species: Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Age: Appears mid-twenties
Height: 5'11"
Weight: Unknown
Eye Color: Glowing bright blue
Hair Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: English
Occupation: Professional Thief
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: Confidential
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None living
Known Powers
Superhuman speed, agility and regeneration provided by her Katanas
Known Abilities
Minor martial arts, Small sidearm proficiencies,
Two magical Katanas named Meiyaku Ketsueki


Spoiler Warning
The following details are about a player-created storyline, or is information currently unrevealed about a character.
Please do not use this information ICly unless given permission to do so.

The Story Begins

Terra was born in London England on February 5, 1953 to a loving and caring family. Her parents had provided as much as they could, but they were a poor family. She otherwise had the life of an ordinary girl up until she was in high school where she started to fall in with the wrong crowd. She was soon committing petty crimes and thievery in an attempt to help her parents with their financial woes. She eventually joined the "Bloodline" in the 1970s, a set of the Tottenham Mandem gang in London after they found her robbing a TV store they were going to hit, mainly in hopes that it would be much more difficult for her to be caught and that she could possibly make more money by joining. She kept her parents in the dark about what she was actually doing, and had convinced them that she was working a part-time job and was planning on going to Cambridge University - she had the marks, and the smarts - and her parents were thrilled that she would be the first to go to College from their lowly family.

The Bloodline

While in the gang, she was taught some good street brawling techniques and how to use guns, both part of a mandatory "surviving the streets" initiation into the gang. She became well known in the group for her own self-taught lock picking skills, code breaking, and other such rogue-ish abilities. She was eventually considered to be the best of the Bloodline for planning robberies and drug trafficking methods and routes. The efficiency of the gang skyrocketed, they rarely had any casualties and while some members were arrested, none ever ended up in jail due to Terra's planning - they could never pin the evidence on any of the gang members.

One fateful day, Terra had met Anthony Shannan, one of the gang's arms procurers. The two hit it off pretty quickly, but their relationship stayed strictly professional. Terra was never fond of the illiterate and uneducated majority in the gang, but Anthony was different - he was intelligent, and never had the cocky attitude like the rest of them, most of her time during Tottenham Mandem "get-togethers" she spent hanging around with him. Rumors started to brood up in the gang that Terra and Anthony were dating, which infuriated the then leader of the Bloodline, "Clot". Clot was lusting for the young lips of Terra ever since she had joined them, and only invited her to the gang in hopes that she would eventually be drawn to him because of his leadership status of the Bloodline.

Enraged, Clot had planned a hit on Terra's home thinking she would be silently sleeping away. Malatov cocktails flew into the apartment setting it ablaze. That same night, Anthony was driving Terra home after they had a night out on the town, and they were stopped a block away as fire officials were still fighting the blaze. Terra quickly spotted that it was her parent's apartment that was on fire, so she lept out of the car looking among the crowd that had gathered for her parents but they were no where to be found. Terra decided to wait with the fire officials as Anthony went back to the gang to report what had happened. After waiting what must've seemed like an enternity to Terra, the fire officials had some bad news for her - her parents' bodies were found in their scorched bed, likely feeling no pain as they slept while they perished in the flames.

Meanwhile, Anthony had returned to the gang's hideout, and spoke with Clot letting him know Terra's situation. He quickly had Anthony restrained as he started spouting out his immense infatuation with Terra and began slapping Anthony around proclaiming it was somehow his fault that this happened, and that no one could have the woman he so lusted after. Boasting his loyalty to the Bloodline, Anthony let Clot know that Terra was not caught in the fire, but that he would make it up to the angered leader, in hopes that he could still be a part of the gang and perhaps receive a promotion.....

"Treasure Hunters"

Now seperated from the gang, and her parents, Terra felt she only had Anthony left in the world. Anthony returned to Terra after being let go by Clot and announced that it was the Bloodline who had started the fires. He made up a convincing story that the Bloodline thought she was feeding secrets to the authorities about the other sets of the Tottenham Mandem as their arrest rates were starting to get higher. He advised her that it would be best if she left the city, if not the country to avoid being targetted again by any portion of the gang. Knowing she was somewhat taken with him, Anthony said he would stay with her, and help her through this hard time.

Terra let her guard down with Anthony, and she started to fall for him as he convinced her that together, they could pull off much more than the petty thefts that the gang was doing. Not knowing what else to do, or where to go, she agreed and they set their eyes on much larger targets - ancient relics, most locked away in museums and the like. They spent the next few years travelling the world hitting up museums in hopes to find some undiscovered treasures. Their collection of artifacts grew, and they became resoundingly rich selling many of their antiquities on the Black Market.

Finally becoming more than financially stable for the rest of her life at the age of 24, Terra let Anthony knew that she wanted to settle down and leave all the crime behind her. She confided that when she was younger she had only wanted to help her parents and get herself to the point where she would be alright. She didn't want to steal anymore, and realized that even though she was really good at it, she started feeling remorse for her actions. Anthony was a bit shocked, but he said he would follow her lead and be there to support her choice. They decided they would still look for undiscovered treasures as she felt there was nothing wrong with finding and then selling items that no longer belonged to anyone.

Meiyaku Ketsueki

One night while planning their first excursion, Terra had learned of a pair of katanas that belonged to the Japanese emperor, Emperor Kosho, that were lost to time. Rumored to be on one of the small islands around Japan, they packed their bags, and went to look for the legendary blades. After many days of hoping through the tiny islands and travelling through rough terrain, they stumbled upon a small temple, covered by bush and trees, no larger than a closet. Inside was a large stone case, etched with the Japanese Characters 盟約血液 (Meiyaku Ketsueki).

They opened the case, and they found exactly what they were looking for, a pair of ancient katanas. The sheaths were still in-tact and the blades were a dull, but light blue color, yet still sharp and they had retained their sheen. Anthony lifted the blades out from the case, with a wide grin on his face. Terra was ecstatic, thrilled to find something no one else had ever found. With her guard completely down, Anthony thought this to be the perfect time to fix his issues with the Bloodline, and had the perfect place to hide a body. Within the next moment, two light blue pieces of metal were sticking out of the left side of Terra's back. "Nothing personal love, but business is business", was all he had to say.

After realizing her predicament, Terra looked up at Anthony, with tears in her eyes. The only person in the world she thought she could trust had killed her. He backed away, leaving the blades where they were, startled himself that she was still standing. She made a few staggering steps forward, with a stoic expression on her face. Anthony stayed still as she leaned forward and shared her first kiss with him, gently on the lips, before backing a step away, and pulling the katanas from their resting spot. As she did, the blades started to glow and pulse intensely as the trail of blood left on the blades seem to be absorbed directly into them. Terra's breathing grew deeper, before she fell to one knee with the blades still in her hands. Her eyes and the two piercings began to emit the same pulsing glow of the katanas. The wounds appeared to draw the leaking blood back in, the cuts were sealed with the faint, glowing light.

Confused, scared, mortified, and feeling sorry for himself, Anthony ran as fast as he could. As Terra stood back up, she dropped the blades to her sides, still pulsing with an unknown energy. She pulled off her top to inspect the damage of the blades, and found what looked like two magically glowing scars that were pulsing with her heart beat. After getting dressed, she picked up the blades placing them in their sheaths, and strapped them to her back. She was unsure of what just took place, or why she was still alive. Confident that she somehow eluded death, she set off on a journey to reach mainland Japan to find some more answers. She made her way back to where her and Anthony first landed on the island, but the boat was long gone with no trace of it even being there.

A Third Chance at Life

After a couple of weeks, she had made it back to the mainland by building a raft using some of the local vegetation on the island and sailing it across the the rough ocean waters. When she hit land, she was unconcious but was found by some nearby fisherman. After dragging her on to the shore, they checked to see if she was still alive - she was breathing, but just barely and opening one of her eyes revealed their naturally grey color but they seemed responsive to the light of the sun. She was pale, cold to the touch, and almost seemed like she was withering away while small amounts of blood were dripping from her chest. One of the fisherman noticed the pair of swords strapped to her back, and justified taking them from the barely lifeless girl stating that she was going to die anyway. He tossed the girl on to her belly and began to pull on one of the handles. The blade slid out of the sheath with a ringing sound, the man had lost his grip and the sword soon found itself lodged in his leg. No blood seeped from his wounds, but the katana began to glow brightly blue again before he kicked it out, after which the blood began to flow from his leg profusely.

Terra took a deep breath in, and opened her eyes herself - once again pulsing with a faint glowing blue. She looked up at the shocked group of fishermen standing around her as they started backing away whispering with fear in their voices. She sat up and looked at the man sitting and screaming in pain as he clutched his bleeding leg, one of the katanas by his feet. After getting up, and checking herself, she picked up the glowing blade, with not a trace of blood on it, and sheathed it before walking away, saying nothing, leaving the fishermen still trying to figure out what had just happened.

The Legend

Still puzzled by her condition, wondering why she was still alive, Terra began her in-depth research of the blades. The blades were commissioned by Chinese Emperor Qin Shi Huang, as a gift for Japanese Emperor Kosho as a symbol of peace between their countries.

The blades were said to be made of a blue metal found in a meteor that had fallen from the sky in 211 BC in Dongjun. It was extremely durable but it was an unknown substance at the time - now modernly known as Questionite. Qin Shi Huang was always looking for ways to achieve immortality, and after his scribes had brought him fake elixir after elixir, they coated the blades after they were finished with these elixirs and told the emperor that these blades may hold the secret to immortal life since they too were so durable. The legend went that Qin Shi Huang would have to be stabbed with one blade at the same time as another person is stabbed with the other, transferring the "life source" of the victim to the emperor, prolonging his own life, but killing the victim. Qin Shi Huang would have none of it, thinking it was nothing more than an a weak assassination attempt. He ensured that the blades were delivered to Emperor Kosho as promised.

Emperor Kosho accepted the blades, and Qin Shi Huang decided to pass on the story behind the blue katanas. The Japanese emperor too thought the story rather silly, but not wanting the katanas to fall into the wrong hands, and being even more superstitious than Qin Shi Huang, he had them sent away to be hidden, and tried to have the words Meiyaku Ketsueki etched into the blades, but they were so hard, he had them put in the hilt.

Terra couldn't believe what she was reading. It appeared that the blades could actually provide eternal life, just no one had actually tried to see if it worked. She studied page after page of the lore, but could find no reference of what might happen if a person was stabbed with both blades at the same time. She tried to piece together the puzzle herself and soon realized that the blades somehow absorb any blood that comes into contact with them and transfers the energy in the blood back to her. She deduced this energy provides her with a superhuman regenerative quality.

30 years of Blood

After attempting to feed the blades blood she had managed to steal from a hospital and failing, Terra realized if she was going to stay alive, she had to feed the blades fresh blood, straight from the source. Animal blood worked, but it just didn't have the same effect, and she would end up spending the majority of her time hunting wild animals. The vampiric blades weakened her whenever they weren't fed well, reducing her strength, and causing her to become ill. She took to the streets, hunting those who do wrong, much like the gang she used to be a part of. She wasn't proud of what she was doing, but since she was given not only a second, but a third chance at life, she would make amends for the wrongs she had committed by trying to stop those who would do others wrong. She's never killed anyone to her knowledge, as she usually strikes her foes quickly leaving several small tactical wounds which cause their bodies to go into shock. She has continued her hunts, usually three times a week, for about thirty years, making her way across the globe, and with the money in all of her bank accounts gone, drained by Anthony naturally, she has resumed her life of theft but only steals from those who she feels doesn't deserve what they have in their wallet.

Terra had managed to find out that Anthony was still alive, but she never did try to contact him again. She thought it best that she leave the past in the past, and decided she would still stay away from England.

She became infamous rather quickly, a stalker that had swept across the east but it wasn't until recently when she confronted a Japanese man who lived in Paragon City who identified the symbols on her blades, and thats when she became known as Blood Pact after reporting his findings to the authorities. She still continued her hunts, despite the publicity as she felt she was doing the right thing, even if it was only to keep herself alive.

A Hero?

When she arrived in Millennium City, the Qularr invasion had just begun. She was trapped inside a large force field and was urged to help with the fight against the Qularr. While waiting for Sapphire to show up to give her orders, Terra ran into a teenaged girl who looked rather calm despite the situation going on. Remembering her own troubled youth, and wanting to make sure the girl was safe, she escorted her and soon realized that her little friend had some phenominal abilities of her own. The two hit it off pretty well, and fought their way through the Qularr after which they were honored by the Mayor for their efforts. It seems that no one here knew about Blood Pact, or of her bloody past. She was declared a hero for helping take out the Qularr and welcomed to stay in the city.

She just doesn't know how long she'll be able to keep her random attacks under wraps.

Powers and Weaknesses

Staple Abilities

Meiyaku Ketsueki – Using her dual blades, Blood Pact can inflict brutal wounds to her foes which cause a regenerative effect to herself. The regeneration also keeps her looking young.

  • All Dual Blade attacks
  • Regeneration (Rank 1)

Invigorated – The regeneration effect has also provided her with superhuman speed, agility, and she has an accelerated metabolism. She is capable of enduring much more damage than a regular human could ever take.

  • Acrobatics
  • Super Constitution
  • Super Recovery


  • Due to the regeneration provided by Meiyaku Ketsueki, Blood Pact is essentially immortal so long as she can keep her blades fed. The longest she has gone without feeding the blades is about two weeks, at which point she was on the brink of death. If someone managed to keep the blades away from any blood source for longer than this, she would likely perish.
  • Blood Pact is still vulnerable to heavy attacks and can be knocked unconcious or put into shock, if the blades are still fed, they will still regenerate her.
  • She hasn't yet lost a limb or any other appendages, so she is unsure if she could actually grow back any missing parts, and naturally, she doesn't want to try.
  • She speculates that if her dual blades were to ever pierce another heart at the same time, her regenerative properties would transfer to that person, killing her in the process.


Due to the strange events of her youth, and otherwise lacking any real friends, Blood Pact never seems to trust anyone. She's very skeptical of people's motives and knows that even her own motive behind her attacks is rather selfish. She can be rather quiet, mostly because she doesn't want to have to make up lies about her past, but also because she thinks that no one really cares.

Blood Pact is very intelligent, and did graduate high school with the highest of honors. Had she actually applied to Cambridge, she more than likely would have been let in. She likes to read books, mostly non-fiction, in the pursuit of more knowledge. In her view, she has an infinite amount of time left to live, so she has spent the last 30 years learning more and more about how the world works.

She is very calculating and meticulous in all that she does. This mainly stems from her organization of the gang in her past, but she sees it as a necessity to ensure that all ends are tied up. She still plans her attacks carefully, usually studying victims and her surroundings before making a strike.

Due to the events of her past, she has become somewhat of a nihlist. After realizing her immortality and studying many religions, she questions her, and every other person's existance. She ponders her own choice to survive by hunting other people so that her blades will keep her alive.

While she herself still feels pain, she has become somewhat stoic. She dwells in her past, but tries to block out the bad memories. She has a hard time sympathsizing with anyone, but has shown compassion to youths.


Blood Pact's Arm Guard

Meiyaku Ketsueki

Blood Pact's twin blades, known as Meiyaku Ketsueki, were forged from Questionite that had arrived on earth in a meteorite that struck Earth in 212 BC. They were intended as a gift from the Chinese to the Japanese, but before they were gifted, the katanas were doused with magic elixirs that were claimed to provide eternal life. They provide Blood Pact with her regenerative abilities, but unless they consume blood, they gradually lose their power to keep their user alive.

The Outfit

Blood Pact typically is seen wearing what looks like shiny black leather tights and a trenchcoat. Her figure definately fits the profile necessary to pull off such a choice of wardrobe.

The leather tights are actually an extremely durable carbon fiber fabric that is strong enough to withstand bullets, yet is flexible enough to move with her body. The carbon fiber bodysuit also has a unique thermal quality that allows it to expand and contract which can let body heat to escape easily when too hot, and provide sufficient insulation when cold.

Arm Guard

Although not normally visible, she also wears protection on her "blocking arm", which is made of a combination of scale mail and metal plates. While she has the ability to regenerate, she is unsure if she would be capable of regenerating an entire limb, hence why she wears her Arm Guard.

Theme Song

Future World Music - Destroy and Conquer

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