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He's just that BLUE!

The Blue Bruiser title was founded by the first Blue Bruiser, local name John McTavior. He had served Justice well until one day, he was murdered. December 12th, 1992, the Blue Bruiser was declared dead the U.N.

Hailing from the same unknown origins, a larger different Blue Bruiser arrived from New York, New York to the UNTIL HQ and U.N. Embassy in Millennium City, Michigan... as The Blue Bruiser II, Dennis Kereden.

The First Blue Bruiser.

The Blue Bruiser, John McTavior

Status: Deceased.


The Second Blue Bruiser.

The Blue Bruiser II, Dennis Kereden

Status: Retired.

The Blue Bruiser characters are characters I have made in the traditional hero sense, not publicly showing off their sordid and dark past (or flowery and happy past) for all to see... except the reader!

The Reader can have insights into The Blue Bruiser as a character in the following short stories, as well!

Bar Tops - A Story about Blue Bruiser's Tuesday.

Yemen Nights - A Story about Blue Bruiser's work.

Alberta Blues - A Story about Blue Bruiser's family.

Several Pages related to the Blue Bruiser's history can be found here.

The Bleakest Dream, Black Omen - A time warping villain with his sights on ending time as we know it. He was killed by Trauma, who effectively saved time itself.

The Blood Bruiser, Travis Wales - A villain known for smashing stuff and inciting fights, mainly for the thrill of battle and, of course, paychecks.

Here is some of the Blue Bruiser Title's story spoilers. (click on Show to see information.)

Who was John McTavior?

How did the first Blue Bruiser's power arise?

Who is Dennis Kereden?

How did the Second Blue Bruiser become the Second Blue Bruiser?

What does the Blue Bruiser power stem from?: