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Player: @Lyco
"My brothers and sisters, this Earth is our own."
Class Focus: Sword-master / Zealous terrorist leader
Power Level: N/A
Personal Data
Real Name: Bokiera of the Clan Mirehawk
Known Aliases: Unknown
Species: Therianthrope
Ethnicity: Feline
Age: 22 (equivalent: 36)
Height: 6'1
Weight: 175 lbs
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: Leopard pattern
Biographical Data
Nationality: N/A
Occupation: Leader of the AST
Place of Birth: Tanzania
Base of Operations: Unknown
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Swordsmanship, Heightened reflexes
Known Abilities
Stealth, Leadership, Propaganda
Various blades, A fiery hatred of humanity

Bokiera is a Therianthrope of feline decent. Little is known about her officially other then the fact that she is the leader of the AST, is a skilled blade master, and is personally responsible for an estimated five hundred human murders in the US alone, and the arrangement of many more worldwide. She sees herself as a revolutionary bringing about the "justice of the Earth" to the "human plague."