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Player: @Vio-lena
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Can't take the heat? Get out of the kitchen!
Biographical Data
Real Name: Quinn Robinson
Known Aliases: Bonfire, Bon-Bon
Gender: Female
Species: Meta Human
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Millennium City
Base of Operations:
Relatives: Confidential
Age: 21
Height: 5'0
Weight: 120lbs
Eyes: Orange/red
Hair: Warm Orange
Complexion: Pale
Physical Build: Thin
Physical Features: Fire colored hair, Pale skin, Glowing Orange Eyes with yellow Pupils
██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██ ██


Identity: Public
Years Active: Confidential
Citizenship: American
Occupation: Welder
Education: GED
Marital Status: Taken
Known Powers and Abilities
Equipment and Paraphernalia
Physical Attributes
Non-Physical Attributes
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Spark of the Flame

Bonfire, born Quinn Robinson; was raised in what would seem like a loving home. Well, at least until her powers came to be. For her, she only had a nice life for a year after her birth. Her powers manifested themselves fairly early as she was still a baby, catching her crib aflame one night during a tantrum. Her parents were not pleased and in fact found her to be a danger to their other two children. Unable to put their other children in such a danger they took Quinn to UNTIL to see suggestions. With her age a inhibitor collar was not suggested due to the stress it could cause on her body since she was so young. In a desperate attempt to fix the issue, the family placed Quinn in to a specialized Orphanage meant for Metas. As she aged the orphanage did their best to accommodate her. They had to give her vitamins as her body was eating as much nutrients as possible and her skin seemed oddly pale as her flame required as much oxygen as possible. Her hair grew out awkwardly and in truth looked funny if long. The heat generated by her body caused the cool air around her to swirl, much like forming a tornado. This in turn caused her hair to stand upwards and with long hair she felt silly. With that, she would always be sure to have her hair cut every month to keep it at a comfortable length.Her family would come to visit her everyday, her mother cutting her hair to keep her child happy. However, as the years passed contact slowly began to dwindle. She would wait for her parents constantly at the front of the building, waiting hours on end, and as they started to fail to show, all day. It seemed her own family had nothing to do with her which in turn caused a deep amount of anger. She was now officially an orphan, something she had told the other kids that would never happen, her family loved her!

In anger she began to burn things to try and ease the stress and the emotions that were going through her mind. She would often burn the leave piles during the fall, wood during the winter to keep the place warm, and sticks and old toys during the spring and summer. She did what she could to keep herself in check but as her inner rage continued to grow her urge to burn things. One day she lost it, unable to hold the urge as she set fire to the orphanage herself. She stood, watching as the flames took over the building and was only able to stand there and smile. It felt so good to see something such as that burn. Something that was nothing but a painful memory for her. This was the start, this was what truly made her happy.

Life of a Villain

After burning down her home around the age of 14, Quinn was quick to make a name for herself in Westside and Millennium as a Pyromaniac. She burned everything, homes, shelters, markets, cars, nothing was off her list! She caused easily a million dollars in property damage during the full year she was out and about causing mayhem. She found it to be a game when the police tried to catch her. At first, she would often run figuring they would never catch her. However, as her attacks on objects mounted the force grew against her. She could no longer run. One day, she was cornered by a small squad. It was a dark night and a dead-end alley seemed to be the day she would be caught. In fear as well as ego she refused to be captured. Nothing would stop her from being free! She did not want to be locked away and she sure as hell did not want to be told she was wrong. The world was wrong to her! The family she once had was wrong! Everything was wrong! She attacked head on, the police however did not use pistols or tasers, instead they had her all figured out. As she charged to attack one of the police vehicles a helicopter flew overhead. It was one often used and outfitted to fight forest fires. All they needed as an idea of where she was, aiming was not needed due to the amount of water they had brought. With a pull of a lever she was out cold as the shower of water slammed her to the ground and doused her flames.

She awoke in a cell, arms bound behind her, an inhibitor collar around her neck. She felt weak, sick to her stomach and had a terrible urge to burn something as if it was what was needed to make her feel better. Outside of the cell were several uniformed men. They seemed to be from both MCPD, UNTIL, and another agency in which she could not make out. They even had a hero there, another fire user who seemed to look at her with pity. That look of course only angered her. In a fit of rage she began to kick at the bars of the cell cussing every word she could think of. The uniforms? They didn't pay her any mind knowing she was just going through a tantrum. She exerted as much energy as she could and they were just letting her look like a small child crying on the floor. There was a reason for this though, it was to wear her out. It would make her much easier to ship off to the Millennium City Prison.

After transportation to the prison, her life hit rock bottom. She was small compared to the other inmates due to the way her body was built. She was the runt and was never treated well. She was often the center of fights during lunch, always beaten up in the showers, and always the one chased around the exercise yard for cruel fun from the others. She hated it, she hated every day of it and she had several years to serve. Her own cell buddy hated her and would often take anything she had. Pillows? She took them. Bed sheets? She took them. Toothbrush and paste? She took those too. Poor little Quinn was literally stripped from anything and everything but the brutes in the prison. The guards paid no mind feeling that this little punk deserved everything she got. It would be several years of this hell-hole of a life before she would be released for serving out her sentence. Once out, she was instantly picked up by UNTIL.


After Quinn's release from prison she was placed in a probation period with UNTIL. She was given a set of rules that she was (and still is) required to follow, weekly anger management classes, and curfews that required her to check in with officers or stay indoors during certain periods. They wished to give her freedom over time as to ease her back in to civilization without allowing her complete freedom once more in fear she may once more find fire to be the answer to everything. She hated it but found it to be a much better then the life she had in the prison. She wasn't required to wear an inhibitor but was told that should she use her powers to cause harm or abuse that she would be outfitted with one once more. She took the classes as told and slowly began to earn the trust of UNTIL and MCPD who often hosted the classes in a small community building in Westside. She went to a weekly therapy session which not only helped her with the anger management classes but help her understand the stress and that it was not her fault for her family disappearing on her. Her therapist also noted that she felt as if she was nothing in the world and that she truly had a place. This made Quinn feel much better about herself and ease much of the urge to burn objects.

With new found freedom came a new name! Quinn was asked to take on a Alias/Call Name as to help her ease in to the new life that was building up around her. Quinn in truth did not name herself but was given the name Bonfire by her Therapist who explained her personality as one who drew others to come to for warmth when she opened up. She was also able to pick up a job with a construction firm as a welder. With the ability to be her own torch as well as no need to worry about burning herself, she was quickly picked up and put to work. She had to learn a bit of course, but she was found to be a quick learner so all ended up working out for her. Luckily UNTIL was fine with this arrangement and set a new limitation for her. To ensure she was helping promote a healthy lifestyle they set it as a requirement for her to show up to work everyday unless otherwise noted by UNTIL. Not only was that placed upon her but it was suggested that she look in to using her powers for a more positive influence for the city. She was not asked or demanded to become a hero or help out those around her but not to be afraid to offer her services. This was to be more of her apology to the city for all the trouble she had caused. While Bonfire was not big on the idea she did decided to take up the offer. This was helping her release her stress with her power as well as help curve the urge just to torch everything.

Current Life

Currently, Bonfire is part of a Duo Hero team called 'Boiling Point'. The other in this team is a water manipulator called Tidalwave. He uses his powers to keep her under control knowing she has a huge dislike for inhibitor collars. Should she lose control he is quick to douse her flames in water to calm her down as well as defuse the situation. She has been currently looking for a full group of Heroes to work under as well as a possible mentor.

Equipment & Quirks

Bonfire's body emits heat, even through her thermal resistance (and now Waterproof) tights. An odd heat surrounds her body. It seems to be the perfect warmth, much like the warm sun on a cool fall day shining down upon one's skin. Close contact will give a stronger heat source. Touching will feel like the burning leather interior of a car left out in One-Hundred Degree weather.

She is thin and small for her age and may seem malnourished. The lack of color in her skin seems to point towards the heavy oxygen use of her body in regards to creation of fire. Her hair looks as if it is fire yet one can look closely and see the strands waving lightly in the wind created from her heat mixing with the cool air around her. Though small she loves to eat! Her favorite food seems to be a toss up between Hotdogs (which she can cook herself) and Chocolate pudding. Her favorite drink is Redbull which she often buys at the Club. Picking up the can and food will instantly warm it. Thermal tights are only able to hold back so much heat afterall!

  • Hates Inhibitor collars feeling that they make her to be a worthless animal
  • Uses several street slang terms and isn't beyond calling a Police officer a 'Cop' or 'Pig'
  • Is quick to set off in anger
  • Always Hungry!
  • Loves terrible Sci-fi movies

Her equipment consists of but is not limited to:

  • Thermal and Water resistant tights (This does not mean she cannot feel cold which also can make her feel ill)
  • Skull earrings which hold no purpose whatsoever!