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The Supersonic Slayer
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"You can try running all you want. You'll only die tired."
Player: @Purplerainman#7869
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Super Group
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Real Name
Matthias "Matt" Albert Domanski
Breakneck, Supersonic Slayer
June 27th, 1981
Lublin, Poland
Millennium City, Michigan
Thief/Fugitive, Janitor (Formerly)
Legal Status
Secret Identity To Public
Marital Status
· Known Relatives ·
Jakub Domanski (Father, Deceased), Lena Domanski (Mother, Deceased)
Physical Traits
Apparent Age
Early Forties
180 lbs
Body Type
None (Formerly Red)
White Irises With Red Pupils (Formerly Green)
· Distinguishing Features ·
Matthias is completely hairless, has no visible irises with red pupils, and bandages all over his body that cover his many scars
Powers & Abilities
· Known Powers ·
Superhuman Speed and Reflexes
· Equipment ·
Breakneck Suit
· Other Abilities ·
Deadly Combatant, Master Of Intimidation

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Matthias Albert Domanski was born in 1981 in the city of Lublin, Poland, but moved to Detroit in America when he was five with his parents. Matt was a reclusive child and didn't have many friends, but was close to his parents. When he was eleven years old, his parents were some of the many casualties of the Battle of Detroit. He was saved by a hero who managed to get to Matt in time, but his parents were lost in the destruction. Matt, devastated by the loss of his family, also grew to resent heroes for their failure in saving them. Matthias was in and out of foster homes until he became a legal adult in 1999, and ventured out on his own. Now alone in the world, he became increasingly depressed and even more reclusive.

Matthias Domanski Pre-Incident.png
Working as a janitor at a Jay's Chemicals in the newly built Millennium City, Matt met an older janitor named Walter who had been working there most of his adult life. While reluctant to socialize at first, he began to warm up to him and the two formed a strong bond. Walter soon became the only person Matt cared about in life and was almost infatuated with him. Eventually the two were put on different shifts, which caused Matt to become depressed again. Matt wanted to be with Walter but in his warped mind, he came to the conclusion that Walter would always choose his job first since he had been there for years. It was then that he came up with a plan to vandalize the lab and have Walter all to himself. One night while working at Jay's Chemicals alone, he started a small fire where chemicals were being stored to try and cause enough damage to put Jay's out of business so he and Walter could have at least some time together. Unfortunately the fire began to grow out of control, which then resulted in an explosion that sent Matthias flying back where other chemicals were being stored.

This incident caused Matt to go into a coma for around twenty years. Through the years he was in a coma Walter fought to keep him on life support, spending his entire life savings in order to pay for the medical bills. Miraculously in 2019, Matt woke up and was greeted by a now elderly Walter. Matthias suffered from hair loss due to the chemical explosion as well as nerve damage and was in constant pain, but he and Walter were just happy he was alive. It wasn't too long after he awoke that he suddenly regained his strength and was released into Walter's care. His first night out of the hospital was one he would never forget. While the two were eating dinner, Matthias broke down and confessed to Walter what he did the night of the explosion. Walter shocked by this revelation, went into a rage and tried to leave to clear his head. Not wanting to be alone again, Matt bolted in front of Walter with inhuman speed. He then realized that the chemical explosion ended up giving him abilities to move at superhuman speeds. Walter now even more shocked and afraid, fell to the floor clutching his chest. Panicked, Matt picked Walter up and ran to the hospital with lightning speed. But sadly it was too late, and Walter died soon after arriving.

Breaking down in tears, Matt became enraged that once more he was alone and that others failed to save the only person he cared about. He vowed that if he had to be alone, he would make others suffer so they felt like him. Using his new abilities, he went on a crime spree robbing armored trucks and banks to acquire large sums of money. With this wealth, he had a special suit created to put fear into the hearts of all who opposed him. It was then that he became the villain Breakneck.


Matthias is sadistic and bitter due to his traumatic life experiences. He has a "crab mentality", or an "If I can't have it, no one will" outlook in life that causes him to lash out at those who appear happy to him. While generally using his abilities to commit crimes like robbery, Matthias has also resorted to murder when he feels it's appropriate having killed those who got in his way with his bare hands. While always being a recluse, he was once a happy individual until the loss of his parents and the later loss of Walter.


Speedster Physiology - Due to the explosion at the chemical plant where he worked, Matthias gained an enhanced physiology. His metabolism is much faster, causing drugs and alcohol to burn too quickly in his system making him largely immune. His entire body has been modified to allow for moving at high speeds including having stronger bones and muscles, as well as thicker skin. Breakneck is incapable of feeling dizziness or vertigo and has perfect balance. His brain processes information faster than an average human, altering his perception of the world.

Breakneck Speed.png
Superhuman Speed - Breakneck is able to run at superhuman speeds, greater than any regular human. To date he runs at an average speed of 200 mph, with a top speed at roughly Mach 5 (About 3836 mph). Matt is able to throw a multitude of punches in a matter of seconds. One ability he uses regularly is vibrating his hand through a person's chest, killing them in the process.

Breakneck Slash.png

Deadly Combatant - Matt uses his speed and agility to his advantage. He's able to best most opponents due to his incredible reaction time, and has developed a unique fighting style that makes full use of his abilities. He also uses his clawed gloves as slashing weapons.

Master Of Intimidation - Breakneck has mastered the art of intimidation by utilizing his dark suit as well has by using torture tactics. With the use of his abilities, he is also able to make his already gravelly voice sound even more frighting to most who encounter him.


Mental Instability - Matthias suffers from mental instability due to the loss of his parents and Walter, and is prone to fits of irrational rage at times. This in addition to the accident that gave him his powers has made him anti-social where he can seldom work with or even be around others. Because he also spends his time alone he will on occasion talk to himself, with the conversations he has directed at either his parents or Walter.

Breakneck's Scarred Face.png
Nerve Damage- Due to the accident that gave him his abilities, Matthias is in constant pain. Living in this state causes him to want to inflict pain on others, so they may feel how he does. He has found that using his abilities seems to relieve this somewhat, and he can be observed vibrating his body in an attempt to rid himself of the pain as medication does not help him.

Hyper-metabolism - Like most speedsters, Breakneck requires more calories than the average person due to his accelerated metabolism. If he fails to intake enough nourishment, he can become faint.

Human Being - Although Matthias is more durable than regular humans, he is still vulnerable to blades, bullets, or blunt force.


Breakneck's Suit.png

Breakneck Suit - Matthias wears a special suit made of durable materials that offers a certain level of protection from harm. The suit also serves the function of hiding his scarred face from others. It also allows him to be more intimidating to others, causing fear in his enemies. The clawed gloves also serve as deadly weapons.